House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 25 June 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 25 Junii, 1641.


The Gospel.

ORDERED, That the Committee for the Bill for the more free Passage of the Gospel do meet To-morrow post meridiem at Two of Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Committee to meet.

Ordered, That the Committee for Sir Nicholas Cripps his Bill do meet To-morrow post meridiem at Two of Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Rackdall Manor.

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the establishing several Inclosures within the Manor of Rackdall, in the County of Doncaster, &c . . . .

Sir Walter Earle, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, * Holland, * Ashton, Sir Martin Lomley, Sir Antho. Irby, Mr. Cage, * Allinson, * Shelley, Mr. Broxam, Sir Tho. Widrington, Mr. Purefrey:

A Care, to be taken by the Committee, that there be no Clause in this Bill, to confirm any Estate to any Person, that has derived any Estate from the Crown, other than the Commoners: And that the Counsellors of the Duchy, and Council in the Duchy, have Notice when the Committee sits; and all other Persons concerned: And have Power to send for Parties; Witnesses, Papers, Records, &c.


Mrs. Anne Regoot this Day took the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy.

Proceedings concerning Blayne.

An Explanation of the Protestation made by * Blayne, Lecturer of St. Mary, Newington, Junii 6to 1641.

He was called in.

Ordered, That the whole Examination of the Business, concerning the Protestation made by Mr. * Blany, Vicar of Newington, be referred to the Committee for scandalous Ministers; where Mr. Corbett has the Chair: And it is further Ordered, That he make Report of this Business, together with the other Complaints against Him, exhibited there: And that in the mean time Mr. Blany go, upon Bail, until his Cause shall be heard and determined: And That Committee is to meet, to consider of this Business, this Afternoon, at Two of Clock, in the accustomed Place for that Committee to sit in.


25° Junii.

Arrears due to Scotland, &c.

Whereas it is agreed by the Scotts, that the Billet and other Monies, due to the County of Northumberland, the Bishoprick of Durham, and Newcastle, shall be paid out of the Monies the Scotts are to receive for disbanding, and That Part of the Brotherly Assistance now allotted to be paid unto them; it is therefore Ordered, That the Gentlemen, that serve for the said Counties, shall have Power to nominate Commissioners, for perfecting; the Accounts of the Monies due to those places; and that they give Notice, that those Accounts be perfected with all Care and Speed: And the Names of the Commissioners are to be brought to the House, to be allowed of here.

Ordered, That the Clerk shall set his Hand to a Paper, which was sent from the Scotts Commissioners; the which Paper did fully agree with the Sense of an Order of this House of the Twenty-seventh of May; and the Paper subscribed bears the same Date.

The Paper follows in hæc verba:

" To let the Scotch Commissioners understand, that they shall have Two hundred Thousand Pounds, whereof Eighty thousand Pounds is part of the Brotherly Assistance) speedily paid unto them, for the Disbanding of their Army: But that they are to pay the Debts that are owing unto the Counties out of the said Two hundred thousand Pounds."

Petition against Bp. of Ardah.

Whereas there hath been a Petition depending in this House, ever since the One-and-twentieth of January last, in the Name of Teige O Rody, against John, now Lord Bishop of Ardah, in the Kingdom of Ireland, then and now a Member of the Lords House there; which Matter should, several Months since, have received a Hearing; but, by reason of the weighty Affairs of this Kingdom, the Hearing of the said Cause hath been retarded, and, for the same Reason, is not likely, this long time, to receive a Determination in this House: It is therefore Ordered, for the Ease of the Charge and Attendance of the said Parties, by themselves, or their Agents, here in England, That the Petition shall be remitted to the Parliament in Ireland; with a Recommendation from this House, to be there proceeded in with Effect, for the Relief of the Petitioners, and others concerned therein.

Provision of Monies.

By Order, Mr. Speaker left the Chair: And

Mr. Hide called to the Chair.

And the Committee proceeded with the Bill for the speedy Provision of Monies for Disbanding of the Armies, and settling the Peace of the Kingdoms.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Disbanding the Army.

