House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 04 May 1641

Pages 133-134

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 4 Maii, 1641.


Letter to the Army.

... THAT the Committee, that was appointed to draw a Letter to be sent to the Army, that they should have met Yesterday, do meet this Afternoon, in the usual Place.

The Protestation.

Mr. Wheeler, Sir Robert Pye, Sir Edw. Hungerford, Mr. Peard;

These Four to view the Names of those that made the Protestation 3° Maii, 1641; and to compare them with the Book of the Names of the Knights and Burgesses of the House; and to report to the House who have made that Protestation, and who not: to the end that it may be tendered to those that have not yet taken it.

The Protestation.

Mr. Rich. Roger, Mr. Tho. Soames, Sir Hen. Vane, made the Protestation Yesterday.

Punishment of James.

Ordered, That the Committee for James his Bill do meet on Thursday next in the Afternoon, in the Star-chamber.


Ordered, That the Committee for the Star-chamber meet this Afternoon, at Two of the Clock, in the Court of Wards.


Ordered, That the Committees for all publick Bills do meet this Afternoon, at Two of the Clock, in their usual Places.

Mr. Rowse reports the Case of Lilborne.

Star-chamber Proceedings- Lilborne's Case.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Sentence of the Star-chamber, given against John Lilborne, is illegal, and against the Liberty of the Subject; and also, bloody, wicked, cruel, barbarous, and tyrannical.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Reparation ought to be given to Mr. Lilbourne, for his Imprisonment, Sufferings, and Losses sustained by that illegal Sentence.

Ordered, That the Committee shall prepare this Case of Mr. Lilborne, to be transmitted to the Lords, with those other of Dr. Bastwicke and Dr. Leighton.

Mr. Maynard, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Prideaux, Mr. Selden, Mr. Peirpoint, Sir John Colpeper, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Hide, Mr. Martin, Mr. Glynn, Sir Simon D'Ewes, Mr. Hill, Lord Falkland, Sir Tho. Widrington;

This Committee is to view the Precedents of the Star-chamber, concerning the enormous Sentences of that Court; and are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Inner Star-chamber.

Answer to Lords.

Sir Gilbert Gerrard went up with the Answer to the Lords Message Yesterday.

Letters to Coniers, &c.

Sir John Hotham brings a Letter from the Committee appointed Yesterday; which was read; and ordered, that Two Copies be made of it, to be directed, from this House, to Sir John Coniers and Sir Jacob Ashly.

Letter to the Army.

Commissary Wilmott is required, from this House, to report to the Lord General of the King's Army, with the Letter of this House to the Army; and to desire, that it may be sent away with Expedition.

Examining Suckling, &c.

Sir Walter Earle, Mr. Hampden, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Edw. Deeringe, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir Philip Stapleton, Mr. Cage, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Pimme;

This Committee is to send for Sir John Suckling, Mr. Waddsworth, and such other Persons as they shall think fit; and to examine them upon such Questions, as they please to interrogate them; and are to report it to the House: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Two of the Clock, in the Court of Wards.

They have likewise Power to examine Captain Billingsley.


Sir Gilbert Gerrard brings Answer, that the Lords are ready, by a Committee of both Houses, to meet at a Conference, in the Painted Chamber.

Mr. Treasurer, Sir Philip Stapleton, Mr. Glyn, Lord Falkland, Mr. Hide, Sir Tho. Barrington, are appointed Reporters of this Conference.

Priests and Jesuits.

This referred to the Consideration of the Committee for Mr. Secretary Windebanke; to send for Grey the Messenger, or any other, whom they think fitting, to inform them concerning the Report of Priests and Jesuits to the * *; and their remaining here, notwithstanding the Proclamation, and other Orders, for their Banishment.

Message to Lords.

Lord Russell went up with the Message, according to the Order of Yesterday.

The Protestation.

Mr. Harbottle Grimston, Mr. John Cravon, Mr. Robert Crooke, Mr. Edw. Phillips, made the Protestation.

Marleborough Election.

The Petition of divers the Inhabitants of the Borough of Marleborough was this Day received; and is ordered to be referred to the same Committee, as the other Petition, concerning this Election, is referred, where Sir Guy Palmes has the Chair.

Conference agreed to.

Lord Russell brings . . . ., that the Lords are ready to give a present Meeting, by a Committee of both Houses, in the Painted Chamber, as is desired.

State of the Kingdom.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Remonstrance of the State of the Kingdom and Petitions, be received; to meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Inner Court of Wards: And the Lord Falkland is added to that Committee.


Mr. Treasurer reported the Conference with the Lords, had this Morning.

Person sent for.

Ordered, That Captain Billingsley be forthwith sent for to this House, to give Account of such Things, as he shall be inquired of by them, or by the Committee for Sir Jo. Suckling.

The Protestation.

Ordered, That Mr. Maynard do prepare a Bill, and bring it into the House, concerning the Making of the Protestation, that was Yesterday made by the Members of this House, by all his Majesty's Subjects through the Kingdom.

London Petition.

The Petition of divers, both Clergy and Citizens of London, was this Day read: And some of them were called in; and Mr. Speaker delivered unto them this Answer:

The House has taken into Consideration your Petition; and does much approve of your good Affections expressed in the Petition; and gives you Thanks for it: And as to that Part of the Protestation, wherein you desire Directions from this House, for the Taking of this Protestation; as they cannot but justify it in themselves, so they must approve it in those that take it: And they have directed, that a Copy, both of the Preamble and Protestation, should be given you, authentically testified under the Clerk's Hand.

Papists, &c.

Ordered, That the Motions this Day made, concerning Papists and Recusants; and concerning the Declaring of Them Enemies to the State, that shall negotiate the Bringing of any foreign Force in the Kingdom; shall be considered of at Nine of Clock.

Priests and Jesuits.

That Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir John Franklyn, Mr. Lawrence Whitakers, Sir Robert Pye, Mr. Glynn, do repair to the Justices of Peace for Middlesex, and require them, that they do forthwith make Inquiry what Papists, Priests, and Jesuits are now about Town; and to present the Names * * * * of them to this House; and to give Account, why the Proclamation, and upon what Ground the Proceedings, have been stopped against Recusants, Priests, and Jesuits, and not been duly put in Execution.