House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 30 April 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Sabbati, ultimo Aprilis, 1642.


Leave of Absence.

SIR Wm. Playters has Leave to be absent from the House, his Daughter dying of the Plague.

Seizure of Kentish Petitions, &c.

Sir Jo. Wollaston was called in; ... informed the House, that the Committee for the Militia, according to the Order of both Houses, gave Order to some of the Captains, to see that no Multitudes armed should come in: And divers Gentlemen coming, one of them rode in the Front very suspiciously: Whereupon they stayed him, and apprehended One Gentleman with the Bundle of the Kentish Petitions (that were formerly ordered by both Houses to be burnt) printed.

Sir Jo. Wollaston, and the Gentlemen of the City of London, were again called in: Mr. Speaker told them, that the House took their Service in very good part, as an Addition of their Respect to this House, and the Commonwealth; for which he was commanded to give them Thanks.

Resolved, That the Reprinting of Sir Edw. Dering's Book, formerly ordered to be burnt, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee for Printing, where Mr. White has the Chair: And that they consider what is fit to be done upon it: And that the Books be seized: And that it be referred to the same Committee, to find out who printed the Kentish Petitions; and to whom this great Bundle of them was delivered.


Mr. Holborne has Leave to be of Counsel * * * *

Persons summoned.

Resolved, upon the Question, Joseph Hincksman and Wm. Blake of Andover, be forthwith summoned to attend this House, for refusing to be assistant to the Sheriff of Southampton in the Execution of an Order of both Houses, for the conducting of some Rebels from the West to London.

Church Government, &c.

That the Committee concerning the Government of the Church, and the Committee of the Bill for the better Maintenance of the Ministry, be joined: And that they consider of the Monies formerly collected for the buying in of Impropriations, and what has been done with it: And that they have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers and Records: And that it be referred to this Committee, to consider of some Means for the better certifying themselves of the Value of all the Vicarages in each County: And that Sir Tho. Whitmore and Mr. Browne be added to this Committee.


Ordered, That the several Chairman of the several Committees be required to set up Notes at the Door, of the Time and Place when the several Committees do meet.

Strode's Impeachment.

Mr. Peard reports the Charge against Sir Geo. Strode, and the whole State of the Passages of all the Proceedings in the Management of the Kentish Petition.

The Articles of Impeachment against Sir Geo. Strode, Knight, were first read over, all together; and then one by one; and one by one put to the Question.

Answer to the King.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to prepare Answer to his Majesty's last Message concerning Hull, &c. do meet this Afternoon at Two, in the Court of Wards: And that all the Members of that Committee do attend that Committee.

Strode's Impeachment.

Ordered, That the Residue of Sir Geo. Strode's Charge not yet voted, be recommitted to the same Committee.

Kent Petition.

The House being informed, That divers Gentlemen of the County of Kent were at the Door, that desired to present a Petition to the House;

They were called in; presented their Petition:

And then withdrew.

And their Petition was read, and appeared to be the same that was formerly burnt by Order of both Houses by the Hand of the Common Hangman.

Captain Leigh reports, That being at the Quarter Sessions held at Maidston, he observed certain Passages which he delivered in Writing.

Captain Lovelace, who preferred the Petition, was called in: And Mr. Speaker was commanded to ask him, From whose Hand he had this Petition; and who gave him Warrant to present it.

"Mr. Geo. Chute delivered him the Petition the next Day after the Assizes."-

"The Gentlemen, that were assembled at Blackheath, commanded him to deliver it."-

Whether he knew that the like was burnt by Order of this House; and that some. Gentlemen were here questioned for the Business.

"He understood a general Rumour, That some Gentlemen were questioned."-

"He had heard a Fortnight since, that the like Petition was burnt by the Hand of the Common Hangman."-

"He knew nothing of the Bundle of Printed Petitions."-

He likewise said, "That there was a Petition at the Quarter Sessions, disavowed by all the Justices there, which he tore."

Sir Wm. Boteler was likewise called in; asked, When he was at Yorke.

Answered, "On Wednesday last was Sevennight he came from Yorke, and came to his House in London."-

"He heard of a Petition, that was never delivered."-

"He never heard of any Censure of the Parliament."-

"He heard that a Paper was burnt for being irregularly burnt."-

"He has heard that the Petition that went under the Name of the Kentish Petition, was burnt by the Hands of the Common Hangman."

"He never heard of any Order of either, of both, the Houses concerning * *"

"He was at Hull on Thursday or Friday was a Sevennight: As he came from Yorke, he took Hull in the Way. He has heard, That Sir Roger Twisden was questioned for the like Petition."

"He was Yesterday at Blackheath."

Persons committed.

