House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 16 July 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 16 Julii, 1642.


King's Warrant to Navy Officers.

A WARRANT from his Majesty to the principal Officers of the Navy; commanding them, upon their Allegiance, and upon Pain of Forfeiture of their Places, not to obey any Ordinance or Warrant whatsoever, which shall be sent unto them from One or both Houses of Parliament, or from the said Earl of Warwick, or any other, for any Stores or Provisions, or for any Business whatsoever, concerning our said Fleet, Navy or Ships; was this Day read.

Ordered, That the Five hundred Pounds * * * *.

King's Warrants, &c.

Ordered, That the House be resolved into a Committee on Monday Morning next, to consider of his Majesty's Warrants of Restraint to the principal Officers of the Navy, and of the State of the Fleet at Sea; and of the Bill of Tonage of Poundage, not being yet passed; and what is fit to be done upon Consideration of all these Particulars.

Stopping Arms.

Ordered, That the Serjeant send One of his Servants to stop the Arms that this House is informed are going to the University of Cambridge.

Delivery of Arms, &c.

Ordered, That there be delivered unto such Person as the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland shall appoint to receive the same, out of the Ships that brought the Arms and Ammunition from Hull, Five hundred and Threescore Pair of Pistols, Five hundred and Threescore Carabines, and Five hundred and Threescore Backs and Breasts, with Pots to them, to be carried to Chester; and delivered over to Sir Wm. Balfour Knight, towards the Arming of the Ten Horse Troops (whereof the Troop now commanded by Mr. St. John to be One) that are appointed to join with the Scottish Army in the Province of Ulster.

Savage's Petition.

Ordered, That the Petition of Abraham Savage on the Behalf of Bandonbridge, now read, be referred to the Consideration of the Committee of Adventurers: Who are to sit at Two of the Clock, in the Court of Starchamber, this Afternoon.

Stopping Lord's, &c. Pay.

Ordered, That the Pay of Mr. Lloyd, Engineer to the Army of Holland, and of all the other Commanders of Ireland, that have left their Charges, be stopped, until they shall give this House Satisfaction of the Reasons that moved them to come over: And that the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland be acquainted with this Order.

Defence of the Kingdom.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Nicolls be added to the Committee appointed to take Care of the Defence of the Kingdom.

Mr. Hollis is appointed to acquaint the Lords, That this House hath thought fit to add One more to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom.

Payment to the Scotts.

Ordered, That on Monday Morning next, that the House be resolved into a Committee, to consider of paying unto the Scotts the Eighty thousand Pounds of their Brotherly Assistance.

Leave of Absence.

Sir Tho. Whitmore has Leave to go into the Country.

Volunteers Indemnity.

The humble Petition of divers of the Aldermen, and others of the Town of Shrewsbury, was read: And

Ordered, That Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Green, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Hill, Mr. White, Mr. Perepointe, do consider of the Draught of the Order for the Indemnity of the Volunteers of Shrewsbury; and to make the Order general.

Affairs at Shereborne.

Sir Walter Erle gave the House Information of a Troop of Horse raising in Shereborne in the County of Dorsett, by Captain Jo. Digby; which he knows not whether he will carry them to Yorke, or whether he will seize upon the Magazine in that Town: Whether he will carry the Troop to Yorke: Sir Walt. Erle was commanded to give this Information to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom.

Declaration of Parliament.

Ordered, That on Tuesday next, the Declaration be brought in, which is for Answer to those Charges and Imputations laid upon both Houses of Parliament, by certain Declarations and Proclamations.

Message from the Lords, by Doctor Aylett and Dr. Heath;

Naval Affairs.

The Lords have sent us unto you, with this Letter from the Earl of Warwicke, importing, that Sir Hen. Palmer came aboard him, and shewed him a Letter from his Majesty to the Captain of the Lyon, requiring him to deliver him his Goods aboard her; and requiring the Captain and Officers to bring the Lyon about to Scarborough.

Affairs in Kent.

Sir Hen. Vane is appointed to go the Lords, to desire them to give Directions to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to give forth his Deputations forthwith to the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Kent, in regard it appears by the Letter this Day received from the Earl of Warwicke, that the Commission of Array is presently to be put in Execution in that County.

Message to Lords.

He likewise carried up to the Lords, the Order for Horse Arms to be delivered out of the Stores that are come from Hull, to be disposed of by the Appointment of the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom; and the Order for Horse Arms to be delivered to the Scotts Troops; and likewise the Order for the Indemnity of the Volunteers of Gloucester; and is appointed to desire, that the Commissioners for Irish Affairs might sit this Afternoon.

