House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 10 June 1628

Pages 910-911

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 10o Junii

Aldersey's, &c. Nat.

L. 1a. AN Act for the Naturalization of John Aldersey, Mary Aldersey, now the Wife of Ro. Crane, Ann Aldersey, Eliz. Aldersey, and Mary Aldersey, Children of Samuel Aldersey, of the City of London, Esquire.

Asteley's Nat.

L. 2. An Act for the Naturalizing of Isaac Asteley, Henry Asteley, Tho. Asteley, and Barnard Asteley, Children and Sons of Sir Jacob Asteley Knight, One of the younger Sons of Isaac Asteley, late of Melton Constable in the County of Norfolke, Esquire, deceased. - Engrossetur.


L. 2a. Alderseye's Bill secondly read.

Ayton's Nat.

L. 3a. An Act for the Naturalizing of Sir Ro. Ayton, Knight: - Upon Question, passed.

E. of Devon's Estate.

Upon Question, the Debate, concerning the Earl of Devon's Bill, now to proceed to Resolution.

Upon Question, whether this Bill, with the Amendments, in Paper annexed, and Proviso ingrossed -

Tellers for the Yea, Sir Francis Seymor, Sir Myles Fleetewood :

Tellers for the Noe, Sir Tho. Wentworth, Mr. Hollys

Message from the King. - Petition of Right.

Mr. Chancellor Duchy delivereth a Message from his Majesty ; That his Majesty is well pleased, that our Petition of Right, with his Majesty's Answer to it, be enrolled in the Parliament Rolls, and in all the Courts at Westmynster; and shall be also printed.


The Report, for the Subsidy, to be presently made.

Bill from the Lords.

Serjeant Ashley and Serjeant Berkeley bring from the Lords a Bill, intituled, ....

Thanks to the King.

Mr. Chancellor Duchy to return humble Thanks to his Majesty, for his gracious Message now sent.


Mr. Solicitor reporteth the Bill of Subsidy, with the Amendments. -

Members to be examined by Lords.

Serjeant Ashley and Serjeant Berkeley bring from the Lords a Message ; That they are informed, that Five Members of this House, viz. Sir D. Norton, Sir Francis Darcey, Sir Francis Onslow, Sir Wm. Litton, and Mr. Law. Whitaker, can materially testify concerning Dr. Manwaring's Business; and that, if they please to be examined, they desire, it may be done forthwith, for expediting the Business.

The Messengers called in, and Answer sent by them ; That the House hath thought fit to give Leave to these Five Gentlemen, to go and be examined presently, concerning Dr. Manwaring. Who went up presently, according to the Direction of the House. -


The Preamble read. -

Prolonging the Session.

Mr. Justice Hutton and Mr. Justice Jones bring from the Lords a Message; That his Majesty, upon their sending to him, is graciously pleased to give some few Days longer, for the Dispatch of the Businesses in both Houses ; so as the Petition of Right, and the Subsidy, may go hand in hand together. -


The Amendments particularly opened by Mr. Speaker, and agreed.

The Proviso, tendered by Sir Tho. Hobby, accepted; and to be added. -

Clergy Subsidy.

Mr. Justice Hutton and Mr. Justice Jones bring, from the Lords, the Subsidy of the Clergy. -


The Clause, for the Viscounts of Scotland and Ireland, and the Clause, for the Barons of Scotland and Ireland, and the Clause, for the Baronets of Scotland and Ireland, to stand. That, of the Baronets of England, to be omitted.

Upon Question, the Proviso, for Exemption of Berwicke, to be stricken out. - Engrossetur.


The Report of the Remonstrance to be made To-morrow, Nine Clock; and no intervening Business to interrupt it.


The Bill of Arms, - this Afternoon, in the Star-chamber.


The Report for Mountagew, - To-morrow Morning, Eight Clock.


That, for presenting Recusants, - Friday Morning, Eight Clock.