House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 27 September 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Martis, 27 Septembris, 1642.


Disarming Citizens at Exeter.

ORDERED, That the Mayor and Sheriffs of the City and County of the City of Exon, for the Time being, be hereby authorized, and shall disarm such Citizens of the Trained Bands of the said City of Exon, as have, or shall refuse to shew their Arms, upon the Ordinance of the Militia, being thereunto required by * * * *.

Military Affairs.

Mr. Pym reported the Passages of the Forces, both of the King's and the Lord General's, near about Worcester: And

God's Blessing on the Army.

It is Ordered, That the Ministers at the next Fast may be desired, from this House, to give Thanks unto God for his Blessing upon the Forces raised by the Parliament, at that Time.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, That Sir Tho. Salisbury, Mr. Wm. Winne, Mr. Jo. Trevor, Mr. Tho. Chedle, Mr. Tho. Madrin, shall be forthwith sent for as Deliquents, for putting the Commission of Array, in Execution.

Salisbury's, &c. Impeachment.

Resolved, That Mr. Glyn shall prepare an Impeachment of High Treason against Sir Tho. Salisbury, for actually levying Forces against the King and Parliament, and marching in the Head of those Forces against the Parliament: And against Mr. Tho. Chedle, for levying Forces against the King and Parliament; and for Robbing and Spoiling of the King's Subjects; in particular the Master of the Ship that brought Powder and other Ammunition, to Mr. Tho. Glyn of the County of Caernarvan, for the Defence of that County.

Military Affairs.

A Letter from Pounsford, of September the 24th 1642, from Mr. Roger Hill, a Member of the House concerning the Passage of the Marquis Herts, from Sherbourne to Minehead; and of Mr. Luttrell at Dunster Castle, near Mynhead; was this Day read.

Sherburne Castle.

Ordered, That the Earl of Bedford shall be required to give Order for razing to the Ground the Castle and Fortifications at Sherbourne: And that the Lords Concurrence be desired herein: And that Sir Edw. Aiscough carry up this Vote to the Lords.

Message to Lords.

He carried up likewise the Instructions for Lincolneshire: The Order concerning Sir Piers Crosby: And was likewise to move the Lords to concur in a Letter to Sir Jo. Banks, concerning the Presenting the Scotts Treaty to his Majesty.

Issue of Money.

Ordered, That the Customers of Apson and Exeter do forthwith furnish the Earl of Bedford, upon Account, with such Monies as shall come in within those Ports upon the Customs: And that the Treasurer at Wars here shall repay such Monies to the Collectors here, as shall appear to be paid, by virtue of this Order.

Lincolne Committee.

Resolved, upon the Question, That the Names of Geo Lloyd Alderman of Grantham, Maurice Baudes, and Armestrong, shall be struck out of the Instructions for Lincolneshire: And that Sir Robert Markeham's Name be inserted.

Member admitted.

Upon the Report from the Committee, .... of the Excuse of Sir Jo. Meux, for his Absence;

It is Ordered, That he shall be admitted into the House.

Cholmely's, &c. Impeachment.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Robert Cholmely, Viscount Kelly, Sir Robert Fitton Baronet, Sir Tho. Aston, and Hugh Calveley Esquire, High Sheriff of the County Palatine of Chester, shall be forthwith impeached of High Treason, for plundering the Houses of the King's Subjects, and raising, and being in, actual War against the King and his good People: And that the same Committee that prepared the Impeachment against the Marquis Herts, the Lord Strange, &c. do prepare the Impeachment against these Gentlemen.

Member's Subscriptions, &c.

Sir Jo. Meux declares, That he will bring in Two Horses for the Service of the Commonwealth; and doth declare himself affirmatively to the Vote, concerning the Assisting of the Earl of Essex in this Cause.

Lord Ranelagh.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of the Lady Clotworthy, in the Behalf of her Father the Lord Viscount Ranelagh, Lord President of Connaght in Ireland, this Day read in the House; desiring that some Directions might be given for his Relief, who hath been in the Service of this Kingdom ever since the Rebellion brake forth, and hath as yet received no Relief; be referred to the Committee for the Adventurers of Ireland.

Account of Subsidies, &c.

Mr. Wheeler reports the State of the Account of the Remainder of the Three Subsidies and Fifteens, remaining in the Treasurers Hands, of those Subsidies granted 21° Jac.

The Question being put, Whether the House would allow to these Treasurers the Sum of One Hundred and Fifteen *, which they demand for Charges, over and above that Sum, which was allowed them by the Act of the Parliament;

It passed with the Negative.

Resolved, That these Treasurers, or their Assigns, be required forthwith to pay into the Hands of Mr. Wheeler the Sum of * *, to be by him paid, according to former Orders, to the Printers, after Perusal of their Accounts, and the Allowance of them by the House; being the Remainder of the said Subsidies and Fifteens, except the Fifty Pounds paid by former Order to Viscount of Caermarthen: And that the said Treasurers shall have a full Discharge for them, their Heirs, and Assigns, for the Whole.

