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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, Sir Peter, Petition read, and referred to the Committee for Courts of Justice, 1 May.

-, Mr. moves that his Grievance of his Goods distrained by Order of Council may be One Inducement for a Conference with Lords concerning the Property of Goods; Answer thereto, 24 Apr. Order for his Attendance on the Committee appointed to prepare Directions for that Conference, 29. Vide Goods, Property of.

-, Mr. 1640, his Election to stand good, and not be further questioned, 6 Jan.
-, Mr. 1642, desired to preach, 30 Nov.-Thanked, and to print his Sermon, 28 Dec.

-, Mr. 1642, to have Warrant to transport himself to Holland, 12 Nov.

-, Lewis Van, 1641, Bill for naturalizing him read, 3 Aug. Party takes Oaths, 18.

-, Mr. 1640, to sit till his Election is decided, 6 Jan.
-, 1642, voted incapable of sitting, 16 Jan.
-, Sir Henry, 1641, his Letter to Speaker read, 4 Nov.
-, A Committee to consider of a Method for continuing him Treasurer of the Navy, 18 Dec. Report, 28.-The Committee on Tonage and Poundage Bill to insert a Clause for making him one of the Treasurers, 18 Mar.
-, 1642, to have Liberty to transport Eight Horses into Holland, 5 Apr. Order enlarged, 15.-Appointed Treasurer of the Navy-Ordinance to be prepared for that Purpose-Resolution about the Allowance to him, and Underofficers, 5 Aug. Ordinance agreed to by Lords, 8.
-, Geo. 1642, Order for Payment of his Arrears, 6 July.

-, Sir Ralph, 1642, to have Warrant to transport One Horse to Holland, 24 May.

-, Mr. 1640, Complaint about the Seizure of his Goods, referred to a Committee, 2 Dec.-Order about re-delivering them, 2 Feb.
-, 1641, Business concerning him referred to Mr.Chambers's Committee, 1 July.-Warrant from the Council Board for seizing his Ship to be considered, 13 Aug.

-, Sir Charles, 1641, to raise 1,000 Men for Munster, 28 Dec. Order for his having 500, of those intended to go under the President of Munster, 31.-For raising 500 more in England, 20 Jan. To attend and give Account why he is so slow in executing Orders, 24. Persons to assist him, 25. Report that the King had commanded Lord Lieutenant to recommend him to House to be a Colonel; Lord Lieutenant to be acquainted he is provided for, 27.- Lords to be desired to join in moving the King for a Warrant for Delivery of Arms, &c. to his Regiment, 2 Feb.
-, 1642, his Letter concerning a Victory obtained by Lord Inchequin, referred to the Committee for Irish Affairs; his particular Desires referred, 3 Oct.
-, Colonel Wm. 1641, Report that King had commanded Lord Lieutenant to recommend him to House to be a Colonel; Lord Lieutenant to be acquainted they hold him unfit to be trusted, 27 Jan.

-, Joseph, 1640, Petition read, and referred to the Committee for Courts of Justice, 20 Nov.
-, 1642, his Case to be reported, 14. 18. & 24 May.
-, George, 1641, to be sent for as a Delinquent, upon a Report from the Committee for Soap, 30 Oct.
-, Mr. 1641, House accepts his Offer of a Gift of 100 l. Order for paying it over, 15 Feb.
-, Nicolas, 1642. Vide Privileges.
-, Serjeant Major, 1642, Petition referred to Mr. Chichester's Committee, 21 July.
-, Mr. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 12 Nov.
-, Rich. Vide Caswell.
-, Mr. of Dover, 1642, Petition concerning him, read, and referred to the Committee for Informations, 9 Dec.
-, Charles, 1642, appointed Clerk of the Peace for Devon, 13 Jan.

-, Lord, 1641, his House to be searched for Arms, 30 Jan.
-, Mr. 1642, to have Warrant to go with his Wife to France, 30 June.

-, Tho. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 26 Nov.

-, Abraham de, 1640, to be sent for by Warrant, 17 Mar.

-, Mr. 1642, to attend, 18 July.-To be desired to lend 500 l. 5 Jan.

