House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 09 August 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 9 Augusti, 1642.


Payment to Chudleigh.

THAT Wm. Bartlett, and Edw. Anthony, appointed Receivers of the Money that comes in upon the Propositions for Bringing in of Money, Horse, and Plate, in the County of Devon, do forthwith pay unto Sir Geo. Chudleigh, Five thousand Pounds, upon Account, out of the said Monies.

Northampton Committee.

The Instructions for Northamptonshire to be sent up to the Lords; and that their Concurrence be desired therein: And that the Members of this House are appointed Committees to go into Northamptonshire.

Arms to Northamptonshire.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker do grant his Warrant to Mr. Knightley, for conveying into Northamptonshire some Quantities of Arms, viz. * * * *

Affairs in Worcestershire.

A Letter from one of Mr. Wm. Stephens, of Worcestershire, relating the Passages at the Grand Assizes at Worcester, concerning the Commission of Array; and the Copy of a Declaration and Protestation agreed upon by the Grand Jury there; and the Copy of a Petition of divers of the best Freeholders of the County of Worcester, presented to the Judge there; the which he refused to read.

Ordered, That Serjeant Wilde and Mr. Salloway be, with all convenient Speed, injoined to go down into Worcestershire, with the Instructions for the Counties; and to use their best Endeavours for the Preservation of the Peace of the County: And that they shall cause the Coat and Conduct Money to be safe kept where it is, till farther Order by this House: And that a Messenger do go down with them, for the Apprehending of the Bailiffs of Droitewich, and Henry Harris of the said Town, that have removed the Earl of Shrowsburie's Armour, contrary to the Ordinance for the Militia; and bringing them up to the said House.

Affairs in Northampton.

A Letter from Ashby, of the Eighth of August instant, from Ric. Knightley and others, to Sir Jo. Dreydon, and Sir Gilbert Pickeringe, was read.

Ordered, That William Fitzwilliams, Esquire, Sir Jo. Dreydon Baronet, Sir Christopher Yelver ... Knight and Baronet, Sir Gilbert Pickering Baronet, Zouch Tate Esquire, Jo. Crew Esquire, Rich. Knightley Esquire, and Sir Jo. Finch, appointed, as a Committee, to go down into the County of Northampton, with Instructions for the Putting the Militia in Execution, and the Preservation of the Peace of the County: And the other Gentlemen named in the Instructions, are required to be aiding and assisting unto them herein, with their best Endeavours.

Money stayed at Guildhall.

Ordered, That Ald. Soames, Ald. Penington, Mr. Venn, Mr. Vassall, do forthwith go to Guildhall, in London, and see the Monies this Day stayed, belonging to Sir George Benyion, told there; and laid up in safe Custody, in the Hands of the Treasurers for the Subscriptions, till this House doth give further Order: And this House doth declare, that the Staying thereof was an acceptable Service; and that this House will protect them that made Stay thereof.

Proceedings against the Lord Mayor.

A Message from the Lords by Sir Ro. Riche, and Mr. Page;

The Lords are now ready to proceed against the Lord Mayor; this being the Time appointed.

Answer returned by the same Messengers; That the House hath resolved to send up some of their Members, to attend that Service, presently.

Message to Lords.

Mr. Crew carried up to the Lords the Instructions for Nort ....

Bringing in Money, &c.

Mr. Peard, Mr. Rigby, Sir H. Mildmay, Sir Arth. Haselrigg, are appointed to withdraw, to prepare a Declaration concerning the bringing in of Money, and Raising of Forces, upon Pretence of Defence of the King's Person, &c.

Affairs in Sussex.

A Letter from Mr. Jo. Alforde, Sir Wm. Goring, Sir Tho. Bowyer, Sir Wm. Morley, and others, of the County of Sussex; and the Copies of Two Commissions under his Majesty's Hand, to Colonel Goringe, Governor of .... and desiring that the Magazine at Chichester might be delivered into their Hands, was this Day read; and ordered to be referred to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Magazine at Chichester shall remain in the Hands that now they are in: And that Mr. Morley do write a Letter to Captain Chitty, in whose Custody it now is, to that Purpose.

Members to be summoned.

Ordered, That Mr. Jo. Alford, Sir Tho. Bowyer, Sir Wm. Morley, and Mr. Tho. May, Members of this House, be forthwith summoned to attend the Service of the House; and to give more particular Information in the Particulars mentioned in their Letter to Mr. Speaker.

Affairs in Cornewall.

