House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 20 July 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Mercurii, 20 Julii, 1642.


Information against Guyn.

AN Information against Jo. Guyn, the Vicar of Cople in Bedfordshire, touching the Reading the King's Declaration: and absolutely refusing to read the Declarations from the Parliament.

Jo. Wood was called in; who is a Parishioner of the said Parish; who did attest the Truth of his Demeanor, and Carriage in the * * * *.

Resolved, upon * *, That Mr. Jo. Guyn, Vicar of Cople in the County of Bedford, be forthwith summoned, in safe Custody.

Leave of Absence.

That Mr. Piers Edcomb shall have Liberty to go into the Country, and to stay there for Six Weeks.

Turner's Petition.

Upon the humble Petition of Wm. Turner, Clerk and Sexton, * * * *.

Officers Pay.

Ordered, That Captain Rowland St. Leger's Name be inserted among the Names of other Officers that are ordered to be paid; and that so much be paid unto him as shall appear to be due upon Sir Wm. Uvedale's Certificate.


Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant Wilde and Mr. White do consider of the Clause in the Bill of Four hundred thousand Pounds, concerning the Commissioners making Collectors.

Loan from Merchant Strangers.

Ordered, by the Lords and Commons, That every Alderman of the City of London, and their Deputies, where no Alderman is, be hereby required forthwith to send out his Warrant unto the Common-council-men of his Ward; requiring them with all Speed, in some convenient Place within his Ward, to call before them all and every the Merchant Strangers, together with other Inhabitants that are not free of the said City, dwelling within their aforesaid Ward; to know what Sums of Money they have underwritten or promised, or shall, by their good Persuasions, underwrite or promise, to lend, towards the Sum of Fifty thousand Pounds, desired by both Houses of Parliament to be borrowed of them, to supply many great and urgent Occasions the Parliament at present hath for Money; and forthwith to make Payment of the same into the Chamberlain's Office, in the Guildhall, London; and to return the Names of the several Persons, together with their particular Sums they have or shall lend, unto some One of the Citizens that serve in Parliament for the City of London: And the Officers appointed to receive the Hundred thousand Pounds lent by the several Companies of London, are hereby likewise authorized to receive the several Sums lent by any particular Person, that is a Merchant Stranger, or other Inhabitant, that is no Freeman of the City; and to give Acquittances for the same.

Commissions of Array.

Whereas several Commissions of Array have lately issued out under the Great Seal of England, into the several Counties of Leicester, Worcester, and other Counties of this Realm, tending to the great Danger of his Majesty, and the Disturbance of the Peace of this Kingdom: For the Preventing thereof, and of the Execution and Issuing out of any such Commissions for the time to come: It is Ordered, by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, That the Judges and Justices of Assize, of the several Counties of England and Wales, be required, in their several Circuits, at the Assizes and Great Sessions to be next held for each County within this Realm, and the Dominion of Wales, respectively, in open Court; and, in their several Charges to be delivered to the Grand Juries, at the said Assizes and Great Sessions; openly to Declare and Publish, That the said Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, have, upon mature Deliberation, resolved, upon the Question, That the said Commissions of Array are against Law, and against the Liberty and Property of the Subject: And that all those that are Actors in putting the same in Execution, shall be esteemed as Disturbers of the Peace of the Kingdom, and Betrayers of the Liberty of the Subject.

Payment to the Scotts.

That the House be resolved into a Committee, to consider of paying the Scotts their Part of the Brotherly Assistance.

A Message from the Lords by Sir Ro. Riche and Mr. Page;

Letter from E. of Holland.

The Lords have received, this Morning, a Letter from the Earl of Holland; which they commanded us to deliver unto you, to peruse; and to desire it may be sent back unto them again.

Message to Lords.

Sir H. Mildmay carried up unto the Lords divers Orders for Sommersett, and Dorsett, for advancing the Propositions for bringing in of Horse, Money, and Plate; the Orders for paying Two hundred Pounds to the Lady Gray, Lord Docwra, Doctor Jones, the Archbishop of Cashell in Ireland, Mr. Fitzgerald; and Fifty Pounds to Mr. Hodges; and likewise an Order concerning the Commissions of Array to be sent to the Justices of the Assizes; and and an Order to be sent, concerning the Borrowing of Monies of the Merchants Stranger. He is likewise to move the Lords, to give an Answer touching the Horse Arms to be delivered to Sir Wm. Balfour: And likewise to desire the Lords to give some Answer to the Propositions delivered at the Conference on Saturday last, concerning the Bringing of Forces out of Ulster into * * Province.

Letter referred.

Ordered, That the Consideration of the Letter now received from the Committee at Beverly, be referred to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom, to consider what is fit to be done thereupon.

Letter to E. of Warwick, &c.

