House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 08 March 1610

Pages 407-408

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 8 Martii, 1609


L. 1a. - Mr. Platt.


L. 1a. - Natur' - James Maxwell, &c.


L. 1a. - Assignments of Debts to the King.

Leave of Absence.

Sir Geo. Smyth, impotent of the Gout, hath Leave to depart.


L. 1a. - Transportation of Ordnance.

Essex's Estate.

Mr. Essex his Bill returned amended; and, upon the Question, passed.


Mr. Martin reports the Committee for Privileges. -

Many Excuses allowed. -

A Bill for imposing Fines, and taking an Oath by the House.

Grievance- Sir S. Proctor.

Sir Edwyn Sandys maketh Report of the Proceedings - of the Committee For Grievances. -

Sir Stephen Proctor. - Commission new: - No Precedent : - Grievous: - By undue Informat' surrepted from his Majesty. -

This not only the Weapon, that Sir Step. fighteth against his Majesty's People : - divers others. -

Mr. Speaker to send for the Commissions. -

His Majesty to recall that sciently, which without Science. -

Not the Grief in the Comm' only, but in the Man.-

To consider whether not fit to call him into the House; or to the Committee.


Mr. Speaker: - The Grace of the Commission: - The Corruption of the Person, in many Instances.

Mr. Attorney : - The Party in Prison by the King: - To desire that he may be brought hither, or to the Committee.

The Privy Council and Sir Roger Aston to move the King, that Sir Stephen may appear.

Sir John Mallorie offereth Particulars, which he, and others, are to prepare, and deliver.

Privilege-Objectionable Publication.

Mr. Martin, touching D. Cowell: - That the Committee for Conference should only hear and report. -

If the Lords yield, then to say, as they took Time at the first, so we, to report.

Sir H. Poole: - To join with the Lords to his Majesty, for Leave to proceed with D. Cowell: - To know his Pleasure.

Mr. Hedley: - To question the Lords, whether an Offence; - whether exemplary Punishment. -

What Course for suppressing the Book.

Mr. Moore: - The Desire of this House, that the Lords would join with us in this Course. - They took Time. -

Fit only to hear, and report.

Mr. Fuller: - To dispute in the Point with the Lords.

Resolved, to hear and report.

Mr. Martin to report.


The Message, touching Tenures, to be left to Mr. Solicitor: - Within the Compass of Mr. Att' -

Sir Wm. Morrice. -


Mr. Fuller bringeth in two Bills: - Ecclesiastical Matters.

Leave of Absence.

Mr. Baxter, Licence to depart: - Clerk of the Peace for Darby.

Myldmay's Estate.

Sir Fr. Fane: - That Mr. Fuller had a Bill long in his Hands, without Report.

Put to Question, whether without Consent of Mr. Myldmay: - Over-ruled, without.

Added to the Committee for Mr. Myldmay, all the Lawyers of the House.

Answer from the King- Sir S. Proctor.

Mr. Chancellor; - Ut luctus, sic laetitia ; loquuntur graves, ingentes stupent. -

His Majesty acknowledgeth a great Wisdom and Discretion in the Manner of Proceeding. -

For their Manner in the Commissions, he thanked. - For the Abuse:

He never liked the Man, though he hath followed him ever since he came to the Crown: - Ever 1,000l. - 100,000 l. in his Mouth. -

Though he be committed for special Matters touching his Majesty's Person, that he shall come at any Time, to attend the House. -

That they shall have the Commissions.

Sir S. Proctor.

Resolved, That the Gentlemen that have Particulars, may inform and prepare.

Mr. Attorney: - The Committee to hear him first, and then to be brought to the House.

Sir Wm. Strode-

Sir John Luson: - That some Recognizances in Sir Henry Fanshawe's Custody, may be sent for: - Taken by him.

Thought fit.

Mr. Recorder: - That if Committee may be made, he will discover such as he shall never evade, or wind himself out.

The King's Privy Council, Mr. Attorney, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Hare, Mr. Lieutenant, Mr. Martin, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Sir Jo. Mallorie, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Jo. Leveson, Sir Maurice Berkley:

- Tomorrow, Chequer Chamber.