A Letter from Lanceston, of the 5th of August, from the Committee sent by this House into Cornwall; relating the Passages of Judge Foster, the Sheriff, Sir Nicolas Slaninge, Sir Bevile Greenvile, and Mr. Jo. Arundell, Members of this House, at the Assizes there; and, after the Assizes done, how they proceeded in publishing his Majesty's Proclamations concerning Hull, and the Militia, and other Matters, contrary to the Orders of the House, was this Day read.

Slaning disabled to sit.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Nicholas Slaning be disabled from sitting any longer a Member of this House during this Parliament.

Members to be summoned.

Ordered, That Sir Bevile Greenvile, and Mr. Tho. Arundell, be forthwith summoned to attend the Service of this House on this Day fortnight, at farthest.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Nich. Slaning be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Ja. Grells, High Sheriff of the County of Cornwall, be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents.-

Answer from Lords.

Mr. Crue reports, that the Lords do agree to the Instructions and Order.-

Persons sent for.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Nich. Hatch, the Minister, be forthwith sent for, as a Delinquent.

Affairs in Cornewall.

Ordered, That Mr. Buller do carry up to the Lords the Letter from the Committee in Cornwall; and the Votes of this House.

Affairs at Chewton, &c.

A Letter from Mr. Ashe, a Member of this House, from Freshford, of the 7th of August, relating the Passages at Chewton, was read; and ordered to be carried up to the Lords by Mr. Ashe: And it is likewise ordered, That it be forthwith printed; and that the Gentlemen of the Committee, and of that County, have Thanks returned them: And that Thanks be returned to the rest of that Country: And that Mr. Taylor, a Burgess of Bristoll, do return Thanks to such Gentlemen of Bristoll as have shewed themselves forward in this Service.

Welles Magazine.

Ordered, That the Magazine of Welles be taken out of the Custody of Sir F. Dodington; and restored to the Custody of the Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Sommersett.

Commission of Array.

Ordered, That all those that have shewn themselves Countenancers of the Commission of Array in all Counties, be forthwith disarmed: and that the principal Actors therein be forthwith sent up, as Delinquents, to the Parliament: And that the Lords Lieutenants, and the Deputy Lieutenants, in all Counties, be injoined and authorized to employ the Power of the Counties, for the Apprehending and Disarming of them; and likewise to pursue them from County to County; especially Marquis Hertford, Lord Pawlett, Sir Jo. Stoell, Mr. Smyth, Sir Ra. Hopton, Sir Tho. Lunsford, Sir Jo. Mounson, Sir Lewis Dive, the Lord Willoughby Son to the Earl of Lindsey, Lord Coventry, the Earl of Northampton, Lord Seymour, and all other their Adherents and Complices.

Commissaries in Buck'.

Ordered, That Sir Tho. Sanders and Tho. Westall shall be appointed Commissaries in the County of Buck', to view and value the Horse and Arms, raised and provided in the County of Buck': And a Certificate, under their Hands, of the Value of the same, shall be as available for the Lenders as if the Horse and Arms were valued by the Commissaries here in London.

Essex Commissioners, &c.

Ordered, That Tho. Aylett, Tho. Guyon, and Jeremy Aylett, shall be added and appointed Three of the Commissioners for the County of Essex: And Rob. Craine and Hen. Coleman, to be Receivers of such Monies as shall come in upon the Subscriptions for bringing in of Horse, Money, or Plate.

Mr. P ... * * *.

Deputy Treasurer at Wars.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth allow of Captain * Vernon to be Deputy to Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Treasurer at Wars for the Army now to be raised by Parliament; and doth declare, That, for such Monies as come to the Hands of Captain Vernon, Deputy Treasurer at Wars, he shall be responsible and accountable for the same; and Sir Gilbert Gerard discharged thereof; and shall be accountable only for such Monies as shall come to the Hands of him the said Sir Gilbert Gerard.

Ld. Kerrye's Petition.

Ordered, That the Committee for Adventurers do meet upon the Lord Kerrye's Petition, at Two .. Clock, in the Court of Wards, this Afternoon.

Defence of the Kingdom.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Gilbert Gerard be added to the Committee for the Defence of the Kingdom.

Mr. J * * * *.

Payment to Rushworth.

Whereas One hundred and Fifty Pounds was formerly * * * Mr. Rushworth, for his p. * * * Services, wherein he was * * * * to the North, the which he ha ... * * * * * is this Day Ordered, That * * * * * Treasurer at Wars for * * * * the Parliament do forthwith * * * * John Rushworth the said * * * * * Pounds, according to the * * * *.

Jernsey and Garnesey.

Ordered, That those Gent * * * * Jernsey and Garnesey, do make * * * * think necessary for the Saf ... * * * * the Committee for the Defence.