Resolved, upon * * That Captain Lovelace shall be presently committed Prisoner to the Gatehouse.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Wm. Boteler, shall be presently committed Prisoner to the Fleet.

Ordered, That the Serjeant shall apprehend them, and carry them in safe Custody, and deliver them as Prisoners to the several Prisons aforesaid.

Messages from the King.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Robert Riche and Sir Edw. Leech;

The Lords desire a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, presently, in the Painted Chamber, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House; concerning Two Messages that they received now from the King, of the highest Consequence that ever came to that House.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has taken their Lordships Message into Consideration, and will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Mr. Holles, Mr. Pym, Mr. Glyn, Sir H. Vane, are appointed Reporters of this Conference.

Persons to attend.

The Serjeant was commanded to require the Gentlemen that preferred the Kentish Petition, to attend, till the House came down from the Conference.

Letter referred.

Ordered, That the Letter sent from Mr. Moore to Mr. Speaker, be referred to the Commissioners for Irish Affairs.

Kent Petitioners.

The Gentlemen of Kent that presented the Petition, were called in: And Mr. Speaker, by the Command of the House, told them, "That the House has considered of the Petition that you presented. And they know you cannot be ignorant, what Opinion both Houses have formerly expressed of the same Petition: Yet, considering that you are young Gentlemen, misled by the Solicitation of some not affected to the Peace of the Kingdom; and that, howsoever they intend to proceed against the chief Agents and prime Actors in this Business; yet they are willing that you should be dismissed; hoping that you may hereafter prove good Members of the Commonwealth."

Messages from the King respecting Hull, &c.

Mr. Hollis brings from the Lords, at a Conference, a Letter, and a Message inclosed, concerning Sir Jo. Hotham's Refusal to give his Majesty Entrance into the Town of Hull; and a Letter, and a Message inclosed, concerning his Majesty's Refusal to pass the Bill concerning the Militia:

Lord Mandevile moved from the Lords, That there might be a Committee of both Houses appointed to consider what is fit to be done upon these Messages: And that the Lords had appointed Twelve.

The Lord of Essex, from the Lords, said, "That by these Messages you may see the Effects of evil Counsel: That we have oftentimes complained of them; but named none: By this we have angered many; but have had no Redress: Therefore they desire they might be named; and that this House would join with the Lords in the Removal of them, where-ever they be in the King's Dominions."

Resolved, That a Committee of Twenty-four shall be appointed to meet with a proportionable Number of the Lords to consider what is fit to be done upon these Messages.

Mr. Hollis, Sir H. Vane, Sir Philip Stapilton, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Morley, Lord Fairefax, Sir Jo. Evelyn, Mr. Marten, Sir Tho. Barrington, Mr. Reynolds, Sir Peter Wentworth, Sir Hugh Cholmley, Sir H. Heyman, Sir Walth. Erle, Sir Gilbert Gerard, Sir H. Ludlow, Sir Roger North, Mr. Strode, Sir Wm. Lewis, Mr. Pierrepoint, Mr. Whittlock, Sir Sam. Rolle, Mr. Pym, Mr. Hampden;

This Committee is appointed to meet with a proportionable Number of the Lords, to consider what is fit to be done upon these Messages received from his Majesty, concerning Sir Jo. Hotham's Refusal to give his Majesty Entrance into the Town of Hull; and concerning his Majesty's Refusal to pass the Bill touching the Militia.

Irish Adventurors.

Ordered, That the Adventurers for the additional Forces by Sea may underwrite several such Sums, as they please, the Whole not exceeding the Sum of Forty thousand Pounds: And that the Receivers of the Adventurers Money for Ireland shall give Receipts to the several Men, for their several Sums so subscribed, all not exceeding the Sum of Forty thousand Pounds: And that the said Receivers make the said Sum of Forty thousand Pounds, or so much thereof as shall be so underwrit, paid into the Hands of the Adventurers, for the Shipping, upon Account, to be disbursed and laid laid out, by the said Underwriters, as they shall agree, for the Service aforesaid; which Account shall be made to the Committee of the Land Adventurers; and what shall not be disbursed upon the Service of the Sea Adventure of the said Sum underwritten, shall be repaid to the said Receivers in ready Money.

House to meet.

Ordered, That the House shall meet again at Three of Clock.

Horsley's Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Henry Horsley and Reynold Horsley, this Day presented to this House, be referred to the Committee appointed to consider of the Business and Petition concerning Sir Jo. Delavall and Mr. Edward Gray.

That a Committee * * * *

Declaration on Kent Petition.

