House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 23 December 1641

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 23 Decembris.


Preachers thanked.

ORDERED, That Mr. Calamy, and Mr. Marshall, shall be desired to print the Sermons they Yesterday preached at St. Margarett's Westminster, at the Intreaty of this House: And Sir Arth. Ingram, and Sir Tho. Barrington, are desired to return them Thanks from this House: And it is likewise.

Present to Preachers.

Ordered, That they shall have a Piece of Plate, of Twenty Pounds apiece, given unto them: And Sir Arth. Ingram, and Sir Tho. Barrington, are to think of some convenient Course of raising the said Moneys.

General Fast.

Ordered, That the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, Barons of the Cinque-ports, that serve for the several Counties, Cities, Boroughs, and Cinque-ports, shall send Copies of the Order of both Houses, reciting his Majesty's Royal Assent thereunto, for the Observing a General Fast through the Kingdom on This-dayMonth, to the several Sheriffs; requiring them to deliver them to the several Head Constables, and they to their Petty Constables, that they more conveniently be dispersed: And this Order to be published in Print.

Grant to Yorkshire, &c.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this Order now presented, concerning the Payment of Monies to the Counties of Yorke, Lincolne, and Nottingham, &c. shall be recommitted to the Knights and Burgesses of Yorkeshire, Lincolne, Nottinghamshire, Northumberland, and Newcastle: And are to meet upon it To-morrow at Eight of Clock, in the Star-chamber.

Deane Forest.

Ordered, That the Committee for the [Forest] of Deane do make a Report to this House of the Case of the Earl of Salisbury at the Time of making the Report in the Case of Mr. Browne.

King's Answer to Petition.

A Letter from his Majesty, directed to Mr. Speaker; and likewise his Majesty's Answer to the Petition from this House unto his Majesty, the First of December; were first read by Mr. Speaker; and then his Majesty's Answer to the Petition was again read by the Clerk.

Resolved, upon the...., That his Majesty's Answer to the Petition from this House, delivered unto his Majesty the First of December, shall be referred to the Committee, that prepared That Petition; to frame an Answer unto it, and to present it to the House: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Four of Clock, in the Inner Court of Wards.

Persons to attend.

Ordered, That Mr. Robert Hewett, and Mr. Watson the King's Surgeon, be forthwith summoned to attend this House.

Seizing Papists.

Ordered, That Sir Oliver Luke and Sir Roger Bourgoine, or either of them, shall require the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, and some of the Justices of Peace of that County, to give him or them their best Assistance for the Seizing and Apprehending of the Persons of such Papists, as this House is informed, do assemble together in an unusual Manner; and for the Seizing of their Arms; and likewise for the Securing of the Magazine of that County.

The Tower.

Ordered, That the Gentlemen that serve for the City, and Mr. Tomkins, Mr. Martin, and Mr. Peard, shall inquire in what Hands the Tower of London now is: And have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records.

Oneile's Impeachment.

The Articles of Impeachment of Daniel Oneile Esquire, by the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, in their own Name, and in the Name of all the Commons of England, in Maintenance of their Accusation, whereby he standeth charged with High Treason, were this Day...; and, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be delivered unto the Lords at a Conference.

Capt. Legg.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the Business concerning Captain Legg shall be referred to the Committee, that prepared the Charge against Mr. Oneile: And they are to present their Opinion upon the whole Matter to the House.

Ordered, That Captain Wm. Legg, now in the Custody of the Serjeant at Arms, shall be-forthwith bailed.

Oneil's Impeachment.

Ordered, That a Conference shall' be desired with the Lords, concerning the Impeachment of Daniel Oneil Esquire; and Mr. Serjeant Wilde and Mr. Peard are to manage this Conference: And Mr. Hotham is to go to the Lords, to desire a Conference, to this Purpose.

Treaty with Scotland.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth undertake to pay the Five-and-twenty hundred Men already entertained in Scotland, from the Eighth of this instant December to the End of the Treaty, according to the Pay allotted them in Scotland.

