House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 07 June 1628

Pages 909-910

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Sabbati, 7o Junii

Transporting Ordnance.

A CERTIFICATE read, of Ordnance ready to be carried over.

Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy to go presently to his Majesty, to intreat him to make a present Stay of them. Resolved, To be forborne.

Mr. Burlimachi, called, acknowlegeth these to be his, and sent over by his Commission, for Transportation of Ordnance.

King's Answer to Petition of Right.

Mr. Justice Hutton and Mr. Justice Jones bring from the Lords a Message; That the Lords desire a present Conference, between a Committee of both Houses,

concerning the King's Answer to the Petition of Right, presently, if it may stand with the Convenieticy of this House.

Answered affirmatively : And so Answer sent by the same Messengers. - To hear, and not to speak.

Sir Edw. Coke, Mr. Glanvill, Sir D. Digges, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Littleton, Mr. Selden, Mr. Tichborne, to report.

Sir Edw. Coke reporteth from the Conference with the Lords, that the Lord Keeper said, the Lords had desired this Conference, concerning a Matter of great

Consequence, in respect of the good Understanding between the King and his People. The Lords think fit, humble Suit should be made to his Majesty, for a clear and satisfactory Answer to our Petition of Right.

Upon Question, to join with the Lords in a Petition to his Majesty, for a clear and satisfactory Answer to our Petition of Right, in full Parliament; And so much signified to the Lords by Sir Edw. Coke.

Stay of Ordnance.

Mr. Chancellor Duchy :-That his Majesty is well pleased to make Stay of the Ordnance ready to be transported in the Robert of Dover.

House to sit.

....... - That the Lord Keeper said, that the Answer we had made, (Concurred fully with the Sense of their House. That the Lords have promised to sit, and desire, we will do the like.

Grand Committee, &c.

The grand Committee to sit at Two of the Clock this Afternoon ; and the Clerk of the Crown, and Mr. Phillippes, to be here with the Commission or Warrant, or Copy of it, concerning Excises or Impositions.

Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Speaker to be here this Afternoon.

Persons to attend, &c.

Mr. Burlimachi to attend the Committee, with his Commission, this Afternoon.

Mr. Dawes, of the Custom-house, to be here at Two of the Clock, to discover his Knowlege concerning Impositions or Excises ; and Van Benn.


Mr. Chancellor Duchy, Sir Edw. Coke, Mr. Glanvyle, Sir Na. Rich, Sir W. Earle, Sir Ro. Pye, Sir Wm. Fleetewood, Mr. Selden, Mr. Rolles, Sir Ro. Pointz, Sir Wm. Constable, Mr. Pymme, Sir Ro. Cotton, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Sir H. Martyn, Sir Ben. Rudyard, Sir Wm. Litton, Sir Ed. Leech, Mr. Littleton, Sir Jo. Ellyott, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Mr. Kirton, Sir Jo. Strangwayes, Sir D. Digges, Sir Ro. Harlow, Mr. Ball, Mr. Coke, Sir A. Corbett, Mr. Coryton, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Rolles, Sir Francis Barrington, to draw the Preamble of the Subsidy; and to meet on Monday, Two Clock Afternoon, in Star-chamber.

Sabbati, 7o Junii - Eodem Die

King coming to the Lords.

Mr. Justice Hutton and Justice Jones bring a Message from the Lords; That the Lords have acquainted the King's Majesty with the Suit for an Answer to the Petition of Right; and that his Majesty is pleased to come in Person, and give an Answer, at Four of the Clock, in Parliament; and that, when his Majesty is [come,] we shall have Notice.

Message to attend the King.

Mr. Maxwell came down, And told Mr. Speaker, that his Majesty desireth that the House of Commons will come up to his Majesty.

King's Answer.

The King's Answer now, " Soit droit fait come est desyre."