House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 05 May 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 5 Maii, 1641.


Ecclesiastical Courts.

ORDERED, The Committee for the Bill for Reformation of divers Abuses in Ecclesiastical Courts shall sit this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Star-chamber.

Letter read.

A Letter from Lesley and others, unto Sir John Lowther, and the other Gentry of Cumberland, was this Day twice read.

The Protestation.

Ordered, That the Protestation, made by the Members of this House 3° Maii, with the Preamble, shall be together printed; and the Copies printed to be brought to the Clerk, to attest them; to the end, that the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses of the Shires may send them down to the Sheriffs and Justices of Peace of the several Shires, and to the Cities and Boroughs: And the Knights, &c. are to intimate unto the Shires, &c. with what Willingness the Members of this House made this Protestation; and as they justify the Taking of it in themselves, so they cannot but approve it in them that shall likewise take it.

Members to attend.

. . . That all the Members of the House that are about Town, and not sick, shall appear here To-morrow at Eight of Clock: And their not Appearance shall be accounted a Contempt to this House; upon which, this House shall proceed as against a Person not worthy to sit here; and that no Member shall go out of Town without the special Leave of the House.

The Protestation.

Mr. Robert Reignolds, Sir Tho. Pelham, Mr. Valentine, Sir Tho. Fanshawe, Mr. Matthew Cradocke, * Lloyd, this Day made the Protestation.


The Committee for Preparing the Declaration and Protestation made by this House, to sit this Afternoon, at Two, in the Court of Wards.

Arms and Ammunition.

Ordered, That all the Knights of the Counties, and Citizens and Burgesses of the Cities and Boroughs of every County, do meet this Afternoon, to consider in what State and Condition their Counties, Cities, and Boroughs are, in respect of Arms and Ammunition; and in what Condition, for Deputy Lieutenants, or Lord Lieutenants, whether they be Persons well affected to the Religion, and the publick Peace; and to present the Names of them to this House: And likewise to consider what Want there is of Arms and Ammunition; to the end they may be supplied: And are further to consider what Forts and Castles there are in their several Counties, &c. and who are the Governors of them, and in whose Hands they are; and who are the Governors of the Islands, and of the Castles and Forts there.

Seducing the Army.

Mr. Hollis, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Strode, Mr. Nath. Fines, Sir John Clotworthy, are to retire into the Committee-chamber; to prepare Heads for a Message to be sent to the Lords, concerning seducing the King's Army, and other Matters of great Importance.

Persons to attend.

Sir John Sucklinge, Sir Edw. Wardourne, Captain Palmer, Captain Billingsley; these Persons are to be forthwith sent for to attend the Committee, in the Court of Wards, at Two of the Clock this Afternoon.

Bringing in foreign Force.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth declare, that whosoever shall give any Counsel or Assistance, or join, in any Manner, to bring any foreign Force into the Kingdom, unless it be by Command of his Majesty, with the Consent of both Houses, in Parliament, shall be adjudged and reputed a publick Enemy to the King and Kingdom.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by J. Reeves and J. Heath;

The Lords sent them to acquaint this House, that the Lords did Yesterday take the Protestation, that was sent up by this House; and did severally subscribe it: And next, desire, that this House would sit this Afternoon; for it may be, they might have some Occasion to confer with this House, about the Bill against the Earl of Straford.


Answer returned by the same Messengers;

The House has taken into Consideration their Lordships Message; and is resolved to sit this Afternoon.

Clergy's Subsidies.

Moved, that his Majesty be again moved, that the Clergy may bring in their Subsidies.

Mr. Hollis reports the Heads of the Message;

Proceedings concerning the Plot.

"That the House hath received such Information, as doth give them just Cause to suspect, that there have been and still are, secret Practices to discontent the Army with the Proceedings of Parliament; and to engage them in some Design of dangerous Consequence to the State; and by some other mischievous Ways, to prevent the happy Success and Conclusion of this Parliament: And, because the timely Discovery and Preventions of these dangerous Plots, doth so nearly concern the Safety both of King and Kingdom, they desire your Lordships would be pleased to appoint a select Committee, to take the Examinations, upon Oath, of such Persons, and upon such Interrogatories, as shall be presented unto them by the Direction of the House of Commons, and in the Presence of such of the Members of that House, as shall be thereunto appointed; with Injunction of such Secrecy, as a Business of this Nature doth require.

They have ordered, that such Members of their House, as shall be thought fit, shall, upon Notice, be ready to be examined; and they desire your Lordships will be pleased to order the like for the Members and Assistants of your own House: And further it is desired, that your Lordships will forthwith send to his Majesty, to beseech him in the Name of the Parliament, upon this great and weighty Occasion, that no Servant of his Majesty, the Queen, or the Prince, may depart the Kingdom, or otherwise absent himself, without Leave from his Majesty, with the humble Advice of his Parliament, until these Examinations be perfected."

Preserving Order.