A Letter to be sent from Mr. Speaker to the Earl of Warwick, and to Captain Walker, were read; and approved of; and signed by Mr. Speaker.

Prisoner released.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Southby, who was sent for, as a Delinquent, and remains so in the Serjeant's Custody, be forthwith released from any farther Restraint.

Forces for Ireland.

Ordered, That the First of the Five Regiments that are to be raised by the Adventurers of Ireland, to be sent into Munster, be forthwith sent to the Relief of the Earl of Thomond: And that the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and the Lord Wharton, be desired to take Care, and to give Order, for the speedy sending this Regiment away accordingly: And that the Regiment under the Command of the Lord Kerry, may be the Regiment if they think fit: And that the Treasurers appointed to receive the Monies that come in upon the Acts of Subscriptions for Ireland, be required forthwith to pay unto the Lord of Kerry all his Levy Money, for the Levying of his Regiment: And that he shall receive his Commission from the Committee of London; and seal his Indenture: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired herein.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Troop of Horse, and the Hundred Foot, raised by the Earl of Thomond, be received into Pay from the First of July, 1642.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Commissioners for Irish Affairs, to take Care, that the Lord of Kerrye's Regiment, to be sent over to the Succour of the Earl of Thomond, when it is levied, may not stay for a Ship, and other Means, for their Transport.

Ordered, That the Earl of Warwick be desired to send forth a Ship presently, to the Mouth of the River of Waterford, for the Defence of Duncannon Fort; together with a Pinnace, of the Burthen of some Twenty Ton.

A Message from the Lords, by the Master of the Rolls and Dr. Heath;

Judgment against the Nine Lords.

That the Lords are ready to give Judgment against the Nine Lords impeached, by Word of Mouth, by the Commons, if the Commons, by their Speaker, be ready to come up, to demand Judgment.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That this House, with their Speaker, is ready to come up to demand Judgment against the Nine Lords formerly impeached by this House.

Answer from Lords.

Sir H. Mildmay brings Answer, That the Lords do agree with this House in all the Orders, and other Matters, carried up by him to the Lords, except Two; the One, concerning the Arms to be delivered to Sir Wm. Balfour; the other, concerning the removing of some of Ulster Forces into the Province of Munster: To the which they will send Answer by Messengers of their own.

Judgment against the Nine Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker shall, at the Lords Bar, in the Name of all the Commons of England, demand Judgment against Spencer Earl of Northampton, William Earl of Deconshire, Henry Earl of Dover, Henry Earl of Monmouth, Charles, Lord Howard of Charlton, Rob. Lord Rich, Charles Lord Gray of Ruthen, Tho. Lord Coventry, Arthur Lord Capell.

Prisoners released.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Geo. Bolton, a poor labouring Man, and Prisoner in the Gatehouse, by an Order of this House, be forthwith released from any farther Imprisonment.

Resolved, upon the Question, That upon the humble Petition of Evan Lewis and Richard Hubard, Prisoners in Newgate, by Order of this House, for selling about the Streets a printed Paper, called "The Resolution of the County of Hereford," they be forthwith released from any farther Restraint.

A Message from the Lords, by the Master of the Rolls and Dr. Heath.

Arms from Hull.

The Lords have commanded us to bring down this Order unto you.

The Order was in hæc verba;

"Ordered, by the Lords in Parliament assembled, That the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom shall hereby have Power to dispose of the Arms that came from Hull, to be made fit and serviceable; and to issue them out for the Defence of the Kingdom, as they shall think fit."

Duncannon Fort.

Resolved, upon the *, That Directions be sent to the Lords Justices of Ireland, to require them to send a Regiment of a Thousand Foot of the Lemster Forces, to the Lord Esmond, for the Defence of Duncannon Fort: And that Mr. Cromwell and Mr. Strode do prepare a Letter to this Purpose.

Train of Artillery.

Ordered, That the Lords, at the next Message, be desired to give some Dispatch to the Order concerning the Train of Artillery.

Cannon for Dublyn.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Two whole Cannon, with their Carriage and Equipage, be forthwith sent to Dublyn, for the Service of that Kingdom: And that these Two whole Cannon, with their Carriage and Equipage, be taken and issued out of his Majesty's Stores in the Tower of London: And the Lords Concurrence be desired herein.

Commission of Array.

Ordered, That the Serjeant do take Care to send down Messengers of Purpose, with the Orders of both Houses, for the Publishing of the Declarations concerning the Illegality of the Commission of Array, at the General Assizes throughout the Kingdom, to be delivered to the Judges of Assize, to be published in their several Circuits, according to the said Order of both Houses: And that they return an Account to this House, of the Delivery of the said Orders and Declarations.

It is further Ordered, That the Serjeant shall be allowed his Charges and Expences in the Sending of these Orders and Declarations, at the publick Charge of the Kingdom.