House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 20 March 1628

Pages 872-873

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 20o Martii

Members make election.

SIR H. Spiller, elected One of the Knights of [the] Shire for Middlesex, and a Burgess for [Thetford] in Norfolke, electeth to serve for Middlesex.

Sir Francis Seymor, elected One of the Knights for Wiltes, and a Burgess for Marlboroughe in Wiltes, electeth to serve as a Knight for that Shire.

Sir Wm. Herberte, elected Knight of the Shire for Montgomery in Wales, and a Burgess for Wilton in Wiltes, electeth to serve for Mongomery.

Sir Walter Pye Knight, elected One of the Knights of the Shire for Hereford, and a Burgess for Brecon in Wales, electeth to serve as a Knight for Hereford.

Warrants for issuing Writs,

Ordered, Warrants to issue, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, to the Clerk of the Crown, for Writs for new Elections, in the Room of the several Places waved, as aforesaid.

And a general Warrant to Mr. Speaker, without further Motion, to make Warrants to the Clerk of the Crown, for new Writs, upon Election of any other doubly returned, or upon any Place to grow void by Death, during this Parliament.

Members doubly returned.

It is, upon the Question, ordered, that all, which are doubly returned, shall make their Election, for which place they will serve, upon or before this Day sevennight.

Person sent for.

It is also ordered, that the Sheriff of Warwickshyre shall be forthwith sent for by the Serjeant at Arms, attendant upon the Commons House, by Warrant to [him] to be directed, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, for not returning the Knights of that Shire, who have long [sithence] been elected.

Controverted Elections.

It is this Day ordered, upon the Question, that all such, which will question any Election already returned, shall do the same by Petition, to be delivered to the Committee of Privileges, within Fourteen Days next following; and, for those Elections hereafter to be returned, within Fourteen Davs after the Return thereof.

Colchester Election.

The Petition from Colchester, now delivered into the House, to be first heard.

Committee of Privileges.

Moved, to nominate a Committee of Privileges: Which agreed.

Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Secretary Cooke, Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy, Sir Edw. Coke, Mr. Attorney of the Wards, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Sir Francis Barrington, Sir Wm. Harberte, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir A. Ingram, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Sir Jo. Hotham, Sir D. Digges, Sir Geor. Fane, Sir Francis Seymor, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Hackwyll, Sir Ro. Pye, Sir Francis Barnam, Sir Wm. Twisden, Sir Tho. Savyle, Mr. Manwaring, Sir Tho. Cheeke, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Mr. Wandesford, Sir H. Spiller, Sir Tho. Morgan, Sir W. Earle, Sir Ro. Cotton, Sir Jo. Ellyott, Sir Jo. Danvers, Sir Tho. Posthumus Hobby, Sir Jo. Strangwayes, Mr. Francis Finch, Sir Harbottle Grimston, Sir James Perrott, Sir Tho. Hatton, Sir Rich. Buller, Mr. Coriton, Sir Tho. Denton, Mr. Selden, Mr. Mallory, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Oliver Luke, Mr. Coventry, Lord St. John, Sir Tho. Grantham, Mr. Solicitor, Sir A. Herrys, Sir Jo. Trevor, Mr. Edw. Harberte, Sir Wm. Beecher, Sir Francis Darcy, Sir Jo. Wray, Sir Wm. Armyn, Sir Gervase Clifton, Mr. Charles Price, Sir H. Wallopp, Mr. Alford, Mr. Kirton, Sir Wm. Walter, Mr. Knightley, Sir Lewys Dyve, Sir Tho. Bowyer, Sir H. Whytehead, Sir Wm. Bulstrode, Sir Francis Cottington, Mr. Drake, Sir Wm. Fleetewood, Sir Ewble Thelluall, Mr. M. Fleetewood, Sir Rich. Tichborne, Sir Francis Popham, Sir Tho. Cannon, Sir Tho. Finch, Sir Jo. Jackson, Mr. Spencer, Sir Edw. Ayscoughe, Mr. Clement Coke, Sir Richard Harrison, Mr. Bish, Mr. Cage, Sir Ro. Napper, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Browne, Sir Tho. Walsingham, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Peter Hayman: This Committee is appointed to examine and consider of all Questions, to grow or arise this Parliament, about Elections, Returns, or other Privileges of the House; and to report their Opinions and Proceedings therein to the House; and have Power to send for Records, and Witnesses, and to hear Counsel; and are, for this Service, to meet this Afternoon, at Two of the Clock, in the Court of Star-chamber; and afterwards, every Tuesday and Thursday, during this Session of Parliament, at the same Hour and Place.

