House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 23 June 1628

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 23 Junii

Trumball's, &c. Nat.

L. 1a. L. 2a. AN Act for the Naturalizing of John Trumball, and Anne Trumball, Children of Wm. Trumball Esquire; and of Wm. Bere, Edw. Bere, and Sidney Bere, Sons of John Bere Esquire; and of Samuel Wentworth, Son of Wm. Wentworth, of Dover, Merchant. - Engrossetur.

Serjeant's Fees.

A Petition read, from the Serjeant at Arms attending the House, concerning the Fees of the Cornish Gentlemen.

Referred to the former Committee. Sir W. Earle, Mr. Coriton, Sir P. Hayman, Mr. Coke, Sir Rich. Grasvenor, Sir Tho. Puckering, Mr. Noy, added : - This Day, Two Clock, Court Wards: - To consider of the Serjeant's Fees'.

Letter found under the Door.

Sir Edw. Coke, Mr. Pymme, Sir Tho. Finch, Sir W. Earle, Mr. Coriton, Mr. Kirkham, Sir D. Digges, Mr. Noy, Mr. Kirton, Mr. Wandesford, Mr. Tomlyns, to view privately a Letter, now delivered into the House by Mr. Tomlyns, sealed up, and found under the Door; and to report, whether fit to be read in the House.

Bromfeild, &c.

Mr. Whitby reporteth the Bill of Bromfeild and Yale, with Amendments; which twice read. - Engrossetur.

Clerks of Customs.

Mr. Earle, Mr. Wyld, Mr. Baber, added to the Committee for the Clerks of the Custom-house.

Charges against Welby.

Sir W. Earle reporteth from the Committee, about Abuses of Deputy Lieutenants, the Matter, concerning Sir Wm. Welby. - 55 l. at [One] Time spent by him, at One Meeting, for Diet, and other * Charges. This, excepted unto by the Country, justified [by] Sir Wm. Welby; and now confessed it before the Committee. - That committed the Two Men, because he held them [refractory.] 1 d. an Acre, for military Affairs. - Committed for Nonpayment of it.

Letter found under the Door.

Sir Edw. Coke reporteth from the last-named Committee, that they find that, inclosed in the Letter to be unfit for any Subject's Ear, to hear: Read but One Line and a half of it, and could not endure to read more of it. - Inimicus homo seminavit. - Some Jesuitical Spirit - Have sealed it up again.

This to be sent, and delivered to the King's Hands, by Sir Wm. Herberte, Sir B. Rudyard, Mr. Kirkham, Mr. Wandesford, Mr. Kirton, Mr. Pymme, Sir Peter Hayman, Mr. Tomlyns: - To acquaint his Majesty with the Place and Time of finding it, and with the Proceedings of this House in it; and particularly, that, upon the Reading of One Line and a half at most, they would read no more, but sealed it up, and brought it to the House.

Charge against Welby.

The former Committee for Deputy Lieutenants, to meet this Afternoon, in the former Place, there to vote the Matter reported of Sir Wm. Welby, and their Opinions, what Course to be taken in it: And Sir Wm. Welby ordered to attend.

Answer from the King.

Mr. Speaker reporteth from his Majesty, that he would, some time this Day, send us Answer of our Message, delivered to his Highness by Mr. Speaker, with the Twelve.

Committees added.

Citizens of London, Mr. Godfrey, Sir Geo. Sands, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Wm. Fleetwood, Sir Jo. Trevor, Sir Wm. Carnaby, Sir Francis Anslow, Mr. Kemish, Sir Wm. Constable, added to the Committee for Mr. Lownes.

Exchangers Patent.

Sir Wm. Fleetewood reporteth from the Committee, about the Exchangers Patent. - That the Committee, for want of Presence of Lawyers, would not meddle with the Right, but with the Inconvenience. That Nine Merchants examined; who justisfied, they had brought in great Quantities of Gold, which they had sold to the Goldsmiths, who made it into Ingots, with some Gain ; where now must either carry it to the Mint, or to the Exchanger: To the Mint they could not, before the Goldsmith had fitted it to the Allay; and then must stay for his Money; where the Goldsmiths paid them ready Money: If bring it to the Exchangers, they will give it 6d. an Ounce less than the Goldsmiths and may take 1 d. in the Noble. - The West Country Merchants, who bring in, for Fish, 80,000l. per Annum; and are now put to 4s. in the 100, Charge, in carrying it to London, and as much in carrying it down; besides the Adventure, and 20s. to the Exchanger; in all, 28s. -

That the Deputy Exchangers confessed, they have kept no Books. -

That many Merchants affirmed, the Exchangers had no Money to pay for the Bullion they brought them. -

Great Danger to the Merchants, by bringing the Money to One Money [a]; whereby some, that had brought in 50,000l. 20,000 l. &c. per Annum, now brought in none : So as a great Hindrance to Importation. -

These Deputies make Deputies. Abram Bushell, Son of a Frenchman, - to set up an Exchange in the Strond: This by the Deputies, Lasher, &c. 20s. Rent reserved. Appeared to the Committees, to be a very mean Man. At Bristow another Deputy, at 10l. Rent: - Suffered one, for ob. an Ounce Profit, to take it away again. -

That the Deputy Exchangers have bought much, but brought none to the Mint. -

Resolved by the Committee, That these Patents an Inconvenience, and Abuse in the Execution. - 160,000 l. imported in Gold last Year less than formerly.

