House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 30 June 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, ultimo Junii, 1642.


Nottingham Forces.

UPON the humble Petition of the Mayor and others, of the Town and County of Nottingham, was this Day read; It is Ordered, That the Mayor and Deputy Lieutenants named in the Petition for that Town and County, shall have Power to train and exercise in Arms, as well the Forces of the Town, as all such Volunteers of the same Town, and of the County adjoining, who shall offer their Assistance; and, in the Absence of the Lord Lieutenant, to appoint Officers and Commanders over the same.

Resolved, That the Lords be desired to join in it.

Raising Horse, &c.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Propositions concerning the Raising of Horse, &c. do sit this Afternoon, to receive the Propositions from the Town of Watford, concerning their Raising of Horse, and Sending in of Money or Plate, according to the said Propositions of the House.

Nottingham Forces.

Ordered, That Henry Ireton be nominated to be Captain of the Horse Troop; and Geo. White Captain of the Foot Company; of the Forces of the Town of Nottingham.

The Mayor of Nottingham, that presented the Petition was called in: And Mr. Speaker was commanded from the House to acquaint them, "That they have received the Petition from the County of Nottingham; and do find in it Expressions of great Affections to the Service of the Commonwealth; and have taken Order in it; and do return you Thanks."

Members admitted.

Upon Sir Jo. Evelyn's Report from the Committee appointed to receive the Excuses of the Members absent at the last Call; it was Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Godolphin, Mr. Erisey, and Mr. Mannaton, shall be forthwith admitted into the House, and excused from the Payment of the Mulct of an Hundred Pounds set upon them for their Absence.

Manby's Assessment.

Ordered, That this Business concerning Mr. Amys, High Collector of the Two first Subsidies in Three Hundreds in the County of Cambridge; who distrained Dr. Manby for Non-payment of his Assessment, after it was several times demanded; be referred to the Committee where Mr. Trenchard has the Chair: And he is to summon Dr. Manby to shew Reason of his Action.

Arms to Oxfordshire.

Ordered, That Mr. Nath. Fines shall have Power to send Twenty Head-pieces, Twenty Musquets, and Forty Pikes, into Oxfordshire.

Publick Accounts.

Mr. Trenchard offered to the House the Preamble to the general State of the Accounts: Which was read; and re-committed to Mr. Pym, Mr. Strode, Mr. Trenchard, and Mr. Green.

Mr. Trenchard likewise presented the general State of the Accounts: And ordered to be printed; and not to be published, but upon Mr. Trenchard's Warrant and Allowance: And Mr. Green's Account to be likewise printed and published upon Mr. Green's Allowance. And they are to take Order, that Nine thousand of them be printed for the Service of the House.

Business of Money.

Ordered, That, on Wednesday next, the House shall take into Consideration the Business of Money; and so every Wednesday in every Week.

Contribution Money.

Mr. Trenchard likewise presented a Letter to be sent into every County, directed to the Commissioners, concerning the Contribution Money; which was read, and assented unto.

Affairs at Newcastle, &c.

Mr. Whittacres reports, from the Committee appointed to consider of the Business of Newcastle, That Newcastle is the Magazine for Fuel, and the Nursery for Shipping: That the Earl of Newcastle is there, and hath sent out his Warrants into the County Palatine of Durham, commanding Six Hundred Foot, and a Hundred Horse, of the Trained Band of that County, to come into Newcastle: That about Two hundred of them are come in already: That Three hundred are sent down to the South Shields, to make Fortifications and Trenches; and have carried thither Six Piece of Ordnance.

Whereupon the House Resolved, upon the Question, That a Declaration shall be made, to set forth the Illegality of these Proceedings at Newcastle: And that the County Palatine of Durham be injoined not to suffer any of their Trained Bands to go to Newcastle, to be garisoned there: And that the Town of Newcastle be required not to permit any of them to be received into Garison in that Town.

Resolved, &c. That Two of the King's Ships shall be appointed to lie at the River Mouth of Tyne, for the Preservation of that Place; and to prevent the Inconveniencies that may happen by the Fort there in Building.

Resolved, &c. That the Lords be moved to join with this House in these Votes.

Propositions to the King.

Ordered, That, the Conference being ended, the House do resume the Consideration of the Nineteen Propositions of both Houses, and his Majesty's Answer unto them.

Conference, &c.

Sir Philip Stapilton went up to the Lords, to desire a free Conference, concerning the Commission of Array; and likewise a Conference concerning some Proceedings at Newcastle; and carried up the Order for the Monies to be paid to Colonel Goringe.

Landguard Fort.

Mr. Green reports the Business concerning Landguard Fort; That they find Six thousand Nine hundred Nineteen Pounds to be due to the Garison there. And it is, for the present, referred to Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Trenchard, to consider how, forthwith, to satisfy a Thousand Pounds thereof: for which the Earl of Warwick stands engaged: And the House will take farther Consideration hereafter, of the Remainder, what is fit to be done thereupon.

Arrears of Subsidy, &c.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for Accounts, to consider of the best and readiest Way for the Bringing in the Arrears of such Monies as are remaining in the several Counties, upon the several Acts of Subsidy, Poll-money, Loan and Contribution Money; and to employ such Persons as they shall think necessary, for the effectual Putting the same in Execution; and to make Allowances unto them for their Pains: And are to report to the House their Proceedings herein.

Conference, &c.

Sir Philip Stapilton brings Answer, That the Lords agree to a present free Conference concerning the Commission of Array; and to a Conference concerning the Proceedings at Newcastle; and do agree to the Order for the Payment of Five thousand and Thirty Pounds to the Garison at Portesmouth.

