House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 12 March 1621

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 12o Martii


L. 1a. AN Act for Reformation of sundry Abuses, committed by divers, &c. - Naylors.

Woodland Vicarage.

L. 1a. An Act for the Disuniting of the Hamlet or Village of Woodland, in the County of Devon, from the Parish of Ipplepen; and for the Erection of a Vicarage within the said Hamlet of Woodland, and for the Endowing of the same with competent and convenient Means, to maintain an able and sufficient Minister to serve the Cure there.


L. 1a. - An Act for the further Explanation of the Statute 5o Ed. VI. cap. 14o, touching forestalling; and of the Statute 5o Eliz. cap. 22o, touching the Dressing of Skins, &c. -

Upon Question, rejected.


L. 1a. - Logwood.

Reading of Bills.

Sir Wm. Strowde: - That Bills may be secondly read by half an Hour after Eight.

Sir Edw. Gyles, and Mr. Secretary, accordant: - And other publick Bills. - And Mr. Secretary particularly to prefer the Bills of Grace : - And Resolved.

Message from the King.

Mr. Secretary, from his Majesty: - That he taketh great Content, both in the Matter and Manner of the Receiving and Answering his Message by Mr. Attorney. Returneth his Thanks for this to the House; and that, as, in the Upper House last Day, he acknowleged, no Prince was ever so well used by any House of Parliament, as, he from this, wished, the same should be made known here. Giveth Thanks in particular, both to the whole Committee, and to those of Wales in particular, for their Readiness to yield him the Subsidy. Will be more ready to help all just Grievances, than they to desire it.

Bills of Grace.

Mr. Solicitor: - That the King acquainted with the Bills of Grace, and hath given his Consent to the most of them. - Moveth, those joined with him for it, may attend it.

Chairman of Committee, ill.

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - That Sir Edw. Sackvyle ill, who had the Chair for Courts of Justice; and that he had divers Petitions in his Hands, concerning it; whereof many frivolous, and clamorous; many of Weight and Consequence.

Sir D. Digges, accordant: - And that some may be named, to take the Petitions from him, and to supply his Place.

Mr. Mallory: - That the Committee should appoint this.

Agreed, Sir Ro. Phillippes shall receive the Petitions, and take his Place in the Chair. - To take them this Day; and the Sub-committee to meet To-morrow Morning, in the Court of Wards.


Sir N. Rich : - That not only the Bills of Grace, but a Bill to be drawn, to cut off Monopolies by the Root. - Nameth Mr. Crew and Mr. Noye, to that Purpose; who have already taken some Pains in it; and Sir Jo. Walter.

- Presently, in Committee Chamber.

Subsidy, &c.

Mr. Towerson: - Nothing to be tied to the Subsidy.

Sir D. Digges, accordant: - And to have the general Bills considered of, which die with the End of this Session.

Mr. Carvyle: - To have the Subsidy go alone.

Mr. Pymme: - Not to hinder the Subsidy; but yet to prepare some Bills, to go up with it.

Bills of Grace.

Sir Edw. Coke . - That the King's Declaration. - That the Bills of Grace ; the Bills of Informers, and the Bill to take away all Monopolies; may go on.

Thanks to the King.

Mr. Secretary to give Thanks to his Majesty, for his gracious Message by Mr. Secretary.

Sir Tho. Wentworth: - That Mr. Secretary may set down this Message of the King's to us, in Writing. - Resolved.


Sir Edw. Coke reporteth from the Conference with the Lords : - Where he kept himself secret for a while, but yet concealed not himself. - Commendeth the Two Lawyers; their speaking in the Lawyers Dialect, ad idem. - That, after they had done. Two great Officers of State made their Apology. They spake in Defence of that, wherein they rubbed by the Narrative of the Two Gentlemen. - That the last differed from the First, in the Warrant dormant; and that he refused to set his Hand to it. - Doubted, they had spoken, as from the Lords in general ; desired therefore to know, whether that, they had spoken, the Vote of all the Lords House. A general Voice, No. - That Sir Edw. Coke said, this House had adjudged the Patents void, both in origine, and executione. - That a great Lord justified his Proceeding (by way of Prevention) concerning Alehouses; wherein he a Referree.