Resolved, upon the Question, That if any Man shall whisper, or stir out of his Place, to the Disturbance of the House, at any Message or Business of Importance, Mr. Speaker is ordered to present his Name to the House; for the House to proceed against him as they shall think fit.

Seducing the Army.

A Letter from Yorke, directed to Mr. Darley, a Member of this House, was this Day read; and referred to the Committee, that was appointed to prepare Heads for a Message, concerning the Information received, touching the seducing the King's Army, &c.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That the Committee, appointed to prepare Heads for the Message, shall be appointed to be present at the Examination of Witnesses above, with the Lords, according to one Clause of the Message this Day sent to them, and have Power to send for such Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records, or any thing else as they shall think fit; and to sit in such Places, and at such Times, as they themselves shall agree on.-

Trial of Earl of Straford.

Mr. Solicitor is appointed to bring in his Argument he made in Westminster-hall, at the Trial of the Earl of Straford, on Monday next.-

Secrecy of Committee.

The Committee aforesaid made Protestation of Secrecy, not to discover or speak of any thing of the Business committed to their Trust; further than they shall, in their Consciences, think may conduce to the Service of this House, and the Business.

The Protestation.

Mr. Endimion Porter, Mr. Philip Warricke, Mr. Comptroller, this Day made the Protestation.

Lords Answer.

Mr. Hollis brings Answer, that the Lords had appointed a Committee of Ten, to take these Examinations, and to send to his Majesty, according to the Desires of this House, expressed in this Message; and will join with this House in any Way, that shall conduce to the Good and Safety of the Kingdom.

Post Meridiem.

Committee to sit.

ORDERED, That the Committee for the Customers, and the Convocation-men, do sit To-morrow in the Afternoon, in their usual Places.

Privilege- Unauthorized Printing.

Ordered, That John Aston, the Printer or Stationer, be forthwith sent for, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House, as a Delinquent, to answer his Presumption in printing, or causing to be printed, the Preamble and Protestation made by the Members of this House 3° Maii; and that he be injoined to suppress the further Vent and Publishing of them: And also, that none but the Printer appointed by this House shall print the same.

State of the Kingdom.

Ordered, That Intimation be given to the Committee for the Remonstrance of the State of the Kingdom, and the Petition; to bring in the said Remonstrance, and Petition, To-morrow Morning, upon the Duty they owe to the House.

Privilege- Unauthorized Printing.

Mr. Glyn, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Corbett, Sir John Colpeper, Sir Edw. Deeringe, Sir John Evelyn, Mr. Rich. Moore, Mr. Nicholls;

This Committee is to take into Consideration the Printing of the Preamble and Protestation; and the Lord Digbye's last Speech; and other Speeches of Members of this House, and have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Books, and Papers; and to examine all such Persons, as they shall think fit, for the Discovery of the Business committed unto them.

Examining Sucklyn, &c.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to examine Sir John Sucklyn, Captain Billingsley, and others, shall forthwith retire into the Court of Wards, to examine Sir John Sucklyn, and others.

Advancing Money.

Ordered, That Sir John Harrison put his Proposition, concerning the Advancing of Monies, in Writing; and bring it to the House To-morrow Morning.

Continuance of Parliament.

Resolved, upon the Question, That a Bill shall be prepared, to declare and assure the Continuance of his present Parliament from adjourning, proroguing, or dissolving without the Consent of both Houses.

Mr. Whittlocke is to prepare this Bill; and to bring it in To-morrow Morning.

Loan from the City.

Ordered, That the Aldermen and Citizens, that serve for the City, and Mr. Spurstow, shall repair to the Lord Mayor, with a former Order, concerning the One hundred and Twenty thousand Pounds, promised to be lent by the City; and likewise the Resolution of this House, for a Bill to be prepared for the Continuance of this present Parliament; and likewise the Order for a Committee to prepare Instructions, to raise the Subsidies to a higher Proportion.

City Guard.

Ordered, That the Aldermen, and the Citizens that serve for the City of London, intimate, from this House, to the Lord Mayor, that he have an especial Care for the Guard of the City.


Ordered, That the Committee for the Instructions for Raising of the Subsidies to a higher Proportion, do sit To-morrow in the Afternoon, in the Court of Wards.

Letter read.

A Copy of my Lord General's Letter, to accompany the Letters that came from this House, was read: And

Ld. General thanked.

Ordered, That Commissary Wilmott shall return Thanks, from this House, to the Lord General.

Committee to sit.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Ministers Remonstrance, to which the Chester Petition is referred, do sit To-morrow in the Afternoon, in the Star-chamber.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by J. Reeve and J. Foster;

That they give this House Thanks for sitting so long: That they are still in Debate of the Bill against the Earl of Strafford: So that this Night they cannot be ready for a Conference.

Committees added, &c.

Ordered, That all those that are of the Committee for the Ministers Remonstrance, be added to the Committee of Twenty-four, appointed to prepare the Remonstrance of the State of the Kingdom, and the Petition: And are to meet presently, notwithstanding that the House sit.