House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 24 June 1628

Pages 918-919

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 24o Junii

Petitions delivered to the King.

SIR Raphe Freeman reporteth, that he delivered the Three Petitions to the King, and read them to him. The first, the Presentment of Recusants: The second, for the Summer Islands: Both which, his Majesty said, he would take into Consideration. The third, for.. . .


Upon Question, 5 s. to be allowed for every Ton of Shipping, above 150 Ton; and 3 s. for Freight: And the Arrears of the Ships pressed.

Sir D. Digges, Sir H. Martyn, Mr. Kirkham, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Cage, Mr. Whitaker, Sir Ben. Rudyard, to draw up the Petition: - To-morrow Morning, Seven Clock, Court of Wards.

Bromfeild, &c.

Bromfeild and Yale Bill to be read at Three Clock.


Mr. Bankes to take the Chair for the Bill of Arms, at Four Clock.

Bills to be read.

The Subsidy of the Clergy, and Bill of Continuance and Repeal of Statutes, to be read this Afternoon.


Mr. Palmer then to attend.

Martis, 24o Junii - Eodem Die, post Meridiem

Clergy Subsidy.

L. unica. AN Act for the Grant of Five entire Subsidies, granted by the Clergy: - Upon Question, passed.

Virginia Company.

Sir P. Hayman reporteth the Business, concerning the Virginia Company.

The Committee, that was for [the] Summer Islands Petition, to draw a Petition for *; with Addition of Sir P. Hayman: - To-morrow Morning, Seven Clock. [Court of] Wards.

Complaint against Welby.

Sir W. Earle reporteth the Complaint against Sir W. Welby. - The Opinion of the Committee, to transmit him to the Lords.

Resolved, To defer the Resolution of this Business till To-morrow,


Mr. Earle reporteth from the Committee, concerning Billingsley and De Quester. - Use for the Lord Stanhop's Patent, for 80 Years : A Verdict for it 1 Caroli.

The Opinion of the Committee, that this Patent, to De Questor, a Grievance to the Subject, in the Execution ; and that he was unduly procured, by De Questor's Means, to be imprisoned, and without Cause. That the Opinion of the Committee, that a Petition should be framed to the King, for his Enlargement.

Upon Question, this Patent to De Questor, for the sole carrying Letters out of the Kingdom, and into it, a Grievance in the Execution ; and that a Petition be framed to the King, for Billingsleye's Enlargement out of Prison.

The same Committee to draw this Petition To-morrow Morning, Seven Clock, Court Wards.

Bowdler's Case.

Mr. Selden, reporteth Bowdler's Case, from the Committee, appointed to consider of that Petition. -

1. The Proceedings in the Exchequer Chamber.

2. The now State of the Estate.

3. The Projector, as they conceived, Mr. Bland.

Upon Question, upon Bastards dying intestate, the Ordinary ought to commit Administration, as in other Cases, where Men die intestate.

Bland, the Projector, or Propounder, of this Business, to be called in. Who being called in, and at the Bar, not kneeling, interrogated of his Proceedings therein: - Sed nihil inde venit. - Discharged.

Mr. Mason, Sir Wm. Herberte, Sir Jo. Trevor, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Wm. Croftes, Mr. Arnold, Sir James Perrott, Mr. Henry Vaughan, to examine the Contempt of Langford, and another . - To-morrow Morning, Seven Clock, Duchy Chamber.


Palmer to attend To-morrow Morning.