House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 15 June 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 15 Junii, 1642.


Scandalous Pamphlets, &c.

RESOLVED, That Stephen Buckley, dwelling in St. Martin's near Aldersgate, who printed a scandalous Pamphlet, called "New Orders new agreed upon by the Parliament of Round-heads," be forthwith sent for as a Delinquent.

Resolved, up * *, That Nicholas Vavasor, who dispersed a libellous Pamphlet, intituled, "The Speech of a Warden to the Fellows of his Company," be forthwith summoned, and brought in safe Custody, to answer to the House his Fact herein.

Two of the Company of Stationers were called in: And Mr. Speaker strictly injoined them to be very careful and diligent in searching after any thing that is printed, that may reflect upon his Majesty.

An Ordinance be drawn, for the Preventing the Printing or Publishing of any scandalous or libellous Pamphlet, that may reflect upon the King, the Kingdom, or the Parliament, or Scotland; and for the Suppressing of such as have already been printed.

Mr. White, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Whistler, Mr. Lane, * D'Ewes.

Person to attend.

Ordered, That Bond be summoned to attend the Committee for Printing, this Afternoon.

Conduct-money, &c.

Ordered, That the Monies collected in the County of Cambridge and Isle of Elye, either for Coat and Conductmoney, or to raise Horse to go to Yorke in the last Northern Expedition; or received for any Horse sold, which had been in that Expedition, remaining in the High Sheriffs, Collectors, High Constables, or Petty Constables Hands, shall be paid in to Jo. Craine of Cambridge Esquire, One of the Treasurers of the said County, to be employed to provide Arms for the Use and Service of the County, by the Direction of the Lord Lieutenant of that County, and his Deputies.

Ordered, That the like Order be made for all such other Counties as desire it.

Brownelow's Arms.

Ordered, That Sir Jo. Brownloe shall have Leave to carry down his Arms.

Hutchinson's Arms.

Ordered, That Mr. Hutchinson shall have Leave to carry down Four Musquets.

Loan from the City.

Ordered, That the Lord Mayor do require the Aldermen, Deputy, and Common-council-men of the several Wards, or the greater Number of them, forthwith to summon all Strangers and Aliens, and Men of Ability, that inhabit within their several Wards, and are not free of any Company, to appear within their several Wards, at such Time and Place as the said Aldermen, Deputy, and Common-council-men, or the greater Number of them, shall think fit; and that the Necessities of the Kingdom be represented unto them; and a Loan of Monies propounded unto them, upon the Security of an Ordinance of Parliament, at the Consideration of Eight Pounds per Cent: And that they certify this House of the Day and Place of Meeting, to the End that this House may send some Messengers to be present.

Ordered, That the Fifty thousand Pounds borrowed by the Peers at Yorke of the Citizens of London, and since secured to be repaid by the Ordinance of both Houses, be accordingly repaid, and the several Lenders, out of the Monies that shall come in upon the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds.

Ordered, That the Lord Mayor do send his Warrants to the Aldermen and Deputies of the several Wards, to require them to hasten their Books, that the Collecting of the Monies upon the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds may proceed with all Expedition.

Regulating Trade.

The House proceeded to the Reading of the Orders for the Regulating of Commerce and Trade.

Ordered, That the Thirteenth Article be re-committed.

Affairs at Yorke.

That a Message be sent to the Lords, to desire, that the Committee of both Houses, appointed to consider of the Business of Yorke, may presently meet.

Yorke Committees.

Resolved, That the Lords be acquainted, That this House thinks fit, upon some special Reasons, to recall their Committees of both Houses at Yorke; and to desire their Lordships, if they think fit, to join with this House herein.

Petition to the King.

A Petition to be presented unto his Majesty, to desire him to accept and entertain the Petition tendered unto his Majesty by divers of the Gentry and Freeholders of the County of Yorke, on Friday the Third of June, was this Day read; and, by Vote, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be sent to the Lords, for their Concurrence.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Hampden carried up this Petition, and the Messages above recited; and likewise the Order concerning the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Bucks; and the Declaration concerning the Council of Scotland.

Regulating Trade.

The House went on to the Reading of the Articles concerning Commerce and Trade.

