House of Commons Journal Volume 11: 24 December 1695

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 11, 1693-1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1803.

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Martis, 24 die Decembris ;

Septimo Gulielmi Tertii.


Duties on Glass, &c.

ORDERED, That the Committee to whom it is referred to consider of the Act, made the last Parliament, for granting to his Majesty certain Duties upon Glass Wares, Stone and Earthen Bottles, Coals, and Culm, for carrying on the War against France; and of the Doubts and Complaints relating thereunto; have Power to send for Persons, and Papers: And that Mr. Bromley, Sir Jo. Manwaring, Mr. Mason, Mr. Bickerstaffe, Mr. Archer, Sir Geo. Markham, Mr. Osbourn, Mr. Cocks, Mr. Newport, Mr. How, Sir Ra. Dutton, Sir Jam. Rushout, Mr. Staines, Mr. Dolben, Mr. Sandys; and all the Members that serve for the County of Cornwall; be added to the said Committee: And all that come are to have Voices.

Thet, on Northern Borders.

A Bill to continue several former Acts, to prevent Theft and Rapine upon the Northern Borders of England, was read a Second time.

Resolved, That the Bill be committed to Mr. Bickerstaffe, Sir Matth. Andrewes, Mr. Baldwyn, Sir Richard Sandford, Mr. Winington, Mr. Serjeant Bond, Mr. England, Mr. Newport, Mr. Foley, Sir Wm. Lowther, Mr. Mountague, Sir John Kay, Mr. York, Mr. Gardiner, Mr. Perry, Mr. Biddulph, Mr. Thompson, Sir Wm. Blackett, Mr. Henley, Mr. Bromley, Mr. Lowther, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Hoblyn, Mr. Onslow, Mr. Hobby, Mr. Yates, Mr. Foster: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Four a Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber.

Aunger's Estate.

Colonel Perry presented to the House, according to Order, a Bill to enable John Aunger, an Infant, to make a Lease of his Estate, for Improvement thereof.

The Bill was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.

Supply Bill; Annuities.

Mr. Attorney-General presented to the House, according to Order, a Bill for enlarging the Times for Persons to come in and purchase certain Annuities, therein mentioned; and for continuing the Duties formerly charged on low Wines, or Spirits, of the first Extraction; for carrying on the War against France.

The Bill was read the First time.

Resolved, That the Bill be read a Second time.

Regulating Elections.

A Bill for the Regulation of Election of Members to serve in Parliament was read the First time.

And the Question being put, That the Bill be read a Second time;

It passed in the Negative.

Shipwrights' &c.

A Petition of the Shipwrights, and other Workmen, belonging to his Majesty's Yards at Woolwich and Deptford, was presented to the House, and read; setting forth, That * * * *.

That the Consideration of the said Petition be referred to a Committee: And that they do examine the Matter; and report the same to the House.

And it is referred to Sir Walter Young, Mr. Bridges, Mr. Attorney-General, Mr. Fleming, Mr. Duke, Mr. Hobby, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Moyle, Mr. Tily, Mr. Speke, Mr. Bromley, Mr. Tredenham, Mr. Venables, Sir Cha. Hotham, Mr. Yates, Mr. Whitacre, Mr. Gardner, Lord Digby, Mr. Manley, Mr. Mountague, Mr. Palmes, Mr. Preistman, Lord Coningsby, Mr. Serjeant Bond, Sir Wm. Scawen, Colonel Perry, Mr. White, Mr. Sandford, Lord Ashley, Sir Rich. Onslow, Colonel Granville, Mr. Newport, Mr. Smith, Mr. Blofeild, Mr. Harley, Mr. Dummer, Mr. Bagnold, Mr. Brotherton, Mr. Bowyer, Mr. Gwyn, Sir Cloudsly Shovell, Mr. Price, Sir William Blacket, Mr. Stonehouse, Mr. Lowther, Mr. Winington, Mr. Onslow, Sir Rowl. Gwyn, Mr. Henly, Mr. Foley, Mr. Thompson, Lord Spencer, Mr. Norris, Mr. Solicitor-General, Mr. Baldwyn, Mr. Hoare, Sir John Trevillian, Sir Edward Harley, Sir Ral. Delavall, Sir Harry Hobart, Mr. Mawdit, Mr. Bethell, Sir Godfry Copley, Mr. Ash, Lord Irwyn: And they are to meet this Afternoon at Four a Clock, in the Speaker's Chamber: And are impowered to send for Persons and Papers.

Southwark Election.

Ordered, That the Report from the Committee of Privileges and Elections, touching the Borough of Southwark, be made upon Friday Morning next.


Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, according to the Order of the Day, reported, from the Committee of the whole House, to whom the Bill for regulating the Coinage of the Silver Money of this Kingdom, was committed, the Amendments made by the Committee to the said Bill; which he read in his Place; and afterwards delivered in at the Clerk's Table: Where the same were once read throughout; and then a Second time, one by one; and, upon the Question severally put thereupon, all of them, but one, agreed unto by the House.

Ordered, That the Bill, with the Amendments, be ingrossed.

And then the House adjourned till Friday Morning next, Nine a Clock.