House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 08 April 1642

Pages 516-518

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Veneris, 8 Aprilis, 1642.


Relief of Londonderry.

ORDERED, That those that have the Care of Distributing the Corn appointed for the Relief of Londonderry, shall have a due Respect and Consideration of the Necessities of the Five Ladies, and Twelve Ministers, mentioned in this Schedule; viz. Lady Gore Vid', Lady Coke Vid', with Eight Children; Lady Roes Vid', Lady Brookes Vid', Two Children; Lady Bagnoll Vid';

Edw. Stanhope, Cleric'
Geo. Walker,
Gervase Walker,
Rich. Wyntour,
James Baxter,
Mr. Holland,
Edw. Singe,
Tho. Crompton,
Mr. Wakefield,
Wm. Warren,
Wm. Lloyd,
Mr. Wood, Schoolmaster.

Leave of Absence.

Mr. Jo. Nash has Leave to go into the Country for a Month.

Andevor Election.

Ordered, That Sir H. Herbert shall, To-morrow Morning, peremptorily, make Report of the Case concerning the Election for Andevor.

Wraye's Estate.

Mr. Whittlock reports to the Committee, the Bill concerning Sir Christ. Wraye's settling his Estate, with some Amendments: The which Amendments were twice read: and the Bill ordered, with the Amendments, to be ingrossed.

Package, &c.

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act concerning Package, Bailage, Scavage, Portage, &c: Upon Question, committed unto the Committee appointed to consider of the Grievances presented from the Common Council:

Mr. Whittlock, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Arth. Goodwyn, Mr. Ven, * Yelverton, * Pury, * Glyn, * Penington, * Selden, * Gerard, * Nicoll, * Waller, * Holland, * White, Sir Edm. Montefort, and all the Merchants of the House: And are to meet on Wednesday next, at Two of Clock, in the Court of Wards.

James' Forfeiture.

The Amendments to the Bill for the Forfeiture of Jo. James his Estate, for the wounding of Mr. Heywood, were twice read; and assented unto; and ordered to be amended accordingly.

Tuthill Fields Parish.

2da vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Erecting the Parish of Christ Church in Tuthill Fields, in Westminster, and dividing it from the Parish of St. Margaret's, Westminster; and making the said Parish of Christ Church a Parish of itself: Upon. Question, committed unto Sir Gilbert Gerard, Mr. Law. Whittacre, Sir Wm. Strickland, Dr. Eden, Mr. Wheeler, Sir Edm. Montfort, Mr. Ven, Mr. Bell, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Martin, * Berrington, * Winne, * Ingram, * Harley, * Bagott, * Crue, * Rolle, * Erle, * Mostyn, * Solicitor, * Ro. Goodwyn, * Ro. Coke, * Pury, * Holles, * Selden, * Pierrepoint, * Jo. Corbett: And are to meet on Thursday next, at Two post meridiem, in the Court of Wards.

Payment to Vassall.

Lord Gray brings Answer, That he had carried up the Order for the Payment of One hundred Pounds to Mr. Vassall.

Twisden's Petition.

The humble Petition of Sir Roger Twisden was this Day read; and ordered to be referred to the Consideration of the Committee of both Houses, appointed to consider of the Kentish Petition.

Holles's, &c. Pass.

Ordered, That Lieutenant Colonel Holles shall have Liberty to pass over Seas with Eight Persons besides himself, in his Company, and with their Horses and Baggage: The Names of the Eight Persons are to be brought in to the House.

Daniell's Pass.

Ordered, That one Mr. Daniel, an Agent to the Portugal Ambassador, and One Servant, shall have Liberty to pass over the Seas.

Devon, &c. Rates.

1a vice lecta est Billa, An Act for the Easing of the Counties of Devon, Norfolk, Surrey, the County and City .... by abating of the several Charges imposed upon them by the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds; and upon Question, rejected.

Declaration to Scotland:

Mr. Fienis reports, from the Committee appointed to that Purpose, a Declaration to be sent to the Council of Scotland, for preserving a right Understanding between the Two Nations: Which was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto, to be sent unto the Council in Scotland.

It is likewise Ordered, That this Declaration be sent up to the Lords to desire their Lordships Concurrence herein.

Irish Adventurers.

Ordered, That the Committee of the Adventurers for Ireland do prepare a Letter to be sent by Mr. Speaker to the Sheriffs of the several Counties and Cities of this Kingdom, to encourage the Gentry and others in their Underwriting, and to expedite the same; and to send inclosed in that Letter, the Act concerning the Adventurers and the last Act of Explanation of the former Act, and the Names of the Members of this House that have subscribed; and present the same unto this House.

White's Pass.

Ordered, That Rich. White, of Hutton in the County of Essex, with the Lady Catherine his Wife, and George Jerome, Charles, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Francis White, their Children, shall be licensed by this House to be transported into France, together with Three Men Servants, and Three Maid Servants (whose Names are also particularly to be inserted in the Warrant) and to transport their Trunks of Apparel, and other necessary Provisions: And the Searchers are required to take care that no prohibited Commodities be exported by them.


