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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, eldest Sons, Lord Steward's Order touching changing their Titles, P. 2.

-, new Writ, 17 Apr.

-, Courts. Vide Courts, ecclesiastical.

-, and Returns, Committee appointed, 16 Apr. Committees added, 17. Committee impowered to determine all Causes appearing clear upon View of the Indentures, 18.- to make a Sub-committee to consider of double Returns, view Indentures, and report to House, 1 May.-Controverted, Vide Bewdley, Bedwin, Askew, Grinftead, East, Eftington, Aylefbury, Burlaffe, Butler, Gloucefter, Exon, Harding, Hofkins, Grampound, Michell, Ryegate, Plympton, Minehead, Winchelfea, and Sudbury-Elections and Returns, to be questioned within Ten Days-Persons returned by more Indentures than usual, to withdraw till their Elections determined -Members doubly returned to make Election within Ten Days, 16 Apr. Make Election, 16, 17, 18. & 23.-Motion that those returned by the Sheriff may sit till their Elections be determined, 20.- Member dispensed with from being included in the Order for making Election-Declaration against allowing conditional Elections; Motion that they receive no Countenance, 28.
-, Bill for more due Election of Members, read, 8 Apr. -Another Bill for Reformation of Abuses in Election read: both referred to the Committee of Privileges, to frame a Bill thereout, 29.

-, Petition of Gentlemen, 18 Apr.

-, Election; Petition, 16 Apr.

-, Mayor of, returned; Motion about him referred to the Committee of Elections, 16 Apr.

-, Marshalls Court. Vide Conftable,
-, High.Earle,
-, Sir Walter, 1641, to go into Dorfetshire to take Care of the County; Order for expediting his Journey, 7 May.

-, India Company, 1641, Petition, 23 Aug. Read; Order concerning the Exportation of foreign Goods, 24.-Another Petition referred to Committee for Sussolk Cloths, 1 Mar.-Report from the Committee for Customers, touching Money due from them for Customs; Resolution touching the Payment thereof; Treasurer, and Under-Treasurer, to attend the Committee, 24.
-, 1642, another Petition read; Resolution concerning the Time of Payment, 26 Mar.-Information concerning Three East India Ships referred to the Committee for Irish Affairs; Instruction to give Order for staying and searching them, 3 Feb. House informed that the Purser desired to have One searched; examined thereupon; Order for his Dismission, 4. -for discharging the Ships, 9.

-, Dr. 1641, to be summoned to attend, and, upon Refusal, to be apprehended as a Delinquent, 30 Nov.

-, Geo. 1642, Petition referred to Lord Admiral, 29 Mar.

-, Bedfordshire, 1642, Order for staying Arms there, 14 June.

-, Causes. Vide Causes, ecclesiastical.

-, Vide Brigham

-, Dr. 1642, Petition referred to a Member, 23 Feb.

-, Dr. 1640, to have Leave to appear to a Bill at Lords, 18 Dec.-Sub-committee, appointed to consider Matters concerning him made a Committee, and to receive all Petitions relating thereto, 26 Feb.
-, 1641, to have Leave to acquaint Lords with the Communication between him and the Admiral of Duyquerque, 24 June.- 1642, Offers to lend 500 l 7 Sept.-To be summoned to attend, 18 Jan.

-, Piers, 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 12 Nov.-To be desired to lend 1,000 l 5 Jan. Person appointed to receive that Sum assessed upon him by House, 23.

-, 1642, Inhabitants to have Liberty to transport 300 Fodder of Lead Custom-free, 5 May.

-, Rich. 1642, Petition, 27 May. Vide Bickley

-, 1642, Information of Abuses offered to Voluntears; Persons to be sent for as Delinquents, 26 July.

-, Colonel Francis, 1641. Vide Privileges
-, Mr. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 2 Dec.