Ordered, That the Fourteenth be laid aside.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Customs to regulate the Fees of the Officers in the Port of London, and the Out Ports; and to bring it in speedily; and that in the mean time the Officers of the Customhouse shall take no other Fees than were usually taken in the Fifteenth Year of King James, until the Committee shall bring in the Regulating of the said Fees, and they allowed of by the House.

The Articles for Regulating of Trade and Commerce were, by Vote, upon the Question, assented unto.

The Committee for the Customs is to meet this Afternoon, at Two, in the usual Place, to consider of the recommitted Article; and to consider of the Propositions made by the Scotts, concerning their Trade: And are to sit de die in diem.

Tonage and Poundage.

That the Sub-committee for the Bill of Tonage and Poundage do meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock; and so de die in diem: And that the Committee of the House, on Friday next, do meet, in the Afternoon, upon the Bill of Tonage and Poundage.

Printing Papers.

Ordered, That Robert Barker, Printer to the King's most Excellent Majesty, be required to satisfy the House, by what Authority he printed a Paper, intituled, "The Petition of the Nobility, Gentry, Barons, Ministers, and Commons of the Kingdom of Scotland:" And that he be farther injoined to stay the Vent of these Papers, till the House shall take farther Order: And that he, or his Deputies, do forthwith attend the House, to give Satisfaction herein.

Arms seized, &c.

Ordered, That the Justices of the Peace, and other Officers, in the County of Yorke, who have the Arms of Recusants in their Custody, which they have seized by virtue of the Ordinance for disarming of Recusants, be injoined to keep them in their Custody, and not to deliver them upon any Warrant or Authority, but by his Majesty's Command, signified by both Houses of Parliament: And that the Train Bands be injoined to retain their Arms in their own Custody, according to Law.

That the Lords be desired to concur herein.

A Message from the Lords, by Serjeant Ayloffe and Serjeant Glanvile;

Letter to Yorke Committees.

The Lords have agreed upon Two Lords to join with a proportionable Number of this House, for the Composing of a Letter to be sent to the Committees at Yorke, for their Return.

Dep. Lieuts. of Buckingham.

They have likewise consented unto the Ordinance concerning the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Bucks, with the Addition of these Words in the Twenty-sixth Line, after the Word "Offices," "according to the Ordinance of Parliament made in that behalf."

Letter to Yorke Committee.

Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Fienis, Sir H. Vane, Mr. Pierreponte, are presently to withdraw, to compose a Letter to be sent for recalling the Committees from Yorke.

Answer returned by the same Messengers.

The House has considered their Lordships Message; and do agree to a proportionable Number to withdraw presently, for the Composing of a Letter to be sent for recalling the Committees at *.


Mr. Strode brings Answer, That the Lords will presently give a Meeting at a Conference, concerning Langor Point, and the Scotts Propositions.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Hampden brings Answer, That the Lords do agree, that the Committees for the Answer to be sent to the Business concerning Yorkeshire, do meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock; and do agree to the Petition to be sent to his Majesty; and to the Declaration concerning the Scotts.


Mr. Holles, Mr. Hampden, Sir Jo. Evelyn, Sir Tho. Barrington, Mr. Grimston, are appointed Managers and Reporters of this Conference.

Savoye Tenants, &c.

The humble Petition of the Tenants of the Savoye, together with the major Part of the Parishioners of St. Mary le Strand, was this Day read; and nothing done upon it.

Merchant Adventurers.

That the Committee of the whole House, for the Bill of the Merchant Adventurers, do meet this Afternoon, in the House.

Impeachment of the Nine Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Holles be thanked for his worthy Performance of the Impeachment of the Nine Lords: And that he be required to digest what he delivered there, into Writing; and bring it in to the House To-morrow Morning.

Lancashire Committee.

It is Ordered, by the and Commons in Parliament assembled, That Mr. Ashton, Mr. Shuttleworth, Mr. Rigby, and Mr. Moore, Committees to go into Lancashire, to see the Ordinance for the Militia put in Execution in the County of Lancaster, shall have Power to send for any Parties or Witnesses; and to examine them upon any thing concerning the present Service intrusted to the said Committee.

Members Subscriptions.

Resolved, &c. That all those Members that have declared themselves for Money or Horse, do bring in the same by Saturday come Sevennight, according to the Propositions.

Magazine at Hull.

Resolved, &c. That the Lords be moved to join with this House, that so many of the Saddles and Horse, Arms, and other Ammunition, as can conveniently be spared out of the Magazine at Hull, shall be forthwith sent for to London: And that the Lord Admiral be moved to appoint Ships for that Purpose.