Mr. Selden, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Whittacre, Sir Tho. Widdrington, and Mr. Corbett, are appointed Managers of this Conference.

Warrant to Stevens.

Ordered, That Mr. Stevens shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant, for his Son to travel beyond the Seas.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Holles is appointed to carry to the Lords, the Order and Petition concerning Nottingham; and the Order for disposing the Magazine brought from Hull.

London Common Council, &c.

Resolved, That the Lords be desired to join with this House, in an Order to require and injoin the Lord Mayor to call a Common Council, so often as, by the Committee chosen by the Common Hall, in the City of London, he shall be desired.

It is this Day Ordered, by the and Commons, That the Citizens which serve for the City of London, do repair unto the Lord Mayor; who is hereby required, forthwith, to call a Common Council, to consider of some convenient Place or Places, within the City of London and Liberties thereof, where the Arms and Ammunition brought from Hull may be, with most Safety, laid up, and reserved, for such Use and Uses, for the Defence of the King and Kingdom, as both Houses of Parliament shall hereafter order and appoint; and the said Common Council is likewise to appoint some fit Persons * * * * * .

Nottingham Magazine.

Ordered, That the Lords be moved to join with this House, that That Part of the Magazine of the County of Nottingham remaining at Newarke, be brought to Nottingham.

Loan from the City.

Ordered, That the Lord Mayor be required forthwith to send his Warrants to the several Companies of London, that have not paid in their Proportion of Money allotted them to lend: And that they be required, with all convenient Speed possible, to bring in the same; whereby the urgent Occasions of Ireland may be supplied.

Money for Ireland.

Upon Mr. Pym's Report from the Commissioners for Irish Affairs;

It is Resolved, upon the Question, That Fifty thousand Pound shall be forthwith imprest, upon Account, to Mr. Loftus, Deputy Treasurer at Wars for Ireland, to be issued out for the Occasions of Lemster, out of the One hundred thousand Pounds that is promised to be lent by the City.

Deputy Lieutenants.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth approve of Mr. Tho. Duckett to be a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Cambridge; and Mr. Jo. Hammon for the County of Surry; and * * for the County of Leicester.

Scudamore's Cloaths, &c.

Ordered, That Mr. Scudamore shall have delivered unto him his Wearing Cloaths and Apparel, and One Pad Saddle, which, amongst other things, were stayed, by Order of this House, at Bell Savage: But the great Saddles and Pistols are to remain there still in safe Custody.

Making Swords.

Ordered, That the great Quantity of Swords informed to be a making at Mr. South's the Cutler, shall be stayed, and Mr. South be required to give Account for whose Use they were made.

Relief of Coleraine.

Ordered, That a Provision of Five hundred Poundsworth of Corn, shall be forthwith made, to be sent into Ireland, for the Relief of Coleraine.

Hasting's, &c. Impeachment.

Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Corbett, Mr. Perd, Mr. Crue, Mr. Browne, Sir Ar. Haselrigg, Mr. Glyn, Serjeant Wilde, or any Three of them, are ordered to draw an Impeachment against Mr. Hastings, and those other Gentlemen of the County of Leicester, for high Misdemeanors, according to the Information given, concerning their Carriage about the Putting in Execution the Commission of Array; and likewise to consider of the Business concerning the High Sheriff; and to report the same To-morrow Morning: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Two °.. Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Rutland Militia.

Ordered, That Sir Guy Palmes be injoined to go down into the County of Rutland, to assist the Lord Lieutenant of that County to put the Ordinance concerning the Militia in Execution.

Yarmouth Committee.

Ordered, That the Committee for Yarmouth do meet this Afternoon, at Two.. Clock, in the Court of Wards.

Cockermouth Election.

The Question being put, whether that the Committee of Privileges shall forthwith examine the Witnesses that are come up concerning the Return and Election for the Town of Cockermouth.

The House was divided.

Mr. Strode, Tellers for the Yea, 35.
Mr. Hollis,
Sir Patricius Curven, Tellers for the Noe, 49.
Sir George Dalston,

So that the Question passed with the Negative.


Ordered, That the like Instructions as were given for Lancashire, concerning the Militia, be given for Rutland, and all other Counties.

Merchant Strangers.

Ordered, That the Citizens that serve for the City of London, do move the Lord Mayor, to give an Account to the House, what has been done in the Order concerning the Merchant Strangers.

Irish Prisoners.

Ordered, That the Nine poor Irish Prisoners in Newgate shall have their Trunks and Apparel that are stayed by Captain Fortescue at Saltcomb: And they are to have, for their present Relief, the Money now in the Serjeant's Box.

Propositions to the King.

Ordered, That the Nineteen Propositions of both Houses, and his Majesty's Answer unto them, shall be taken into further Consideration To-morrow, the first Business: And Mr. Speaker is to put the House in mind thereof.

Lord Mowbraie's Horses.

Ordered, That the Lords be acquainted To-morrow Morning, with the Information this Day given to the House, concerning Twelve Horses of the Lord Mowbraie's, at Greenwich, ready to go to York: And that the said Horses be stayed in the mean time.

Warrant to Vaux.

Ordered, That a Warrant shall issue forth, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, for Mr. Vaux, his Wife, and his Two Servants, with their Baggage, to pass over Sea into France, provided they carry no prohibited Goods with them.

Transporting Horses.

Ordered, That a Warrant shall issue forth, under Mr. Speaker's Hand, to give Power to Mr. Germain Bozin, to transport Six Horses into France.

Capt. Winde.

Ordered, That Captain Winde, for his personal Entertainment, for his Service in the late Northern Expedition, be inserted among the Officers appointed to be paid on Saturday last.