-, St. Lincolnshire, 1640, Petition of inhabitants referred Dr. Tomson's Committee, 16 Mar. Vide Fens

-, Sir John, 1641, Petition referred to the Committee for the Navy, 15 Feb.- Mr. 1641, to be summoned to attend, 18 Mar. - 1642, a Committee to inquire of him concerning the Scots taking their Money beyond Sea, 27 May. To be sent for as a Delinquent to answer Petition against him, 24.- Witnesses to be summoned, 18 June.-Examination of them referred to the Committee for Examinations, 30 July.

-, Sir Rowland; 1641, Bill for reversing Decrees on his Behalf, read, 24 July.

-, John, 1641, Bill for erecting a School by him near Alton, read, 21 Apr.-Committed, 2 June. Reported, and to be ingrossed 24.-Passed, 19 July.

-, Mr. 1642, examined touching the King's demanding the Town of Hull; Allowance to be made him for his Journey and Pains, 30 Apr.

-, Martin, 1642, committed to the Gatehouse for printing a Petition, 25 Jan.-Order for his Discharge, 7 Feb.

-, and Returns, 1640, Committee appointed-Motion for impowering them to determine Causes appearing clear upon View of the Indenture-Petitions concerning Elections to be delivered to them, 6 Nov.-Controverted; Reports. Vide Norwich, Marlo Magna, Peterborough, Tewkesbury, Boffiney, Grinstead,
-, East, Sudbury, Windfor, Banbury, Woodstock, Midhurst, Brecon Borough, Salisbury, Chippenham, Warwick County, Newcastle, Wareham, Coventry, Ilchefter, Wallingford, Steyning, Downton, Worcefter, Derby Borough, Bedford Borough, Barftaple, Henden, Arundell, Gatton, Newport, and Knaresborough-Right of Election determined; viz. Windfor.-Elections and Returns to be questioned by Petition within 14 DaysMotion for Persons returned by proper Officer to fit till their Elections be quash'd-Members doubly returned to make their Elections within four Days, 6 Nov. Make Election, 7. 9. 11. & 20. Order dispensed with, 6. 9. & 20. -Returning Officers to be sent for as Delinquents, 9.-Motion for exempting Members doubly returned from making Choice till their Elections be determined, 11.-Resolution not to question a particular Election this Parliament, 8 Dec.-Old Sheriff, if not discharged, to execute a Writ, 12.-Orders for several returned to fit, and for others not to fit, 6 & 12 Jan. - 1641, Motion that a Member might, at his own Request, decline his Election not granted, 5 Feb. - 1642, Petitioner not to be prejudiced by Lapse of Time, 28 May.-Return amended by Clerk Assistant, according to Deputation from the Sheriff, 8 Nov.- 1640, a Committee to consider the Complaints of several Boroughs claiming Right to send Members, 6 Nov.-another Committee to consider blank Returns, 14.- 1640, a Committee to prepare a Bill for Reformation of some Disorders in Elections, 11 Dec. Bill read, 24. -1641, Committed, 30 Mar.- 1641, a Committee to consider of preventing Abuses in Elections, 6 Dec.-Bill for that Purpose read, 14 Apr. Committed; all that come to have Voices, 28.

-, Princess, 1642, Order for continuing her Pension, 23 Apr.

-, 1642, Petition of Inhabitants; Sir Wm. Savile to shew Cause why Proceedings against them should not be stayed, and, upon his Refusal, Complaint to be transmitted to Lords, 16 July.

-, Wm. 1642, committed to London House, 16 Jan.- His Petition referred to the Committee for Dispatches, 20 Feb. -Report; Order for his Discharge, 1 Mar. - Mr. 1642, desired to preach, 25 Jan.-Thanked, and to print his Sermon, 22 Feb.

-, Lawrence, 1641, to be summoned to attend, 10 Dec.

-, 1641, House informed of Preparations there designed for Hull; Parties examined, and thanked; Express to be sent to the Governor, and a Message to the King. Vide King A Committee to prepare Heads for a Conference concerning it, 18 Mar. Heads reported; and agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference desired; agreed to, and held; free Conference desired by Lords; agreed to; Managers and Reporters appointed; free Conference held, and reported; House adhere to their former Votes; another free Conference desired with Lords thereupon; agreed to, 19.

