House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 14 March 1607

Pages 352-353

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturni, 14 Martii, 1606

Leave of Absence.

Mr. Philip Gawdie, upon his own Motion informing the House, that, in a Trial at the Assises, he might incur much Danger and Prejudice by his Absence, is licensed to depart for a Time.


L. 1a. B. For Relief of poor Curriers inhabiting near the City of London, and the Liberties thereof and not free of the Company of Curriers of the City of London.

Tanners, &c.

B. For Explanation of the Statute made the first Session of this Parliament, concerning Tanners, Curriers, and other Artificers, using the Cutting of Leather, reported from the Committee by Mr. Brook, with Amendments ; which were twice read; a Proviso tendered at the Committee by Sir Thomas Beamount, remembered ; but, upon Question, the Bill ordered to be ingrossed ; and the Proviso to be tendered at the third Reading, if there were Cause.

Inconvenience at Conferences.

Mr. Fuller reporteth the Travel of the Committee, touching standing and being bareheaded at Conferences with the Lords.

He said, it appeared, for Precedent, that in 6 E. III. the Lords and this House sat all together: That, upon any Occasion of Conference, the Lords came down, and the Conference was held with us in our own Place of sitting.

It was urged, for Reason, that in all Commissions, though the Persons were unequal in Degree, yet, if they were equal in Commission, they sat alike, and were all covered, or bare-headed, alike,

For Necessity, that it was found a great Hurt, and Danger to the Health of their Bodies, and almost impossible for the strongest Body to endure, considering the Length of Conferences, and the Crouding and Thronging there.

Upon this Report, it was moved, that Sir Francis Bacon, or some other, might be sent in Message to the Lords about it.

But upon some further Debate, a Question was made, whether it should be forborn for this Time : And resolved, it should. :

The Reason, because it was probable, the Lords might hear of the Motion; would consider of the Reason, and provide accordingly.

Iron Mills, &c.

Sir Francis Fane reporteth the Bill touching Iron Mills near the City of London, and for the Preservation of Woods in special Places ; and saith, the Committee, for

some Mischief apparent in the Body of the Bill, have thought it fit to sleep: And so was by him delivered in, and ordered accordingly.

Church Ministers.

Mr. Fuller reporteth, from the Committee, the Bill for Explanation of the Statute of 13o Eliz. touching Disorders of Ministers in the Church; - and, upon the Question, ordered to be ingrossed.

Tompson's Estate.

L. 3a. An Act to enable the Committees of Robert Tompson, of Crawley in the County of Bedford, Esquire, being a Lunatick, &c. - Upon a third Reading, and the Question made, passed.

Waller's Estate.

Mr. Martin reporteth, from the Committee, the Bill for the Sale of some of the Lands of William Waller Esquire, for the Payment of 505l. 10s. 6d. for the Performance of a Decree in Chancery: The Bill, upon this Report, much disputed and impugned; but, upon Question, ordered to be ingrossed.

Letter to excuse a member's attending Assizes.

A special Letter from Mr. Speaker ordered, and directed to the Justices of Assize for the County of Essex, to excuse the Attendance of Sir Gamaliel Capell Knight, then High Sheriff of that County; in these Words:

My very good Lords:

WHEREAS Sir Gamaliel Capell, Knight of the Shire for Essex, and now Sheriff of that County, by reason of his Place of Sherivalty, ought to be attendant at the Assizes now to be holden; I am therein, by the Duty of my Place, to pray your Lordships to take Knowlege, that his Majesty hath signified his express Pleasure, that no Member of the Commons House of Parliament should depart from his Service here, for any Cause whatsoever, without special Licence; and the House thereupon settled a precise Order accordingly: And therefore I shall hope, that the said Sir Gamaliel, being so serviceable a Member of this House, as he cannot fitly be dispensed withal, may be justly excused by your Lordships for his Absence, at this Time, from the Assises, and incur no Contempt, or other Censure, for his Default. And so I heartily commend your Lordships to the Protection of the Almighty.


" To my very good Lords, the Justices of Assise for the County of Essex."