House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 25 June 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 25 Junii, 1642.


Barkhamsteed Lecture.

UPON the humble Petition of the Inhabitants of Barkhamsteed St. Peter, in the County of Hertford, desiring that a Lecture might be settled on Mondays, by the neighbour Ministers named in the Petition; It is thereupon Ordered, That these Persons named in the Petition, be recommended to the said Parishioners, to preach a Lecture there every Monday, as is desired.

Gunners of Berwick, &c.

Ordered, That Mr. Payler, the Paymaster of Berwick, do forthwith pay unto the Gunners of Berwick the Fifty Pounds Residue of the Hundred Pounds formerly ordered to be paid unto them: And that the Committee for the State of Accounts do take his Account into a speedy Consideration; and report it, with all Conveniency, to the House, that it may be discharged.

E. of Suffolke's Arms.

Ordered, That Sir Tho. Dacres do take care that the Chest of Arms, stayed in Hodsdon, and belonging to the Earl of Suffolke, be forthwith delivered to be carried to Audley-end; being the Place the said Earl hath appointed to have the same carried unto.

Bailing Herbert.

Resolved, &c. That Sir Piercy Herbert shall be forthwith bailed, upon good Security; the Principal in Ten thousand Pounds; the Sureties in Five thousand Pounds apiece: And that this House shall first give Approbation of the Bail.

Tonage and Poundage.

3a vice lecta est Billa; A Subsidy granted to the King, of Tonage, Poundage, and other Sums of Money, payable upon Merchandize exported and imported.

A Clause to be added to the Bill of Tonage and Poundage, was offered; and twice read; viz. "And it is farther Enacted, That, during the Continuance of this Grant, the Customers, Collectors, and all other his Majesty's Officers in the several Ports, shall take and receive such Fees in Money, and no other, as were taken in the First Year of the Reign of the late King James, until such time as the said Fees shall be otherwise settled by Authority in Parliament."

The Question for adding this Clause to the Bill was put: And

It passed with the Affirmative.

And then the Clause was read the Third time.

Another Clause to be added to the said Bill, concerning the Transporting of white Woollen Cloth, of the Value of Ten Pounds, was likewise offered; and twice read; and put to the Question for adding it to the Bill; and assented unto; and ordered to be added to the Bill.

The Bill, together with the Additions was put to the Question; and, upon the Question, passed; and sent up unto the Lords, with the printed Book of Rates annexed unto it, by Mr. Solicitor.

Ordered, That there be Transcripts of this Book of Rates, and the Orders, be made and sent, attested under Mr. Speaker's Hand, into the Exchequer, into the Custom-house, and into the Lords House; to remain in all these Places upon Record.

Scandalous Ministers, &c.

Mr. Solicitor likewise was appointed to move the Lords to expedite the Bills concerning scandalous Ministers, Innovations, the Assembly, and Pluralities; and to send them to the Lords, if they be not already sent; if they be, to desire his Majesty's Answer; and likewise to desire the Lords to sit awhile.

Conference; Message from the King.

A Message from the Lords by Sir Ro. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords desire a Conference, by Committees of both Houses, presently in the Painted Chamber, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, concerning a Paper, in Nature of a Message, inclosed in a Letter from his Majesty, of the greatest Concernment to both Houses that ever yet came from the King.

Answer returned by the same Messengers;

This House has considered of their Lordships Message; and will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

* Pym, * Holles, * Fienis, * Whittlock, are appointed Reporters of this Conference.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Solicitor brings Answer, That the Lords will sit this Afternoon, at Three of Clock; and that the Bills for the Assembly and Pluralities they had sent to his Majesty; and would hasten the Passing of the other Two.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Hampden is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire a Conference concerning the Articles of the Scotts Treaty; and to desire the Lords, that if the Key of the Treasury where the Regalia and other Records are kept, cannot be found, that they will take some Order that it may be opened; in regard this House has Occasion to peruse some of those Records.

Conference; King's Answer to Petition.

Mr. Pym reports from the Conference with the Lords, his Majesty's Answer to the Petition of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, presented to his Majesty at Yorke, the Seventeenth of June, 1642: The which was read; and likewise the Vote of the Lords upon that Answer; viz.

This is the most dangerous and highest Message that is come to us; whereby it appears, that divers scandalous and false Informations are come to his Majesty's Ears, even of things, among the rest, within our own Walls; which because his Majesty seems to believe, and hath thought fit to declare them under his own Name, it is high Time for both Houses to clear themselves from those Calumnies, by the Punishment of the false Informers, and all other good Ways may be thought of.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House do consent with the Lords in this their Opinion of his Majesty's Message.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee formerly appointed to clear the House from the Imputations laid on them in his Majesty's Messages, to peruse and consider of this Message, and all other; and to collect the Falsities and Scandals contained in this and the other Messages; and to set them forth together in One Declaration; and to shew the several Violations of the Law, since the Professions to the contrary; notwithstanding, to express their Duty to his Majesty, and their Care of the Peace; and to declare, that the House does intend to go on with the Propositions; and that, at the Time of these sharp Messages, there is Gathering of Force together, and placing Forces in Newcastle; and to shew what Necessity there is, upon these Occasions, to stir up the People to the Subscriptions.

Committee to meet, &c.

Ordered, That the Committee concerning the Propositions may meet on Tuesday, post meridiem, at Two, in the Court of Wards: And then, those who have not declared, may come and declare themselves there.

Judgment against the Nine Lords.