-, Duke of, 1642, to have Licence to transport Six Horses to France, 13 July.-A Committee to draw up a Protection to him, and Five other French Lords, 15 Aug.-Declaration of Protection reported, 30 Sept.-To have Warrant to go to France with his Retinue, 11 Mar.

-, Ambassador, 1641, Conference desired by Lords about a Message from the King touching him; agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, 17 July. Reported; a Committee to examine into the Truth thereof, and the State of the Case, 19.
-, 1642, Delivery of his Horses referred to the Committee for Informations, 25 Oct.

-, Mr. 1641, Information concerning him to be considered, 4. 7. 20. & 28, Dec. Members to attend, 4. Informant to give Notice to the Witnesses, 13. Witnesses to attend, 17. 20. & 28, Dec.-16 Feb.
-, Captain, 1642, Order for delivering to him all warlike Stores that are seized, 11 Aug. -For his disposing of them by Warrant from the Committee for Defence of the Kingdom, 8 Oct. Agreed to by Lords, 11.-A Committee to consider of paying Arrears to his Regiment, 11 Feb.

-, Sir Cornelius, 1641, to be summoned to attend, and give Account of his going on with his Works in the Fens, 25 Jan.-Consideration of his Commission re-committed ; previous and main Questions for staying Proceedings thereon, severally Neg. 16 Feb.
-, 1642, Bill from Lords for confirming Letters Patents to him, &c. 20 Apr.-Read, 2 May. Committed, 24.- Order for Meeting of the Committee; Persons to be heard by them, 12 July.

-, Captain, 1642, committed to the Fleet, 5 Jan.-His Petition, and Order for Discharge, 26.

-, Captain, 1642, appointed Deputy Treasurer at Wars, 9 Aug. Order sent to Lords, 10.

-, Marquis de, 1641, his House to be searched for war like Ammunition, 4 Jan.
-, 1642, his Two younger Sons to have Warrant to transport themselves, with Nine Horses, &c. 12 Apr.-To have Warrant to transport himself and Servants, 9 Mar.

-, Urbanus, 1642, Petition; Order for allowing him 40 l. out of the Contribution-money, 10 Aug.

-, Lady, 1642, Order for staying and seizing on her Pensions, 23 Feb.

-, Mr. 1642. Vide Privileges.

-, Mr. 1642, desired to preach, 3 Nov. Thanked, and to print his Sermon, 30.

-, 1640, Petitions referred to the Committee for Grievances, 21 Nov. Report touching their Complaint against Alderman Abell and others; Petitioners to have Copies of Papers in his Trunk for perfecting their Charge; Witnesses to be summoned, 27.
-, 1641, Decree of the Starchamber, prohibiting retailing Victuallers to dress and sell Meat, voted illegal-a Committee to consider of the Referees and Advisers of the Patents concerning Wines, 26 May. Another Committee joined; Order for their Meeting, 29.-Vintners Case to be reported, 9 & 20 July. The Company to be heard before the Committee, 12. Case reported; Proceedings thereupon; further Power given to the Committee, 21.-Names of Persons that sealed the Quadrupartite Alliance reported; Resolution that they are Delinquents, 13. Order for taking several into Custody, 14.
-, 1642, Petition of retailing Vintners, referred to the Committee for the Bill for Restitution of Money exacted by Retailers of Wine, 15 Apr.-Vintners Company to serve the Fleet with Casks, 9 Mar.
-, 1641, Bill for Restitution of Money exacted by Vintners on Wines retailed, read twice, and committed, 5 Feb.- Committee impowered to add Clauses, 22 Mar.
-, 1642, Names of Persons who have compounded to be omitted; Bill reported and re-committed; Committee impowered to receive Compositions, 9 Apr. Petition referred; Committee added, 15.

-, John, 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 20 Feb. To have Liberty for Seven Days, 23.

-, 1640. Petition of Planters and Merchants read; and referred to a Committee, 18 Dec.-Other Petitions referred, 18. Dec.-6 Jan.
-, 1642, another read, and referred, 21 Oct.

-, John de, 1640. Vide Fisher.

-, Roger, 1642, to be discharged, 5 Nov.-Committed to Colchester Gaol, 16 Jan. His Petition, and Order for his Discharge, 26.
-, Rich. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 12 Nov. Ulster. Vide Ireland.

