House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 24 May 1621

Pages 625-626

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 24o Maii



L. la. AN Act for Confirmation -


Perpetuano's: - This Afternoon. Mr. Rolle, and Mr. Earle, added to the Committee.

Mich. Term.

L. 1a. An Act for the Abbreviation of MichaelmasTerm.

Bill rejected.

L. 2a. An Act for Explanation of One Proviso, or Clause, contained in an Act made in the 13th Year of Queen Eliz. -

Mr. Crew: - That this a private Bill, aiming at private Ends: Concerneth Sir Jo. Trevor, and Mr. Askew ; which now in Argument in the King's Bench.

Mr. Solicitor: - To commit it.

Sir Edw. Coke: - That the Bill dangerous. - Liketh not Bills of Explanation. - This Bill looketh backward, to make good all Leases sithence 13 Eliz. - Would take no Benefit from the Church, but leave it to the Law.

Mr. Recorder, contra: - For is only to make good those Leases, which were in esse at the Time of making the Law 13o Eliz. - To commit it.

Upon a double Question, of committing and ingrossing, rejected.

Business to be done.

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - To put the ingrossed Bills to the Question of Passage.

To select, in the Afternoon, the principal publick Bills, by a Committee. So for the Grievances. -

An Act, for the other Bills to remain, till the [next] Meeting, in State as now.

Mr. Crew: - That Seven Bills of Grace, and other publick, agreed upon the last Friday and Saturday.


The Committee, for reducing the Grievances into a parliamentary - To meet in the Court of Wards, upon Saturday next, in the Afternoon.

Conditions, &c.

Mr. Solicitor reporteth, 1. The Bill of Grace, for Conditions, &c. with the Amendments; which twice read. - Engrossetur.


2ly, The Bill of Suggestions in a Prohibition, with the Amendments; which twice read. - Engrossetur.

Attainted Persons Debts.

3ly, The Bill of Grace, for making the Estates of attainted Persons liable to the Payment of their Debts, with the Amendments; which twice read. - Engrossetur.


4ly, The Bill for Reformation of Jeofayles, with the Amendments; which twice read. - Engrossetur.

Mr. Recorder offereth an Addition: Which read.

Sir Edw. Coke: - To put this in a Bill by itself, if any will.


5ly, The Bill of Grace, for Ease in Pleading, with the Amendments ; which twice read. -

Mr. Fetherston, and Sir Wm. Brereton, - for the Counties Palatyne of Chester and Durham. - The Committee withdrew into the Committee Chamber.

General Issue.

6ly, The Bill of Grace, for pleading the General Issue, with the Amendments; which twice read. - Engrossetur.


7ly. The Bill of Bankrupts, with the Amendments; which twice read. -

Sir Edw. . . . moveth, this Bill may extend to the Country.

Sir H. Poole, - against the Excluding of Aliens and Denizens. - So Sir J. Perrott. - Mr. Keightly, and Mr. Towerson, contra.

Mr. Benningfeild: - To re-commit this Bill.

Sir Edw. Coke: - The Mischief, by Bankrupts, great. The former Statutes never extended to Aliens: Denizens ever included. - To re-commit it.

Sir Ro. Crane: - To consider of it presently. Re-committed to the former Committee: - In the Exchequer Chamber, on Saturday,

The Six Bills to be ingrossed against Saturday Morning.

Bills from Lords.

Mr. Attorney and Sir Wm. Byrd bring from the Lords Three Bills: 1. An Exchange, - Prince : Two Bills of Naturalization: And the Bill oi Wadham College, with Amendments, and a Proviso.


[The] Lords desire a Conference this Afternoon, in the Painted Chamber, about the Bill of the Sabaoth, and that of Certiorari's: - 40 of their Committee: - And desire Power from this House, to nominate, out of these, a Sub-committee, if Cause.

Answer returned by the same Messengers, that we will meet for the Conference, as desired, with 80.

Sir H. Poole moveth, some may specially - All the Privy Council, Sir Edw. Coke, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Jo. Walter, Mr. Crew, Mr. Recorder, Sir H. Poole, Mr. Glanvyle, Sir M. Fleetewood, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Mr. Mallory, Mr. Jo. Murray, Sir Ro. Moore, Sir Wm. Spencer, Sir Wm. Bowyer, Sir Tho. Hobby, Lord Cavendish, Mr. Conisby, Mr. Pawlett, Sir Wm. Devereux, Sir Ro. Askew, Serjeant Davys, Chancellor Duchy, Mr. Fetherston, Sir H. Mildmay, Sir Edw. Mountagew, Sir Ch. Mountagew, Mr. Berkeley, Mr. Davys, Sir Gilbert Houghton, Lord Wriothesley, Sir Rich. Wynn, Sir Chr. Hildyard, Sir Edw. Peyton, Sir Geor. Daston, Lord Jo. Pawlett, Sir Geor. Moore, Sir Francis Darcy, Sir Tho. Grantham, Mr. Southworth, Sir Tho. Jermyn, Mr. Brook, Sir Tho. Hammond, Sir Sam. Sands, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Sir Edw. Sands, Sir Gervase Clifton, Sir Wm. Strowde, Attorney of the Wards, Sir Jerome Horsey, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Hopton, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir Francis Barrington, Sir Tho. Holland.

Ingrossed Bills.

To-morrow, at Nine of the Clock, to begin to read ingrossed Bills, without further deferring.

French Company.

The French Company to be upon Monday in the Afternoon, at the Committee for Grievances.

American Fishing.

Mr. Earle reporteth the Bill of Fishing upon the Coast of America, with the Amendments; which twice read. -

Mr. Guy: - That this Bill pretendeth, but in Truth taketh away, Freedom of Fishing from those, which planted in the Newfound-land; - Moveth, those, which planted there, may have One Place. - If this be denied, will overthrow the Plantation; and then some other Nation will inhabit it.

Mr. Neale, contra.

Mr. Secretary: - That this Bill not proper for this House, because concerneth America. That the Fishermen must be ruled by Laws. - To have the Word, " unlawful" added to the Word "Molestation."

Mr. .... - To have Greenland added. - So Sir Tho. Wentworth.

Mr. Delbridge: - Not to have the Plantation there hinder the free Trade of Fishing from this Kingdom.

Sir Edw. Sands: - That some late Grants by Misinformation gotten ; whereby our Nation hindered from that Freedom of Fishing, which other Nations enjoy.

Sir Edw. Gyles, - against the Re-committing of this Bill.- - Compareth it with the best Bill of this House; for Coin, Mariners, &c.

The Word, "unlawful," added by Order. - Engrossetur.