-, Isaac, 1642, Judges of the King's Bench to grant a Certiorari for removing Recognizances entered into by him, and Sureties taken for his Appearance, 25 Feb.

-, Hundred, 1642, Information of Warrants for bringing in Carts and Waggons read; voted illegal; Lord General to be moved to take Course for preventing such Oppressions, 12 Nov.

-, Bishop of, 1640, Message to Lords, acquainting them with Informations against him, and desiring he may give Security for his Appearance; Answer thereto, 19 Dec.-A Committee to receive all Petitions against him and Officers under him, and to prepare a Charge against him, and stop all Proceedings upon a Decree for the Payment of Tythes, 22. Petitions referred, 22, 23. & 30 Dec.- 19. 25, & 26 Jan.-16 & 19 Feb. - 8 Mar.-Their Power inlarged, 23 Dec.-Matters tending to the Charge to be communicated to them, 24. Committees added, 30.-Committee to stand, 12 Jan. -1641, Order for their meeting, 8. 14. & 22 Apr.- 14 May.-for making Report, 7 May.-30 June.-3 July. Articles reported, read, and to be ingrossed; voted unworthy to hold any spiritual Promotion; Lords to be desired to join in moving the King to remove him from his Person and Service, 5. Ingrossed Articles to be read, 12. Read, and to be sent to Lords, 14. Conference desired for that Purpose; agreed to, 19. Title amended; Articles to be delivered at a Conference, 20. Conference to be desired with Lords, to join in moving the King for sequestering him ab Officio, 28.-Impeached of high Crimes and Misdemeanors, 4 Aug. Vide Bishops-of High Treason, 30 Dec. Vide Bishops - 1642, Order for allowing him 100 l per Annum, 6 Apr. -for melting down his Plate, 18 Feb. - Lord Viscount, 1640, his Cause to be reported, 24 & 31 Dec.-Reported; Proceedings against him in Ireland voted illegal; Satisfaction to be made him; a Committee to consider of a Method for presenting it to Lords; the Committee for the Charge against the Earl of Strafford to make Use of the Report, 6 Jan. Order for sitting of the Committee, 12. - 1641, Declaration read, and to be ingrossed, 8 Sept.

-, House, 1642, made a Prison; Serjeant appointed Keeper, 3 Jan. Lords Concurrence signified, 10.

-, College, Cambridge, 1640, Petition concerning it referred to a Committee; Statutes, &c. to be brought to House; Grievances of Wadham College referred, 17 Dec. -Committees added, 17 Dec.-2 Mar.-Complaints against the Bishop of Norwich referred, 13 Jan.- 1641, Order for meeting of the Committee, 7 Apr.- Report, Resolutions touching the Votes of superannuated Fellows, 22 Mar.- 1642, Further Report; Mr. Worthington voted duly elected; superannuated Fellows to be pronounced Non Socii, 29 Mar.- 1641, Bill for confirming the Statutes read, 26 June- Committed, 2 July. All that come to have Voices, 12.- Order for meeting of the Committee, 12 Feb.

-, Chace, 1642, Order for paying Persons who stayed Horses there, and for staying them still, 21 June.-for their attending Lord General for his Directions, 28 July.

-, New, 1642, Petition of Inhabitants; Order for their being Custom-free for Commodities granted by Charter-for Agents to collect Monies for transporting Children driven out of Ireland, 31 Jan.-Ordinance concerning their being Custom-free, 2 Mar. Returned from Lords, with Amendments, 3. Amendments agreed to, 10.

-, Captain, 1642, committed to Lord Petre's House, 2 Jan. To London House, 9.

-, James, 1640, Bill to sell Lands for Payment of Debts, and Advancement of younger Children, read, 23 Jan.- Read Second time; Questions for Commitment and Ingrossment, severally Neg.; Bill rejected, 24 Feb.