Ordered, That a Message be sent to the Lords, this Afternoon, to desire them to proceed to Judgment against the Nine Lords formerly impeached by this House.

Leicestershire Militia, &c.

That Sir Arth. Haselrig do make Report of the Business concerning the Militia in Leicestershire, on Monday Morning next: And that the Committee touching the Commission of Array do meet on Monday in the Afternoon.

King's Answer, &c.

The House to consider of his Majesty's Answer, and the Propositions, this Afternoon.

Specie for Ireland.

Ordered, That the Scotts Commissioners shall have Liberty to transport Ten thousand Pounds in Specie into Ireland.

House to meet.

Ordered, That the House meet this Afternoon, at Three of Clock.

Post Meridiem


King's Servants, &c.

THE humble Petition of his Majesty's Servants, Yeomen, Wardens of his Highness' Tower of London, was this Day read; and ordered to be recommended to the Commissioners for the Treasury: And Sir Walth. Erle to go with it.

Crane's Arms.

That Sir Ro. Crane shall have Liberty to carry down Twelve Musquets.

Shrewsbury Contribution.

Ordered, That the Town of Shrewsbury shall have Power to bestow Eleven Pounds Eight Shillings Twopence, of the Monies collected in that Town upon the Act of Contribution upon one Mr. Bowd, born at Shrewsbury, and lately undone by the Rebels in Ireland: who is come to that Town for Relief: And that they pay in the Residue of those Monies, collected upon that Bill, with all Speed.

King's Answer to Propositions.

Ordered, That the Propositions of both Houses, and his Majesty's Answer unto them, be taken into farther Consideration, on Monday Morning, at Nine of Clock.

Treaty with Town of Galloway.

Mr. Reynolds reports from the Committee appointed to consider of the State of the Town of Golloway, That the Town of Galloway is the most important Town of all Ireland, in respect of the Strength, Wealth, and Situation; which affords them an easy Commerce, both with France and Spaine: That this Town was in actual and open Rebellion, as appears by Letters from the Lords Justices, by a Declaration from Captain Willoughby, Governor of the Fort, and by the Earl of St. Albane's Letters to the Lords Justices;-which being very long, not to be read at the Conference, but to be left with the Lords:-That this Town of Galloway being in this State of open Rebellion, the Earl of St. Albanes did entertain a Treaty with the Town. The Town, in the Name of the Corporation and Gentry engaged in that Cause, present Seven Propositions or Articles to his Lordship; the Effect of all which was, to have Freedom of Religion; and to be pardoned for all that was passed; and protected for the time to come, in their Lives, Liberties, Goods, and Chattels; and all that should submit hereafter.-The Seven Articles to be read.

The Earl of St. Albanes grants them a Protection for their Lives, Liberties, Lands, and Goods, until his Majesty's Pleasure concerning them, upon his Arrival there, shall be declared.-The Protection to be read.

The House of Commons conceiving this Protection to be destructive to the Protestant Religion, very prejudicial and dishonourable to his Majesty and the Crown of England, and tending to undermine an Act of Parliament made this Session, for the speedy and effectual Reducing the Rebels of Ireland, have Resolved, upon the Question, That the Earl of St. Albanes be required to produce to them his Warrant or Authority by which he granted this Protection.

Resolved, That his Majesty may be moved by both Houses, to signify his Royal Pleasure, that this Protection shall forthwith cease and determine.

Resolved, That the Lord Lieutenant and Lords Justices be required to take Order, that the Town be forthwith summoned absolutely to submit and render themselves to the King's Pleasure.

Resolved, That these Votes be carried up to the Lords at a Conference; and that the Lords be desired to join in them.

Resolved, That these Heads shall be Heads of the Conference.

Sir Walth. Erle is appointed to desire this Conference: and Mr. Reynolds is to manage the Conference.

Dyke's, &c. Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Lodovic Dyke and Thomas Cunningham, concerning the Entertaining of Two Ships made ready at their Charges, One of Thirty Pieces of Ordnance, the other of Fourteen, for the Service of Ireland, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee of Adventurers.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the Papists in Dublyn, and the great Garison necessarily to be kept there, in respect of them, be referred to the Commissioners for Irish Affairs: And they are desired to take some speedy Resolution upon it.


A Letter from the Council of War in the Province of Munster, of the Fourteenth of June, declaring their Wants of Ordnance, Monies, Cloaths, Victuals, Ammunition, and Men.

And the House was informed, That the Commissioners had taken Order in all these Particulars.

Publick Accounts.

Ordered, That the Preamble to the State of Accounts be reported on Monday Morning.

Officers Arrears.

Ordered, That the several Sums of Money appearing to be due by Sir Wm. Uvedale's Account delivered in to the House, unto the several Officers hereafter named, as the Arrear of their personal Entertainment in the late Northern Expedition, be forthwith paid unto Sir Wm. Uvedale, for them or their Assignees, by the Treasurers appointed to receive the Monies that shall come in upon the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds, out of the Monies that shall be paid in from the County of Essex, upon the said Act of Four hundred thousand Pounds:

Captain Francis Palmes, Sir Jo. Merrick, Sir Jo. Powlett, Captain Robert Russell, Major Wm. Brockett, Captain Edw. Dowse, Captain Storie, Captain Tho. Sanford, Captain Tho. Trafford, Sir Arth. Terringham his Assignees, Captain Nicolls, Captain Apleton, Captain Abraham Yarner, Lieutenant Colonel Ballord, Serjeant Major Tho. Lacham.