House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 02 March 1610

Pages 403-404

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 2o Die Martii, 1609

Salters, &c.

SALTERS and Brewers of London : - To be re-delivered; and a Copy to be made for the Lord Arundell, whom it concerns.

Privilege- Assault on Members Servants, &c.

Sir Edw. Hext, - touching the Violence of Pages on the Stairs: - Draw Servants of the Members of this House violently down the Stairs : - Take their Cloaks. -

Sir Edw. Hext to examine. -

Prince's Arms: - Receives Cloaks of some Members.

- The Master of the Tavern presently sent for by the Serjeant.


Horners: Tuesday, Temple Hall.

Privilege- Stay of Trial.

A Letter, for Stay of Trial in Sir Tho. Denton's Case, at Glocester Assises : - One Brugge, Plaintiff.


The Vintner not within ; his Servant brought, - Tho. Reely.

Sir Edw. Hext, Sir Tho. Lowe, Sir H. Poole, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Ja. Harrington; - To examine the Vintner's Man.

Member disabled by Sickness.

Certificates from Coventrie of great Sickness of Rogerson, One of the Burgesses. - A new Writ. -

Warrant to be drawn.


Tuesday, - Sea-sand : - Chequer Chamber.


Purveyance : - The same Day.


L. 2a. Silk-dyers: - Sir Tho. Lowe, Mr. Fuller, Sir Rob. Knollys, Sir H. Poole, Norwich, Colchester, Burgesses of York, Bristowe, Exceter, Mr. Middleton, Mr. Ingram, Mr. Coucher, Mr. Gore. Knights and Burgesses of London, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Barnard Whytston, Sir Rob. Johnson, Sir Fr. Goodwyn, Mr. Bacchus, Coventry, Sir John Bennett, Sir Jerome Horsey: Wednesday, Chequer Chamber.

Privilege - Pawning Members Cloaks.

Vintner's Man examined: - Tho. Reely, Servant to Davyes, a Vintner.

The Examination delivered in, and reported by Sir H. Poole.

The Examinatton of Tho. Ryley, Servant unto Wm. Davis, Vintner.

THAT, sithence the Beginning of this Session of Parliament, Mr. Speaker's Page was brought unto his said Master's House, by the Lord Willobye's Page, the Lord of Oxford's Page, the Lord Mountegle's Page, Sir Oliver Cromwel's Page, Sir Robert Mansfield's Page, and divers others Pages, and called for Wine, the Reckoning whereof came to 4s. And saith, that the said Pages took from Mr. Speaker's Page his Cloak; and that the same Pages likewise brought in Sir Robert Drurie's Page, and called for Wine, as much as came to 12s. and that the next Day after, Mr. Speaker's Page paid the 4s. and redeemed his Cloak. He likewise saith, that the same Pages likewise brought into the said Tavern the Lord Saye's, Page; unto all which Pages, so brought in, they gave an Oath, in a Chamber, whereinto they locked themselves; but what the Oath was, he knoweth not: And saith, that the Lord Say's Cloak was likewise pawned, and redeemed, for 8s.

Privilege - Lords Pages.

Pages of the Lords, whether to be proceeded withal. -

1. Q. Pages of Gentlemen of this House to be sent for against Tomorrow.

2. Q. To be kept by the Serjeant.

3. Q. The Master to be brought in.

Precedent to be sought, for the Pages of the Upper House.

Upon Sir James Perrott's Word, the Party let go till Tomorrow Morning.


Mrs. Drommond; - Ingrossetur.

Privilege - Objectionable Publication.

Mr. Martin reports touching Mr. D. Cowell.- -

Nature of the Message : - Particularities out of the Book to be read, and not otherwise, according to the Text, -

That he had done rashly, dangerously. - They have the same Sense. - Only deliver unto them, without further Dispute.

That the King's Counsel, Mr. Attorney or Mr. Solicitor, both to be employed: - Resolved: - And Mr. Serjeant Dodridge.

Member to explain.

Mr. Holt to deliver himself from some Misconstrucion, touching an Invective against the Civil Law.

Tenures and Wardships.

Sir John Crook, Mr. Baron Bromley, - Message: -

The Committees of the Lords, and this House, meeting, - entering into Treaty, that a select Number of this might present a Petition ; -

Their Lordships accordingly have presented a Petition, have received an Answer, are ready to impart to a Committee of this Afternoon ; and if it stand with Opportunity, the Lords will impart it this Afternoon, being to meet about other Causes. - The King's gracious Answer, touching Tenures and Wardships.

Assented by the House, and delivered to the Messengers by Mr. Speaker.

Bills sent to Lords.

Four Bills sent up :



Sir Rob. Karre:


Pluralities to be recommended specially, as a Thing much desired by the House.

Essex's Estate.

Mr. Philip Gerrard of Counsel with Mr. Fitch against Mr. Essex, at the Bar, against the Bill, heard alone, without Counsel on the other Part.

. . . Speaker: - That the Law will help Mr. Fitch. - Mr. Fuller and Mr. Moore of the same Opinion.

Mr. Essex his Bill; upon Question, ingrossetur.

Privilege - Objectionable Publication.

Mr. Brook moveth, that some may read the Book at the Conference. Mr. Martin to read it. The Committees to elect.

Biggleswade Highway.

L. 2a. - Bickleswade Highway. -

Q, for Commitment:

The House divided :

Sir Tho. Holcroft, Sir Jerome Bowes: For the Yea, 97.

Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Geo. Moore: For the Noe, 140.

The Bill rejected.

Privilege- Objectionable Publication.

Report made by Mr. Martin, that they had laid the Burden upon Mr. Attorney, to make the Inducement this Afternoon.

Mr. Martin to read in D. Cowell's Business.