-, 1640, Petitions from the Counties concerning it to be read, 25 Jan.- 1641, Bill for abolishing it read twice, 27 May. Committed, 27 May.-3. 11, 12. 15. 17, 18, & 19 June. Preamble agreed to, 11. Clauses for taking away Archbishops, &c.; agreed to, 12.-for abolishing Deans, Deans and Chapters, &c. and employing the Lands taken from them to the Advancement of Learning and Piety, 15.-The Subcommittee to withdraw notwithstanding the Sitting of the House, 2 July.-to report the Bill to the Grand Committee, 6. They report it, 8. Proceedings thereupon, 8, 9, 10. 12, 13, 14. 16, 17. 26, 27, 28, & 30. Resolutions touching the Possessions of Deans, and Deans and Chapters-of Archbishops and Bishops-of Advowsons belonging to them, 9.-touching a Maintenance for preaching Ministers-for transferring ecclesiastical Power into the Hands of Commissioners, 10. Order for meeting of the Sub-committee, 16.

-, 1641, Petition concerning Ministers named to preach there; Order for an Allowance to them, 31 Aug.

-, Richard, 1640, to be sent for as a Delinquent, to answer a Petition against him, 12 Nov.-To be bailed, 4 Jan. - Sir Walt. 1642. Vide Privileges-To have Liberty to send Arms into Dorsetshire, 6 Aug. - Mr. 1642, to have Licence to send Arms into Dorsetshire, 22 Sept. - Erasmus, 1642, to be disarmed, and summoned to attend, 18 Oct.

-, Sir Michael, 1641, Report that the King had commanded the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to recommend him to the House to be a Colonel, 27 Jan.-Order for adding Two Companies to his Regiment, 2 Feb.
-, 1642, his Letter to Speaker concerning Moneys and Arms for the Soldiers at Chester, 2 May.

-, Vide Knighthood Money.

-, Lord, 1641, Petition with the Grand Committee for Irish Affairs referred to the Sub-committee, 27 May.

-, Duke de, 1642, to have Warrant for transporting Six Horses to France, 17 May.-Clears himself of any Suspicion upon Account of Spanish Pistoles to be coined into English Gold; to be thanked for his Respect to House, 27.-Letters to be restored to his Servant; the Servant to be permitted to go according to his Pass, 20 Dec.-Several of his Servants to have Warrants to pass beyond Sea, 23 Feb.- Duke to have a Pass to go to Oxon, with Servants named therein, 10 Mar.