Naval Affairs.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth approve of what the Earl of Warwick has done in Answer to the Demands made by Sir H. Palmer from his Majesty, concerning his Goods aboard the Lyon, and that Ship and Officers, as it is related in this Letter, this Day received from the Earl of Warwick.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Lords be desired to join herein.

Sir Tho. Barrington carried up this Vote to the Lords.

A Message from the Lords by Doctor Aylett and Dr. Heath;

Bill from Lords.

The Lords have commanded us to bring unto you this Bill, passed in their House, with the Amendments contained in it.


Irregularity in delivering it.

The Messenger that brought down this Bill delivered it in without Reading the Title, which he ought to have done; at which the House took some Offence; but in regard of the great Business of the House, they took no more Notice of it at this Time.

Answer from Lords.

Sir H. Vane brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Order concerning Gloucester; and to the Order concerning the Committee of the Militia in London, to provide Arms for the Defence of the Kingdom, &c. As to the Order for delivering Arms for the Arming of the Troops appointed to join with the Scotts, they will send Answer by Messengers of their own: And they will give Directions to the Lord Lieutenant of Kent forthwith, to give out his Deputations.

Irish Affairs.

Mr. Reynolds reports from the Committee for Munster, the Propositions thought necessary by that Committee for the Safety of that Province.

Resolved, &c. That this House doth assent to the drawing Forces out of Ulster and Lemster; and to the Bringing of them into Munster, in such Manner as is expressed in this Report now made from the Committee.

Sir Henry Mildmay is appointed to go to the Lords, to desire a Conference by a Committee of both Houses, concerning the Affairs of Ireland.

Bishop of Raphoe.

The humble Petition of John Bishop of Raphoe, presented unto his Majesty, and from him recommended by his Majesty, to the Houses in Parliament; was this Day read; and ordered to be referred to the Commissioners for Irish Affairs.

The Reference were in these Words:

At the Court at Doncaster, the Thirteenth of July, 1642.

His Majesty conceives the Petitioner's Suit to be reasonable; and would give Order for Relief therein, but that the Two Houses of Parliament, having hitherto, by his Majesty's Permission, managed and ordered all that concerns the Rebellion in Ireland, which, at this time, His Majesty will not take out of their Hands, doth wish the Petitioner to address his Petition to the said House: And he doubts not, but that they will take some speedy and effectual Course for the Relief of his Majesty's good Subjects in the said Barony; the same being a Work of so great Charity and Consequence.

E. of Warwick.

Sir Thomas Barrington brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Vote he carried up concerning the Earl of Warwick.

Message from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Doctor Aylott and Doctor Heath.

The Lords have commanded us to deliver these Two Orders: The One, concerning the Securing the Magazine in the Town of Dorchester: The other, for staying the Troop of Horse raised by Captain Digby: Which the Lords have agreed unto; and desire your Concurrence.


Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House has considered of the Message; and do concur in both these Orders.

Lancaster Militia.

Ordered, That the Report from the Deputy Lieutenants and Committee of the County of Lancaster, concerning the Putting the Militia in Execution in that County, be referred to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom, to receive Directions from them what is to be done therein.

Assembly of Divines.

Mr. Hill reports the Bill for the Giving farther Time for the Meeting of the Assembly of Divines, with no Amendments: And the Bill, upon Question, ordered to be ingrossed.

Collectors of Money.

Ordered, That the Commissioners for the County of Dorsett, upon the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds, be desired to excuse Mr. Tho. Hooper and Mr. Jo. Gould, for being Two of the Collectors to gather the Sums imposed on that County; in regard they are Persons intrusted by both Houses in the special Service of the Kingdom; and speedily to nominate Two other able Persons to execute the said Places of Collectors.

Affairs in Dorsett.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to consider of the Dispersing of the several Orders and Declarations of this House, do forthwith take Care to send down into the County of Dorsett the Two Orders of both Houses, to make Stay of the Troop of Horse raised by Captain Digby; and for the Securing the Magazine in the Town of Dorchester; and to think of fit Persons to be intrusted with the Execution of those Orders, and all other Orders of the like Nature: And Mr. Hampden, Mr. Cromwell, Mr. Strode, Mr. Rous, Sir Gilb. Pickering, Sir Walt. Erle, Sir Tho. Barrington, Sir Hen. Heyman, are added to that Committee.

Ordered, * * * *.

Post Meridiem

Commission of Array.

