House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 14 April 1628

Pages 882-883

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 14o Aprilis

Educating in Popery.

BILL against sending out Children to be bred in Popery, - Wednesday next. Two Clock, Court of Wards.


L. 1a. An Act for the better Reformation of Abuses in the Winding of Wool.


L. 1a. An Act concerning Subscription.


L. 2a. An Act for the Mitigation of the Sentence of the greater Excommunication, and for Preserving of ecclesiastical Jurisdiction : - Committed to Sir Edw. Coke, Sir Guy Palmes, Mr. Glanvyle, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir Edw. Leech, Sir Edw. Thelluall, Sir Tho. Cannon, Sir H. Bellingham, Sir H. Martyn, Sir W. Earle, Sir Wm. Constable, Mr.

Coriton, Mr. Sherfeild, Mr. Goodwyn, Mr. Knightly, Sir D. Digges, Mr. Selden, Sir Francis Barrington, Mr.Cooke, Mr. Bamfeild, Mr. Rowse, Mr. Rolles, Mr. Hackwill: - To-morrow, Two Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Liberty of the Subject.

Sir Edw. Coke, Sir D. Digges, Mr. Littleton, Mr. Selden, which argued the Case of the Liberty of the Persons of the Subjects from Imprisonment, to bring in, by Thursday next, their several Arguments, fair written; as also the Copies of the Records, produced by them: And the Clerk to insert the Arguments into the Journal, and to have Liberty to give out Copies of them.

Newport Election.

Mr. Hackwill reporteth from the Committee for Privileges, the Case about the Return at Newport. - Four Indentures returned. -

The Opinion of the Committee, that Mr. Trefusis and Mr. Edgecombe were well chosen [a],

1. Upon Question, this not to be re-committed.

2ly, Upon Question, Mr. Edgecombe well elected.

3ly, Upon Question, a Supersedeas to be awarded to the Clerk of the Crown, for Stay of the Writ, made upon Sir Wm. Killigrew his Refusal to serve for that Place.

4ly, The Indentures, which concern not the Election of Mr. Trefusis and Mr. Edgecombe, to be withdrawn.

Privilege - Aspersion on a Member.

Information given, that a Lord, viz. the Earl of Suffolke, said, upon Saturday last, that a Gentleman of this House (inuendo, Mr. Selden) deserved to be hanged, for razing a Record; with some other Speeches to the like Purpose.

Upon Question, Mr. Kirton to name the Member of this House, who present, and heard the Words spoken by the Earl of Suffolke, which now related by Mr. Kirton.

He naming Sir Jo. Strangwayes;

Upon Question, he ordered to declare his Knowlege therein.

Sir Jo. Strangwayes: - That going up to the Lords House, to speak with a Lord about private Business of his own, he met a Gentleman, who asked him, if he had heard nothing. -

That afterwards going into the Committee Chamber of the Lords, to the best of his Remembrance, the Words, used by the Earl of Suffolke, were these : " Sir Jo.

Strangwayes, will you not hang Selden?" To which Sir Jo. answering, " My Lord, I know no Cause for it;" the Earl swore by God, he had razed a Record; for which he was worthy to be hanged.

Mr. Selden, called up, upon a Motion to that Purpose, to justify himself in this Particular of razing a Record 1st, Denieth it in general: 2ly, In particular, he delivered in to the Lords divers Copies . . Records examined by himself, and divers other Members of the House; wherein he far from doing any such Thing, as charged upon him.

21 H. VIII. when the Statute of Non-residence came in, Bishop Fisher said. This was for want of Faith, &c. The House would not sit, till righted. The Bishop after turned this, by way of Distinction, upon Bohemia.

Upon Question, Sir Jo. Strangwayes to set down the Words spoken by the Earl of Suffolke, of Mr. Selden.

Upon Question, Sir Ro. Phillippes to go up with a Message to the Lords, wherein shall be the Charge against the Earl of Suffolke. This to be done presently.

2ly, Upon Question, Sir Ro. Phillippes, in this Message, to desire Justice from the Lords against the Lord of Suffolke, for the Wrong done to the House of Commons in general, and to a Member thereof, viz. Mr. Selden, in particular, employed in their Service.

And Sir Ro. Phillippes to make an Introduction, how far it is from this House to do any Thing which may interrupt the good Amity and Correspondency between both Houses.

2ly, To open the Charge in particular : And to take the Paper with him, but not to leave it behind him with the Lords.

Answer to King's Message.

The Speech, to be used by Mr. Speaker, by way of Introduction, upon the Nine Propositions, brought in, in scriptis : Read ; and then secondly read ; and consented unto, by a general Acclamation, without any Question.

Privilege- Aspersion on a Member.

Sir Ro. Phillipps reporteth from the Lords, that their Answer is, 1. A Signification of the Desire of the Lords, to continue, and if possible, increase, the Correspondence between both Houses: That thereupon they had presently taken Consideration thereof: That the Earl of Suffolke had there openly protested, upon his Honour, he had used no such Words to Sir Jo. Strangwayes. -

That the Lord Keeper intimated, that their thus speedy proceeding in this Business,did give a Testimony of their Desires to give full Satisfaction to this House, upon all Occasions, and to respect every Particular thereof.

A select Committee, to consider of the Words, and make further Disquisition of the Proof, and of all Incidents thereunto; with Power to send for any Witnesses: -

Sir Tho. Wentworth, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Kirton, Sir Jo. Ellyott, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Mr. Littleton, Mr. Coriton, Sir W. Earle, Sir D. Digges, Mr. Pymme, Sir Fra. Seymor, Mr. Rolles, Sir W. Fleetewood, Mr. Alford: - To-morrow Morning, Seven Clock, Court of Wards.

Grand Committee.

The grand Committee adjourned until To-morrow Morning, Eight Clock.