House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 11 July 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunæ, 11 Julii, 1642.


Spilman's, &c. Impeachment.

MR. Peard. * Corbet, * Long, * Pury, * White, are appointed to prepare an Impeachment against Mr. Spilman and the others that are Delinquents upon the same Offence.

Payment to Earl of Warwick.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of the Navy shall pay the Fifteen hundred Pounds, according to former Order to the Earl of Warwick, or his Affignees.

That the Lords Concurrence shall be desired herein.

Money for Army Service.

Ordered, That the Treasurers for the Money that is come in upon the Propositions for Bringing in of Plate, shall pay into the Committee's Hands appointed to take Care for the Defence of the Kingdom, Two hundred Pounds, upon Account, to be imprested to the Captains that are to raise the Two thousand Men for Hull: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired herein.

Leave to send Arms.

(a) Ordered, That Mr. Wm. Bainbrigge of Lockington, in the County of Leicester, Gentleman, shall have Leave to send down Ten Musquets, and Two Carabines, to Lockington aforesaid: And that Hen. Ireton of Addenborough in the County of Nottingham, Gentleman, shall have Leave to send down, or carry down, to Nottingham, Thirty Head-pieces, Thirty great Saddles, Twenty Carabines, and Twenty Cases of Pistols.


Mr. Ashe, Mr. Mathew, Mr. Moyle, Mr. Rolle, Mr. Moore, Mr. Lowry, Mr. Peard, Sir H. Ludlow, Mr. Erle, Mr. Vassall, Mr. Rowse, Sir Sam. Luke;

This Committee is to consider of the Complaint made of Mr. Huckmore's Servants still cutting and carrying away Timber, contrary to the Order of this House: And likewise to consider of the Matter of Inlargement of Mr. Huckmore, who is a Prisoner for a former Disobedience to the Orders of this House: And are to meet this Afternoon, at Three of Clock, in the Exchequer-chamber.

Impeachment of Lord Mayor.

The ingrossed Articles against the Lord Mayor of the City of London, were this Day read; and, upon the Question, assented unto.

Mr. Peard, Mr. Glyn, * Corbet, * Pury, * Millington, * Prideaux.

Mr. Long went up to the Lords, to desire a Conference, concerning Articles of farther Impeachment against the Lord Mayor.

Message to Lords.

He likewise carried up the Order for paying the Fifteen hundred Pounds to the Earl of Warwick: and Two hundred Pounds to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom; and the Order for a thousand Pounds to be paid for Landtgart Fort; and the Order concerning the Mayor of Northampton:

And was likewise appointed to desire the Lords to expedite the Order concerning Mr. Whittcombe.

Petitions, &c. referred.

Ordered, That the several Petitions of the Commissioners in the North Parts of Ulster, of the distressed Ministers in Colerane, of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the City of Londonderry, in Ireland; and of Griffin Haward, Agent for the Town of Colerane; and that the Letters to the Lord Mayor of the City of London, and to the Aldermen and Common Council of the same City; be referred to the Committee for Mr. Chichester's Petition, and the rest of the Northern Parts.

Leave of Absence.

Mr. Davies has Leave to go into the Country.

Person sent for.

Resolved, upon the Question, That, whereas Sir Tho. Aston has been sent for formerly, and still stands a Delinquent to this House; it is now Ordered, That the said Sir Tho. Aston be forthwith again sent for, as a Delinquent.

Earl Rivers.

Ordered, That the Lords be acquainted with the Proceedings of the Earl Rivers and Cheshire: And that some Course may be taken for the speedy Apprehending and Bringing him to answer the same.

Leicester Magazine, &c.

Ordered, That Sir Arth. Hesselrig, and the Lord Ruthen, shall have Power to safe keep the Magazine of the County of Leicester: And that an Order be prepared to this Purpose: And that Instruction, be given unto the Deputy Lieutenants of that County, for the Preservation of the Peace of that County.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to consider of the Sheriff's of Leicestershire being put out, and a new one put in, do meet this Afternoon, at Two of Clock: And bring in their Opinions To-morrow Morning.

Mr. Whittlock is appointed to take Care of This especially.

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Long brings ......, That the Lords agree to the Conference desired, and to the Orders for Payment of Monies; and concerning the Mayor of Northampton: And, as for the Order touching Whittcombe, they will dispatch it with all Speed.

Letters from Earl of Warwick.

A Message from the Lords, by Serjeant Ayloffe and Serjeant Glanvile;

The Lords desire, that, in Conference which they have consented unto at the Request of this House, that they may communicate to this House some Letters lately received from the Earl of Warwick.

Answer returned by the same Messengers;

The House has considered their Lordships Message; and is resolved to give a Meeting, as is desired.

Marleborough Assessments.

Ordered, That Sir Ro. Pye and Mr. Francklyn do write a Letter to the Commissioners for the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds, in Wiltshire, to provide that the Town of Marleborough may not be prejudiced in their Tax and Payments towards that Bill, in regard of their Forwardness to the Contribution for the Relief of Ireland.

