House of Commons Journal Volume 10: 22 January 1690

Pages 338-339

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 10, 1688-1693. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 22 die Januarii; 1° Gulielmi et Mariæ.


Earl of Radnor's Jointure.

SIR Walter Moyle reports from the Committee to whom the ingrossed Bill, from the Lords, intituled, An Act to enable Charles Bodvile, Earl of Radnor, to make a Jointure, and to raise a Sum of Money, out of divers Lands and Tenements in the County of Cornwall, was referred; That the Committee did not find any Occasion for any Alteration thereof; and had therefore agreed to the Bill.

Whereupon the Bill was read the Third time.

Resolved, That the Bill do pass.

Ordered, That Sir Walter Moyle do carry the Bill to the Lords; and acquaint them, That this House hath agreed thereunto, without any Alteration.

Paper Manufacture.

A Bill for the encouraging and better establishing the Manufacture of white Paper, was read the First . . . .

Resolved, That the Bill be read the Second time.

Leave of Absence.

Ordered, That Sir Tho. Yarborough have Leave to go into the Country for Three Weeks.

Detention of an uncondemned Prize.

A Petition of Wm. Bogill, on Behalf of himself and Partners of the Ship Concord, was read; thereby setting forth, That the said Ship, being loaded at the Mederas with Wines, and other Commodities, and bound for Amsterdam, was, upon Eleventh July 1689, met upon the High Sea by Two French Men of War, who seized the Petitioner's Ship and Lading; and, before the Vessel was carried away, a Squadron of English Ships appearing, caused the French Ships to leave the Petitioner's Vessel in the Custody of Two of the Sailors of the Vessel, who sailed her towards the English Ships, removing a Train of Powder to blow her up: That, soon after, Captain Layton, Commander of . . . St. Alban's Vessel, meeting the Petitioner's Vessel on the High Sea, and seized the same as Prize; carrying her into Plymouth, and plundering her there to the Amount of Two thousand Six hundred and Five Pounds; with which the Petitioner acquainting the Admiralty Court; where he obtained a Decree for the Restauration of the Ship and Goods: But the Captain refuses to pay any Obedience to the Decree; much to the Damage and Grievance of the Petitioners: And praying the Consideration and Relief of the House.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee appointed to examine into the Matter of the Petition of Arthur Bayly, and others, complaining of their Men being pressed, and taken away by Captains of Ships of War; who have power to receive any Complaints of the like Nature from any other Persons; to examine the Matter complained of in the said Petition; and report the same to the House: And that the Committee be revived; and do meet this Afternoon.

Claim on East India Company.

A Petition of Francis Burrell was read; setting forth, That, at his Redemption from Three Years Captivity in Argiers, he was received into the Service of the East India Company, as Mate of the Ship Syam Merchant in 1683: And, in 1685, the Captain of the Ship died at Sea; and the Petitioner, by Succession, took the Command upon him; and, in 1686, brought her and Cargo safe to London, and was, per Owners, continued Commander till May 87: But, notwithstanding all his Solicitations, could never receive any of his Wages from them, upon Pretence the Company have mulcted the Petitioner One hundred Pounds, for a pretended Disrespect to one of their Factors at Indepora; though, in December 1688, the Company, as a Gratuity, ordered the Petitioner Fifty Pounds for his extraordinary Service in the Voyage, which (as . . . . conceives) contradicts any Grounds for such Mulct, as aforesaid; and although the Petitioner hath also petitioned them to remove the said Mulct, but they absolutely refuse the same: And praying the Consideration of the Premises, and Relief therein.

But the same was laid aside.

Privilege counterfeiting Protections.

The Serjeant at Arms attending this House acquainted the House, That he found that Samuell Parker, who was the Eighteenth Instant ordered to be sent for in Custody, for counterfeiting a Protection from the honourable Thomas Wharton, Esquire was at the Chamber of Mr. Purcell, an Attorney at Law in the Temple; who harbours him there, so that he cannot be taken.

Ordered, That the said Mr. Purcell do attend the Committee of Privileges this Afternoon; who are to examine the Matter; and report the same to the House.

Sir Thomas Pilkington's Complaint.

Sir Peter Rich attending in his Place, according to the Order of the House, upon the Petition of Sir Tho. Pilkington, Lord Mayor of London, and others, who were fined upon Pretence of a Riot at the Election of Sheriffs for the City of London in the Year 1684;

The Petition was read.

And Sir Peter Rich was heard, What he had to say in his own Defence.

And after a Debate in the House thereupon;

A Motion being made, and the Question being put, That Leave be given to bring in a Bill to make Reparation to the Lord Mayor, and the rest of the Petitioners, out of the Estates of the Persons mentioned in the Petition;

The House divided.

The Yeas go forth.

Tellers for the Yeas, Mr. Pelham, 152.
Mr. Ellwell,
Tellers for the Noes, Sir Hen. Goodrick, 169.
Mr. Greenvile,

So it passed in the Negative.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Miles Cooke and Sir James Astrey;

Supply Bill; Poll Tax.

Mr. Speaker, The Lords have agreed to the Bill for reviewing the Poll Bill, and for an additional Poll, without any Amendments.

And then the Messengers withdrew.

Bills of Indemnity, &c.

Then the House resolved into a Committee of the whole House, upon the Bill of Indemnity and general Pardon; and for inflicting Pains and Penalties upon such as shall be excepted thereout.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.

Mr. Gray took the Chair of the Committee.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Mr. Gray reports from the Committee of the whole House, That they had made some Progress in the Bills; and moved, That the House may resolve into a Committee of the whole House, to proceed further therein To-morrow Morning at Ten a Clock.

Resolved, That the House do, To-morrow Morning at Ten of the Clock, resolve into a Committee of the whole House, to proceed further upon the said Bills.

Reversing Armstrong's Attainder.

Ordered, That Rob. Blaney, Esquire, do attend this House on Saturday Morning next, at Ten of the Clock, to testify his Knowledge touching the Proceedings against Sir Tho. Armstrong.

London Orphans.

Resolved, That the House do, upon Tuesday Morning next, resolve into a Committee of the whole House, to consider of Ways to satisfy the Debts due to the Orphans of the City of London.

Preachers appointed for 30 Jan.

Ordered, That Dr. Tillotson, Dean of St. Paul's, be desired to preach before this House upon the Thirtieth of January Instant, in the Forenoon, at St. Margaret's Westminster: And that Sir Thomas Littleton do acquaint him therewith.

Ordered, That Dr. Scott be desired to preach before this House upon the same Day in the Afternoon, at St. Margaret's Westminster: And that Sir Rob. Nappier and Mr. Auditor Dane do acquaint him therewith.