House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 05 February 1629

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 5o Februarii


SIR Jo. Hotham, Mr. Kirkeham, Sir Rich. Gravenor, added to the Committee for enlarging the Hearing of the Word of God preached.

Summer Islands.

L. 1a. An Act for Confirmation of the Letters Patents, made by our late sovereign Lord King James, to the Governor and Company of the City of London, for the Plantation of the Summer Islands.

Searle's Decree, &c.

L. 1a. An Act for the Review and Reversal of a Decree, made in the high Court of Chancery, at the Suit of Chr. Searle, Plaintiff, against Sam. Searle, Defendant; and also of divers Sentences of the High Commission Court, for Clauses ecclesiastical, against the said Samuel Searle; both of them contrary to Judgments at the Common Law, and the last, against his late Majesty's Writ of Prohibition.


Two several Petitions, to one Effect, from divers Bargemen of Essex, Hertford, and Bedford, against the Exactions of Metage and Portage of Grain, brought by Barge to London.

This Petition referred to the general Committee for Grievances.

Printing Thirty nine Articles.

The King's Printers to be presently sent for, about some Difference of the Articles of 62.

A select Committee, to take Consideration of the Differences in the several Impressions of the 39 Articles, established by Act of Parliament, 13 Eliz. and of all Incidents thereunto.

Mr. Secretary Cooke, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Pymme, Sir H. Martyn, Mr. Earle, Sir W. Earle, Mr. Rowse, Mr. Coriton, Mr. Selden, Mr. Hackwill, Sir D. Digges, Mr. Hampden, Sir Ro. Harley : - Two Clock, To-morrow, in the Star-chamber; with Power to send for any Persons, Records, or other Things, for their Information : And this Committee is also to take into Consideration the Alterations made in the Book of Common Prayer ; and also to take Considerations of the Canons.

Examining Aleyne, &c.

Committee for Aleyne's Examination, - Two Clock this Afternoon, in the former Place.

And that, this Afternoon, the Committee, for Examination of Aleyne's Business, shall sit, till such time, as they have agreed upon the Matter of the Privilege of the House ; and then Mr. Selden to go the Committee for Mr. Rolles' Business : and, Mr. Sherland being added to the Committee, that Committee, for Aleyne, to proceed ; and they to put whom they will in the Chair.

Members Wages.

The Aldermen and Town-clerk of Exceter, now in Town, to attend the Committee for Privileges, about Mr. Jordan's Wages ; and the sending for the Two Aldermen, agreed upon by the Committee of Privileges to be sent for, shall be stayed.

Member being Sheriff.

Upon Question, the Legality of Mr. Longe's Election, and serving here the last Session, being then Sheriff of Wiltes, and elected a Citizen for .. to be debated here in the House upon Monday next.

General Fast.

Mr. Secretary Coke reporteth, that his Majesty hath appointed the 18th Day of this Month for the Fast here, and the 20th of the next Month for the Fast in other Parts of this Kingdom.

Petition against Withrington, &c.

Mr. Pymme reporteth from the grand Committee for Religion, a Petition, exhibited to them by Mr. Ogle, against Mr. Withrington, and Mr. Jo. Cosens. - the Charge, against Mr. Withrington, general, containing no Particulars: The Particulars against Mr. Cosens, many and foul. - That the Committee desireth, Intimation may be given to Mr. Cosens, from the House, of this Complaint against him ; that, if he will be here to answer it, he may ; else the House will proceed without him.

This agreed, upon Question; that this Intimation be given him, to be here upon Monday fortnight. A Warrant also from Mr. Speaker, for such Witnesses, as he shall nominate in particular. This Intimation to be made by a Letter under Mr. Speaker's Hand.

Printing Thirty-nine Articles.

The King's Printers called in, and asked by Mr. Speaker, first, what Copy they followed in the Printing of them; written, or printed : Saith, they followed a printed Copy of 1616.

2ly, How the Difference grew between their Two last Impressions, on the 20th Article: Say, there was left out, in the first Impression, a Line, through the Corrector's Negligence; which being found, they (after divers of them vented) amended the other, by adding that Line.

Leave to attend Lords.

Mr. Noy, Mr. Bankes, and Mr. Ball, have Leave from the House, they being of Counsel with the Lord Percy, about a Difference in the Lords House, for Matter of Precedency, to plead there before him.