House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 06 July 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 6 Julii, 1642.


Officers Arrears.

ORDERED, That the Names of Sir Nich. Selwyn, and Sir George Vane, be listed among those Officers that were appointed on Saturday was Sevennight, upon the Certificate of Sir Wm. Uvedale's, what is due unto them: And that they have the like Order as the rest have, and be paid with the rest.

Time of Sitting.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the House shall begin to sit every Day, at One of Clock.

North's Arms.

Ordered, That Sir Dudley North shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to carry Twenty Musquets to his House in Cambridgeshire.

Affairs in Leicestershire.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde reports the Business concerning Leicestershire, to this Effect;

Mr. Hastings draws out of several Counties divers Persons of desperate Condition; arms them, and comes to Loughborrough, with Colours flying; and there makes Proclamation, that all such as have any Affection to this Service, they should have Arms at the Town's End. Divers were then armed; and they marched in a warlike Manner Seven or Eight Miles, with Colours flying, Drums beating, and Musquets laden with Bullet; and pretended to come to seize and take the Magazine from the Earl of Stamford, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Leicester, by the Ordinance for the Militia; who had taken Part of it into his own Custody, it being delivered unto him by the Sheriff, upon an Order of both Houses: He left Part of it at Leicester; and the other Part, for the better Safety of it, he carried to his own House: And some of the Company gave out, that they would have the Blood of the Earl of Stamford.

Rescue of Hastings, &c.

Mr. Hastings was complained of here, for some great Misdemeanors: And thereupon Messengers, by Order of both Houses, were sent down to apprehend him and some others; and to bring them up to answer the Misdemeanors complained of. The Messenger found him in this Posture of War, in the Head of his Forces, in a Place called The Horse-leas, near Leicester. Mr. Hastings spying him, said, I know you have an Order for others, as well .. for me: The Messenger did acknowledge it, and read his Warrant, and actually arrested him. The Warrants for the Apprehending of others of his Company were likewise read: And the Sheriff coming thither to assist the Messengers of this House, in executing their Warrants, and to preserve the Peace of the County; some of his Company cocked their Pistols and Carabines against the Sheriff and the Messengers; and by Forces levied, rescued themselves from the Authority of both Houses.

Affairs at Hull.

Mr. Marten reports from the Committee appointed to consider of the Defence of the Kingdom, That Mr. Wilmott, Sir Hugh Pollard, and Sir Jo. Bartlett, are landed with Fourteen Pieces of Brass Ordnance: They are making Fortifications near Hull. The Lord Willoughby, and Sir Tho. Glemon are come with Two hundred Horse, upon Humber Side in Lincolnshire. The King came to Beverley, Monday Morning last, and intends to sit down before Hull the next Morning: He hath made Proclamation, upon Pain of Death, no Provision be sent unto Hull. He hath caused to be cut the fresh Water River, that comes to Hull, and to be diverted another Way: But, God be thanked, Sir Jo. Hotham hath drowned the Country Two Miles about the Town, that no near Approach can be made.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Earl of Warwicke be intreated to send One Ship more than is already voted, if he can spare it, into the River of Humber, for the Assistance of Hull, to be directed by Sir Jo. Hotham.

Resolved, &c. That Fifteen hundred Men, more than were last Night ordered, shall be sent to Hull by Sea, as fast as they can be gotten ready.

Resolved, That the Lords be desired to concur in these Votes.

Mr. Marten is appointed to carry up these Votes.

Declaration on Defence of the Kingdom.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom, do prepare a Declaration, to let the People know the Matters of Fact from the Beginning, concerning warlike Preparations that have been and are made, which necessitates the Parliament to raise Forces for their Defence.

Time of Meeting.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the House shall meet at Eight of Clock, as formerly they have done, notwithstanding the former Order.

Dep. Lieuts. &c. of Kent.

Ordered, That the Lords be moved to desire, That the Earl of Leicester do grant his Deputations to Sir Edwyn Sandys, and the rest of the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent.

Mr. Holles is appointed to go up to the Lords with this Message; and likewise to desire them, that this Day Fortnight may be appointed for the Ordinance of the Militia to be put in Execution in that County.