-, 1640, Petition of Inhabitants to be read; re-delivered to Persons who preferred it, 9 Nov.-New Writ, 27 Jan.- 1641, Order for delivering an Arrear of Fullers Earth, 24 May.-Earl of Warwick nominated Lord Lieutenant, 10 Feb. Deputy Lieutenants approved; Lord Lieutenant to be moved to add another, 17 Mar. Another to be added upon his Recommendation, 21. Member to acquaint him with Persons recommended, 22.- 1642, Lords to be moved for a Warrant to Deputy Lieutenants to appoint Officers over the Trained Bands, and to appoint a speedy Day for mustering them-to be moved to join in impowering Deputy Lieutenants to direct and issue Commissions left in their Hands by Lord Lieutenant, 24 May. Their Concurrence signified, 26. To be moved to join in an Order for Captains to nominate their inferior Officers; their Concurrence signified, 27.-Members to go down and fee the Militia put in Execution, 4 June.-Letter from Deputy Lieutenants read, and to be printed-Conference desired by Lords concerning Letters and Papers from thence, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, 8. Reported; Papers read, and to be printed; Lords Declaration thereupon agreed to 9.-Sheriff presents divers Proclamations he had received; injoined not to publish them, or any of the like Nature, 13.- A Committee to prepare Order, requiring the Sheriff not to publish Proclamations, &c. touching the Militia, 17. Ordinance read, agreed to, and sent to Lords, with Desire to join in an Order for printing it; returned with Amendments; Amendments agreed to, 18. -Sheriff called in; Purport of Speaker's Speech to him, 1 July.-injoined not to do any thing upon a Warrant for raising the Posse Comitatus, 1 Sept. -Deputy Lieutenant recommended, 15 June.-House acquainted with the Willingness of the County to obey the Ordinance for the Militia-original Petition of Officers of the Militia and Volunteers presented-Petition of Gentlemen read; Speaker's Answer to Persons who preferred it; Petition to be entered, and printed; Answer to be digested in Writing, 17. - Volunteers to have Order of Indemnity, 6 July.-Declaration, approving Commissioners nominated by Deputy Lieutenants for advancing the Propositions, for raising Horse, &c. to be sent to Lords, 11-Deputy Lieutenants to be injoined to go down and put in Execution the Instructions for the Propositions; a Committee to prepare an Order for that Purpose, 19.-The Committee for Informations to stay a Proclamation going thither by the Post, 21.-Commissioners added-Receivers of the Subscriptions appointed, 9 Aug.-Letter to be written to Justices of Peace to suppress Disorders of Soldiers, 17.-Conference desired with Lords concerning a Letter from thence; agreed to, 23.-Letters to be written to Deputy Lieutenants to use their Endeavours for quieting the People; Copy of a Declaration and Votes to be sent with them, 25. A Committee to perfect the Declaration, 29.-Order for their Meeting; Committees added; all that come to have Voices, 1 Sept. Declaration read, agreed to, and to be printed; Lords Concurrence signified, 2. Declaration to be dispersed-several Declarations concerning the County referred to a Committee, 3. Committee impowered to confider of Instructions for disarming Malignants, 8. Instructions read, agreed to, and to be sent to Lords, 24.-Sent, 1 Oct. Agreed to by them, 3.-Order for Sir Tho. Barrington to receive 400 l out of the Contribution-Moneys, read, agreed to, and to be sent to Lords, 4.-Order about sending up Money collected upon the Propositions, 12 & 13.-About raising the Posse Comitatus, 24. -Ordinance for raising Recruits, 13 Nov. Agreed to by Lords, 14.-Deputy Lieutenants nominated, 28. Lords Concurrence signified, 29.-Ordinance for raising Horse, 5 Dec. Agreed to by Lords, 8.-Persons brought from thence, committed to Newgate, 14.-Order for seizing the Arms, &c. of Persons refusing to contribute upon the Propositions, or to associate themselves, 24 Jan. Amended, 26.-Late Sheriff to be continued, 28.-Deputy Lieutenants to sign Warrants for levying Money upon the Association, 16 Feb.-Member to go down for advancing the weekly Assessment, 7 Mar. - Earl of, 1641, Lords desired to move the King to appoint him Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire, 7 May. House put them in mind thereof; their Answer, 19.-To be thanked for his Respec/?/ts to House, 9 June.-His Letter to Lord General read, and re-delivered to Member who brought it, 26.- Conference desired with Lords concerning his having the Command of the Trained Bands on this Side Trent; Managers appointed; Conference agreed to, and held, 6 Nov. Message to Lords, desiring their Answer, 16. Ordinance for that Purpose returned, with Amendments, 18.