House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 17 June 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 17 Junii, 1641.


Proceedings concerning Oconnor, &c.

ORDERED, That Mr. Solicitor move the Judges, that the Woman who accused Oconnor the Priest of High Treason, and is now under Restraint at the Sheriff's of London, be set at Liberty, according as they think fit: And as for Oconnor, the House will take it into Consideration, before the Judges proceed any further against him upon that Accusation.

St. Andrewe's Holborne Parish.

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act for dividing the Parish of St. Andrewe's Holborne, London; and, upon Question, committed unto Mr. Hoblethwaite, * Mountfort, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Pomfrey, Sir John Francklyn, Mr. Rigbye, Sir Martin Lumley, * Holland, Mr. Capell, Sir Wm. Litton, Sir Arthur Ingram, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Rich. Buller, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Mr. Wheeler, Sir Robert Harley, Sir John Evelyn, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Glyn, * Shuttleworth, Mr. Hide, Mr. Prideaux, Lord Ruthyn, Sir Sam. Rolle, * Hutchinson, Citizens of London, Knights and Burgesses of Middlesex, Surrey, and Westminster: And are to meet on Monday post meridiem, at Two of Clock, in the Exchequer-chamber.

Army, &c. Accounts.

Sir John Hotham reports from the Committee for the King's Army

£ s. d.
The Parliament undertook to pay the Army and Garisons, upon the Tenth of November; which, to the Twentyninth of June, is Eight Months and Seven Days: Which is - - 412,050 0 0
For Disbanding, a Month's Pay, - 50,000 0 0
462,050 0 0
The King's Army have had of this - 150,000 0 0
Remains due to the King's Army - 312,050 0 0
The Treaty, from which we pay the Scotts, began the Sixteenth of October; which, to the Twenty-ninth of June, is Eight Months Fourteen Days:- 216,750 0 0
For Shipping - - - - - 4,000 0 0
Total due to the Scotts is - - 220,750 0 0
The Scotts have had - - - 105,000 0 0
Remains due to them, for Shipping, and Pay - - - - 115,750 0 0
So it appears-due to the King's Army 312,050 0 0
To the Scotts - - - - 115,750 0 0
Total due to the King's Army, and the Scotts - - - - 427,800 0 0

Army, &c. Accounts.

£. s. d.
To the Scotts must presently be paid, of the Brotherly Assistance, - 80,000 0 0
So as there must (within Fifteen Days) be inYorkeshire - - - 507,800 0 0
Else the Sum will every Day grow upon us.
Of this great Sum we yet know but of-
From the old Customers - - 100,000 0 0
From the new Customers - - 15,000 0 0
From the City - - - - 40,000 0 0
And, a Month hence, from the Old Customers - - - - 50,000 0 0
205,000 0 0
So as then, all the Money we have yet in View being gone, we are to provide - - - - - 302,800 0 0
If the Country trust the Billet, and the Officers, from the Captain upwards, at Half-pay; it is conceived it may amount to - - 60,000 0 0
Which, take out of the Sum, will rest 242,800 0 0
For the Monies we have provided, by Subsidies and otherwise, the State of it is thus, as is conceived;
Upon our First Six Subsidies - 300,000 0 0
Upon these last - - - 400,000 0 0
Upon the old Customers - - 150,000 0 0
Upon the new Customers - - 15,000 0 0
Total is 865,000 0 0
The Two Armies have already had - 255,000 0 0
Remnant 610,000 0 0

We owe, besides, Two hundred twenty thousand Pounds; for which we must give the Scotts Security.

Raising Monies.

Ordered, That Notice be forthwith given to the Merchant Adventurers, to attend the Committee appointed to consider of the Raising of Monies; meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the Star-chamber.

That the Consideration of making the Spanish Money in the Kingdom current; and what Use may be made of it, for these Occasions, if it be made current; be referred to a Committee: And the same Committee is to consider of the Proposition of raising Monies to Ten in the Hundred, for all such as shall bring in Monies to lend for the present Occasions: And that the Committee consider of Treasurers to be appointed for the Receiving of such Monies as shall be brought in; and what Security shall be given to them that shall lend Monies.

Sir Peter Richaut, Nath. Gold, Nathaniel Wright, James Man, and other Spanish Merchants; Futter Viven, and other Goldsmiths; Officers of the Mint; are to be summoned to attend this Committee this Afternoon, in the Star-chamber.

Mr. Mathewes, * Rolle, Mr. Vassall, Sir Hen. Anderson, Alderman Pennington, and Alderman Soames, are added to this Committee: And they are to make Report of this Business To-morrow Morning.

Lord Fairefax went to the Lords with this Message;

Disbanding the Armies.

To desire a free Conference, and a free Debate, concerning the Conference Yesterday had with the Lords, touching the Disbanding the Armies.

Sir John Hotham, and the other Reporters that were appointed Reporters and Managers of the last Conference, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Col. Ashburnham.

Ordered, That Colonel Ashburnham shall be kept a Prisoner at the Serjeant's House, till this House shall take further Order therein.

Tonage and Poundage.

3a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for granting the Subsidy of Tonage and Poundage, and other Sums, payable upon Merchandize exported and imported:

And it was Ordered, That the Debate thereof shall be adjourned till the House shall return from the Conference.

The Debate of the Bill was resumed according to this Order: And, upon Question, passed.


Lord Fairefax brings Answer, that their Lordships will give a present Meeting, by a Committee of the whole House, as is desired.

Tonage and Poundage.

Ordered, That the Bill of Tonage and Poundage be carried up, To-morrow Morning by Sir Tho. Barrington.


Ordered, That the Committee for the Bill of Subsidies meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock.

Ordered, That Consideration shall be had, in this Bill of Subsidies, to tax the City of Bristoll for the Two last Subsidies; unto which there went no particular Commission in that Bill, as there ought to have done.

Abolishing Episcopacy.

Ordered, That the Bill concerning Episcopacy be proceeded in, at the Committee of the whole House, To-morrow Morning at Nine of Clock.

Petition of Right- Tonage and Poundage.

Mr. Hollis, Mr. Morley, Mr. Pym, Mr. Cage, Mr. Martin, Mr. Peard, Sir Anth. Irby, Sir Walter Earle, Sir Tho. Widdrington, Sir John Colpepper, Sir Sam. Rolls, Sir Symond D'Ewes, Sir Jo. Evelyn, Mr. Robert Goodwin, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Edw. Ascough, Mr. Selden, Mr. Grimston, Sir Tho. Bowyer;

This Committee is to consider of the Clause, concerning Tonage and Poundage, added to the End of the Petition of Right; and how the same came in; and to consider of some way of Remedy to prevent the Inconveniences that may happen to Posterity thereby: And are to meet To-morrow at Two of Clock, in the Court of Wards.