House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 24 March 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 24 Martii, 1640, post meridiem.


Star chamber Proceedings.

MR. Rigby goes on in the Report of Mr. Burton's Case.

* * * *

Upon this Report, it was Resolved, upon the Question,

1. That the Sentence in the Star-Chamber, against Mr. Burton, is illegal, and without any just Ground, and ought to be reversed; and that he ought to be freed from the Fine of Five thousand Pounds, and the imprisonment imposed by that Sentence:

2. That Mr. Burton ought to be restored to his Degrees taken in the University, Orders in the Ministry, and to his Ecclesiastical Benefice in Friday-street, London.

3. That the Order of the Council-board for Transferring of Mr. Burton from the Castle of Lancaster to the Isle of Guernesey, and the Imprisonment of him there, are against the Law and Liberty of the Subject:

4. That Mr. Burton ought to have Reparation and Recompence for the Damages sustained by his said Imprisonments, Loss of Ears, Exile, and other Evils sustained by him, by the said unjust and illegal Proceedings.

Trial of Earl of Straford.

Ordered, That Mr. Treasurer and Mr. Comptroller move his Majesty, that the Committee for the Earl of Straford may have the Perusal of Sir Edward Coke's Pleas of the Crown.

Ordered, That whereas * * was commanded, by the Committee for the Earl of Straford, to attend the House; that, in regard of the great Businesses of the House at this Time, the Serjeant shall give him Notice, and require him to attend the House, after the great Business of the Trial of the Earl of Straford is over.

Ordered, That no Member of the Honse shall stand in the Place appointed for the Earl of Straford's Witnesses, at the Time of his Trial; unless it be such, as, by the said Earl, be required to be there as Witnesses.

Star-chamber Proceedings.

Ordered, That after the Report is made of the Conference Yesterday, and that the Debate thereof is ended, that then the Residue of the Report concerning Mr. Burton, and the Questions thereupon, shall be put.

Affairs of the Kingdom.

Lord Digby reports the Conference, Yesterday, with the Lords, concerning the Affairs of the Kingdom, and something concerning the King's Army in the North.

* * * *


Ordered, That Mr. Solicitor be required to expedite the Bill of Subsidies, and to bring it in with all convenient Speed.

Loan from the City.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House shall join with the Lords, to treat with the City of London for the Advancement of ready Monies, for Supply of the present Necessities of the Kingdom, upon the Security of the Subsidies already granted and voted by the House of Commons.

Affairs of the Kingdom.

Ordered, That To-morrow Mr. H. Bellassis go up to the Lords, to desire a free Conference, by a Committee of the whole House, concerning the Matter of the last free Conference, touching the Affairs of the Kingdom.

Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Pierrepoint, Mr. Nath. Fines, Mr. Hide, Sir Jo. Culpeper, are appointed to manage this Conference.

Trial of Earl of Straford.

Ordered, That Sir H. Mildmay move the Lord High Chamberlain, that the Door, at the Entrance in at the Room appointed for those that manage the Evidence at the Trial of the Earl of Straford, be kept shut; and that there be some other Passage for the Members, and . . to come into the House at: And Captain Charles Price is added to the Committee appointed to regulate Matters at the Trial of the Earl of Straford.

Ordered, That no Member of the House confer with the Earl of Straford, during the Time of his Trial.

Deans and Chapters.

Ordered, That that Point of the Report from the Committee for the Ministers Remonstrance, that concerns Deans and Chapters, be taken into Consideration Tomorrow, post meridiem.

To meet at Westm-hall.

Ordered, That the House meet, as a Committee, Tomorrow Morning, at Westminster-hall.

House to sit.

Ordered, That the House sit To-morrow post meridiem, at Three of Clock.