Sir John Evelyn is appointed to go to the [Lords, to] desire a Conference concerning the Treaty with the Scots.

The Heads of the Conference.

To acquaint their Lordships with the Resolution of this House, concerning the Payment of the Five-and-twenty hundred Men in Scotland; and that this Charge is fallen upon this House, by reason they have received no Answer from their Lordships to the Scotts Propositions: And therefore to dssire their Lordships to hasten an Answer to them all; in regard they cannot proceed to the full Conclusion of That Treaty, till they receive their Lordships Answer unto this Proposition, and the rest.

Mr. Fines and Mr. Hampden are appointed Managers of this Conference.

London Apprentices Petition.

The humble Petition of the Apprentices, and others, whose Times of Apprenticeship are lately expired, in and about the City of London, was this Day read:

And the Parties, that preferred the Petition, were called in: And Mr. Speaker told them, that this House does approve of the Manner of their Delivery of the Petition; and, for the Interruption complained of, they will consider of it, when Proof shall be produced: They will likewise consider of the Desires in their Petition, when the great Affairs of this House shall permit.

That the Interruption complained of in this Petition, preferred from the Apprentices, shall be preferred to the Committee formerly appointed to consider of the Interruption complained of in preferring the Petition from divers of the Citizens of London.

Books to be returned.

Whereas divers Books belonging to Baylioll College were, by Order of the Committee appointed by this House for the Universities, sent for up, and delivered into the Custody of the said Committee; It is this Day Ordered, That Sir Robert Harley, who has the Chair at that Committee, shall deliver the said Books unto Bayliol College.

Gracechurch Minister.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of divers of the Parishioners of St. Bennett, Gracechurch, in London, now presented to the House against Mr. Quelch their Minister, shall be referred to the Committee for scandalous Ministers.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. William Quelch shall be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent, by the Serjeant at Arms attending on this House.

Examining Oneile.

Ordered, That the Lords may be moved, that the Committee of this House for Examinations, may have Liberty to examine Mr. Oneile, their Prisoner.

Examination of Watson.

Mr. Watson was called in: And, being asked whether he had a House near Anthill in Bedfordshire; and when he was there; and what Arms he had in his House: He said, he confessed he had a House near Anthill: That, for Arms, he had two Fowling-pieces, a Crossbow, and two Halbards; And that, for Training of Men, or Confluence of People, to his, or Mr. Hewett's, he has heard nothing, nor knows any thing, of training Men.

Ordered, That Mr. Watson be dismissed from any farther Attendance.

The Tower, &c.

The humble Petition of divers Common Councilmen, and others, of the City of London, concerning the Tower of London to be put into the Hands of Colonel Lunsford, was this Day read:

And some of the Petitioners called in : And, being asked what they knew of the Truth of this Petition, they said, That Particular, concerning his being outlawed, they knew very well; the rest, by Information.


Sir Jo. Evelyn brings Answer, that [the Lords] will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Colonel Lunsford.

Ordered, That this Petition, concerning Colonel Lunsford; be resumed into farther Consideration, when the Conference shall be ended.

Message to Lords.

To desire the Lords, that a Committee of this House may have Liberty to send for Mr. Oneile, being their Prisoner, upon Matters of Importance; and likewise to desire them to sit awhile, in regard this House shall have Occasion to come unto them.


Mr. Waller, brings this Answer from the Lords; That the Lords have given Directions, that Daniel Oneal may be examined by the Committee of this House; and that they will sit a convenient Time.

The Tower &c.

Sir Ralph Hopton is to go to the Lords with this Message; To desire a Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, concerning the Safety of the Kingdom, and City of London.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Heads of this Conference shall be,

1. To deliver the Petition received this Day from divers Citizens of London, concerning their Apprehensions of Danger, if Colonel Lunceford be made Lieutenant of the Tower.

