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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, made of Wool. Vide Wools.

-, 1641, Order for apprehending suspected Persons that land there, and for seizing their Letters, and sending them to House, 21 Mar.
-, 1642, Bailiffs to secure great Saddles, &c. stayed there ; to be thanked for their Service, 6 Apr. Order for delivering them, 21.-House informed they had collected 100 l. upon the Act of Contribution, 2 May.-Information from thence referred to the Committee for Newcastle, 23 June. Order for their Meeting, 30.-Order against billeting Soldiers without Consent of the Inhabitants, 14 July. Agreed to by Lords, with an Amendment-Order for putting the Militia in Execution, 18.-For securing the Town, read, and re-committed; reported from Re-commitment, and agreed to; Lords Concurrence signified-Member has Leave to go down to advance the Propositions for Horse, &c. 24 Aug.-Order for sending Money, &c. brought in thereupon, to London, 10 Oct.-Member to prepare Order concerning disposing of Commanders stayed there, 10 Nov.-Order concerning fortifying the Town, 10 Dec.-Ordinance for better keeping the Watches read, and agreed to, 4 Feb.

-, Sir Christopher, 1640, to forbear sitting till his Election is determined, 12 Jan.
-, 1642, Order for Re-payment of his Loan, 8 Aug.

-, Captain, 1640, to be sent for as a Delinquent, upon a Complaint against him for levying Money by Musqueteers, 15 Dec. Matter referred to a Committee, 24.-Order for bailing him, 20 Mar.

-, 1642. Vide Ireland.