- 1642, nominated Captain General; Lords Concurrence to be desired, 12 July. Signified, 13. Ordinance for that Purpose read twice; Question for Re-commitment, Neg. Ordinance agreed to; Lords Concurrence signified, 15.-The Committee for Safety of the Kingdom to move him to hasten Levies, 23.-Conference desired by Lords concerning a Proclamation declaring him and others Traitors, agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, and reported; Resolution to adhere to him; a Committee to prepare a Covenant pursuant thereto; absent Members to declare themselves from time to time at their coming into the House, 11 Aug. Declare themselves, 27. 29, & 30, Aug.- 7. 14. & 16, Sept.- 10. 15. & 29, Oc/?/t. - 2 & 8 Nov.-Committees added, 12 & 15 Aug. Order for Meeting of the Committee, 12, 13. & 15. -Order against printing the Proclamation; Earl to be desired to punish Disorders in Soldiers, 17.-Agreed to by Lords, 8 Sept.-Order touching his Entertainment as Lord General, 18 Aug. Agreed to by Lords, 19.-A Committee to prepare Heads for a Conference touching his speedy taking the Field, 22.-Conference desired by Lords concerning his setting forth in the Evening, agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, and reported; Speaker, with several Members, to take Leave of him at Essex-house, 9 Sept.-Lords to be desired to join in a Letter to him to advance towards the King; Instructions for him to be considered, 16. A Committee to prepare Heads, 17. Heads reported, and to be considered, 20. Read one by one, and agreed to; Names to be inserted among those excepted; Instructions to a Committee appointed to be continually with him, read, and agreed to, 21. Instructions to Lord General returned from Lords, with Amendments; Amendments agreed to; Instructions for the Committee agreed to by Lords, 22.-His Letter concerning Passages at Worcester, and Insolences committed, read-Conference desired by Lords concerning Letters from him, 3 Oct. Vide King-His Letter concerning the King's advancing with his Army, read, 13.-Draught of a Letter to him read, agreed to, and to be signed by Speakers of both Houses; Lords Concurrence to be desired, 27.- Motion for Acknowledgement of his Services to be considered, 2 Nov. Resolution for presenting him with 5,000 l; Treasurer at War to send it; a Committee to prepare a Letter of Thanks for his Services, 3. Committee for Defence of the Kingdom to grant a Warrant for issuing the Money-Conference to be desired with Lords concerning his drawing out his Forces; Managers appointed; Conference agreed to, and held; Message from Lords, informing House they had acquainted him with their Desires-A Committee of both Houses to prepare the Form of an Acknowlegment to him, 7. Form reported, 10. Agreed to by Lords -Order for moving him to grant no Commissions for raising new Troops till the old are recruited, 11.-Message to be sent to him, to desire he would proceed according to his best Advantages, 12 & 14 Nov.-20 Dec.-House informed of his Resolution to proceed; Order for thanking him, 12 Nov. -A Committee appointed to attend the Army; another Committee to prepare Instructions for them-his staying a Message appointed to be sent to the King concerning a Cessation, approved; Lords Concurrence to be desired, 14.-A Committee to acquaint him with Proceedings in the City upon the Proposition for raising 4,000 Horse, 16.-Message to be sent to him to take all Advantages in prosecuting the War-to be desired to order the Guard at the new Bridge to examine all Passengers, 19. His Answer about prosecuting the War reported; Member to prepare a Letter to him, 21. To be moved to take all Advantages in disposing his Army for the Preservation of the Peace of the Kingdom; Lords to be moved at a Conference to join herein, 23.-Letter to him relating the Service at Winchester; to be thanked for his Care of the Direction thereof, 17 Dec.-To be acquainted with the State of the Northern Counties, and consider of a Method to save them from plundering, 19.-To be acquainted with the State of Wiltshire, 14 Jan. -To be acquainted with the Deficiency of the Troops commanded by Sir Wm. Waller, and desired to dispatch him forthwith, 24 Feb.-To be desired not to omit any Advantage till the Cessation and Treaty be concluded, 27.-His Intention to march approved, 9 Mar.-His Letter concerning the State and Stations of the Army read; Members to return an Answer, 13.- Countess of, 1642, Information concerning her referred to the Committee for Informations, 11 Jan. - Colonel Charles, 1642, to have Warrant to transport himself, &c. beyond Sea, 12 May.-Order for giving 500 l to his Widow and Sister, 31 Dec.

