House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 07 May 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 7 Maii, 1641.


The Protestation.

LORD Wenman, Sir Thomas Peyton, Mr. John Lowry, Sir Tho. Danby, made the Protestation.

Bedford Level.

1a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Perfecting of the Draining of the great Level of the Fens, surrounded in the Counties of Norfolke, Suffolke, Lincolne, Cambridge, Huntington, and the Isle of Ely, &c. undertaken by Francis Earl of Bedford.

Moved, That this Bill be not read the Second time, but in a full House, after Nine of Clock.

The Protestation.

Mr. John Evelyn, Mr. Longe, Sir Phi. Musgrave, Mr. George Parry, Mr. Wm. Morgan, Mr. Walt. Kirke, made the Protestation.

Leave of Absence.

Sir Francis Barnham has Leave to be absent for a Sevennight, or thereabouts.

Popish Recusants.

Moved, That a short Bill be prepared to repeal a Proviso, in a Statute made 3° Jacobi, providing, that all Recusants, that exercise any Trade of Manufacture, may remain and abide about the City of London; and likewise to consider of such Doctors in Physick, as are Recusants:

That the Explanation of that Branch of the Statute, that debars Recusants to come to Court, unless they be sent for by the King, may be so explained, that no Popish Recusant, of the English, Scottish, or British Nation, shall remain either in the King's Court, the Queen's or the Prince's, above Ten Days at farthest.

Ordered, That the Lord Mayor of London, be required to bring in a Certificate of all Papists, as are within the City, and the Liberties thereof, by Monday next; and that the Justices of Peace of Middlesex, Westminster, and Surrey, for the Borough of Southwark, and Places adjoining, bring in a Certificate of all Papists, as are remaining within their Liberties and Precincts; to the end, that those that have remained here, notwithstanding the King's Proclamation, may be fined for their Contempt to that Proclamation.

Moved, That the Papists, that are about the Town, as well convict as not convict, be suddenly disarmed; and that a Letter be forthwith sent into Ireland, for the Disbanding of the Irish Army:

To send to the Sheriffs of London, to take some Course for the Apprehending and Seizing of Priests:

To secure the Persons of such Papists, as are the Men of chiefest and greatest Quality in all Counties.

Ordered, That the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex be forthwith required, from this House, to apprehend and seize all Priests and Jesuits, that they may be proceeded against by Law, for not obeying the King's Proclamation for their Banishment, grounded upon an Ordinance in Parliament.

Proceedings concerning the Plot.

Commissary Wilmott is appointed to go up to the Lords with this Message;

To desire a free Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, so soon as will stand with their Lordships Occasions, concerning the Peace and Safety of the Kingdom.

The Committee of the Six are to prepare Heads for the Conference, and to manage it; and to report, if Occasion be.

Continuance of Parliament.

3a vice lecta est Billa, An Act to prevent Inconveniences, which may happen by the untimely adjourning, proroguing, or dissolving this present Parliament; and, upon Question, passed.

Conference agreed to.

Commissary Wilmott brings Answer, that the Lords will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Continuance of Parliament.

Ordered, That so soon as the Conference shall be ended, Mr. Pierepoint carry up the Bill to prevent Inconveniences, that may happen by the untimely Adjourning, &c. of this present Parliament.

Members called.

Mr. Serjeant was sent, with the Mace, to call in the Members that were gone up.

The Protestation.

Sir Thomas Parker, Mr. Grantham, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Wm. Constantine, Mr. John Trenchard, made this Protestation.

Proceedings concerning the Plot.

Mr. Pymme reports the Heads of a Conference to be had with the Lords:

"That Seven or Eight, that would have been material Testimony in this great Matter, being run away, upon our sending for them; that, in That Regard, our Suspicion is much confirmed, concerning the Design to seduce the King's Army, and bringing them hither, to join with others."

2. Head. "That we have probable Information of some Forces, now at Sea-side, in France, designed for Portesmouth: Hereupon to desire their Lordships to join with us, in all convenient Ways, for Discovery of this Business; not doubting, but that these Designs are united together."

"That therefore Three Persons, One Lord, a Member of their House, and Two Commoners, Members of this House, be sent forthwith to Portesmouth; and, with a Commission, directed to the Lord, a Member of their House, in the Presence of the Two Members of this House, to examine the Governor of Portesmouth, upon Interrogatories; and, if any Cause of Jealousy to suspect the Governor, forthwith to command him to come to Parliament; and One of the Commoners come up with him, and the other to stay there, to make as good Provision as they can for that Place, till they hear from hence: If he refuses to come up to London, that some speedy Course be taken, that there be no further Mischief: Next, that there may be some Forces drawn out in Wiltshire and Barkshire, inland Counties, next adjoining to those Counties, to be drawn together, to secure Portesmouth: Then, to take care, Provision be made for the Isles of Jersey and Garnesey; and that the Trained Bands of Hampshire, Sussex, and Dorsett, may be in Readiness: Also, that Order may be taken, that the Ships there be put in a good Posture, for the Defending of that Town; and that my Lord Admiral be spoken withal, to put Commanders of Trust and Fidely into the Ships: And that a Letter be sent down, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, from this House, and from the Speaker of the Lords House, (that they may see there is good Correspondency between us) to the Commanders of the Army, to give Satisfaction to the Army, To think of some fit Way, how the Bottom of this Plot may be discovered: That Sir John Clotworthy and Sir Philip Stapleton may be appointed to go to Portesmouth, and Sir Walter Earle into Dorsetshire, for Drawing of the Men together, to be ready at hand upon Occasion: And Sir John Hotham, and Sir Hugh Cholmley, to be employed to go down to the King's Army in the North; and to take to their Assistance young Sir Arthur Ingram and Mr. John Mallory, for satisfying the Army, and to discover the Plot," &c.

