House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 07 March 1607

Pages 349-350

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturni, 7o Martii, 1606

Great Committee.

SIR Edwyn Sandys moveth, that the great Committee being not yet fully prepared, might retire themselves into the Court of Wards, and so report to the House : Which was assented.

Desmaistres' Nat.

L. 1a. B. For the Naturalizing of James Desmaistres, and Mary his Wife.


L. 1a. B. To restrain the Multitude of inconvenient Buildings in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Suburbs of the same.

Union with Scotland.

Sir Edwyn Sandys reporteth all the particular Propositions, in the Point of Conveniency, made at the Committee, and thought meet to be dealt in at the Conference with the Lords ; as also the Sorting of several Parts of the Business to several Persons ; beginning with the Affirmative, what they mean to do, before what they will not do, or restrain; scilicet.

1. Sir Edwyn Sandys, by way of Introduction, to make known :

1. That we mean to deal with ante nati, and post nati, alike :

2. To deliver and explain our Meaning in the Word Naturalization:

3. To declare our uniform Desire of a perfect Union.

2. If the first Part of these Three be in any sort answered or opposed by the Lords, Sir Maurice Berkley to reply, and maintain it, as Occasion shall be offered.

3. Sir H. Nevill, Mr. Dudley Carleton,

To speak in Point of the Naturalization of the Scotts in France.

Mr. Brock, Mr. Brook, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Martin,

To propound in the point of Assurance, upon such Cautions and Restrictions, as shall be agreed on.

Sir Nathan. Bacon, Sir Roger Owen,

To argue the Caution in the Matter of Inheritance of Lands and Possessions.

Mr. Attorney-general, Mr. Francis Moore,

The Caution touching Committment of Wards ; scilicet, in Matter of their Marriage, Education, &c.

Sir John Bennett, Mr. D. James,

The Caution touching ecclesiastical Preferments, Dignities, &c.

Sir Geor. Moore, Sir Antho. Cope,

The Caution touching Offices, &c. as Sheriffs, Justices of Peace, &c. and to propound to their Lordships, as a Doubt to be resolved, whether the Word "Judicature," in the Instrument, did extend to such Offices, as Sheriffs, Justices, &c.

Upon this Report, these select Committees, together with the rest, are appointed to confer with the Lords this Afternoon; and to hear their Lordships first propound in the Point of Conveniency, and accordingly to attend their several Parts assigned, as shall be fit and as Occasion shall be offered in the said Conference.

A Member excused being on Committee.

Mr. Hedley, being assigned with the rest for the Point of Assurance, excuseth himself, in that he was directly against the Matter itself in Opinion.

Conceived for a Rule, that no Man was to be employed, that had declared himself against it.

Hereupon a Question was made, whether Mr. Hedley were to be employed : - Resolved, not to be employed.