House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 26 March 1628

Pages 875-876

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 26o Martii

Insolence of Soldiers.

GREAT Complaint made of the Insolencies of divers Soldiers in Surrey, in Numbers, conducted by one John Moulden, Constable, dwelling at Kingston.

This Constable to be sent for by the Serjeant.


A Petition of Nich. Clegatt, read; imprisoned by the Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen, for refusing to pay 50l. whereat he was taxed, towards the Lands contracted for by the City with his Majesty.

This to be referred to the Committee of Grievances, to be next heard after the Vintners.

This Petitioner, now imprisoned, to have Liberty to go abroad with his Keeper, to his Counsel, and to come to this House, to follow his Cause.

So for the other Petitioners, the Vintners.

Mr. Serjeant Bramston, and Mr. John Whyte, assigned of Cleggatt's Counsel.

Gatton Election.

Mr. Hackwell reporteth from the Committee for Privileges, 1. For Gatton. - Two Indentures returned; One, by the Inhabitants of Gatton; the other by Mr. Copley solely: Mr. Owfeild, and Sir Ch. Howard, returned by the Inhabitants; Sir Tho. Lake, and Mr. Jerome Weston, returned by Mr. Copley. Mr. Copley insisted upon this, that he the sole Inhabitant. 33o H. VIII. Copley, as sole Inhabitant, returned Two Burgesses, and served. 1o, 2, Mar. Mr. Copley made the like Return : So 2o and 3 Ph. and Mar.

On the other Part, 7 Ed. VI. Mrs. Copley, et omnes inhabitantes, returned. 28o, 43 Eliz. 1o, and 18 Jac. the Return made by the Inhabitants: And that, in all the latter Parliaments, Mr. Copley joined with other Inhabitants in the Return.

Mr. Copley urged -

That resolved by the Committee, that those, which had Lands in their own Manurance, though dwelt out -

That all the Committee except One....

Upon Question, the Return of Sir Ch. Howard, and Mr. Owfeild, good; and the other, of Sir Tho. Lake, and Mr. Weston, void, and to be taken off the File. -

Exceter Election.

2ly, For Exceter. - Mr. Lynn, and Mr.... returned by One Indenture; and Mr. Lynn, and Mr. Jordan, by Election, another. A Prescription, the Mayor and Common Council nominated Four, out of which the Burgesses chose Two. That the Mayor and 24 now nominated Mr. Lynn, Mr. Martyn, and Two others ; but not Mr. Jordan: But that Mr. Jordan chosen by greater Number, than Mr. Martyn. -

That the Sheriff, upon the Nomination of the Four, had said, they might choose another. That the late Elections according as now for Mr. Jordan.

Upon Question, the Election and Return of Mr. Jordan good, and he to serve ; and the other Indenture to be taken off the File by the Clerk of the Crown.


Mr. Attorney General and Sir.. Ayloffe bring a Message from the Lords; That they desire a Conference with this House, about a Petition to his Majesty, for the Execution of the Laws against Jesuits, Priests, and Popish Recusants: Their Number 30; the Time, Three of the Clock this Afternoon, if it stand with the Conveniency of this House, in the Painted Chamber.

Agreed : And the Messengers called in, and told so much.

Sir Roger North, Sir Tho. Cheeke, Mr. Charles Price, Sir Ro. Crane, Sir Tho. Barrington: These, with the former 56, to meet with the Lords at the Conference ; and Mr. Secretary Coke to make the Report to the House, what the Lords propound. The Committee to hear, and not to speak.

Standing in the Entry, &c.

Ordered, That all which shall stand in the Entry, or go out disorderly, before the Speaker, shall pay 12 d. apiece to the Serjeant; and so likewise at the grand Committee, when the House sitteth by.