2. To present to the Lords Colonel Lunceford's desperate Carriage in the Case of Sir Thomas Pelham.

3. His desperate Carriage towards Captain Bullar, when one Eye was put out; his Attempt to put out the other Eye; of which, for a long time after, he lost the Sight.

4. That he is a Person outlawed.

5. That while he was in the King's Army, for Threequarters of a Year, he never came to the Church.

6. That the Tower of London is the great Magazine of the Kingdom, and the Place where the Bullion of the Kingdom is kept and coined; and, if a Person be there, in whom they may not confide, it would put a Stop to Trade: And lastly,

To acquaint the Lords, That his Majesty recommended Sir Jo. Conyers to the Parliament for some Employment; and that, if in case Sir Wm. Belfore do leave that Place of Lieutenant of the Tower, that their Lordships will join with this House to move his Majesty for the Placing Sir Jo. Conyers in that Employment, to be Lieutenant of the Tower.

Sir Ralph Hopton brings Answer, that the Lords will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Mr. Hollis, Mr. Pym, Mr. Peard, Mr. Buller, Mr. Vassalt, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Leave of Absence.

Sir Walther Erle has Leave to go into the Country.

Army Accounts.

Ordered, That the Paymasters of Barwick and Carlell shall begin their Accounts on the Tenth of November last was Twelve-month: And the Auditors, that are appointed to take their Accounts, are hereby required to receive their Accounts, as beginning on the Tenth of November as aforesaid; and that they pass their Accounts upon those Terms accordingly.

Loan from the City.

Ordered, That the Gentlemen that serve for the City, shall acquaint the Lord Mayor, and Court of Aldermen, that the Fifty thousand Pounds, promised by the City to be lent for the Affairs of Ireland, is not yet all come in; and that [the Lord] Mayor give notice thereof to the several Wards; to the End, that such as are minded to bring in their Monies, and lend them to this Service, may bring them in: And, if more shall come in than the Fifty thousand Pounds already secured, the House will take care and order to secure them by the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds.

Irish Protestants.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde reports the Bill for a speedy Contribution to the Necessities of the Irish Protestants, that are lately come out of Ireland, with the Amendments: The which Amendments were twice read: And the Bill, together with the Amendments, was, upon the Question, ordered to be ingrossed.

Securing Recusants.

Resolved, upon the Question, That a Conference be desired with the Lords, concerning the Bill for securing the Persons of Recusants: And those Reasons, now reported by Serjeant Wilde, shall be offered to the Lords at that Conference, for the Passing of the said Bill: And to desire the Lords at the same Conference, that the Name of Ralph Euers, inserted in that Bill, may be omitted in that Bill; in regard this House is well informed he is a Person conformable to the Church of England, and receiveth the Sacrament.

Reformado Officers.

The humble Petition of the reformado Officers of his Majesty's late Army in the North, was this Day read.

The Question being put, for the Referring this Petition to the Committee for Irish Affairs;

The Question passed with the Negative.

Petitions not to stop Proceedings at Law.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Tho. and Nich. Bowater, and William Romney, shall have no Benefit of the Order of the Eleventh of February to protect him from Arrests, having a Petition depending in this House; in regard there is an Order, since that Date, made in this House, that no Bill or Petition depending here, shall stop the Proceedings in any Court of Justice, without special Order from this House.

Offley's Poll-money.

Ordered, That Sir John Offley, of Isleworth, in the County of Midd', shall pay the Rate of the Poll-money, assessed upon him, double.

Suspected Persons.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker do grant his Warrant to the Serjeant, for the Apprehending of all such Persons as are suspected to have any Hand in the Rebellion in Ireland, or that have any Correspondency with them; and also to search for Letters, and other Things, that may conduce to the Discovery of any such thing: And likewise to have Power to grant forth his Warrant, for the Apprehending of such particular Persons, as he shall be informed to have any Hand or Correspondence in that Rebellion.