House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 09 February 1626

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 9o Februarii, 1625

Committee of Privileges.

SIR Geor. More moveth, that there may be, according to the usual Manner, a Committee named, for the Privileges of the House. -

Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Comptroller, Mr. Secretary Cooke, Chancellor Duchy, Chancellor Exchequer, Sir Geor. More, Sir Hen. Poole, Sir N. Rich, Sir A. Forrest, Sir W. Earle, Sir Francis Barnam, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Lord Cavendish, Sir Francis Barrington, Mr. Wandesford, Mr. Kirton, Sir Jo. Finch, Sir Wm. Herberte, Mr. Herberte, Sir Rich. Buller, Lord St. John, Sir Jo. Ellyott, Sir Nich. Sanders, Sir Wm. Walter, Mr. Bowyer, Sir Tho. Morgan, Mr. Brett, Sir Edw. Hales, Mr. Bateman, Sir Tho. Cheeke, Sir Row. Cotton, Sir Al. St. John, Mr. Whystler, Sir Ro. Pye, Sir G. Gerrard, Sir Geor. Goring, Mr. Francis Finch, Sir Peter Haman, Sir Tho. Denton, Sir Tho. Lake. Sir M. Fleetewood, Sir Ew. Thelluall, Mr. Corrington, Sir Cl. Throckmorton, Sir Tho. Herne, Sir H. Whyteheade, Mr. Cage, Sir Edw. Payton, Sir Tho. Puckering, Sir Tho. Middleton, Sir Fer. Farefax, Sir Rich. Titchborne, Mr. Ch. Price, Sir Francis Goodwyn, Sir Francis Popham, Sir Wm. Bowyer, Sir Tho. Fairfax, Sir Jo. Hayward, Mr. Taylor: - This Committee to meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, and after, upon Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the Star-chamber. All Petitions to be delivered to the Committee of Privileges ; and the Time of exhibiting them to be set down ; and to be heard in Priority, as delivered in.


A Petition for Warwicke, first delivered in; and to be first heard.

Double Returns.

Mr. Speaker moveth, they, which returned double, may make their Election by Monday next.

Member elects.

Sir M. Abbott electeth for London, being returned for that, and Hull.

Warrant for issuing Writs.

A general Warrant given to Mr. Speaker, to make Warrants for new Writs, upon Death, or Election upon double Returns.

Members make Election.

Mr. Comptroller, returned for Harwich, and Sandwich, electeth for Harwich.

Sir B. Rudyard electeth for Old Salisbury.

Mr. Thorougood electeth for Darby.

Mr. Darington electeth for Limington.

Double Returns.

Upon the Question, every one, that doubly returned, shall, by Monday come-sevennight, make his Election.


Sir Francis Barrington moveth, that Sir Tho. Badger his Man, called ...... was arrested at his Master's Heels, as he came to the Parliament House, by one Baynbrigg. Ordered, The Keeper of the Gatehouse, where the Prisoner is, shall bring him.


Sir Ben. Rudyard moveth, Sir Em. Gifford, returned a Member of this House, and now in Prison, upon Execution, may also be sent for.

Controverted Election.

Mr. Saunders moveth for Mr. Thomas, clearly elected for Mr. St. Abyn, questioned. This referred to the Committee for Privileges.

Attorney General.

Mr. Speaker moveth, That Mr. Attorney General returned from Greenestead: And mentioned the Order 12o Jac.

The Order to be brought, and read, To-morrow Morning ; and then Order to be taken for it in the House.

Members to receive the Commumon.

Sir Wm. Boulstreade, moveth for a Communion: Propoundeth the Place, St. Margarett's Church Westmynster ; the Time, Sunday come-sevennight; the Person to preach.

Agreed, the Time Sunday sevennight. The Dean of Canterbury, Minister of the Place, to preach: - Agreed, upon Question.

The Question being Twice put, neither Part would yield, whether the I, or Noe, were greater; nor, whether the I, or the Noe, should go out.

Mr. Wandesford: - That indifferent, which shall go out.

To end the Question, Mr. Wandesford offered to go out first; and so did.

Tellers for the Yea, Sir Francis Barrington, Sir H. Poole:

for the Noe : Sir George Goring, Lord Cavendish:

With the Yea, 161.

With the Noe, 110.

Difference, 51.

Sir Francis Barrington, Sir Wm. Boulstreade, Sir H. Poole, Sir Walter Earle, Mr. Hayward, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir Ro. Pye, Sir Alexander Temple, and the Clerk of the House. - Every Member of the House then to receive the Communion; and to bring his Name, and the Place, for which he serveth, and to deliver it to some of those Gentlemen. After that Time, no Man to come into the House, till he have received the Communion after in the Presence of some of them.


The Keeper of the Gatehouse brought to the Bar; and brought to the Bar by the Serjeant, with his Mace, and the Bar down: Demanded, why he keepeth Mr.

Emanuell Gifford, returned a Member of the House, saith, for Two Executions; One, of 100l. at the Suit of Mr. Layton, of the Jewel House, for which he was taken in Execution upon Monday was fortnight; and upon another Execution, of 200l. laid upon him sithence.

For Sir Tho. Badger his Man; - taken within Two or Three Days, upon a meane Process.

Both these referred to be debated in the House Tomorrow; and the Clerk of the Crown to be here then, with the Return of Mr. Gifford.