Members Subscriptions.

Sir Jo. Evelyn presents Instructions for the Members in the Country, to subscribe for Horse, Monies, or Plate.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth approve of them: And that it be recommitted to the same Committee for an Addition.

Deputy Lieutenants.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Jo. Brograve Esquire shall be recommended by this House to be a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Hartford.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Timothy Midleton shall be recommended to be a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Essex.

Recusants Arms.

Mr. Cromwell brings Answer, That the Lords do agree with this House, in the Order concerning the Recusants Arms in the County of Yorke.

Lord Cromwell's Troop.

Resolved, &c. That Five hundred Pounds shall be forthwith imprest to the Lord Cromwell, for the Payment of his Troop.

Forces for Londonderry.

Resolved, &c. That Allowance shall be given to One Gunner and his Mate, and Allowance be made for Four Practizans, Eight Halberds, and Eight Drums, for the Four new Companies to be raised by the Captain for Londonderry, according to the Proposition from the Commissioners for Irish Affairs.

Impeachment of the Nine Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Holles do withdraw, to digest in Writing the Impeachment of the Nine Lords, which this Day he delivered at the Bar of the House of Peers.

Letter to Yorke Committee.

Message from the Lords, by Sir Ro. Riche, and Dr. Ailoffe;

That the Lords have sent down the Draught of a Letter to be sent by both Houses to the Committee at Yorke; wherein they desire this House to concur.

Impeachment of the Nine Lords.

Mr. Hollis reports the Impeachment of the Nine Lords, in Writing: Which he delivered at the Bar at the Lords House; which was assented unto; and resolved, upon the Question, to be sent to the Lords by Mr. Hollis.

Answer to Lords.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House will send an Answer by Messengers of their own.

Letters to Yorke Committee.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth approve of the Letters sent from the Lords; and does agree with them in it, to be sent to the Committee at Yorke with the Alteration; that the Two First Words, "I am," be made "we are;" and that the Word "there" be left out.

Issue of Money.

Ordered, That Mr. Bateman, Chamberlain of London, do pay unto Mr. Loftus, Deputy Treasurer at Wars for Ireland, out of the Hundred thousand Pounds lent by the Citizens, Thirty-four thousand Pounds for the Affairs of Ireland: And that his Acquittance shall be a sufficient Discharge to the Chamberlain for the said Sum.

Ordered, That the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland do give his Warrant to Mr. Loftus, to pay Thirty-four thousand Pounds, out of the first Monies he shall receive, to the Scotts Commissioners, for the Affairs of Ireland, according to the Treaty.

Ld. President of Munster.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. St. Leger, Lord President of Munster, shall have the Entertainment of Three Pounds per Diem; to begin from the First of this Instant June: And that the Twenty Shillings per Diem, allowed him as Marshal, shall be included in this Allowance of Three Pounds.

Prisoners discharged.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Persons committed to the King's Bench, for Printing of a Letter that reflected upon the Scotts, with some Scandal at the Scotts Commissioners in Treaty, be forthwith discharged from any farther Imprisonment.

Essex Militia.

Ordered, That the Report concerning the Militia in Essex, be made by Sir Tho. Barrington To-morrow Morning.

Yorke, &c. Committees.

Sir Hen. Vane went up to the Lords, with the Letter to the Committee at Yorke, and the additional Order of Power to the Committee for Lancashire.

Army Pay.

Ordered, That Six thousand Pounds shall be paid to the Lord Conway and Sir Jo. Clatworthy, out of the Monies that shall come in of the Hundred thousand Pounds lent by the City of London, or such other Monies as shall come in for the Payment of their Two Regiments.

Petition to the King.

Ordered, That the Committee at Yorke do present the Petition this Day voted to his Majesty.

Letter to be published.

Ordered, That so much of the Letter from the Sovereign of Kingsale, as was read, shall be forthwith published in Print.


Ordered, That the Lords be acquainted To-morrow Morning with the Information this Day received from the Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire, concerning the Interruption given to the Execution of the Ordinance of the Militia by Mr. Henry Hastings; and likewise with the other Informations concerning that Business.

Raising Horse.

Mr. Rob. Goodwyn, Sir Hen. Heyman, Sir Hen. Ludlow, are added to the Committee for Raising of Horse.