Controverted Elections.

It is ordered, that those Questions, about Elections, or Returns, shall be first heard by the said Committee of Privileges, where any Member of the House is wanting, for want of returning.

Cornewayle Election.

Certain Letters delivered in to the House by Mr. Coriton, written by some Deputy Lieutenants, and Justices of Peace of Cornewayle, concerning the Election of the Knights to serve for that County in this present Parliament: Which Letters were read.

Sir Edw. Coke, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Sir Ro. Cotton, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Sir Francis Seymor, Sir Wm. Harberte, Sir Jo. Strangwayes, Mr. Attorney of the Wards, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Alford, Sir Tho. Cheeke, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Selden. This Committee is appointed to peruse, and take Consideration of, the said Letters; and to report their Opinions thereof to the House, and of any other Letters to be produced, concerning the Election in that County; and are to meet at Two of the Clock this Afternoon, in the Court of Wards.


A Committee for Religion, of the whole House, is to meet upon Monday next, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, in the House; and so every Monday after, at the same Hour and Place, during this Session of Parliament; and have Power to send for any Parties, Witnesses, or Records, and to hear Counsel.

Courts of Justice.

A Committee of the whole House, for Courts of Justice, is to sit in the House upon every Tuesday, during this Session; and hath Power given, as the last Committee.


A Committee of the whole House, for Grievances, is to sit in the House, at Two of the Clock every Afternoon, upon every Wednesday, and Friday, during this Session of Parliament; and hath like Power, as the Two former Committees.


A Committee for Trade, of the whole House, is to sit in the House every Thursday, at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, during this Session ; and hath Power, as the former Committees; and is to begin upon Thursday next.

Bills passed last Session.

The Clerk to make a Catalogue of all the Bills passed this House the last Session of Parliament, and to present the same to the House upon Monday Morning next.

Members to receive the Communion.

It is this Day ordered, that all the Members of this House shall receive the Communion, at St. Margarett's Church in Westminster, upon Sunday next come-fortnight, in the Forenoon, being the Sixth Day of April next, and, that whosoever shall not then and there receive the Communion, shall not, after that Day, come into the House, until he shall have received the Communion, in the Presence of some, or One, of the Persons hereafter appointed to that Purpose, and the same be certified, and the Certificate thereof be allowed by this House. And, for the better Discerning, who shall then receive the Communion, and who not, it is further ordered, that Sir Wm. Bulstrode, Sir Wm. Fleetewood, Sir James Perrott, Sir Ro. Harley, Sir Edw. Gyles, and Sir Ro. Pye, shall take special Notice of all such, as shall then and there receive the Communion: And, that every Member of this House shall then bring with him a Note, in Writing, containing his Name, and the Shire, whereof he is Knight, or the Borough, whereof he is Burgess; which Note he shall, in the same Church, when the same shall be demanded of him, deliver to the said Persons, before particularly mentioned, some, or One of them : And the said Persons, so appointed, are likewise to take particular Notice of every Member of this House, at such Time as he receiveth the Communion.

General Fast.

Motion made, to petition his Majesty about a general Fast throughout the Kingdom; and thereupon Mr. Treasurer, Sir Jo. Cooke, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir Benjamin Rudyard, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Mr. Pymme, appointed to frame a Petition to his Majesty, about a general Fast, and to tender it to the House To-morrow Morning, if it may be; and that being allowed by this House, the Lords to be moved, to join in the Petition. And this Committee is, for that Service, to meet at Five of the Clock this Afternoon, in the Inner Court of Wards.