House of Commons Journal Volume 11: 18 January 1695

Pages 210-211

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 11, 1693-1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1803.

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Veneris, 18 die Januarii;

Sexto Gulielmi Tertii.


Abuses in Army Subsistence-money.

ORDERED, That Captain Cartwright, and the Lieutenant and Ensign of his Company, do attend this House, upon Tuesday Morning next, at Ten a Clock, upon the Petition of the Inhabitants of Royston,

Tower Hamlets Militia.

A Petition of the Deputy-Lieutenants, and the rest of the Officers in the Tower Hamlets, was presented to the House, and read; setting forth, That, at the Time of making the Act for ordering the Militia of this Kingdom, of 13th and 14th Car. IIdi, the Division of the Tower Hamlets was under the same Lieutenancy with the rest of the County of Middlesex; but it was afterwards thought sit, for making them more serviceable, to put them under a distinct Lieutenancy of their own: Whereupon many Suits have been, and still are, depending touching the Construction of a Clause in the said Act, relating to the said Militia: And praying, That the Lieutenancy within the Division of the Tower Hamlets may have the same Means to make the Militia therein serviceable and useful to the Government, as other Lieutenancies have within the several Counties of this Kingdom.

Ordered, That the Examination and Consideration of the said Petition be referred to the Committee, to whom it is referred to inspect the several Laws relating to the Militia; and to consider of their Defects; and to inquire particularly how the Trophy-money has been levied and applied; and to consider how the said several Laws may be explained, and made more effectual; and to report their Opinion to the House.

Mistake in an Account rectified.

The House being informed, That there is a Mistake in the Account of the Establishment, Charge, and Expence of the Civil List, lately delivered in to the House from the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, by inserting therein a Duty arising by Coals of Newcastle spent within the Land; and,

That thereon is 500 l. per Annum granted to Sir Thomas Clarges Knight; there being, in truth, no such Duty to his Majesty;

Ordered, That the said Account be rectified; and the Matter touching the said Duty upon Coals, and the said 500 l. per Annum to Sir Tho. Clarges, be struck out of the same, and out of the Entry thereof in the Journal: And that the Computations of the said Account be thereupon also rectified.

Coparcenary Lands.

Ordered, That Leave be given to bring in a Bill for the better dividing of Lands among Coparciners: And that Mr. Christie, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Dolben, Mr. Pooley, Mr. Waller, Sir William Whitlock, do prepare, and bring in, the said Bill.

A person to attend.

Ordered, That Mr. Crosfeild do attend this House To-morrow Morning at Ten a Clock.

Ways and Means.

The House, according to the Order of the Day, resolved itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider further of Ways and Means for raising the Supply to be granted to his Majesty, for carrying on the War against France with Vigour.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.

Sir Thomas Littleton took the Chair of the Committee.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Sir Thomas Littleton reported from the said Committee, That they had come to a Resolution; which they had directed him to report, when the House would please to receive the same.

Ordered, That the said Report be made upon Monday Morning next, at Eleven a Clock.

Sir Thomas Littleton also acquainted the House, That he was directed by the said Committee to move, That they may have Leave to sit again.

Resolved, That this House will, upon Monday Morning next, after the said Report is over, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to consider further of Ways and Means for raising the Supply to be granted to his Majesty, for carrying on the War against France with Vigour.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Nine a Clock.