- Moveth, at another Conference, the Reasons may be alleged, wherefore we condemned also that Patent, both in origine, and Execution: - And Resolved.

This to be done by Mr. Noye.

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - Sithence this Matter for the Alehouses now stirred by the Lords, to have a full Review again of this Matter for the Alehouses ; and the Patentees to be sent for. - This to be done this Afternoon.

Mr. Noye excuseth himself; but not accepted; and Sir Edw. Coke offereth to be a Coadjutor.

- Moveth, the Patentees may be sent for, and heard; and some of the Alehouse-keepers in Middlesex; how long they were imprisoned; and what Agreement between them and the Alehouse-keepers. -

To send for Sanderson, their Attorney-general, and Vaughan, their Clerk.

Sir Edw. Mountagew: - That this Matter formerly questioned in the House, and rejected.

Mr. Shervyle: - To have Weston sent for. - That an old Man, of 80 Years, of Salisbury, complained, he was beaten, and trod under Foot; and divers other.

Sir Tho. Hobby: - To send for the Clerks, which sent out the Certiorari's, without Consent of the Clerk of the Crown.

Persons sent for.

Weston, Sanderson, and Vaughan, and the Clerk, that sent out the Certiorari's, to be sent for; and so Mr. Dixon, and Mr. Almond, and one Wall : - To attend here this Afternoon.


Sir H. Poole, - for the Bill of Informers. - Not to have the Fees of the Clerks of the Assises, and Peace, now to clog this Bill.

This Committee to retire presently into the Committee Chamber.


The Committee, against Concealments, to be To-morrow Morning, at Eight of the Clock, in the Committee Chamber.

Monopolies, &c.

Master of the Wards : - That Monopolies nothing, in respect of the Courts of Justice, and Trade. - That the Two Days, appointed for these, may not be clogged with any other Businesses.

Sir Edw. Sands, contra: - And that these Days may hold ; but not to hinder all other Things. - That other Business may well go on. -


That, for the Businesses for Grievance, on Monday and Friday, many Petitions of Grievances, almost 80, in the House. - Moveth, every Petition may be answered: For not honourable to the King, or any Court of Justice. - Scarce any One yet answered. - Moveth, the great

Committee of Grievances may consider of them, and which they will deal with them themselves. For the rest; - that, for the scandalous, they may be rejected, with Rebuke; those, which fit for other Courts, to refer them, with Direction : For the rest; to refer the Examination and Preparation to a Sub-committee, for every one.

Member affronted at Committee.

Sir H. Spiller: - That this Motion calleth him to speak, 1. To the Honour. 2ly, To the Justice of this House. That a Motion lately made, for the Revenue of the Recusants Lands. That never 9,000 l. answered to the Queen. - That he was, at the Committee, affronted by one, sometime an Under-sheriff, with Omission. That, at a Committee, he was charged with a Member of this House, that he should have his full Load : That, within an Hour after, a Petition against him for Murther. That, when the Committee named -

Searching Records, &c.

That Two of the Committee have made a Warrant, to search in the Exchequer, That one Farrington (free of most Prisons in the Town) hath this Warrant: - Hath been in the Exchequer, and Pype. - That the Records attested by Eton and Grimston.

Sir James Perrott: - That Sir H. Spiller hath monopolized this Office to himself. - Taketh upon him to make out Writs, and to do divers other Things, not belonging to him.

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - The Profit of his Majesty, the Honour and Justice of the House, now in Question. If any have deceived the King, fit to punish them. - That Sir H. Spiller hath been very forward to have this Business searched. - To examine him strictly; and to clear, or censure, him. - That Two of the Committee could not, without Direction of the Committee, authorize any to search the Records. That the Men, now authorized, branded, and not fit to be trusted with searching Records. Sir Wm. Strowde: - That in this Warrant to these Men, to search, Sir James Perrott hath erred; but worthy of the Favour of the House.

Mr. Wentworth: - That all Men are to have, by Act of Parliament 42, or 46o, Ed. III. free Access to Records ; therefore might be done in this Case.

Mr. Dr. Gooch ; - That Difference between coming to search, by the Officer's Consent, paying his Fees; and by Authority and Command.

Mr. Pye : - That Searching of Records dangerous; therefore to have it prevented.

