House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 26 May 1606

Pages 312-313

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 26o Die Maii

Deer, &c.

3. Reading: - B. AGAINST unlawful Hunting and Chasing of Deer and Conies. - The Precedent of the third Reading of this Bill, dashed at the Question of the Commitment, was much disputed and misliked.

Quest. Upon the Proviso first: - Passed.

Q. Upon the Bill and Proviso : - The House divided :

With the Yea, 111.

With the Noe, 110.

It was affirmed by Mr. Martin, that those with the Noe, 112. Two being left out, after the first numbering.

It came in Question, whether the Tellers certifying, and yet disagreeing, any Man may after speak to the Number, or examine it.


Sir John Crook, Sir Edw. Stanhope, and Mr. D. Hone, bring from the Lords the Two Bills against Recusants. -

Not accompanied with any; as peerless and precious : To be respected above any other. -

They call to Remembrance the great Pains of this House - The many Conferences. -

Their Lordships concur in the same Zeal and Affection with this House. -

Hope, that the Omissions will not give Occasion to make a Sepulchre of the good Things, in part of their own Body. -

Mindfulness of their Promise, that they should either come down as they were framed, or with some Alterations. -

Upon Experience. - There may be a Supply the next Session.

A Motion.

Sir Rob. Wingfield: - A Motion, Eighteen Weeks together, - The Charges, 150,000 l.

Privilege- Parker's Sermon.

Touching a Sermon made by one Parker. - Mr. Recorder, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir John Bennett, Sir Warwick Heale, Mr. Pulleston, Mr. D. James, Sir Wm. Bulstrod, Mr. Wymark, Mr. Chock, Sir John Shirley, Sir Roger Owen, Sir Tho. Denton, Sir Rob. Needham, Mr. Alexander Tutt, Sir Rich. Spencer, Mr. Duncombe, Sir Jerome Horsey, Sir Fr. Popham, Mr. Rainscroft, Sir Michael Sandys. -

Privilege- Parker's Sermon.

That where an invective Sermon was Yesterday made at Paul's by the Preacher, one Parker, Chaunter in the Cathedral Church at Lincolne, and a Member of the

Convocation House. -

Bills from the Lords.

Mr. D. Hone and Sir Geo. Coppin bring from the Lords Two Bills:

1. For the New River:

The other, For Transporting of Beer over the Seas:

- With Amendments. -

That they had taken Order for Mr. Colthyrst.

Ld. Cobham.

Cobham: - Brook, - Proviso read thrice.

Another Proviso tendered by Mr. Trevor; and committee to be drawn by him, and other Committees; and to be brought in. - Proviso for the Lady Kyldare.

New River.

The Amendments, and a Proviso, of the Bill of New River, read thrice, and passed, upon the Question: - The Impost enlarged.

Transporting Beer.

The Amendments, and Proviso, of the Bill for Transporting of Beer, thrice read, and disputed. - Sir John Hobart, Mr. James, Mr. Hoskins.

Passed, upon the Question. -

Privilege- Parker's Sermon.

Mr. Recorder reports the Points of the Sermon spoken. -

Quaerite pacem civitatis. -

How this House was called. -

Proceeding in Confusion.

Presumption, in dealing without Jurisdiction.

Comparison with Manlius Torquatus. -

Fares hardly with the deprived Ministers. -

The Example of them more dangerous than their Service profitable -

Eye must not be the Foot. -

Hand must not be the Eye. -

The Foot must not be the Speaker. -

Presumption: - To come upon another Man's Ground, Trespass. -

To sow another Man's Ground, greater Trespass. -

Nothing but Trespass and Sedition. -

ix. Judges: - Parliament of Trees : - They would have any King, rather than none.

A Multitude must on: - On, with Reason, or without Reason; in Parliament, or out of Parliament. -

Doth the Church totter? let it totter; you have nothing to do withall.

Prayers without a lawful Minister, never go to God.

Mr. Chock: - That the Bishops sent for him : - That they will punish him : - That they wished, his Tongue had been in his Hand. - That he had, or would have, given a Thousand Pounds.

Mr. Martin: - That a short Bill, to declare him infamous, and incapable.

To speak to the Bishops to have him disgraced.

Sir Fr. Hastings: - That the Names of Protestant and Puritane to be taken away : - To be united. -

The Minister to be sent for by the Serjeant.

Doubtful, that he cannot be sent for, because of the Convocation.

Sir Edw. Hobby: - In regard of the Shortness of the Session, that we might send to the King to have him punished.

Sir H. Poole: - To confer with the Lords, and to consider with them, because they were also touched.

Sir Rob. Wingfield: - That they were not touched, but this House specially. -

That he may first be sent for; then the Bill, which Mr. Martin spoke of.

Sir Roger Aston, Mr. Recorder of London, to acquaint his Majesty with it this Afternoon ; and to send the Serjeant for the Party in the mean time. - This by way of Prevention.

Lunae, 26o Die Maii, 1606. Post meridiem.

King sends for Speaker.

A MESSENGER came from the King, to require Mr. Speaker to come to the King.

Parker absconded.

Mr. Serjeant reporteth, that he went to the Lodging of Parker, the Preacher, and a Messenger came before him ; and the Party fled, and returned guilty.

Answer from the King- Parker's Sermon.

Mr. Recorder reporteth from the King, his Answer, having at large heard the Complaint. -



Resolution. -

Hearing the Word: - The Words so spoken, could receive no good Interpretation. -

That the Words presumptuous, rather seditious. -

Liked the Course well of coming : - Could not have taken well the Sending the Serjeant before. -

Himself would be the Revenger.

He would give such Punishment, as should give them Satisfaction. -

He would forthwith make him an Example.

General Pardon.

Sir Peter Warberton, Sir John Crook, Mr. D. Hone, and Sir Geo. Coppin, bring from the Lords, An Act for the King's Majesty's gracious, general, and free Pardon.

Bills sent to Lords.

Deer and Conies; with a Proviso :

Amendments, in the New River:

Amendments, - Transportation of Beer : -

Sent up by Mr. Secretary Herbert.

Ld. Cobham's Attainder.

The Bill, with the Provisoes, for the Attainder of the Lord Cobham, thirdly read; and, upon the Question,

With the Noe, 78.

With the Yea, 108.

The Bill passed.


The Amendments and Provisoes in the Bill for repressing popish Recusants, &c. read twice ; and the former Committee to consider of it Tomorrow Morning, at Six a Clock. - Mr. Speaker will be present.