-, County, 1640, Articles of Grievances from thence read, 9 Nov. High Sheriff to be summoned to attend, 14.- Complaint of unlawful levying Money for Carriage of Shiptimber and Stores referred to the Committee for Ship-timber, 22 Dec.-Petition of Inhabitants; nothing done thereupon, 23 Mar.
-, 1641, Petition of Clothiers referred to the Committee for the Wool Bill, 7 July.-Petition of Inhabitants of the North and West Ridings concerning Billet-money due, 9 Dec. -Letter of Justices, and their Resolutions for the Safety of the County, read; Thanks thereupon; Disposal of a Magazine referred to them; Message to Lords concerning their Apprehensions, 1 Feb.-Earl of Essex nominated Lord Lieutenant, 11.-Letter from Sheriff read; a Committee to prepare Answer, and confer with Lord Chamberlain about the Militia -Petition of Gentleman read; Speaker's Answer to the Person who preferred it, 15.-Information of an Endeavour to possess the County that the Petition was ill-received; a Committee to prepare a Letter to satisfy them of the Well-acceptance thereof, 15 Mar. Letter reported; to be fair written, signed by Speaker, and sent; Order touching Satisfaction to the Messenger, 16.-Petition of Farmers; Speaker's Answer to the Person who preferred it, 10 Mar.-Deputy Lieutenants approved; others to be recommended, 17.
-, 1642, Letters from High Sheriff referred to the Committee for the Safety of Hull, 26 Mar.-Petition of the County to the King, and his Answer, read; Petition sent to Lords, with Desire to expedite the Commissions to Colonels and Captains of the Militia-a Committee to prepare Answer to the Sheriff's Letter, 11 Apr. Answer reported; read; agreed to; to be fair written, and signed by Speaker; Lords Concurrence to be desired, 12.-Copy of a Petition of Knights, &c. to the King, read; to be read at a Conference; Conference desired with Lords touching Informations from thence agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Report to be considered; Committees of both Houses to be sent down; a Committee to prepare Instructions for them, 2 May, Report of Difficulties; Resolution thereupon; whole Matter recommitted, 3.-Deputy Lieutenants approved, 3 & 9.-Instructions reported; read one by one, and agreed to; sent to Lords, 4. Agreed to by them, with an Amendment; returned to them; Report of Delivery; Committees not to follow the King, if removed out of the County, 5.-High Sheriff's Warrant concerning not raising the Trained Bands upon any Warrant but the King's-Copy of a Petition to the King, and his Propositions before the Delivery thereof, with the Answer of the Gentry, 6.-Letter from the Committees, with King's Message inclosed, read, and referred to a Committee; Conference desired with Lords thereupon; agreed to; the Committee of both Houses to prepare Letter of Thanks to the Committees, 12. Another Committee to withdraw, and prepare it; Letter agreed to, and to be communicated to them, 13.-Copy of a Warrant for summoning the Gentry and Freeholders read, 14.-Another Letter from the Committees, with Papers inclosed, read, and to be printed; Thanks thereupon; Conference desired with Lords; agreed to; Managers appointed; Message from Lords, desiring to communicate Letters thereat, assented to; Conference held; Member to prepare Answer to Committees Letter, 16. Answer read, agreed to, and sent to Lords; free Conference desired by them thereupon; agreed to; Managers appointed; free Conference held; Lords Concurrence signified, 17.-A Committee to prepare a Letter to the Committees, directing them to present a Petition and Votes to the King, 21.-Letter from them, relating Passages upon the Summons of the Horse of the County, and High Sheriff's Demeanour; a Committee to prepare Answer, with an additional Instruction to them, and an Order to Lord Mayor, &c. for suppressing Forces, 23. Answer and Order to be sent Express, 24.-Order for preventing carrying Ammunition to York to be sent to Lords, 27. Agreed to by them; Serjeant to seize Saddles going thither-a Committee to prepare Order to prevent carrying any, 28.-Letter from Committees, with Papers inclosed, read, 30.-Letter to them read, and agreed to; Lords Concurrence signified, 1 June.-Letter from them, and other Papers read; Petition of Gentry, &c. endeavoured to be presented to King, approved; that, and Petition to both Houses, with a Narrative of the Endeavour, to be printed; Lords to be moved to join in satisfying Petitioners Desires- Resolution for preventing carrying Recusants Arms down; Conference desired by Lords concerning Papers from York agreed to; Message, desiring to acquaint them with what House received, and the Votes thereupon, assented to; Managers and Reporters appointed; Conference held, and reported; Lords Propositions and Amendments agreed to; Matters referred to a Committee of both Houses-Order for staying Waggons and great Horses going thither, 6. Order for their Meeting, 7 & 14.-Justices of Peace to keep Arms of Recusants in their Custody-the Trained Bands to retain their own Arms; Lords Concurrence signified-a Committee of both Houses to compose a Letter for recalling the Committee's Letter from Lords to that Purpose; agreed to, with Amendments, 15.-A Committee to receive all Informations of warlike Stores going to York, and order the stopping them, 17.-Order for stopping Horses, 22.-A Committee to consider of One hundred Horse said to be come from thence southward, 27.-Order for searching Trunks-Propositions of the Declarations concerning the Commission of Array to be sent Express, 4 July. -Petition of Clothiers of the West Riding concerning a Ship stayed at Hull; a Committee to prepare Order for discharging it, 18.-Conference desired by Lords concerning a Petition of Lords, &c. agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Petition read, 8.-Letter from divers Gentlemen, with a Petition of the Nobility, &c. read, and referred to a Committee; Conference to be desired thereupon, 17. Order from Lords for printing the Letter; Propositions referred to the Committee for Defence of the Kingdom; Instruction to prepare a Declaration for satisfying the well-affected, 18. Declaration reported, and agreed to; Lords Concurrence to be desired, 20. Conference desired by them concerning it; agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Lords Amendment agreed to; Declaration to be reprinted with the Amendment-Presentment of the Grand Jury, Inhabitants Desires, and King's Answer, severally read, and referred to a Committee, 23. Report to be made, 29.-Sheriff to keep Custody of the County, 30.-Declaration and Protestation of the Inhabitants about preserving the Peace of the County; a Committee to prepare Answer, 6 Sept. Answer reported, to be signed by Speaker, and printed, 7.-Conference desired by Lords concerning a Letter touching the Affairs of the County; agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, and reported; Letter read; Election of a Lord General approved; a Committee to consider of Encouragement to Persons for preserving the Peace-Mr. Hotham's Declaration approved, 27.-Several Letters and Articles of Pacification read, and referred to a Committee-Committees to appoint Commissioners for advancing the Propositions for raising Horse, &c. and Commissaries to value them-Instructions to Committees, 3 Oct.-Declaration concerning the Articles of Pacification reported, read, agreed to, and to be printed; Lords Concurrence signified, 4.-High Sheriff to assist in putting the Militia in Execution, 8. Lords Concurrence signified-Money brought in upon the Propositions to be paid to the Governor of Hull, 10.-Deputy Lieutenants impowered to appoint Committees to put the Instructions in Execution, 7 Nov. -Under Sheriff's Clerk ordered into Custody; Examination of the Business referred to the Committee for Examinations; Committee to search him, 15.-Order for taking up Provisions upon the public Faith.-Consideration of the Condition of the County to be recommended to Lord General-A Committee to prepare Letter to encourage keeping up the Forces, 14 Dec.-Relation of the State of the County read, and to be printed, 30.-Letter concerning Passages there to be sent to Lords; Member to prepare Answer; the speedy sending down Arms recommended to the Committee for Safety of the Kingdom, 3 Jan.
-, City, 1641, Lord Mayor to receive the County Magazine, and dispose of it as the Sheriff and Justices think fit, 7 Feb.-Lecturer appointed for the Parish of Bellfrayes; Minister to permit him the Use of the Pulpit, 1 Mar.
-, Archbishop of, 1641, impeached of high Crimes and Misdemeanors, 4 Aug. Vide Bishops.-His House to be searched for Arms, 11 Jan. Message to Lords concerning removing them; Answer thereto, 17.-Impeached of High Treason, 31 Dec. Vide Bishops.
-, 1642, his Letter to another Bishop, 12 Sept.-His Plate to be melted down, 18 Feb.
-, Alexander, Archbishop of, 1642, Articles of Treason against him, 11° R. IIdi, read; Order for printing them in French, Latin, and English, with Lords Votes in which they are quoted; Lords Concurrence desired; Messenger dismissed without Answer, 26 May.
-, Duke of, 1642, Money seized by Order of the House to be sent to him, 24 Dec.
-, Court of, 1640, a Committee to consider the Jurisdiction thereof, 23 Dec.-Order for their Meeting, 20 Feb. -Another Order for it, notwithstanding their Order for further Time, 17.
-, 1641, Report; Court voted illegal, 24 Apr. Conference desired by Lords concerning it; Managers and Assistant appointed; Conference agreed to, 26.-Another Conference desired by Lords; agreed to; Managers and Reporters appointed; Conference held, 28 Aug. Reported; Report to be considered, 30.-A Committee to prepare Order concerning the Court, 15 Nov.

-, Lewis, a Brewer, 1641, Petition referred to Sir John Brooke's Committee, 25 May.
-, John, a Clerk, 1641, Petition referred to the Committee for Contributions, 7 Mar.
-, Nicolas, 1642, Petition referred to the Committee for the Propositions, 24 Nov.

-, Henry, 1642, Order for his Discharge, 28 Nov.