ORDERED, That the Lords be acquainted with the Proceedings upon the Commission of Array in Worcestershire; And to desire that they would join in an Order for the Printing of them.

Payment to Thorpe.

Ordered, That Mr. Wheeler be required forthwith to pay and satisfy unto Robert Thorpe, Master of the Alexander of Hull, the Sum of Thirty Pounds, in full of Seventy-five Pounds, due to him for Freight of Ammunition.

Arms, &c. from Hull.

Ordered, by the Lords and Commons now assembled in Parliament, That Captain John Bradley of the City of London, Gentleman, be hereby required forthwith to receive, and take up, out of the Four Ships that came from Hull, named, The Advice, The Alexander, The Defence, and The Jonas, by Inventory, all such Ordnance, Ammunition, Arms, Powder, Match, &c. that the said Ships brought from Hull; and to lodge and lay up the same, in these several Warehouses hereafter named; that is to say, In Staplers Hall, within Leaden Hall, Captain Carleton's Warehouse, within the said Leaden Hall; Alderman Fowkes his Warehouses in Water-lane; Mr. Bomatsse his Warehouse on Fish-street-hill; and what Room the East-India Company can spare at Leaden-Hall and St. Ellens; together with the old Chapel in Guildhall; with what Rooms else can there be spared: And the Powder he is to dispose of it into several Halls in the City of London, if the forenamed Rooms be not convenient to lodge the same: All which Rooms and several Warehouses, with what other Warehouses as are convenient, the said Captain Jo. Bradley is to use his best Endeavour to agree and contract for, and at the cheapest Rates he can; and to take them for the Use and Behoof of both Houses of Parliament.

And it is farther Ordered, That Mr. Dawson, Gunsmith, shall take special Care to make and keep clean the said Arms, taken up out of the forenamed Four Ships, from time to time, until both Houses of Parliament shall otherwise dispose of the same: And the said Captain Jo. Bradley, for his own Pains, together with Mr. Dawson, and all other Officers, and Labourers, employed by any or either of them; and all Warehouse-room, taken and agreed for by the said Captain Jo. Bradley, shall be satisfied and paid, according to his Agreement, by both Houses of Parliament: And both the said Houses of Parliament, shall from time to time save and keep harmless him the said Captain Jo. Bradley, Mr. Dawson, and all others employed by them, or either of them, in or about the Premisses; as also, all such particular Persons or Societies, as shall let, or set, their several Warehouses for the Uses aforesaid.

Ordered, That the Lords Concurrence be desired herein.

Irish Affairs.

The House went up to the Conference desired by this House in the Morning, concerning the Affairs of Ireland: And the Propositions brought from the Committee of Munster, were delivered as Heads of this Conference.

Transactions with Scotland.

Mr. Hampden presented to the House some Propositions and Desires from the Scotts Commissioners: The which were read: And it was Ordered as followeth:

1. That the Twelve hundred Pounds resting of the Two Thousand Five hundred Pounds, due to the Scotts, for the Baggage Horses, shall be forthwith paid: And that the House will take into Consideration the Payment as well of the Fourscore thousand Pounds of the Brotherly Assistance, as the Payment of this Twelve hundred Pounds, on Monday or Tuesday next, at farthest.

To the Second, That the Committee shall be called upon to hasten these Commissions.

To the Third, That the Lords be moved to join with this House in desiring his Majesty to grant Warrants to the Officers of his Ordnance, for the Delivery of such Arms and Ammunition as, by the Articles of the Treaty, are to be delivered unto the Scotts, for the Service of Ireland.

For the Fourth, It is referred to the Care of the Irish Commissioners.

For the Fifth, it shall be done accordingly.

For the Sixth, Course shall be taken for the Payment of it, according to the Time.

For the Second Paper, subscribed James Prymrose, dated 16° Julii.

To the First Proposition they give this Answer: That his Majesty shall be moved again therein, when he is moved concerning the Delivery of the Arms that are to go into Scotland.

For the Second, there is especial Care taken for Arms: And the Troops they have already. For the Third, what concerns the Train of Artillery, the House conceives Allowance is already given, to have the same: And the rest of this Proposition is referred to the Commissioners for Ireland.

For the Fourth, the same Order shall be for the Putting of this Money into the General's Hands, as was for the forementioned Order for the One thousand Two Hundred Pounds.

Expences of Scotch Commissioners.

Ordered, That the Committee where Mr. Trenchard has the Chair, do meet on Monday Morning next; and Consideration the Bill of Charges for Lodgings, &c. for the Scotts Commissioners; and where this Money shall be paid.