Sir John Hotham and Sir Hugh Cholmley to go into Yorkeshire, with all Speed.

That Sir Philip Stapleton and Sir John Clotworthy go to Portesmouth, according as it is expressed in One of the Heads of the Conference.

Secret Committee.

Ordered, That Sir Philip Stapleton be added to the Committee of Six; and to make the Protestation of Secrecy.


Sir Walter Earle to go into Dorsetshire.

Secret Committee.

Sir Philip Stapleton made his Protestation, not to discover any thing that shall be revealed unto him, unless it be unto the Committee, and for the Service of the Kingdom, and the House.


The Heads of the Conference, that were reported by Mr. Pymme, were put to the Question; and, upon the Question, agreed to be the Heads of this present Conference.

The Protestation.

Resolved, upon the Question, That it be referred to the Committee, for the Bill concerning the Protestation, to explain the Word "Doctrine," according to the Sense of the House.


Mr. Pymme did acquaint the House that he had delivered unto the Committee of the Lords, at the free Conference, the Heads of that Conference.

The Lords recommend it unto this House, that there should be some Care had of Kent; and some Course for Pressing of Men, to serve in the King's Ships.

Committee to Yorkshire.

Ordered, That the Committee of Seven shall prepare the Instructions for Sir John Hotham, Sir Hugh Cholmley, and Mr. H. Cholmley, who are appointed to go into Yorkeshire; and a Letter for them to carry with them: And they have likewise Power to join with them in this Service, young Sir Arthur Ingram and young Mr. Mallory.

Pressing Mariners.

Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Wilde do prepare a Bill for Pressing of Mariners, for this Occasion; and bring it to the House To-morrow Morning.

House to sit.

The House to sit this Afternoon, at Two of Clock.

Post Meridiem.

The Protestation.

NR. Robert Sutton, Mr. John Whistler, Mr. Antho. Hungerford, made the Protestation.

Restraining Buildings.

Mr. Grimston and Mr. Alderman Pennington, are to prepare a Bill to restrain the Increase of Buildings in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, notwithstanding any Licence or Grant: And they are to take into Consideration the Judgment of all the Judges, that make these new Buildings to be a Nuisance.

Safety of Dorset.

Ordered, That Sir Walter Earle, a Member of the House of Commons, do make his Repair, with all Speed, into the County of Dorset, to employ his best Endeavours there, for the Safety of that County.

Deans and Chapters.

The Order for the Deans and Chapters is revived, for them to be heard on Wednesday next.

Lord Lieut. of Yorke.

Sir Hugh Cholmley is appointed to go up with this Message to the Lords;

To desire their Lordships to move his Majesty, that the Earl of Essex, in this Time of Danger, may be made Lord Lieutenant for the County of Yorke.

Bp. of Elie.

Ordered, That Sir Tho. Widrington shall make Report of the Bishop of Elie's Business, at the next Opportunity of this House.

Ways and Means.

Ordered, That the House be forthwith turned into a Committee, to consider of some speedy Way of Raising of present Monies.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.

Mr. Hide called to the Chair.

Resolved, upon the Question, that this Committee shall take into their Care, a Way for the Raising of Four hundred thousand Pounds; and that all their Discourses shall be applied to that Purpose.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Committee to Yorkshire.

Ordered, That Sir John Hotham and Sir Hugh Cholmley be spared from going into the North, at this time, upon the Employment of the House: That Mr. Cholmley only go; and take to his Assistance young Sir Arthur Ingram and young Mr. John Mallory.

And it was afterwards Ordered, That they should have Power to associate unto him, for this Service, Mr. Brian Stapleton also.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair: And

Mr. Hide was again called to the Chair.

Conference with Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by J. Foster and J. Heath;

The Lords desire a present free Conference, in the Painted Chamber, if it may stand with the Occasions of this House, about the Bill, that was brought to them this Day; and about Disbanding the Irish Army; Pressing and Governing of Mariners.

Answer returned, by the same Messengers;

This House has taken into Consideration their Lordships Message; and will give a Meeting presently, as is desired.

Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Hide, Mr. Martin, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Reignolds, Sir John Culpepper, are appointed Reporters and Managers of this Conference.


Sir Robert Pye, Sir Thomas Fanshawe, and Mr. Wheeler, are desired to bring in the Account of any Subsidy, that comes nearest to One hundred thousand Pounds; rather upwards, than under.

Business to be done.

Ordered, That the House meet To-morrow at Eight of Clock; and that the Report of this Conference, now had with the Lords, be then first made: And that then the House taken into Consideration, the Business of Providing of Monies, to be sent to the Army.

Letter read, &c.

A Letter from the Committee of Seven was brought; and twice read; and delivered again to Mr. Hampden (who brought it in) to be further considered of.