A Message from the Lords, by Baron Henden, and J. Foster;

That the Lords desire a Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, presently, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, concerning the Disbanding of the Armies.

Answer returned, by the same Messengers; that this House will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Mr. Treasurer, Sir John Colpepper, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Crewe, Sir Tho. Barrington, Mr. Hampden, Mr. Pyme, are appointed Reporters of the Conference.


Mr. Speaker left the Chair: And

Mr. Hide was called to the Chair: And

The Committee proceeded with the Bill for Poll-money.

Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Conference on Message from the King.

A Message from the Lords, by Baron Henden, and J. Foster;

The Lords desire a Conference, by a Committee, concerning a Message from the King; (the Number of their Committee is Six, and desire a proportionable Number of this House) presently, in the Committee-chamber, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House.

Answer returned by the same Messengers;

This House will give a present Meeting, by a Committee of a proportionable Number, as is desired.

Lord Falkland, Sir Phillip Stapleton, Sir Martin Lomley, Sir Christopher Yelverton, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Hen. Mildmay, Sir John Hotham, * Holland, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Mr. Martin, Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Sir Jo. Strangewayes, are appointed to meet with a Committee of Six of the Lords.

Apprehension of a Person.

-Serjeant gives Account of the Answer of Mr. * Phillips: "He was ready to obey the Commands of this House; but his Majesty told him, that He would know what the Business was; and then he should come:" That he was at Rossetti's Lodging; but could not meet with him; but was promised, so soon as he should come in, he would send him.

Lord Falkland reports the Message:

Count Rossetti.

Lord Marshal lets him know, that his Majesty did receive from the Venetian Ambassador, that Rossetti did intend to go within these Two or Three Days: The Reason that he has not gone all this while is, that he expected only a safe Passage.

A Person summoned takes sanctuary in the King's House.

To acquaint his Majesty, that this House has some Cause to examine Robert Phillipps, a Romish Priest, in Case of High Treason.-Sent him a Summons of this House; and that he does refuse to obey the Summons; and makes his Majesty's House a Sanctuary, in this Case of High Treason: And that, out of Respect unto his Majesty, this House doth forbear to take further Course herein, till his Majesty were acquainted with it.

Sir Edw. Leech and Dr. Bennet * * * *

House to sit.

The Lords intend to sit this Afternoon, at Four of Clock, upon some public Business; and desire this House would do the like, if it may stand with their Conveniency.

Answer returned, by the same Messengers;

This House hath resolved to sit this Afternoon.

Person sent for.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Robert Phillips

shall be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House; for his Contempt of the Privilege of this House, in refusing to obey the Warrant of this House2.

Post Meridiem.

Regoot's Nat.

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Naturalizing of Anne Regoot, born beyond the Seas; and, upon Question, committed unto the Committee for De Visher & Heren: And Sir Walter Earle, Sir John Colpepper, Mr. Knatchbull, Sir John Evelyn, Mr. H. Bellassis, Mr. Wheeler, Lord Gray, Sir Oliver Luke, Mr. Hayman, Sir Edw. Ascough, Mr. Hide, are added to this Committee: And are to meet on Thursday next at Two post meridiem, in the Exchequer-chamber.


Ordered, That those Persons whose Names were this Day delivered in by Sir Wm. Widdrington, shall be Commissioners appointed to perfect the Accounts of the Monies due for the Billet, owing to the County of Northumberland, the Bishoprick of Durham, and the Town of Newcastle.

Disbanding the Armies, &c.

Mr. Pyme reports the Conference this Morning had with the Lords, concerning the Disbanding of the Armies.

" 1. He told us,-After the Conference Yesterday, they had signed the Cessation of Arms, for Fourteen Days longer; upon the same Condition as formerly."

"That they had sent to his Majesty divers Lords with some Propositions; 1. To give his Consent to disband the Five Regiments; and then both the Armies, as soon as Monies come in. Next, that the Scotts might retire in some Proportion. 3. That my Lord General, and Master of the Ordnance, might go down and look to their Charge: And, that Publication go forth, of severe Punishment on such as refuse quietly to disband."

