House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 11 February 1629

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 11o Februarii

Jermy's Decree.

L. 1a. AN Act to make void a Decree in Chancery, and Assurances thereupon made by Sir Tho. Jermy, deceased, and Dame Jone, his Wife, by the Name of Tho. Jermy Esquire, and Johan Jermy, his Wife, unto Sir Marke Styward Knight, by the Name of Marke Styward Esquire, of certain Manors, Lands, and Tenements, in the Isle of Ely, in the County of Cambridge, and to restore the Possession thereof to the said Dame Johan.

Nowell's Complaint.

The Committee, for Mr. Nowell's Business, deferred till Monday next, in the Afternoon; and then to meet in the former Place.

Ecclesiastical Courts.

L. 1a. An Act concerning Citations issuing out of ecclesiastical Courts.


L. 2a. An Act for Increase of Trade: - Committed to Sir H. Martyn, Sir W. Earle, Mr. Waller, Mr. Pymme, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Pelham, Mr. Tichborne, Knights and Citizens of London, Sir Tho. Hobby, Mr. Coxe, Mr. Sherland, Barons of the Ports, Mr. Delbridge, Mr. Rolles, Mr. Saunders, Mr. Sherwyll, Burgesses of Port Towns, Mr.

Hoyle, Mr. Towerson, Mr. Harrison: - Monday, Two Clock, Star-chamber. Mr. Waller to take care of the Bill.

Letters to Universities.

The Burgesses of either University to take care of sending the Letters to the Two Universities, and of procuring and returning their Answer to the House.

Privilege - Subpoenaing a Member.

Mr. Selden reporteth from the Committee, appointed to examine the Matter of the making out of the Subpoena, served upon Mr. Rolles -

That this Process was made out, by Warrant under Mr. Attorney's Hand. That Order was given, by One of Mr. Attorney's Men, that the Process must be made returnable this Term. That the Process delivered Mr. Attorney's Man on Sunday Morning. That, upon Monday Night, a Discharge, under Mr. Attorney's Hand, for Mr. Rolles. A Copy of the Information delivered in, and read.

Tonage and Poundage.

The Committee, appointed to take into Consideration the Matter of Tonage and Poundage To-morrow Morning, to consider also of the said Information, as an Incident to Tonage. And the Committee, for Mr. Rolles' Information, to prepare to make a Report To-morrow Morning, as another Incident.

And the Committee, Yesterday appointed to examine the Business of the Subpoena against Mr. Rolle, is also to look into the Informations in the Court of Pleas, in the Exchequer, against Merchants, for taking away their Goods, without paying the Duties demanded.

Members to attend.

Ordered, Every Member of the House shall attend the Service of the House; and none to go out of Town, without Leave had in the House, after Nine Clock, upon pain of Censure of the House. And Mr. Cooke, to write a Letter to Sir Edw. Cooke, his Father, to require his Attendance upon the Service of the House, or some Reason to excuse.

Bishop of Winchester.

Mr. Pymme reporteth from the grand Committee for Religion, further Informations given against the Bishop of Winchester. - That the Committee desireth. Dr. Marshall and Dr. Beard may be sent for, to testify their Knowleges therein.

Upon Question, Ordered, Dr. Marshall, of Hampshyre, and Dr. Beard, of Huntingdon, to be written to by Mr. Speaker, to come up, and testify against the Bishop: That, to Dr. Beard, to be delivered to Mr. Cromwell; the other, to Dr. Marshall, to be delivered to Sir Jo. Jephson.

Petition from a Prisoner.

A Petition from Mr. Acton, the Sheriff of London, read : wherein he acknowlegeth his Error.

Upon Question, Mr. Sheriff Acton, making his Submission here in the House To-morrow Morning, to be then discharged of his Imprisonment: And a Warrant from Mr. Speaker, to the Lieutenant of the Tower, then to bring him.