House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 29 May 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 29 Maii, 1641.


Herbert's Nat.

2da vice lecta est Billa, AN Act for the Naturalizing of PhilipHenry Herbert, born in the Low Countries, of the English Parents, Son of Sir Henry Herbert Knight, and Colonel in the States Service, in the said Low Countries; upon Question committed unto the Committee for Devisher and Heren.

Strode's Estate.

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Settling of Sir Robert Strode's Estate; upon Question committed unto Mr. Perd, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Wheeler, Sir Edw. Deeringe, Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Cattlyn, Mr. Law. Whittaker, Mr. Owfeild, Mr. Pury, Mr. Cage, Mr. Selden; the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses of Devon, Cornewall, and Dorsetshire: And are to meet on Monday come Sevennight at Two post meridiem: And that Notice be given to the Parties interested; and have Power to send for Parties, Papers, Deeds, Conveyances, Records or any thing else necessary.

Denton's Estate.

1a vice lecta est Billa, An Act to enable Sir Alexander Denton to sell the Manor of Barford St. Michael and other Lands, in this Act mentioned, for Payment of his Debts, and Preferment of his younger Children.

Supplying London, &c. with Water.

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act for Bringing of certain Springs of Water from Hodsdon in Hertfordshire, to the Cities of London and Westminster, in a close Aqueduct of Brick, Stone, Lead, or Timber; upon Question, committed unto Sir Edw. Deering, Mr. Perd, Alderman Pennington, Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Sir Edm. Mountford, Mr. Partridge, Mr. Dutton, Sir Tho. Middleton, Sir John Culpepper, Sir Edward Hale, Mr. Knatchbull, Sir Edw. Boys, Mr. Reignolds, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Martin Lomley, Mr. Northcott, Sir Tho. Widdrington, Sir Edw. Ascough, Sir * Gervose, Mr. Whittaker: And are to meet this Day Fortnight, in the Exchequer-chamber, at Two post meridiem.

High Commission Court.

Mr. Rigby reports the Bill concerning the High Commission, with the Amendments: Which were all twice read; and then, upon the Question, it was ordered to be ingrossed.


Mr. Wheeler reports the Bill of Pluralities; with the Amendments, Alterations, and Additions: The which were all twice read; and the Question was first put for the Recommitment; and it went with the Noes.

The Question being then for the Ingrossing; it was ordered to be ingrossed.

Farmers of Customs.

Mr. Hollis reports from the Committee for the Customers, the Case of the Farmers of the great Farm and petty Farm, who continued their Lease, of the great Farm, Two Years at Christmas last; and of the petty Farm, Two Years at our Lady-day last.

A Petition from the Farmers of the great and little Farms was read; and thereupon the said Farmers called in; and did avow their Petition.

Mr. Hollis, Mr. Greene, Sir Jo. Culpepper, Mr. Pym, are appointed to speak with the Customers and Farmers of the great and little Farm for these Two last Years; and to receive what Proportions they will offer.

Merchant Adventurers.

The Petition of the Company of the Merchant Adventurers was read: And the House did declare, that they expected the Performance of their Bargain.

Farmers of Customs.

Mr. Hollis reports from the Farmers of the Customs, for the Two last Years past; that they present One hundred and Fifty thousand Pounds for Satisfaction of their Delinquency.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Sum of One hundred and Fifty thousand Pounds, forthwith to be paid by those Customers and Farmers, shall be accepted, for Satisfaction of their Delinquency to the Commonwealth; and that an Act of Oblivion shall pass, under the same Limitations, Terms, and Conditions, as was formerly agreed upon for the other Farmers.

Vintners &c.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to examine the Delinquency of the Vintners, shall be joined to the Committee appointed to consider of the Referrees and Advisers of the Patent for imposing Forty Shillings per Tun upon Wines: And are to have the same Power, being united, in all Particulars, as they had severally: And are to meet this Afternoon, in the Exhequer-chamber.

Farmers of Customs, &c.

Ordered, That these Customers shall have the same Order, and be in the same Estate, as to the Recovery of their Parts upon all Sharers and Undersharers, as the former Customers had.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Customers shall have Power to treat a Composition, between the Customers, and such as have Petitions, or Suits depending against them, or Goods detained by them.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Customers shall take into Consideration the Farmers of the petty Farms, Tobaccoes, Sugars, &c.


Ordered, That the Committee appointed to treat with such as they shall think fit, for lending Money, shall have Power to receive Propositions, from any Persons, for the Advancing and Lending of Monies; and to report them to the House: And Mr. Cromwell is added to that Committee.


Resolved, upon the Question, That the House do sit this Afternoon; and proceed to read the Bill of Subsidies.

Members to be examined by Lords.

Sir Henry Mildmay, Sir Wm. Allinson, Alderman Hoyle, Mr. Whistler, have Leave to be examined as Witnesses, before the Lords, in Mr. Smart's Case.

The Judges.

Ordered, That the Report from the Committee for the Judges be made on Tuesday Morning next.

Proceedings against Prescott.

Ordered, That the Judges be left at Liberty to proceed against Prescott, committed upon Suspicion of being a Priest, in such manner as they in their Discretions shall think fit.


Ordered, That on Monday Morning at Eight of Clock, Mr. Prideaux report the Bill concerning the Court of Star-chamber.


Ordered, That, this Afternoon at Three of Clock, the House take into Consideration the Votes presented from the Committee for the Customers.

Post Meridiem


THE House, according to the Order of the Day, proceeded to the Reading of the Bill of Subsidies:

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Levying and Raising of Monies for the Disbanding the Armies, and other the great Affairs of this Kingdom; upon Question, committed unto a Committee of the whole House; to meet presently upon it.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair: And

Mr. Serjeant Euers called to the Chair.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Releasing a Prisoner.

Ordered, That the Mayor of Cambridge use his Discretion in releasing one Brandling, a poor Prisoner in Cambridge, committed by Mr. Mayor, for Words spoken against the House.