-, Mr. 1640. Vide Privileges.

-, 1640, Sub-committee for them made a Committee, and to consider of Abuses in Religion and Civil Government there, 22 Dec.-Petition referred, 25 Feb.
-, 1641, Order for Meeting of the Committee; Chairman to issue Warrants for Parties, &c. 22 Apr.-Order touching considering Abuses in the Universities extended to each particular College and Hall, 24 June.- Certificate from Cambridge, 7 Mar.-Committee revived, 15.
-, 1641, a Committee to prepare Bill for regulating the Universities, 4 June.-Bill read; Motion for not reading it a Second time but in a full House, 3 Aug.
-, 1642, Order about reading the Declarations of both Houses in a public Manner, in the several Colleges, 17 June.

-, College, Oxon, 1641, Bill for establishing the Fellows and Scholars, read, 28 June.-Committed, 2 July. -Order for meeting of Committee, 29 Dec.-7 Feb.

-, Vide Soldiers.-1642, Declaration that they are within the Laws that provide for maimed Soldiers, to be printed, 29 Apr.-Message from Lords, desiring an Order for their Indemnity; a Committee to prepare it, 6 July. Order reported, 19.-House informed of Violence offered to Persons receiving Subscriptions of their Names; Proceedings thereupon, 25.-Order from Lords for Indemnity of them, read, and agreed to, 26.-Declaration concerning it agreed to by Lords, 16 Aug.-Ordinance concerning raising an Army of them, referred to a Committee, 26 Jan.

-, 1642, a Committee to consider of the best Way of printing and dispersing them, 4 June. Report touching dispersing them, 6. Further Report touching Particulars to be printed, 9. Lords to be acquainted that this Committee is appointed ; Members to demand those that are to be dispersed, 17.

-, Rich. 1641, to be sent for as a Delinquent; a Committee to withdraw and examine him, and give Order for seizing and searching his Trunks, 21 Feb. Members to search his Trunk in the Temple, 22.-Committee revived, 11 Mar.
-, 1642, Order for bailing him, 6 Apr.

-, and Franck, 1642, Member to consider their Account for printing, 1 Aug.-His Report; Order thereupon, 3 Oct.-Their Petition; Order for paying the Balance, 12 Jan.-For Payment of other Moneys, 24 Feb.

-, 1640, Petition of Inhabitants read, and referred to the Committee of Privileges, 26 Nov.

-, 1640, Bill against it read, 2 & 15 Mar. Committed; all that come to have Voices, 19.

-, Dr. 1640, to be sent for as a Delinquent to answer a Petition against him, 8 Jan. To be bailed, 19.
-, 1641, his Case to be reported, 8 May. Reported; voted unworthy to enjoy any spiritual Promotion, 17.

-, Sir Wm. 1640, appointed Receiver of the Money for Relief of the Army, and Nothern Counties, 27 Nov.-Order about his paying the Army upon the new Muster-roll to be made by the Lord General, 30.-Order about his receiving Money of, and giving Acquittances to, the Lenders 2 & 18 Dec.-Touching the Disposal of the Money sent by him for Relief of the Army-a Committee to prepare Forms of Acquittances to him for Payment of Moneys allotted for the Northern Counties, 5.-Like Order as formerly concerning receiving and conveying Moneys, 12 Feb.
-, 1641, to issue no Moneys paid to him without Order, 10 & 14 June.-To inform House, from time to time, what Moneys come to his Hands, 14.-Order for paying him the Residue from the Customers, 20.-For paying it to Earl of Warwick, 21.-Acquaints House he has received 45,000 l. 26 July.-His Letter read, 23 Aug.-Another read; Member to prepare an Answer; Instructions for that Purpose, 25. -Another read, 6 Sept.-His Account to be audited, and presented to the Committee for Poll-money, 29 Nov.
-, 1642, Petition referred to him, 16 June.-Order for paying him Money due upon Arrear to several Officers, 25.- For making him an Allowance of a Sum mistaken by Sir Jo. Hotham, 27.-A Committee to peruse his List of Officers in Arrear, 30 July.-Order for his Attendance to make up his Account, 17 Aug.