Sandys thanked.

Ordered, That Sir Edw. Boyse, and Sir H. Heyman do write a Letter to Sir Edwyn Sandys: and take Notice of his Forwardness to the Service of the Parliament: And to return him Thanks for it.

Kent Militia.

That the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent, that are Members of this House, be injoined to go down into that County, to be assisting to put the Militia in Execution in that County: And to subscribe as other Deputy Lieutenants of other Counties do.

Warwick Militia.

Mr. Crosse, a Servant to the Lord Brooke, Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, made Relation of the Readiness and Willingness of the County of Warwick, to the Putting of the Militia in Execution in that County.

Volunteers Indemnity.

Ordered, That the Volunteers of Ashford, in the County of Kent; and likewise the Volunteers of the County of Essex; shall have an Order for their Indemnity.


The Question being put, whether it should be ordered that Mr. Speaker should put the House in mind To-morrow, at Ten of Clock, of the Bill concerning the Militia, this Day presented to the House;

It passed with the Negative.

Naval Affairs.

Mr. Holles reports the Conference had with the Lords Yesterday; the Occasion of which was a Letter from the Earl of Warwicke; which was the same that was read here Yesterday; only it mentions a Warrant from his Majesty to Captain Wheeler, Captain of his Ship the Greyhound, to come to Newcastle, to receive Directions from the Governor of Newcastle: And likewise a Letter from the Lords, to be sent to the Earl of Warwick, in Acknowledgment of his good Service, and the Service of the Officers and Mariners the * * * *.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Marten brings Answer, That the Lords agree to the Hundred Pounds concerning Yoghall; and to the Resolutions upon the Report from the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom, concerning the Sending of Supplies to Hull.

Russells Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of Tho. Russell, Minister to the Regiment of Colonel Lunsford, be referred to the Committee where Mr. Trenchard has the Chair.

Landtguard Fort.

Ordered, That the Treasurers of the Contribution and Loan Money at London, do forthwith pay unto the Earl of Warwick, or his Assigns, One thousand Pounds for the Succour and Service of Landtgard Fort in Suffolk: And that the said Thousand Pounds shall be repaid out of the Monies that shall come in upon the Bill for Four hundred thousand Pounds.

Leicester Indemnity, &c.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for Leicester, to consider of some Way for the Indemnity of those Persons that preserve the Magazine at Leicester: And that the Leicestershire Business be taken into Consideration the first Business this Afternoon.

Prosecution of Whitecombe.

THE Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, having received Information that some ill-affected Persons in the City of Corke, in the Realm of Ireland, have conspired to indict one Trestram Whitecombe Esquire, Sovereign of Kinsaile, of Treason, upon pretence of some Information given to this Parliament, concerning the State of the said City of Cork, and other Places in that Kingdom of Ireland, by a Letter supposed to be written by the said Tristram Whitecombe, to Benjamin Whitecombe of London, his Brother: Which being contrary to the Privilege of Parliament, that any Matters concerning the Proceedings of this High Court, should be questioned or tried in an inferior Court; It is Ordered, by them, the Lords and Commons, That all the Examinations, Trials, Indictments, and other Proceedings against the said Tristram Whitecombe, for or upon Pretence of the Letter aforementioned, be stopped and forborn: And that the Parties grieved, and Prosecutors of the same Indictment, upon Complaint made in this Parliament, shall be heard according to Justice: And in the mean time are required to cease upon any further Prosecution of any such Indictments, as they will answer the contrary at their Peril. And all his Majesty's Justices, Judges, Sheriffs, Mayors, Recorders, Jurors, and other his Majesty's Officers, and loving Subjects, whom it may concern, are hereby commanded and required to receive and admit no Proceedings contrary to this present Order; nor to suffer the said Tristram Whitecombe to be any further troubled, or impeached, for or concerning the same.

Post Meridiem

Receivers of Subscriptions.

ORDERED, That Luke Whittington, Mayor of Darby, and Robert Miller, Alderman, shall be intrusted by this House, for the Receiving of Subscriptions for Horse, Money, or Plate, according to the Instructions.

