House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 27 March 1607

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris 27 Martii, 1607

Tanners, &c.

THE Bill touching Tanners, Curriers, and other Artificers, occupying the Cutting of Leather, being offered to be read the third time, upon special Motion, by Mr. Martin, from such Artificers as impugn the Passage of the said Bill, it was ordered by the House, that the Counsel on both Parts (if it were so required) should be heard upon Monday next, at Eight a Clock in the Morning; and the third Reading in the mean time be deferrred.

Sackvill's Patent.

L. 1a. B. Whereby Rich. Sackvill, Esquire, is enabled to make a Surrender unto the King's Majesty, of the Offces of Chief Butler of England and Wales, notwithstanding his Minority of Years.

Northlech School.

It was moved, that the Counsel in the Bill touching the free Grammar-school at Northlech (attending at the Door by former Order) might now be heard.

The Question was between Queen's College in Oxford, and one Westwood.

Mr. Gerrard, for Queens College, came to the Bar, and argued.

Mr. Westwood, in Person, pressed the House, not to have the Right of Nomination taken from him.

After the Argument, and some Dispute, it was thought meet to re-commit the Bill; and the Committees appointed to meet Tomorrow in the Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber.

Tillage in Herefordshire.

B. For better Provision of Meadow and Pasture in the Parishes of Marden, alias Mawarden, &c. in the County of Hereford, reported from the Committee by Mr. Pembridge, with Amendments; which being twice read ; the Bill, upon Question, ordered to be ingrossed.


Sir Maurice Berkley reporteth the Travel of the Committee, touching some Repair of the Losses and Calamities by the great Inundations.,

Three Courses propounded :

1. A Limitation, as was of the Collection for Hospitals, 39 Eliz. - No Parish under 2d. one with another 6d. and none above 12 d. - The Time, for Two Years, and no longer. This by way of Assessment and Collection, as the other.

2. A Subsidy: No man under 5 l. to pay; and he to answer 12 d. in the Pound.

3. Voluntary Contribution: Which seemed most plausible, and the Justices of Peace to be authorized to demand it: If that will not serve, then such Power to levy it, as shall be fit.

A Sum of Money to be agreed upon, and to be distributed.

Upon this Report, and some further Motions und Dispute, the Committees were appointed to meet again on Monday next, in the Parliament-house; and to them were more added, viz. Mr. Martin, Mr. Lawrence Hyde, Mr. Nicholas Hyde, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Sir Francis Popham, Sir Nicholas Saunders, Sir Thomas Freak.

House to sit.

Sir Edward Stanhope and Sir Richard Swale come in Message from the Lords; and desire, that the House will be pleased to sit a while, for that the Lords had a Purpose to send unto them.

Ans. That they would sit till Twelve.

Waller's Estate.

L. 3a. An Act for the Sale of some of the Lands of William Waller Esquire, for the Payment of 505 l. 10s. 6 d. for the Performance of a Decree in Chancery: -

Being the third time read ;

A Petition was tendered to the House, in behalf of Mr. Waller, and read, in this Form:

To the honourable Court of the Lower House of Parliament.

I AM enforced to become a Suitor unto your honourable Assembly, for Two Requests, which, I hope, in Justice, you will afford me.

1. The One, that, whereas, by your Direction, I have entered into Bond unto Warren, with the Penalty of 1,000l. to perform the Order and Award of the Lord Chief Justice of England, who, by his Letter, hath signified, that he hath no Purpose to make any Order therein, remitting the Cause unto your honourable Censures; it may therefore please you, before you proceed unto the Question, to procure him to deliver up unto me the said Obligation, and so to leave me in statu quo prius.

2. The other, that, albeit the grave Committees have forborn to hear my Proofs, because they tend to the Disproof of Two Decrees in Chancery; you may, notwithstanding, be pleased to hear the same delivered by my Counsel at the Bar (being a Favour, as I have heard, never yet denied to any) and then, it you shall find that I have obstinately, without just Cause, disobeyed the said Decrees, and wilfully incurred the strict Imprisonment, and great Fines imposed upon me, by Force whereof my Goods have been taken, and my Inheritance extended, and (which grieveth me more) now possessed by Warren, my clamorous Enemy ; I shall then confess all those Punishments, and as many more as may be imposed upon me, to be too little : if otherwise, I hope you will judge them by much too much : And herein I have no Purpose to tax the reverend Judges of that honourable Court, but such, as by Misreports (as I take it) misled their sincere Proceedings. I most humbly pray you to pardon my Importunity herein: This Cause importeth my Inheritance, my Reputation, and (which is more) the whole Commonwealth, in Point of Precedent; which I humbly leave to your grave Wisdoms and Considerations.

Your distressed Suppliant,

William Waller.

This brought forth some Speech; and Notice was taken, that the Proceeding of the Committee had been taxed ; and Defence made, that for an extraordinary Sore was to be used an extraordinary Remedy. - Intemperans aeger crudelem facit medicum: Yet, praecipitia judicia trahi possant in exemplum.

Therefore moved, that the Bill might be reviewed by the Committee, in the Committee Chamber, presently : Which was accordingly done.

After, upon further Motion, Counsel was appointed to be heard Tomorrow Morning, before the Question of passing.

Copies of Records.

Sir John Parker moveth the House, to take some Consideration of the infinite Charge and Mischief falling daily

upon the Subject, by the Length, wide and wasteful Writing of Copies in sundry Offices towards the Law; and informeth, for Instance, that Sir Tho. Tasborough paid 60 l. for One Copy; Mr. Serjeant Heale 50 l. for another: The Lord Lisle, in a Suit depending two Years, paid for 6,000 Sheets of Paper.

A Grievance (he said) exceeding the Purveyors, and all Monopolies.

Union with Scotland.

Sir John Crook and Sir Rich. Swale deliver from the Lords.

That whereas their Lordships did send to confer with a Committee of this House, touching the Point of Conveniency of Naturalization, as the same should divide itself, and might concern, as well such as were born before his Majesty's happy coming to the Crown, as such as were born after; with a Power to treat freely and liberally in the said Conference, and without any Purpose to prejudice any Reasons of theirs, that should then be offered, much less with any Conceit, that either their Lordships, or this House, should be concluded by any Opinion there delivered; which Conference, nevertheless, by reason of an unexpected Reservedness, had not that Success and Effect, which was desired: Their Lordships therefore, out of their common Zeal and Desire with this House, that the Business might have a clear and speedy Proceeding and Passage, do wish, that the said Conference might be renewed ; wherein their Lordships hoped, that there should be all Freedom and Liberty used on both Parts, without any Reservation, or insisting upon any thing that might bind either Part; but that their Reasons might be heard and understood, pro et contra, before they descended to the Framing of any Bills.

And because the Feast of Easter was at hand, before which Time it were fit there should be some Recess of this Session; their Lordships did expect and desire to understand the Inclination and Assent of this House.