"To these his Majesty hath answered; and is pleased to give way thereunto: Wishing, Care be taken of the Honour and Safety of the Kingdom, in the Disbanding.

Sir John Colpepper reports the Part of the Conference:

"That the Earl of Bristol resumed the Discourse, and acquaints us with these Particulars."

"1. That the Lords Commissioners had signed the Cessation of Arms, for Fourteen Days longer."

"Next, That the English Commissioners had propounded to the Scotch Commissioners, that when Five Regiments are disbanded, to retire a proportionable Part of their Army to Newcastle; or disband them, and send them to Scotland; or to ship their Arms: They answered, They would forthwith send a Dispatch to their General; and did not doubt, but to receive a satisfactory Answer:"

"Next, that the Treaty is so near concluded, that, within a Day, the Articles would be all summed up together, and ready to be presented to Parliament: But one Scruple the Scotch Commissioners desired to be satisfied in; for they are very well contented with the Security for their Brotherly Assistance, and return Thanks for the same; but this to be done by Act of Parliament: Therefore desire the Votes of this House touching the same, may be transmitted to the Lords; and do not doubt, but that this shall be a Security for an Act of Parliament."-


Commissioners Names for the County of Northumberland, to perfect Accompts, for Billet, and other Monies, due to that County, from the Scotts Army.

Sir John Fenwick, Knight and Baronet; Sir John Clavering, Sir John Delavale, Knights; Cuthbert Heron, Ralph Carnaby, Gilbert Swinhoe, Robert Clavering of Brenkburne, Robert Midford, Wm. Shaftoe, Esquires, Sir Nicholas Tempest Knight, Wm. Carre Gent. Tho. Middleton Esquire, Rich. Forster Gent. Hen. Widdrington Gent. Rich. Heron Gent. Rich. Carre Gent. Robert Widdrington Gent. Martin Fenwicke Gent. Tho. Pye Gent.

Sir Nich. Cole Knight and Baronet, Mayor of the Town of Newcastle, Sir Alex. Davison, Sir Tho. Riddell junior, Sir Lio. Maddison, Knights, Tho. Liddell, Ralph Cole, Robert Bedvicke, Esquires, Leo. Carre, Gent. Sir Nich. Tempest, Knight, Hen. Lawson Gent. Sir Ralph Gray Esquire, Edward Scott Gent. Edward Man Gent.

For the Bishoprick of Durham.

Sir Tho. Tempest Baronet, Sir Wm. Lamton Knight, Sir Jo. Conyers Baronet, Gerrard Salvin Esquires, John Killinghall Gent. Tho. Swinborne, Nich. Chater, Gentlemen, Sir Wm. Darcy Knight, Hen. Anderson, Chri. Foulthrop, Lynley Wren Esquires, Tobias Dudley Esquire, Hen. Simpson, Ralph Allison, Tho. Barnes, Gentlemen, Geo. Tonge, Hen. Blakeston, Hugh Walton, Tho. Liddell, Esquires, Sir Geo. Bowes Knight-

Disbanding the Army.

"That their Lordships have taken it into Consideration, and conceive, for the Honour and Safety of this Kingdom, at this Time, to give Power to the Lord General, to exercise martial Law to punish the Disorders of Soldiers; for that there was such a Belief, amongst the Soldiers, for want of martial Law, that the General would be more fearful to execute martial Law upon them, than the Soldiers to be in Disorder: He said, if you would allow such a Commission, he would take care to use it with such Discretion and Moderation, as should be fit; and but temporary: If you allowed him no such Commission, he could not be answerable for what Mischief might happen, or Disorder that should ensue: He said, he would haste down to the Army; and though Saturday be desired for his going, yet he desires Time till Monday; and he will (God willing) be at the Army the Day after the Time desired to be there,-on Tuesday Night: And as soon as he can . . . down, he would apply himself to the Disbanding of those Five Regiments: And, though it appears to be a Thing of a lower Nature, than can agree with one's Thoughts, who delights in Action; yet, for his Part, he had rather see those Armies turn their Backs one to another, than their Faces; for the Quiet of the Kingdom.