Ordered, That these Propositions of the Clothiers be referred to the Committee for Adventurers.

Forces for Ireland.

Ordered, That the Officers of these Regiments that are now to be raised for the Service of Ireland; and Mr. Loftus, Deputy Treasurer at Wars; do attend the Committee for Adventurers To-morrow Morning, at Seven of Clock, to give them an Account why they do not presently go to the Levying of their Soldiers.

That the Commissary for the Muster of Men at Chester be sent unto, to give an Account whether their Horse and Dragoons be gone into Ireland; and why they have stayed thus long: And Mr. Pym to write the Letter; and to send it away by an Express.

Scotch Army.

Resolved, That the Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, and Serjeant Major, of the Scotts Army, shall have the same Allowance for their Waggons as the like Officers of the English Army have.

Resolved, That the Captains of the Scotts Army shall have the same Allowance for their Waggons as the Captains of the English Army have.

Referred to the General of the Scotch Army, to save what he may or can from such Companies as remain in Garison, and in such times as there is no need of Waggons.

Resolved, upon the Question, That it be referred to the General of the Scotch Army, to save what he may or can from such of the Officers of the Field that shall not be actually employed in the Field.

Resolved, upon the Question, That for Provision of Victuals for the Scotch Army, the Parliament will take care that there shall be a sufficient Provision always in Magazines, of such kind of Victuals as they shall desire, and at such Rates as we can afford them, and as shall be afforded to the English Forces there, unless they shall undertake it themselves; for the Carts, for the Ammunition, Match and Bullet, a Sum of Money shall be deposited in the Deputy Treasurer's Hands, for the buying of them.

A Message from * * * *

Judgment against Benion.

The Lords have sent us with this Message; That the Lords are ready to proceed to Judgment against Geo. Benion, if this House be ready to demand Judgment against him, by their Speaker.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House is ready to demand Judgment by their Speaker; and will presently come up to demand it accordingly.


Mr. Crew went up to the Lords; and carried up the Declaration in Matter of Religion.


He was likewise appointed to desire a free Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, concerning the Removing the Magazine at Hull; and likewise to desire a Conference concerning the preserving a good Correspondency between the Two Kingdoms of England and Scotland, and concerning the Articles of Treaty between the Two Nations, for the Supply of Ireland.

Mr. Fines is to manage that Part of the Conference concerning the good Correspondency, and the Articles; and carried up the Declaration concerning that * * * *

Bankes', &c. Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of Matthew Bankes, Carpenter, and others, that set up and erected the Courts of Guard, this Day preferred to this House, be referred to the Consideration of Sir Ro. Pye and Mr. Wheeler, to take their Account, and to satisfy them.


Ordered, That the Halberts that were beretofore borrowed for the Service of this House, shall be restored to the Parties that they were borrowed of: And that Sir Ro. Pye and Mr. Wheeler, shall take some Course for the Providing of Twenty Halberts, to be kept here for the Service of this House.

Prisoner brought to the Bar.

Tho. Fawcett, who printed the Kentish Petition, was brought to the Bar; confessed that the Petition was printed at his Press; and that one Jo. Thomas, who, as it was informed, is his Servant, brought it unto him to be printed; and that he had no Order of the House for the Printing of it.


Ordered, That Mr. Green shall, To-morrow Morning, peremptorily, so soon as the House is set, report the Business concerning the Vintners.

Declaration to Scotland.

Ordered, That a Copy of this Declaration concerning Scotland shall be delivered by the Commissioners, Members of this House, appointed to treat with Commissioners for Scotland; to be sent by them from this House, to the Kingdom of Scotland: And that the Lords be moved to send a Copy thereof by the Commissioners, Members of their House, appointed to treat with the Commissioners of Scotland, to be sent from their House to the Kingdom of Scotland.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Crew brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Declaration concerning Religion; and to a present free Conference, and Conference, as was desired.


The Form of a Commission to be granted to the Colonels and Captains of the several Counties, by virtue of the Ordinance of Parliament, concerning the Militia, was presented to the House; read and amended; and then approved of; and sent to the Lords to desire their Concurrence therein.

Sir Jo. Potts carried it up; and likewise carried up the Order concerning the Papers of the Militia, in the Custody of the Lord of Bridgwater.

Prisoner discharged.

Ordered, That the Mayors of Pembroke and Haverfordwest, or either of them, shall discharge Peter Wall of Weymouth, from his Imprisonment, upon his giving good Security to answer the Offence for which he stands committed before this House, at such times as he shall be thereunto called.

Money for Army Service.

Ordered, That, by the Warrant of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, the Deputy Treasurer at Wars for Ireland shall have Power to imprest to the General of the Scotts Army, Two thousand Pounds for Fortifications, Intelligences, and other Incidents; so that there be not above Two thousand Pounds in a Year imprested upon these Occasions, without particular and special Warrant from this House.

Powder for Carrickfergus.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Twenty Last more of Powder shall be provided, to be sent to Carrickfergus. [a].


  • a. In the Margin is wrote, "Mr. Fienis, this Day, carried up this Order to the Lords, though made Martii 28°."