Mr. Whatman: - That this Statute extendeth not to Records, concerning the King's Revenue. Mr. Mallory -

Mr. Fanshaw: - That the View should have been only by some of the Committees.

Sir Nath. Rich: - To put this Business off. Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer: - That Sir J. Perrott hath exceeded his Authority: - But, to have it proceeded in no further; but for a Caution, in all other like Cases. - Moveth, the Reading of the Amendments of the Subsidy.


Master of the Wards: - That this a Gift free. - Moveth, if any Exemption in this, it may be considered of: And none to be exempted; yet their Privileges to be preserved. Mr. Secretary, contra: - And to have it put to Question of ingrossing, as it is now passed.

Sir H. Fane: - Not to have the Cinque Ports, or Barwicke, exempted.

Sir Peter Hayman, contra. - For the Cinque Ports, in respect of their Poverty.

Sir D. Digges, contra; in respect this a free Gift, and never the like Precedent.

Sir Ro. Jackson: - To have Barwicke exempted, in respect of their Charter and Poverty.

Sir Edw. Sands: - To have no Alteration in it from that it is now. - Speaketh, both for the 5 Ports, and Universities; in respect of the Poverty of the 5 Ports, occasioned by their Decay of Trade, occasioned by Monopolies, and great Payments ; who more charged, than any other Part of the Kingdom: -

That, out of Sandwich, about 200 Housholds of Dutch gone out of it. - That this will wrong them much more, than benefit the King. - So, for the Universities.

Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer: - To have these Exemptions stand, as wont.

Mr. Salisbury, contra.

Sir H. Manwaring, - for the Cinque Ports: - For the Payment by them would prejudice the King.

Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy: - Not to exempt them.

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - To put it to the Question of ingrossing; for else must be re-committed.

Sir Sam. Sands: - That these Subsidies given but as heretofore.

Mr. Brooke, accordant.

Upon Question, the Bill not to be re-committed.

And, upon another Question, to be ingrossed. - Resolved, without One Negative.

Conference - Patents, &c.

A Message from the Lords, by Mr. Attorney and Mr. Dr. Bird ; That they have considered of the Matters in the Two last Conferences; find them weighty: Therefore desire another Conference of some selected Members of both Houses. - 24 Lords; reserving a Place for the Prince his Highness, if he please to honour it with his Presence. - To appoint a proportionable Number of this House. - The Place, the Painted Chamber. - To come prepared with all the Patents, Commissions, Proclamations, Writings, Examinations, and other Things, whatsoever, which may conduce to give Information, and ripen their Judgments, in this Business. - For the Time, refer it to this House; but desire it may be with all convenient Speed.

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - To have the Time To-morrow Morning, Nine of the Clock.

Mr. Secretary: - Not to have it then. Sir Geor. Moore concordat with Sir Ro. Phillippes. Sir Edw. Coke, accordant.

Mr. Treasurer concurreth: - And that Mr. Speaker may let the Messengers know the Reason why they staid so long.

Hall and Fuller's Case.

Master of the Wards . - That Hall and Fuller's Case may be put over till Wednesday. -


Mr. Speaker returneth Answer, That this House will, with 50, meet their Lordships To-morrow, at Nine of the Clock in the Forenoon.

Sir Edw. Coke: - That they, which before opened it, may now seriatim do it again to the Lords.

Sir D. Digges, Mr. Crew, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Hackwill, Sir Edw. Sands, Sir Edw. Coke, all the Privy Council, Lord Cavendish, and Six Assistants, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Sir Edw. Cecill, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Sam. Sands, Mr. Drake, Sir Geor. Manners, Lord Lisle, Chancellor of the Duchy, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Ro. Crane, Lord Wriothesley, Sir H. Poole, Sir Peter Fretchwell, Mr. Nevyll, Sir Francis Seymor, Sir Ro. Moore, Sir Richard Tichborne, Sir Geor. Fane, Mr. Mynn, Sir A. St. John, Sir Peter Hamon, Lord Clifford, Lord Pawlett, Sir Charles Morrison, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Mr. Jo. Murray, Sir Francis Goodwynn, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir Geor. Moore, Sir Rich. Bulwer, Sir H. Withrington, Sir Beauchampt St. John, Sir Lewys Watson, Mr. Fetherson.


L. 1. An Act - Monopolies.