Sir Edw. Coke reporteth the legal Part of this Patent.

- Agreed, there was an Office of Cambium Regis: What belonged to that Office, the Question. The Matter heard, but not voted.

Sir Nath. Rich : - That the Earl of Holland was persuaded, this Patent was beneficial to the Commonwealth, because it was so much debated before the King and Council: If this House find it either illegal, or inconvenient, submitteth it wholly to this House; for respecteth not his private, with Prejudice of the publick.


Serjeant Crew and Sir Edw. Clarcke bring a Message from the Lords, That they desire a Conference presently, with Twelve of their House, and a proportionable Number of this House, concerning the Bill against sending any to be popishly bred beyond Sea,

The old Committee, being 24, sent to confer.

House to sit.

Mr. Chancellor Duchy: - That his Majesty is not yet fully resolved, what Answer to return to our Message by Mr. Speaker; but desireth, this House will sit this Afternoon, and. ....

Not to leave Town.

Upon Question, Ordered, No Man, now in Town, to go out of Town, without special Leave of the House.

Leave of Absence.

Upon Question, Sir Edw. Gyles, and Mr. Bamfeild, licenced to go down; the One, for the Sickness of his Wife; the other, for his Lameness.


Mr. Noy reporteth the Bill of Continuance and Repeal of Statutes, with Additions and Amendments.

All the Acts made perpetual, which the Committee reporteth to be fit to be so : And so those reported to be omitted: And so for the Additions.

Reasons for Continuance of the Statute 7, for repairing the Sea-banks betwixt Yarmouth and Horpes Bowne, read.

Upon Question, this continued to the End of the next Session of Parliament.

Upon Question, the Statutes to be repealed, reported to be fit to be repealed.

Upon Question, the Statute of H. VIII. concerning * making of Bulwarks, ordered to be discontinued.

Upon Question, this Bill not to be re-committed.


The former Committee to meet together this Afternoon, in the Court of Wards, to consider of the Alterations in the Bill against sending Children over, to be popishly bred beyond Seas.

Exchanges Patent.

The Exchangers Patent to be read this Afternoon, and the Legality of it to . . argued ; and then the whole to be voted.

House to sit.

The House to sit at Three Clock this Afternoon.


Sir Edw. Coke, from the Committee for the Conference, about the Bill against the Sending any beyond the Seas, to be popishly bred. -

"With Intention," to be put in; and other Alterations. -

"If means sent to the House, or," &c. "though not to the Children."

The Committee hath Power for a free Conference; and to send for this Conference, as soon as the Lords sit.

Persons sent for.

The Serjeant to bring Mr. Burgesse to the House, to answer his Contempt to going away without Licence.

Trumball's, &c. Nat.

L. 3a. An Act for the Naturalizing of John Trumball, Anne Trumball, &c. - Upon Question, passed.

Proroguing Parliament.

Mr. Chancellor Duchy bringeth a Message from the Lords [a]; That, upon Thursday next, in the Afternoon, he intendeth to make a Session, and to prorogue the Parliament till October next; at which Time, if it please God, we shall meet again.

Bill sent up.

Mr. Trumball his Bill sent up by Sir Edw. Coke.

Exchangers Patent.

The Patent, Proclamation, and Indenture, under the Great Seal, concerning the Patent of Exchanger, read.

Upon Question, this Patent, together with the Indenture, and other Circumstances, accompanying it, is a Grievance, both in the Creation, and Execution.

General Pardon.

Mr. Attorney-general and Serjeant Berkeley bring from the Lords a Bill, containing a Confirmation of his Majesty's gracious and general Pardon.


Ordered, The Greeneland Business shall be reported To-morrow Morning.

Tonage and Poundage.

The Bill for Tonage and Poundage to be looked up, or a Copy gotten, and presented to the Lords [b] Tomorrow Morning.

Business to be done.

The House being turned . . a grand Committee To-morrow Morning, Eight Clock, to consider of a Course for Tonage and Poundage; and of a Bill for Arms, and what Course to be then taken therein; and for securing the Coasts; and about Beacons: And no other Business to interrupt it: And Mr. Banks to be in the Chair.


The Report for the old Grievances, - To-morrow in the Afternoon.

Person to attend.

Andrew Palmer, Say-master of the Mint, to be warned to attend the House To-morrow Morning.


Bowdler his Business is to be reported To-morrow Forenoon, if Time; else in the Afternoon: And the House to sit.


Ordered, The Pardon shall not be read till between Ten and Eleven of the Clock.


The new Grievances to be brought in To-morrow.


Sir W. Earle, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Mr. Sherfeild, Mr. Alford, Sir Wm. Fleetwood, Mr. Coriton, Mr. Bankes, Mr. Hackwill, Mr. Selden. Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Littleton, to peruse the Pardon, compare it with the Pardon of 21o Jac. and report their Opinions therein to the House: And not to be read, till Report thereof made in a full House.