-, Richard. Vide Kirkham

-, St. 1640, Petition of Inhabitants referred to the Committee for the Archbishop of Canterbury, 21 Jan. Vide Laud- 1642, Minister recommended, 22 Dec.

-, College, 1642, the Committee for the King's Revenue to consider of providing for it, 29 Oct.-Order against imposeing upon the Scholars the wearing Surplices, 20 Feb.

-, Sir Jo. 1641, to write a Letter about providing a House for the Commissioners from Scotland to the Parliament, 2 Dec.- 1642, Vote for adhering to the Earl of Essex read; his Answer demanded; begs Time to consider of it; ordered to withdraw; Votes for suspending, disarming, and committing him to the Tower; to be heard before Judgment; declares himself in the Affirmative; Votes revoked, 25 Oct. - Tho. 1642, referred to Lord Mayor to punish him according to Law, 14 Jan.

-, Joseph, 1642, Petition referred to Lord Admiral, 29 Mar.

-, John, 1641, Petition referred to the Committee for Religion, 19 July.-Another read, and avowed; Barkesdale to be summoned to appear, 6 Sept. Vide Barkesdale

-, Serjeant, 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 12 Nov. -To be summoned to attend the Service of House, 4 Feb.

-, 1640, new Writ, 21 Jan.

-, 1641, Petition concerning Ministers appointed to preach there; Order for an Allowance to them, 31 Aug.- 1642, Consideration of training the Inhabitants referred to a Committee, 30 Sept.

-, Ralph, 1640, Order for bailing him, 19 Jan.

-, 1642, a Committee to take Examinations of all Prisoners and suspected Persons, 28 Oct. Impowered to grant Warrants for staying Troopers and their Horses, and straggling Soldiers and their Arms, 30.-Committees added, 1 Nov. Report touching Mr. Roe, 15. Vide Roe- The Committee impowered to examine all suspected Persons in and about London, 16 Jan. Declared to have Power to commit them where they think fit, 23.

-, Diego, 1642, Petition read, and referred to a Committee, 17 Feb.-Order for apprehending him, 2 Mar.

-, 1642, a Committee to break open Chests and Hampers in Mr. Pitt's Office, and belonging to particular Persons, and seize Money and Plate therein, 9 Dec. Report to be made, 12 & 13.- Court of, 1642, Petition of Messengers read, and referred to the Committee concerning Sheriffs, 12 Dec.

-, 1642. Vide Supply

-, 1640, Petition of Inhabitants read, and referred to the Committee for the Ministers Remonstrance, 23 Feb.- 1641, Another Petition read; Speaker's Answer to Persons who preferred it, 24 Jan.- 1642, Order for disposing of 150 l of the Contributionmoneys to distressed Protestants from Ireland, and for paying the Residue to the Treasurers; Citizens to be thanked for their good Example; another Order for disposing of 500 l and paying the Residue, 16 May.-Information of a Collection; Citizens to be thanked for their Forwardness to the public Service, 7 June.-Letter from the Mayor and Sheriff communicated by Lords; their Proceedings thereupon agreed to; Order for Indemnity of the Sheriff; a Committee to prepare a Letter of Thanks, 20. Letter read, and to be signed by Speaker, 21.-Letters from Mayor touching Proclamations, &c. received from the King; Members to write an Answer; a Committee to examine other Members touching a Petition mentioned therein, 15 July.-Letter from Mayor read; Order for fortifying the City, 6 Sept.-For disarming such of the Trained Bands as refuse to shew their Arms, 27.-City impowered to fortify the old Castle-to detain 300 l collected upon the Propositions, to be disposed of by Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-council, 11 Oct.-Mayor and Deputy Lieutenants to dispose of it, 1 Nov.-Petition concerning the City, and Articles annexed, referred to the Committee for Dispatches; Lord General to be desired to consider of a proper Person to command the Castle and Garrison, 8.-Order for providing Men, Ammunition, &c. read, and agreed to, 25. Lords Concurrence signified, 26.-Member to prepare Order for melting down Bells in the Cathedral, using it for a Magazine, and suspending singing Service; the Committee for the Tower to consult about erecting a Mint in the City, 8 Dec.-Another Committee to provide a Mint and Moneyers, and send them down, 3 Jan.-Petition of Mayor, &c. representing their Fears, and desiring Aid, read, and referred to a Committee, 10 Dec.-Declaration concerning the Adjournment of the Sessions to be published in the Parish Churches, 27.- Order for raising Forces; Lords Concurrence signified, 13 Feb. -Order for Indemnity of the Mayor and Sheriff for not publishing certain Proclamations, 28. - Countess Dowager of, 1640, Bill from Lords for settling an Estate upon her, 3 Mar. Read, 5. Committed, 10. - 1641, Order for Meeting of the Committee, 6 & 24 Apr.-19 May. Bill reported, 22.-Passed, 22 June.

-, Mr. 1642, to be summoned to attend the Service of House, 29 Nov.-To be brought up in Custody, 2 Dec.