House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 30 April 1628

Pages 890-891

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 30o Aprilis

Privilege - Prisoner discharged.

Mr. Coriton reporteth from the Committee, for Ex-amination of Pemberton, 1. For the Arrest of Mr. Rashley his Man: 2ly, For the Words. - That Pemberton caused the Party to be delivered, as soon as heard he was Servant to a Parliament-man, The Words denied and not proved.

Upon Question discharged, paying his Fees.


Sir Ro. Harley reporteth the Bill to restrain and prevent some Disorders, that are, or may be, in Ministers of God's Word. - Engrossetur.

Greenland Company.

The Greeneland Business to be heard the first Cause upon Friday next, by the Committee for Grievances.

Attorneys of Yorke.

The Business, about the Attorneys of Yorke, to be heard next after it, before the same Committee.

Chamberleyne's Petition.

Mr. Chamberleyne's Petition referred from the Committee for Grievances to the Committee for Courts of Justice.

Charges of Witnesses.

Sir P. Hayman reporteth from the Committee, for Examination of the Charges of the Witnesses from Yorke, that they have abated the Bill of 40 and odd Pounds, to 201.

Upon Question, 20l. to be allowed, and to be divided between the Witnesses.

Clerk of the Market.

Bill of the Clerk of the Market, - To-morrow, Two Clock, former Place.


Upon Question, he, that served the Subpoena upon Sir S. Steward, for the Hearing in the Star-chamber, to be sent for, to answer his Contempt in it.

Upon Question, referred to the Committee for Privileges, to consider, what Course fit to be taken about Sir S. Steward's Recognizance; and to report to the House, what fit to be done therein.

Upon Question, Sir S. Steward enjoined by the House to attend the Service of the House, and not to attend the Hearing of his Cause in the Star-chamber.

Privilege - Judgement on Sheriff, &c.

Sheriff Thomson, and Alderman Hemsworth, called in and kneeling at the Bar, their Judgment, as ordered upon the Questions, pronounced unto them by Mr. Speaker.

Wine Merchants.

Mr. Secretary Cooke, called up, to signify his Majesty's Answer concerning the Wine-merchants, answereth, he can say no more, than heretofore he acquainted the House with.

Mr. Secretary Cooke desired by the House, to renew to his Majesty the Petition of this House, concerning the Wine-merchants imprisoned.

Copies of Arguments.

Upon Question, any Member of the House to have Copies of all, or Part of the Arguments, brought in, or to be brought in.


Committees for Continuance and Repeal of Statutes, - Saturday in the Afternoon, in Lincolnes Inn Hall.

Members to attend.

A Command, for all the Lawyers here to stay, and for the rest to be sent for ; and they and all other, to attend the grand Committee.