Wiltshire Militia, &c.

Ordered, That Sir Edw. Hungerford and Sir Jo. Evelyn be injoined to go down into Wiltshire, to see the Ordinance of the Militia put in Execution in that County; and to give their best Assistance thereunto; and to advance the Propositions for Bringing in of Plate, Money, and Horse: And the Difference about the Levying of the Monies payable upon the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds, in the Hundreds of Downton and Warminster, is likewise referred to their Consideration.

Cockermouth Election.

Ordered, That the Committee for Privileges do meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, to view the Returns of the Indentures made for the Electing of a Burgess to serve for the Town of Cockermouth.


Mr. Pym presented the Declaration formerly re-committed, with the Additions ordered to be made unto it; The which Additions were read; and, by Vote, upon the Question, assented.

Naval Affairs.

A Letter from the Earl of Warwick, concerning the Coming in of the Lyon, dated from aboard the Ship James, which was delivered at this Conference: And likewise a Note of the Content of Powder aboard the Pinnace that came with the Lyon.

Ordered, That the Committee for the Navy do meet this Afternoon, at Two .. Clock, in the Treasury-chamber: And that the Commissioners for the Navy be forthwith summoned to attend that Committee.

Examining Venables, &c.

Ordered, That Mr. Venables be sent for forthwith to attend the House; and that he be examined at the Committee appointed for the Defence of the Kingdom, concerning the printed Paper of the Resolution of Hereford: And that Sir Rob. Harley do attend that Committee, with those Letters he hath received from some Gentlemen of the County of Hereforde.

Lords will sit.

Message...., by Sir Edw. Leeche and Dr. Aylott; That the Lords have sent them to let this House know, that they intend to sit, at Four a Clock.-

Irish Commissioners.

Ordered, That the Commissioners for Ireland do meet this Afternoon, at Two .. Clock.-

House to sit.

Ordered, That this House do sit, at Four .. Clock, this Afternoon.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House will sit at Four .. Clock.

Calling a Common Council.

Ordered, That Alderman Penington and Mr. Vassall do go to the Lord Mayor, to require him to appoint a Locum tenens in his Absence, for the Calling a Common Council, to meet To-morrow Morning: And, in case the Lord Mayor do refuse to appoint one, that then they require the Ancientest Alderman now in Town to appoint a Common Council accordingly.

Letters from Hull.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker do send such Letters as he receives from time to time from Hull, to the Committee appointed to consider of the Defence of the Kingdom.

Mac-quhare, &c.

Ordered, That Mr. Prideauxe and Mr. Constantine do desire the Judges to deliver them the Examinations concerning Mac-quhare, and those Irish Prisoners in the Tower, taken by them: Who are required to peruse the same.

E. of Antrym.

Ordered, That the Lords be moved to join with this House, in ordering a Ship to be sent of Purpose to bring in safe Custody hither, the Earl of Antrym, now Prisoner in Ireland.

The Tower.

Ordered, That the Lieutenant of the Tower be required to cause a strict Watch to be kept in the Tower, by the Hamleteers belonging to the Tower.

Calling a Common Council.

ALDERMAN Penington reports, That he had been with the Lord Mayor, and acquainted him with the Order of the House, to appoint a Locum tenens, to call a Common Council; but he desired Time to consider of an Answer, till To-morrow: That he afterwards went to the Three senior Alderman, one after another; viz. Alderman Garroway, Alderman Rainton, and Alderman Whitmore; and required them to cause a Common Council to be called, as senior Aldermen: But they excused it; alleging, that they were aged and infirm.

Persons summoned.

Ordered, That Sir Nich. Rainton, Sir Hen. Garroway, and Sir Geo. Whitmore, be summoned forthwith to attend this House.

Barque stayed in the Downes.

Mr. Ford, the Merchant, and Owner of most of the Gunpowder in the Barque stayed in the Downes, by the Lord of Warwicke, and the Master of the Barque, were called in; and certify the House, That Barque was bound for Exeter; and gave full Satisfaction to the House therein.

Whereupon it was Ordered, The Lords be made acquainted herewith, at the next Conference: And that the Barque may be forthwith discharged.

Marlebrough Assessment.

The Letter from Mr. Speaker to the Commissioners for Wilts, that they lay but a proportionable Assessment on the Inhabitants of Marlebrough, by virtue of the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds; and not raise them to a greater Proportion than other Places.


Message ..... Sir Edw. Leeche and Dr. Aylett;

That the Lords desire a present Conference, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House, concerning the French Ambassador's Answer to the Letter from Sir Tho. Roe; and to acquaint them with some things which they have done concerning the Lord Mayor of London.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House will give a present Meeting, as is desired.

Leicestershire Committees.

Instructions for the Lord Ruthyn and Sir Arth. Haselrigg, Committees appointed to go into Leicestershire, were read; and assented unto; and ordered to be sent up unto the Lords.

Wiltshire Committees.

