House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 17 February 1629

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 17 Februarii

Ly. Griffin's Estate.

L. 1a. AN Act for the Lady Eliza Griffin's quiet Enjoying of the Castle and Manor of Braybroohe, in the County of Northampton, according to a Lease made thereof, in Trust for her, by Sir Tho. Griffin Knight, her late Husband, for the Term of 100 Years (if she so long shall live) notwithstanding a Lease thereof made, by Fine sur Concessit, by Sir Ed. Griffin Knight, deceased, for the Term of 21 Years, and notwithstanding a Decree and Orders made in the Court of Chancery to the Chancery [a].

Person admonished.

Edward James, called in, and kneeling at Bar, was, by Mr. Speaker, admonished of his Fault, in misinforming the grand Committee: Ordered to go to Mr. Recorder, and make his Submission to him.

Felton's petition.

A Petition, from Felton, read.

Ordered, He shall have the next Day after the Fast, for hearing of his Cause.

Sir Nat. Rich to bring in such Writings, as are in his Hands, touching that Business.

John Cranfeild to be brought by Habeas corpus that Day, as a Witness in that Cause.


Perriman, called in, at whose Suit the Subpoena served on Mr. Speckat, says, he was privy to it; gave Order to a Footman, to bring down a Subpoena; who served it on Mr. Speckat, the first Day of Privilege,

Upon Question, Perriman to be discharged,


All Committees, appointed this Day, or To-morrow, adjourned until Thursday, in the same Places.


Mr. Hackwell informs the House, that one Hen. Mumpesson hath served Sir Hen. Martin with an Order out of the Chancery, the 12th of January, having done the like the last Session.

Upon Question, Hen. Mumpessen shall be sent for, to answer his Contempt to the House.


A Petition read, from divers Glaziers of Lester. Referred to the Committee of Grievances.

Seizure of Goods.

A Petition read, from Mr. Chambers, complaining of a new Seizure of some Goods. Referred to the former Committee for the Merchants.


Upon Question, the Customers to be here on Thursday next.

Fast Day.

Sir Will. Boulstred, Mr. Morris, Sir Rob. Harley, Sir Rob. Pye, Mr. Bradshaw, Sir Raphe Hopton: This Committee is appointed to take the Names, at the Fast To-morrow, of all the Members of the House; and to take Care of the Money collected.

The Time of meeting to be Eight of the Clock, and the Printer to be sent to, to take Care, there may be Books sufficient for all the Members of the House.

Every Member of the House to bring his Name in Writing, and the Place for which he serves.

Merchant's Goods.

The Committee, that was appointed to take Consideration, of the Lord Treasurer, and Barons Answer, to meet on Thursday next, at Two Clock, former Place: And this Committee is likewise to take into Consideration, what Course is fit to be taken, to put the Merchants in Possession of their Goods.

The House adjourns itself until Thursday Morning, Eight of the Clock.