Sir Ro. Coke, Sir Jo. Holland, Mr. Wingate, Sir Jo. Northcott, Sir Sam. Rolle, Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Reynolds, Sir H. Ludlow, Mr. Cage, Sir Jo. Potts, Mr. Marten, Mr. Peard, Mr. Strode, Sir T. B.;

This Committee is appointed to prepare a Declaration; and therein to set down the Reasons and Grounds of the Proceedings of this House, upon the Petition of Kent, and the Petitioners: And are to meet on Monday next, at Two post meridiem, in the Court of Wards.

Earl of Worcester.

Whereas One Head of the Conference Yesterday appointed, concerning the * * * * ; That One Head of the Conference shall be to acquaint the Lords, That this House is informed, That the Earl of Worcester has great Quantity of Arms in this House.

And the Managers has Power to consider of all Circumstances concerning the Earl of Worcester.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Long shall go up to the Lords, and acquaint them, That this House has nominated a Committee to join with a Committee of the Lords concerning the Messages this Day received; and to desire their Lordships to appoint Time and Place; and likewise to desire the Lords to take Order, that the Ordinance concerning the Militia may be put in Execution, through the Kingdom.

He is likewise to carry up the Order concerning the Adventurers for additional Forces by Sea.

He is likewise to move the Lords, That the Power of the Committee appointed to consider of his Majesty's Messages may be enlarged, to consider of what shall be necessary for the Safety.

County of Glamorgan.

Ordered, That this Information received from the County of Glamorgan, be referred to the Committee for Informations.

Trained Bands.

Mr. Browne, Mr. Whittlock, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Crue, Mr. Hampden, are appointed to peruse the Declaration presented to the House, concerning the Raising of the Trained Bands.

Army Appointments.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Foulk Huncks shall execute the Place of Serjeant Major General of the Field, in the Army in Ireland; and have Twenty Shillings per Diem allowed him for the Execution of this Service.

Information concerning Hull, &c.

* Egleston says, As he was walking in Yorke Streets, on Friday was Sevennight, at Night, he was told, That the King intended to be at Hull the next Day: And that he was commanded to tell Sir Jo. Hotham, That, if the King should enter the Town, he should be in Danger of his Life: That he went presently away; and the next Morning came and informed Sir Jo. Hotham of as much; who presently thereupon commanded the Soldiers to their Arms, and prepared to guard the Passages:-And then told all the Manner of his Majesty's coming to the Town, to demand the Town.

That Sir Jo. Hotham wrote a Letter, and commanded him to carry it to the Parliament: That at the Third Stage, Sir Tho. Dorrell and Mr. Whittfield seized him, and shewed him a Commission signed with Charles R. for the Staying of him, and bringing him back: And, that they brought a Constable, and searched him, and took the Letter from him.

That one Captain Blake, that was riding to the King, gave him very strange Words.-

Committee of both Houses.

Mr. Long brings Answer, That the Lords have appointed the Painted Chamber for the Place; and the Time, so soon as the Lords House should adjourn: And then to meet from time to time, as the Committees should think fit.

They have agreed to the Enlargement of the Power of the Committee, propounded by this House: And that they would give Directions, that the Militia should be presently put in Execution.

Mr. Egleston was again called in.

Information concerning Hull, &c.

-The Earl of Newport, and the Lord Willoughby, were there; and earnestly solicited Sir Jo. Hotham to entertain the King: Sir Wm. Penyman and Mr. Endimion Porter, were there: Captain Legg, Sir Tho. Glemham, were there: And Sir Tho. Metham, as he was informed, was there. The Duke of Richmond came with the King.

Sir Tho. Metham, as he was informed, was the Man that advised the Courtiers which way they might inter cept all Letters that should come from Sir Jo. Hotham to the Parliament.

Grant to Egleston.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Thirty Pounds shall be allowed to Mr. Egleston for the Journey and Pains he has taken, concerning Hull: And that Mr. Wheeler shall pay him this Thirty Pounds.

Governors of Hull.

Resolved, upon the Question, That, in case Sir Jo. Hotham shall die, who, by Order of both Houses, is Governor of Hull; then John Hotham Esquire, his Son, shall be Governor of the said Town, with the like Power, in his stead: And, in case of his Death, That then Captain Leger, his Lieutenant Colonel, shall have the Charge and Command of the said Town, with the like Power: And, in case of his Death, That then the next chiefest Officer shall have the Command and Charge of the said Place, with the like Power, till the Parliament shall take further *

Resolved, upon the Question, That it shall be thus ordered; and that the Lords be desired to join in the same Order.

Kent Petition.

Sir Jo. Evelyn is appointed to acquaint the Lords, That this House has received, this Day, a Petition from divers Gentlemen of the County of Kent; and what this House has done with Two of them.

Governors of Hull.

And he is likewise to carry up the Order concerning the succeeding Governors of Hull, in case of the present Governor's Decease.

* Egleston was again called in.

Information concerning Hull.