Arrears due to Scotland

Resolved, upon the Question, That those Votes, that passed this House, for Security to be given to the Scotts, for the Brotherly Assistance, shall be sent up to the . . .

By Resolution, upon the Question, This House doth declare, that the Sum of Monies, Arrear for the Brotherly Assistance, and to be comprised in the Act of Parliament, is Two hundred and Twenty thousand Pounds.

Disbanding the Army.

Mr. Selden, Sir Walt. Erle, Colonel Goringe, Sir John Colpepper, Mr. Vaughan, Sir John Hotham, Lord Fairefax, Colonel Ogle, Mr. Carew, Mr. Martin, Mr. Hollis, Mr. Crew, Mr. Cage, Colonel Merricke, Mr. Pymme, Mr. Whitehead, Mr. Hampden, Sir Sam. Rolle, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Fines, Mr. Robert Goodwin, Sir Hen. Vane;

This Committee is to prepare Heads for Directions to the Lord General, to be used by him at the Disbanding of the Army; and to present them to the House To-morrow Morning: And are, for this Service, to meet To-morrow Morning at Six of Clock, in the Treasury-chamber.

Star-chamber, and High Commission Court.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Edw. Leech and Doctor Bennett;

The Lords desire a free Conference, by a Committee of both Houses (concerning Two Bills, that came from this House, the One concerning the Star-chamber, the other concerning the High Commission Court) in the Painted Chamber, presently, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House.

Answer returned, by the same Messengers;

This House is now in Debate of a Business of a great Weight, which they fear they shall not dispatch this Evening: And therefore they will send Answer by Messengers of their own, in convenient time.

Disbanding the Army.

Mr. Hampden is appointed to go to the Lords, To-morrow Morning with this Message;

To acquaint their Lordships, that this House has taken into Consideration the Desire of the Lord General, touching Power to be given him, for Suppressing of Disorders that may arise upon the Occasion of Disbanding the Army; that they have entered into Consideration of that Business already; and have made a Committee for that Purpose: But desire it may not retard the Going of the Lord General down to the Army; nor the Disbanding of the Five Regiments appointed to be disbanded by former Order.

Examination of Phillipps, a Priese.

Mr. Robert Phillipps, commonly called Father Phillippe, being called to the Bar; and kneeling, and afterwards standing up; and being asked by Mr. Speaker several Questions; answered, "that it was true, he was summoned by the Serjeant's Man, and by one Gray, to attend this House; but, looking upon the Warrant, it was to summon one Fra. Phillippe; and therefore he conceived he was not intended to be the Man, for that his Name was Robert: That, at the second Summons, the Serjeant came himself, to whom he gave this Answer; that he had acquainted the Queen with the Contents of his Warrant: She wished me to stay, till I spoke to the King; and the King told me, the House may send to him, when they call for any of his Servants; and till then you may not go :Yet, notwithstanding, understanding, this Day, this honourable House was angry with me, I came now myself, of my own Accord. -I confess, this Letter, now shewed unto me, is my Hand-writing; and, if any Crime in it, it is mine : But this other Letter, I do not know whose Hand-writing it is : True, I have seen some Petition at Court, somewhat like that Hand.-For Mr. *, he was with me this Morning: He hath Relation to my Lord of Antryon, a Man known: He is a single Man; hath been Five or Six Months out of England."


Ordered, That the further Examination of Robert Phillipps, a Romish Priest, be referred to the Committee of Seven, to be examined by them presently: And the Serjeant shall acquaint him, that the Pleasure of the House is, that he forthwith attend the Committee; and likewise that he attend the House To-morrow Morning.

" - they are very well contented with the Security of an Act of Parliament, and return Thanks for it; but desire, that the Votes of this
" House, for the Security, may be transmitted to the Lords; to receive an Allowance there."-"
" Commissioners Names, for the County of Northumberland, to perfect the Accounts."

a Here, follows an Entry, in these Words: Which Entry is Part of the Matter, delivered by the Lords at a Conference, concerning the Disbanding of the Armies, and reported by Sir John Colpepper, this Day in the Afternoon; and also Part of the Title to a List of Names, which immediately follows in that Place.