House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 23 February 1626

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 23 Februarii


L. 1a. AN Act for the Avoiding of Deceits, and Abuses, in Making and Compounding of physical Receipts and Medicines, and for the Suppressing of Empe-ricks in and about London, and Seven Miles.

Sheriffs of Comberland, &c.

The Sheriffs of Comberland and Northumberland, and all other, to return them by Monday next, at his Peril; or shew Cause then, why they do it not.


Ordered, All the Knights and Burgesses for Yorkeshyre shall meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, for considering of the presenting of popish-affected Persons, according to the Order, Martis, 21 Febr. last. Exchequer Chamber.

The Meeting to the rest, to meet by Saturday, One Clock, in Westmynster Hall, if they appoint no other in the mean time : And the Clerk of the Crown to attend with the Commissions of the Peace, and other Commissions of Trust.


L. 1a. An Act for Restraint of Abuses in Levying of Debts for common Persons, in the Name, and under the Prerogative, of the King.


L. 2a. - Recusants. - Committed to Mr. Bowyer, Mr. Clarcke, Mr. Brooke, Attorney Wards, Sir Francis Barrington, Sir G. Gerrard, Mr. Sherfeild, Sir H. Poole, Mr. Spencer, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Sir Geor. More, Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir Francis Vincent, Sir D. Digges, Sir Wm. Constable, Sir M. Fleetewood, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Rich. Gravenor, Mr. Long, Sir N. Clarcke, Sir Tho. Cheeke, Sir B. Hickes, Sir A. Temple, Sir Ro. North, Mr. Sherland, Sir N. Rich, Sir Ro. Harlow: - To-morrow, Two Clock, Court of Wards.

Detention of a French Ship.

Mr. Lieutenant of the Tower being to be called in ; Motion made, that Mr. Lieutenant of Dover might with-draw : And some Dispute being about it, he voluntarily withdrew.

Interrogatories tendered in Writing, to examine the Lieutenant of the Tower upon; which were read, and allowed, with Addition of some other, upon Motion.

1. Demanded, why he gave so various Answers to the Committee; he protesteth, it was not out of any Disrespect to the House, or Committee, but had then forgotten the Time.

2ly, Confesseth, he heard of a Decree in the Admiralty, for freeing the Peter; but remembereth not the Time.

3ly, Denieth, that he gave any particular Information to the Lord Admiral concerning this Ship, but asked by my Lord Admiral, whether this Ship were of the same Nature with the other, he answered, he thought it was. -

That one Davys, Clerk for the prized Goods, informed him, that many Spaniards Goods were coloured under French Goods: And the Motives, to induce that Opinion, he read out of a Paper; which he delivered, both to the Duke, and Mr. Secretary Cooke. -

[That he was] not, till the 26th of February, sent to, for producing his Proofs. - And produceth a Letter, directed to him, dated 15o Febr. from the Proctor for Sir H. Martyn: - But that he, before 30o Jan. sent in Two Witnesses, to prove the said Allegations ; whereof One was then sworn, viz. Kilvert, a Spanish Merchant, to testify upon his own Knowlege; and one Bannester, a Spanish Merchant; who, coming unseasonably, was not sworn. -

Denieth, he ever advised the Stay of the Peter, or of any Ship : - Knoweth not, that any of the Goods in this Ship were either sold or unladen.

And so he was withdrawn.

Mr. Lieutenant of Dover Castle called in to take his Place, did so; and being demanded by Mr. Speaker, what Information he gave, whereby the Peter of New-haven, after the Freeing thereof by Decree in the Admiralty, - denieth, that he knoweth any thing of the Business, for the Stay, or Freeing of the Peter; but confesseth, that, at Dover, he found divers of Callys, which coloured Dunkerkers Goods; whereof he gave Knowlege to the Duke, by Letter, but remembereth not the Time.

1. Upon Question, the Examination of the Proceedings in the Court of Admiralty, concerning the Freeing, or Staying, of the Ship, called the Peter of Newhaven, to be committed to a Committee.

2ly, Upon Question, an Addition to the former Committee ; viz. Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Comptroller, Mr. Chancellor Exchequer, Master Wards, Mr. Seldon, Lord Cavendish, Sir H. Poole, Sir Jo. Strangways, Sir Jo. Finch, Mr. Wandesford, Mr. Lowther, Sir P. Hayman, Mr. Long, Sir Geor. Goring, Sir H. Whyteheade, Sir G. Gerrard, Mr. Noy, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Browne, Mr. Littleton, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Rolles: - To-morrow, Two Clock, in the Court of Wards: With Power to send for any Persons, Records, &c.

Leave of Absence.

Sir Ch. Grosse, in respect of his Wife's Sickness, hath Leave to go down : And so Sir Wm. Udall: With Promise to return within Fourteen Days.

Pirates, &c.

The Business for the Dunkirkers, Pirates, &c. to be handled in the House To-morrow Morning.