-That Sir Jo. Hotham commanding the Mayor .... of Hull to repair to their Houses; That Sir Lewis Dive came and told him, That he was betrayed: And that Sir Lewis Dive told his Majesty, That Sir Jo. Hotham would not suffer the Duke of Yorke to come unto his Majesty.

Sir L. Dive.

Whereas the House has been informed of some Miscarriages of Sir Lewis Dive, towards Sir Jo. Hotham, Sir Jo. Hotham is hereby required to certify unto this House, what the Carriage of the said Sir Lewis Dive was, to this House.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Jo. Evelyn brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the first Part of the Message, concerning the Petition of Kent: As for the Second, they will * * * *

A Message from the Lords, by S. B. * * * *

Governors of Hull.

Their Lordships have returned the Order concerning the Governors of Hull, with some Alterations: They have likewise sent certain Informations they have received from Ireland.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the House doth assent to these Alterations.

Message to Lords.

Sir Ralph Varney is appointed to go to the Lords, to acquaint them, That this House has assented to the foresaid Alterations: And likewise to desire a Conference by Committees of both Houses, touching a Declaration against the raising of Forces, &c.: And likewise the Order concerning the Sea Adventurers.

Irish Affairs.

That the Informations received from Ireland, and sent from the Lords, shall be read the first Business on Monday next.


Sir Ralph Varney brings Answer, That the Lords will give a Meeting at a Conference, by a Committee of both Houses, presently, in the Painted Chamber.

Pennard Lecturer.

Ordered, That Ambrose Mostyn, a godly and faithful Preacher, be, at the Desires of divers of the Parishioners of Pennard, in the County of Glamorgan, recommended to the said Parish, to be their Lecturer, at their own proper Costs and Charges; to preach every Lord's-day in the Forenoon and Afternoon: And that the Vicar of the said Parish* * * *

Relief of Persons from Ireland.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for Contributions, to consider of a convenient Way for the speedy bringing in of the Monies collected upon the Act of Contribution for the Relief of the poor distressed English, that are come out of Ireland, within the County of Middlesex, and all other Counties of this Kingdom: And they have likewise Power to consider of Reward to be given to such as shall be employed in the Execution of this Order.


Mr. Whittlock and Mr. Pym, are appointed Managers of this Conference.


Ordered, That the Certificate returned from Sir Ro. Pye and Mr. Wheeler, concerning the Monies due to the Captains for their personal Entertainment, be referred to Mr. Trenchard, Sir Wm. Uvedale, and Mr. Scawen; to consider whether the Billet-money due to the Country for Themselves and the Waggons, be paid by the said Captains.

Ordered, That Mr. Trenchard shall have Liberty to deliver out Copies of the Auditors Account of the Billet-money due to the Northern Counties.


A Message from the Lords by Baron Henden and Sir Ro. Rich;

The Lords have sent down the last Order concerning the Adventurers for Additional Forces by Sea, with some Additions.

The which Additions were read; and, by Vote upon the Question, the House assented to these Additions.

Raising Horse.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Six hundred Pounds shall be imprested unto Sir Wm. Balfour, for the raising his Troop of Horse.

Declaration against King's raising Forces.

THE Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled, being informed, That upon the Three-and-twentieth Day of this instant April, his Majesty repaired to the Town of Hull, and demanded that Town to be delivered up unto him: And, being denied by Sir John Hotham, appointed by both Houses of Parliament to keep that Town, for the Peace and Safety of the Kingdom, his Majesty said, That if Sir John Hotham would not let him into the Town, he would raise the Trained Bands, and force him to deliver up the Town: And being further informed, That shortly after the Sheriff of the County of York did receive a Message intimating a Command from his Majesty to raise the Trained Bands and Power of that County; and that the Justices of the Peace, and Gentlemen of that County, have been summoned to attend his Majesty at York, as they have just Cause to believe, for the same Purpose; to the great Terror of his Majesty's Subjects in those Parts, and the Disturbance of the publick Peace: The Lords and Commons do declare, That the said Command to the High Sheriff of the County of York, and the Summoning of the Justices of Peace, and Gentlemen of that County, to the Purpose aforesaid, is against the Laws of this Realm, and the Liberty of the Subject, and very derogatory from the Honour and Power of the Parliament now sitting, being his Majesty's Great Council, and most ready and willing to advise and assist his Majesty in all Things, that may tend to the Honour and Safety of his Person, and the Weal and Happiness of this Church and State. And they do further declare, That if any Person whatsoever, in the said County of York or elsewhere, shall advise or assist in the Raising of any Forces to the Purpose above mentioned, they shall be taken as Disturbers of the common Peace, and Enemies to his Majesty, and this State; and shall receive such severe Punishments as by the Laws of this Kingdom are to be inflicted upon Offenders of so high a Nature.