Ordered, That Sir Wm. Lewis and Mr. Cromwell do bring in the Instructions for the Committee appointed to go into Wiltshire: And that the like Order be made for Staying of Horses going to Yorke out of Cornwall, and the Western Counties, to Yorke.


Mr. Cromwell, Sir H. Vane, Alderman Penington, Mr. Constantine, Mr. Rous, are appointed Managers and Reporters of this Conference.

Defence of the Kingdom.

Upon Mr. Martin's Report from the Committee appointed to consider of the Defence of the Kingdom;

It was Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Jo. Wollaston, and the rest of the Treasurers appointed for the Receiving of the Monies upon the Propositions, shall issue upon Account unto such Persons, and for such Uses, as shall be directed by the Committee of the Lords and Commons, appointed for the Defence of the Kingdom.

Message to Lords.

Resolved, &c. That the Lords be moved to join herein.

Mr. Marten carried up to the Lords this Resolution; and the Declaration, expressing the Reason for their Raising of Forces; and the Declaration for the Reparation of Losses of those that have received any Injury by Sir Jo. Hotham's letting forth the Water about Hull.

Magazine from Hull.

Mr. Constantine reports, from the Conference, That they had commanded the Lord Mayor to lay up the Magazine that came from Hull, in some Place within the City; and which he refused to do.

French Ambassador.

Sir H. Vane the younger reports, That the Earl of Holland said, He had acquainted the French Ambassador with the Substance of Sir Tho. Roe's Letter; which was, That he did disavow of having received any such Instructions from his Majesty: And that both Houses desired to maintain the ancient League between the Two Crowns; and therefore more desirous to have such Occasions of Misunderstanding removed: That the French Ambassador assured the Earl of Holland of his Affection to contribute to this right Understanding; and that the Clearing of this Doubt would be a Means: And therefore would send over to his Master concerning it; whom he doubted not will rest satisfied with this Answer of Sir Tho. Rowes.

Counties to assist each other.

Ordered, That the Ordinance made 4° Julii, concerning One County assisting another, upon Occasion, be forthwith printed: And that the Lord Lieutenants do publish and send Copies of the same to their Deputy Lieutenants.

Prisoner released.

Ordered, That Mr. Huckmore, now Prisoner in the Tower, for Disobeying of a former Order of this House, for restraining the Cutting and Carrying away Trees from off some Lands, touching which a Bill was depending in this House, and is since passed both Houses, be forthwith released from his Imprisonment, giving good Security that no more Wood or Timber be cut or carried away; but that the Order of this House be pursued touching this Business.

Person sent for.

Resolved, &c. That Wm. Turner, Clerk of the Parish of Brenchley Coin Kent, be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent, for disobeying the Summons of this House.

Charge against Spilman, &c.

The humble Petition of Mr. Clement Spilman, a Prisoner in the Serjeant's Custody; desiring to be bailed; was read.

And the Question being put for his Bail;

It passed with a Negative.

Ordered, That the Charge against Mr. Spilman, and the rest of the Delinquents for the same Offence, be brought in on Wednesday Morning.

Marton College.

Ordered, That Sir Rob. Harley bring in an Order concerning Marton College, not to be bound by the Bishop of Canterbury's Injunctions.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Serjeant Glanvile and Dr. Aylott;

That the Lords have assented to all the Propositions brought up at the last Conference: And they have likewise taken. Order, that the Barque stayed with Powder in the Downes, shall be forthwith discharged.

Call of the House.

Ordered; That the House be called once every Week.

Members at Yorke, &c.

Ordered, That the Complaint of divers of the Members being at Yorke, and some before Hull, be taken into Consideration To-morrow Morning.

Raising Horse, &c. in Essex.

WHEREAS the Deputy Lieutenants for the County of Essex, according the Order of both Houses of Parliament, have now presented the Names of such Gentlemen, hereafter named, within the several Divisions and Corporations of that County, as they conceive are wellaffected to the Parliament, and willing to advance the Raising Horse Horsemen, Arms, Money, and Plate, for the Defence of King, Parliament, and Kingdom: It is therefore Declared, by both Houses of Parliament, That the Persons so nominated to be Commissioners, as aforesaid, are approved of: And they, or any Two of them, are hereby authorized to put the Propositions, touching that Service, in Execution, in all Points, according to the said Propositions and Order of Instructions: And the Persons so nominated to be Receivers, are likewise approved of: And they or any One of them, within their several Limits, are hereby appointed to receive such Money and Plate, as shall be brought in; and do all other Things belonging to the Receivers Places, according to the said Propositions and Orders of Instructions: And the Deputy Lieutenants of that County which are Members of the House of Commons are hereby required to send the said Propositions, and Orders of Instructions to the Persons so nominated and approved, for their Direction herein.

Ordered, To ... made general, for all Counties as shall desire it.

Ordered, That this be sent up to the Lords, to have their Concurrence therein.


  • a. In the Margin is wrote, "Upon Mr. Millington's Motion."