Search for Arms, &c.

Ordered, That the Serjeant's Man do go into London, and make Search for Brass Ordnance and Granado Bullets, that are informed to be loading at the Stil-yard, and make Stay thereof: And also for certain Cases with Arms therein, aboard the Ship called *; and if none do appear to lay Claim to the same, that then the same be seized: And also to search in Mr. Pcirson's House in Thames-street, for Bullets, &c.

Mr. Morley and Mr. Buller are desired to go aud see the Search made.


Ordered, Sir Jo. Evelyn and Mr. Rob. Goodwyn do go to Fox-hall, and make Search for Arms and Ammunition there.

Message from Lords.

Message from the Lords by Sir Edward Leeche and Dr. Aylott;

That the Lords do agree to all the Votes were brought up Yesterday from this House, except the First: And, in the last Vote, they have altered the Day Friday, to Saturday. They have appointed the Exercising of the Militia for Kent, on Monday come Three Weeks: That the Order for the Indemnity of the Volunteers in Kent, they do agree to it; and desire, that it may be inlarged to all other Counties, where any Volunteers have exercised, or shall exercise: And, lastly, The Lords do intend to sit this Afternoon, at Five . . Clock.

Leave to convey Arms.

Ordered, That Mr. Ashton shall have Liberty to convey Ten Musquets to his House at Downeham in Lancashire: And Jo. Hutchinson Esquire, to convey Four Musquets into Nottinghamshire.

Raising Forces.

Ordered, That Mr. Reynolds do move the Lord Wharton, Colonel General of the Five thousand Foot, and Five hundred Horse to be raised for Munster, to grant his Warrants for the Beating up of Drums for the Raising of those Men for that Service.

Ordered, That the Adventurers be moved to issue forth Monies for the Raising of these Men accordingly.

Volunteers Indemnity.

Ordered, That Mr. Glyn and Mr. Prideaux do draw an Order for the Indemnity of those Persons that have voluntarily trained themselves in Ashford in the County of Kent, and Essex; and for such as have or shall do the like in other Counties.

Hastings' Impeachment.

Mr. Serjeant Wilde reports the Impeachment against Mr. Hastings: Which was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto; and ordered to be ingrossed, and carried up to the Lords, by Mr. Serjeant Wilde, To-morrow Morning.

Arms, &c. in Leicestershire.

Ordered, That the Powder, Arms, and Ammunition, in the County of Leicester, put into certain Places of that County, by the Direction of the Lord Lieutenant of that County, shall be kept there still, till further . . . be given to the contrary.

Forces for Hull.

Mr. Martyn reports from the Committee appointed to consider of the Defence of the Kingdom, the Ordinance for the raising of Two thousand Men for Hull: Which was read; and, upon the Question, assented unto: as likewise, the Warrant for the Captains to raise them, assented unto: And Mr. Martyn went up with them both, to desire the Lords Concurrence therein.

Bailing Harbert.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Piercy Harbert shall be bailed.

Resolved, That Jo. Craven of Combe Com. Warwicke Esquire, and Tho. Bellengem of New-timber in the County of Sussex Esquire, shall be accepted of as Bail for him; the principal in Ten thousand Pounds, and Sureties in Five thousand Pounds a Man.

Ordered, That Sir Piercy Harbert do take the Oaths of Allegiance, before he be bailed.

Person to attend.

Ordered, That Wm. Turner, Clerk of the Parish of Brinchley Com. Kent, shall be forthwith summoned to attend this House, to answer his Contempt, for refusing to obey the Order of the House.

Reformado Officer, &c.

Ordered, That the Lords be moved to join with this House, that Sir Wm. Fenton, formerly listed for a Reformado Captain of a Foot Company, be allowed and listed for a Reformado Captain of a Troop of Horse, amongst some of the Forces that are to be raised for Munster: And Sir Henry Mildmay is to carry this to the Lords; and also to move them, that the Committee of their House appointed for the Treaty with the Scotts, may meet To-morrow, at Eight . . Clock.