Persons to attend.

Ordered, That Mr. Baker, Parson of Pitleworthe in attend, the County of Southampton, and Mr. Godfrey of Rumsey, shall be forthwith summoned to attend this House.

Ordered, That the Mayor of Salisbury shall be forthwith summoned to attend this House.

Stean-land Deane Common.

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants within the Parish of Ellane in the County of Yorke, was this Day read: And

Ordered, That Sir William Savile do shew Cause, by this Day Fortnight, why the Petitioners should not have their Desires granted unto them, for Staying of the Actions brought against them by Sir Wm. Savile, concerning certain Moors, Wastes, and Commons, called Steanland Deane: And if the said Sir Wm. Savile shall then fail to satisfy this House concerning the same, that then the Petitioners Matter of Complaint shall be transmitted to the Lords; to the End, that the Proceedings at Law may be stayed; and the Inhabitants (who are now in Possession) may be settled in the Possession of the Premises.

Army Accounts.

Ordered, That Mr. Trenchard do make Report of the Accounts of the Paymasters of Barwicke and Carlisle.

Person sent for.

Resolved, &c. That Wm. Sergeant the elder shall be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent, for disgraceful and opprobrious Speeches against the Parliament, and Mr. Speaker of the House of Commons.

Person to summoned.

Resolved, &c. That Mr. Ro. Exton, Mayor of Chichester, be forthwith summoned to attend this House, to answer his Contempt in the Publishing Proclamations concerning the Commission of Array, and other Proclamations issued forth in Opposition to the Proceedings of Parliament.

Irish Affairs.

Mr. Reynolds reported from the Committee appointed to consider of the State of Munster, some Directions and Propositions for the Regaining of the Castle and City of Limmerick, now in the Possession of the Rebels; and the Subduing the Rebels in that Province: First, they considered that Munster affords a Lead Mine, within Twenty Miles of Limmerick, which furnisheth the Rebels with Bullet: And that they make, at Limmerick, Powder: And in the County of Kerry they make Iron Guns.

That in the Province of Ulster, there are in Pay,
English, - - - - - - 2,000
Scotts, - - - - - - 10,000
New taken into Pay, - - - - 7,500
Londonderry, - - - - 400
Horse joined to the Scotts, - - - 800
Dragoons new taken into Pay, - - 600
Two old Troops of Horse, besides Officers, 100
Train of Artillery, Apothecaries, Surgeons, &c. near about - - - 300
In Lemster, by List, Foot, - 15,000
Horse there, - - - - 1,500
In Connaught, Foot, - - 2,000
Horse, - - - - - 140
In Mounster, Foot, in Pay, - 4,000
Horse, in Pay, - - - 460
Besides the Adventurers Foot - - - - 5,000
Horse, - - - - - - - 500

This being the State of the Army, and the Forces thus distributed; and the Province of Munster being of so great Importance; and it so much concerning the Honour and Interest of this Nation, to regain the Castle of Limmerick, and subdue the Rebels there; for the Effecting thereof do think fit; that out of Ulster should be drawn Six thousand Foot, and Four Troops of Horse; viz.

The Lord Conway in Person, with his whole Regiment of Foot, - - - - - 1,000
These * * to have Cloaths and Shoes before they can march.
Out of the Lord of Ardis his Regiment, - 500
Out of Sir James Montgomery his Reigiment, - 500
Out of Colonel Chechester his Regument, - - 500
Out of Sir Jo. Clotworthy his Regiment, - - 500
The Scotts out of the Ten thousand Foot, a Fourth Part, with - - - 2,500
The Lord Conwaye's Troop Horse.
The Scotts to spare Three Troops of the Ten that attend them: In all, Horse Four Troops.
Out of Lemster Foot, - - - - 4,000
Horse, - - - - - - 500

And so many more Horse and Foot to be added out of Lemster Forces, as the Lord Lieutenant, upon his Arrival there, shall think fit.

That these Forces march with- all possible Speed: And that the Victualler of Knockfergus do furnish Victual for the Ulster Forces, to carry them to Dundalke, where Mr. Frost is to prepare Victual for them, for Four Days March: And after, the Lord Lieutenant, and the Lords Justices, to provide for their Victual, Carriages, and all other Necessaries.

That presently a Post be sent to Port Patrick in Scotland, with Order both to the Scotts General, and the Lord Conway, to pursue these Directions.

That a Post be presently sent to Dublyn, to the Lords Justices, to prepare the Lemster Forces; and to consider of the Conduct, and all other Necessaries, for this March into Munster.