House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 18 December 1621

Pages 667-670

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 18o Decembris

Proceeding with Business.

SIR Ro. Bevyll moveth, we may now go on with Businesses.

Coming after Prayers.

Sir Geor. Moore moveth for a Penalty upon them who come after Prayers.

Mr. Pymme, accordant: - And to renew the former Orders in that behalf made.

Sir Nath. Rich, accordant: - And to appoint a certain Hour for Sitting of the House.

Lord Clifford, accordant: - And to have the Question quickly put; because else the late Comers will never give their Voices for it.

Mr. Noy, contra: - And to tie none to come.

Sir H. Poole, pro: - And half the Mulct to go to the Poor. - So Sir Wm. Strowde. - An Hour in a Day One Day in a Week, according to the Time we now sit.

Mr. Wentworth, contra. - Lawyers cannot do it in Term-time.

Mr. Secretary moveth, at a certain Hour we shall proceed to Business, whether the House then full or not.

Mr. Solicitor: - Necessary to confine ourselves to an Hour. - That Lawyers spend their Time ill in Westmynster Hall, if they, for their late coming, they cannot afford to pay 6d.

Sir Sam. Sands : - This not the Work of this Day. - Not to make this Order. - Negligence of any punished sufficiently by Touch of our own Consciences.

Letter from the King. - Ending the Session.

Mr. Speaker readeth a Letter from his Majesty, directed to Mr. Speaker. Mr. Weston: - Much Comfort by his gracious Letter.

- The King desireth a Session, not for the Subsidy, but for the Pardon. - That the Pardon will be as good at the End of a Session (if now an Adjournment) hereafter, as now ; for will relate but to the Beginning of this Parliament. That the Bill for Continuance of Statutes, not possible to be now dispatched. - To give the King Thanks for his gracious Letter; and to give an Account to him of our Proceedings sithence our last Meeting.

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - Great Joy in this Letter. The Conclusion of his Majesty's Letter as full of Grace as possible; viz, to give longer Time for going home. - To go on with the Committee appointed Yesterday; for as much Cause still for it now, as then: And this Letter also to be committed to the same Committee.

Mr. Mallett: - His Majesty's Prerogative, to end, as well as call, Parliaments. - Thinketh, there may be Time enough for this Committee, and for the Bill of Continuance of Statutes; which in good Forwardness already, and may quickly be finished.

Mr. Solicitor: - The Continuance of Statutes, of that Weight, as fit to be done with a great deal of Judgment.

- Thinketh, not to be done in this short Time. - Tendereth a short Bill to continue these Laws for a Time. - Thinketh, the Pardon best to be deferred; though both the Subsidy, and Pardon, ready, if the House please -

Sir W. Earle: - To give Thanks to his Majesty, and to proceed with the Committee formerly appointed.

Mr. Pymme: - First to satisfy the King, and then to look to our Privileges.

Sir Edw. Gyles: - Confident, the King will be the same that ever, to us; and that we shall meet again, with the same dutiful Hearts to his Majesty, as we have always borne.

Resolved, Thanks to be given to his Majesty, for this gracious Letter.

Sir Wm. Strowde: - A Committee for this.

Sir Francis Barrington: - Most joyful of this Letter.

- Would consent to a Session, if it were possible to be done, with Contentment to his Majesty, and to the Country. - Moveth, Copies may be made of this Letter.

Mr. Crew: - All glad of this Letter. - To give Thanks to his Majesty. - To end the Matter of our Privileges now, that the Debate about them hinder us not at our next Access. - The Bill of Continuance of Statutes, not possible to be now finished. - To go on with the Committee for our Privileges.

Mr. Noy: - Not possible to finish the Continuance and Repeal of Statutes, and the Pardon. - We are desirous to expedite [the] Subsidy, as either; but can do neither. Fit, * * * [the] Pardon accepted, to search, what granted

*** to others; whereby his Mercy is fore-

*** debate * * * * * the Continuance

*** others to be

*** To




Thanks to the King.

Mr. Speaker going into his Chair, Mr. Serjeant Ashley reported the Draught of Thanks to his Majesty: Which read by the Clerk.

And, upon Question, the same was allowed, and ordered to be sent to his Majesty. - To be ingrossed presently; and sent by Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy, Sir H. Mildmay, Sir Geor. Goring, and Mr. Murray.

The same, being presently ingrossed, was read again by the Clerk, Mr. Speaker examining the original Copy; and, being allowed, was sent to Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy by Sir J. Horsey.


