House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 18 February 1626

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Sabbati, 18o Februarii

Member being a Mayor.

Mr Gay informeth the House, that he is returned a Burgess for the City of Bath, and is Mayor of the same City ; and besides, One of the principal Men of their City hath murthered himself, and his Wife; and that the Mayor is the only Coroner; and therefore desireth Leave to go home.

Referred to the Consideration of Privileges, whether a new Writ shall issue.

Resolved, upon Question, That for the Causes alleged by Mr. Gay, he shall have Liberty to depart home to the City of Bath, about those Affairs.

Ineligibility of a Scotchman not naturalized.

Sir Tho. Fanshaw moveth, that a new Writ may issue, for the Choice of another Burgess for Clitherow, in the room of Mr. Geor. Kirke, who is a Scottish Man, ante- natus, and not naturalized,

Resolved, upon Question, that a new Writ shall issue.

Cope's Estate.

L. 1a. An Act for the Sale of the Manor of Shelswell, by Sir Wm. Cope, Knight and Baronet, for Payment of his Debts, and raising Portions for his younger Children.

Privilege - Member excommunicated.

Mr. Selden moveth, from the Committee, concerning Sir Ro. Howard, who is excommunicated; he may be dispensed with from receiving the Communion To-morrow, and yet sit in the House after, till other Order taken. Upon Question, granted.

Privilege- - Member discharged from Arrest, &c.

Mr. Gifford brought in with the Keeper of the Gate-house, the Bar down: The Writ of Habeas Corpus handed up to the Clerk, and the Writ and Return by him read; and then Mr. Speaker discharged Mr. Gifford, and wished him to take his Oath, and then to take his Place in the House.

Affairs with Fraunce.

Mr. Whitby reporteth from the Committee for Grievances, that all our Merchants Goods, Books, Debts, and Specialties, and Arrest of Ships, English and Scottish, in divers Places in Fraunce. - The Committee thought this Business required a speedy Redress; but the Manner of it left to the Judgment and Direction of the House.

Upon Question, this to be considered of, upon Wednesday next, when the other Businesses of like Nature, are to be considered of; and, in the mean time, a select Committee to prepare it. -

Mr. Greene, Sir H. Martyn, Mr. Rich. Spencer, Mr. Kirton, Sir A. Ingram, Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir Jo. Ellyott, Mr. Pymme, Sir Ro. Maunsell, Mr. Chancellor Duchy: This Committee hath Power to send for any Records, or Persons, to inform them: - To meet upon Monday Morning, Court Wards.

Committee for Trade, &c.

Upon Report from the Committee for Trade, moved, the Committee for Trade may be annexed to the Committee for Grievances. - But not yielded to.

Freyford Prebend.

L. 2a. An Act for the Annexing of Freyford Prebend, being in the Collation . . . and Lichfeild, &c.

Mr. Dyett: - That the Inhabitants of the City of Lichfeild prescribe in modo decimandi, for Non-payment of Tythe of Wool and Lamb, in Consideration, that they repair the Chancel of the Church of . . . which, of common Right is to be repaired by the Parson. - Moveth, the Parties interested may be heard by their Counsel at the Committee; and to have Notice; and some Ten Days time, before the Committee sit, in regard of the far Distance of Lichfeild from hence. -

Committed to Mr. Treasurer, Master of the Wards, Mr. Comptroller, Mr. Chancellor Duchy, Sir Geo. More, Mr. Dyett, Knights and Burgesses of Staffordshyre, Sir Ro. Harley, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Selden, Mr. Wingfeild, Mr. Jo. Drake, Sir H. Poole, Sir A. Ingram, Mr. Rolles, Sir Francis Barrington, Sir Wm. Constable, Sir Ew. Thelluall, Sir Wm. Bowyer, Sir Jo. Stradling, Sir H. Martyn, Sir Jo. Davers: - Tuesday sevennight. Two Clock, Exchequer Chamber.

Members elect.

Mr. Selden electeth for Great Bedwyn in Wilshyre, and waveth Ilchester.

Mr. Kirton electeth Marlboroughe, and waveth Ilchester.

Election Petitions.

All Petitions concerning Elections past, to be delivered in before Tuesday Fortnight; and, for other Erections, to be made hereafter, a Fortnight after their Return.


L. 2a. An Act concerning Edm. Nicholson, Projector of the pretermitted Customs. -

King's Revenue.

Mr. Justice Hatton and Mr. Attorney bring from the Lords a Bill, intituled, An Act for the better Preserving of his Majesty's Revenue. -


Mr. Chancellor Duchy moveth, Nicholson, at the Committee, may be heard by his Counsel.

Mr. Spencer moveth Nicholson may have 40 Days to depart the Realm. -

Committed to Mr. Chancellor Duchy, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Rolle, Sir Tho. Middleton, Mr. Mallett, Sir H. Poole, Mr. Delbridge, Mr. Wentworth, Sir G. More, Sir Wm. Walter, Sir Wm. Spencer, Sir Nich. Saunders, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir A. Ingram, Mr. Greene, Knights and Burgesses of London, Burgesses of Port Towns, Sir Jo. Stradling: - Monday, Two Clock in the Exchequer Chamber: And he to be heard by his Counsel, if he will.

Members make Election.

Mr. Wm. Strode electeth for Berealston.

Mr. Tichborne electeth for Petersfeild in Hamshyre.