Mr. Speaker again in his Chair.

Mr. Speaker moveth, to have a Time appointed for Mr. Goldsmyth to be here.

Ordered, Mr. Goldsmyth shall be here To-morrow Morning, at Eight of the Clock; and the Papers concerning him, to be then here.

Mr. Speaker to be here again at Four of the Clock.

Protestation concerning privileges.

Mr. Speaker taking his Chair, Mr. Serjeant Ashley, from the Grand Committee, presenteth to the House a Draught of the Protestation concerning the Privileges of the House.

The Protestation read several Times; and, upon Question, allowed; and ordered to be presently entered of Record in the Journal of the House: And every Member of the House, that will, to have * * of it [a].

*** *





Ordered, Sir Ro. Phillippes shall ***to the House the Writings ***

Goldsmyth and Lepton.


Sir Nath. Rich and Mr. Glanvyle move, that, * *Goldsmyth and Lepton's Business done. Report may be made of the Grievances handled Yesterday, concerning the Staplers, Brewers, Glass Patent, and Patent restraining Fishing in Newfound-land : And Ordered accordingly.



*** may be

*** commended to the

*** that committed them

*** but there that shall be

* * which will this House Satisfaction.

Lambe and Cradocke.

Sir Ro. Phillippes moveth, Lambe and Cradocke may be sent for, to appear here the first Day of the next Access.

Mr. Fetherston : - That they are both of the Convocation-house, and so are not to be sent for hither,

Mr. Mallett: - That they have the same Privileges in Convocation-house, as the Lords and Commons by Act of Parliament.

Ordered, To proceed with the Examination of Lambe and Cradocke's Business ; but not to convent them; but to hear them, if they will come.


Mr. Glanvyle moveth concerning the Patentfor Fishing. - That the same Course may be taken, as for Lepton's Patent. - Resolved, As for Lepton's, Patent, - by Mr. Treasurer.

.... Newport: - That the same Course may be taken for the Glass Patent. - -Resolved accordingly, - by Mr. Treasurer.

Sir Peter Hayman remembereth both the Copies of Letters, concerning the Glass Patent.

Mr. Serjeant to summon Lepton, for his Appearance.

Sir Ferdinando Gorge and Sir Jo. Bowcer, the Patentees for Fishing in and about New England, to be warned to appear here the first Day of the next Access; and to bring then their Patent, or a Copy thereof.

Merchants of the Staple.

Sir Edw. Coke reporteth the Staplers Business.

Ordered, Sir Rich. Lydall, and Mowle, shall appear at the first Access, and bring in all the Bonds taken for Money, concerning the Patent.

Bills to be brought in.

All Bills, in Committees Hands, to be brought in to the Clerk.

Paper to be burnt.

Ordered, The Paper, brought by Sir P. Hayman, about Sir Edw. Sands, shall be burned by him.

Minister wounded by a Recusant.

Sir Wm. Boulstreade moveth, a Petition may be read, concerning a Minister, wounded by a Recusant for preaching.

Mr. Treasurer: - That the King acquainted with this, and will take a Course to punish it.

The Petition, and Articles, read. The Clerk to give Mr. Treasurer a Copy of it: Who is desired, from the House, to acquaint his Majesty with it.


Mr. Justice Winch and Mr. Justice Jones bring a Message from the Prince, and other Commissioners; That they, by Force of the Commission, which they bring to be viewed here, have adjourned their House till the 8th of February next, according to the said Commission.

The Messengers withdrawn, and the Commission left;

Resolved, by this House, To adjourn itself till the 8th of February next;

The Messengers called in again, Mr. Speaker - to them; That this House, taking Notice of his Majesty's Pleasure for the Adjournment, hath resolved to adjourn itself till the 8th of February next.

After the Departure of the Messengers, Mr. Alford moveth, some Members here may view the Clerk's Book. -

Sir Edw. Coke, Mr. Hackwill, Mr. Pymme, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Crew, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Mr. Chancellor Duchy, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Glanvyle, Sir Edw. Peyton, Mr. Recorder; or any Four of these : And Mr. Speaker, if he please, to be present: - To meet at Mr. Speaker's House. - To-morrow, Ten. .. Clock, at Mr. Speaker's House, the first Meeting.

Mr. Speaker : - That this House doth adjourn itself, from this Day and Place, till the 8th of February next, in the same Place.