Collectors of Subsidies.

Resolved, That this House doth not allow of the Sum of Six hundred Pounds paid into the Exchequer by Mr. Paul Pert, and Mr. J. Williams, being Collectors for the Three Subsidies, collected in the King's Household, being paid contrary to the Act of Parliament.

Resolved, That Mr. Paul Pert and Mr. Jo. Williams shall be charged with the said Sum of Six hundred Pounds: And that the Committee shall have Power to send for the said Pert and Williams, or their Assigns, to give an Account of those Monies so by them received.

Warrant to Montgomery, &c.

Resolved, That H. Montgomery, the Son of the Lord Viscount Airds, and Wm. Stewari, Esquires, with their Servants, to the Number of Ten, shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant to transport themselves into Ireland, by the Way of Chester, or Scotland.

Account of Printing.

Ordered, That the Consideration of Mr. Bartlett's Account, Printer, for Service he has done for this House, be referred to the Consideration of Mr. Wheeler, to peruse.

That the Committee for Printing shall have Power to * * * *.


Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth allow Twelve Ships to be a Winter Guard for the Coast of England: And that the Committee for the Navy do take Care for the Satisfaction, Victualling, and Paying of them.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth allow Six of the King's Ships and Pinnaces to be a Winter Guard for the Coasts of Ireland: And that the Committee for the Navy do take Care for the Satisfaction of them, and for the Victualing and Paying of them.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth allow of Twelve of the Merchants Ships and Pinnaces to be a Winter Guard for the Coast of Ireland: And that the Committee for the Navy do take Care for the Satisfaction of them, and for the Victualing and Paying of them.

Resolved, That the Captains of the Ruth and of the Swan be removed from their Charges: And that the Committee for the Navy shall have Power to put others in their Stead, in the Absence of the Earl of Warwick.

Resolved, upon the Question, That these Votes be carried up to the Lords for their Concurrence herein.


Ordered, That this Paper, presented from the Secretary of the Admiralty, concerning some Persons of Quality to be furnished with as ample Power as the Lord High Admirals of England have formerly been, for managing the Affairs of the Admiralty, be taken into Consideration on Thursday Morning: And that, at Ten of Clock, the said Paper be read, and considered of: And that at the same time it be considered what Entertainment 'tis fit the Earl of Warwick should have allowed him.

Safety of the Kingdom.

Resolved, That the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom shall be desired to meet every Morning, at Eight of Clock: And that they do attend the Service of the House at Ten.


A Message from the Lords, by Sir Ro. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords do desire a Conference, in the Painted Chamber, by Committees of both Houses, presently, if it may stand with the Conveniency of this House; to communicate unto this House some Things which they received by Letter, concerning the Affairs of the County of Yorke; and likewise concerning the Affairs of the Prince Elector Palatine; and likewise concerning a Letter they received from the Lord Mohun; and likewise concerning the Sequestration of the Estate of the Lord Capell.

Answer returned by the same Messengers: That this House has considered their Lordships Message; and will give them a present Meeting as is desired.

Mr. Pym, Mr. Glyn, Sir H. Vane, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Goodwyn, are appointed Reporters of this Conference.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Edw. Aiscough brings Answer, That the Lords do agree to the Instructions for Lincolneshire; the Order concerning Sir Piers Crosbye; concerning the Scotts Commissioners; concerning the Demolishing of the Castle of Sherborne.

Feerby's Bail, &c.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Sir Leonard Feerby Knight, who is under the Messengers Hands, for promoting the Petition contrived at the last Assizes at Maidston, be referred to the Committee for Informations; And they are to consider of it this Afternoon; and to send Notice to some of those as gave the House the Information against him: And that in the mean time he be bailed; the Principal in the Sum of Two thousand Pounds, and the Sureties in a Thousand Pounds apiece.

Members excused.

Ordered, That Mr. Maynard shall be excused, in regard of his great Indisposition of Health.

Ordered, That Mr. F. Godolphin shall be excused from the Attendance of the Service of the House, in regard of his great Indisposition of Health.

Affairs in Yorkeshire.

Mr. Glyn reports Part of the Conference with the Lords, concerning the Affairs in Yorkeshire.

A Letter was read, concerning the Proceedings of Sir Edward Rhodes, and Mr. Hotham, in Yorkeshire; and of the Nominating by One Part of the County, of the Lord Fairefax to be their Lord General; was read.

Prince Elector.

Mr. Pym reported the second Part of the Conference, concerning some Memorials touching the Prince Elector's Business.

Letter from Ld. Mohun.

He likewise presented a Letter from the Lord Mohun, of the 7th of September; wherein he makes a Narrative of the Manner of his being sent for; lays a Tax upon That House, as thought it were no free Parliament; and upon the Parliament; and presumes to give them some Instructions. The Lord Mohun grounded himself upon a Letter received from his Majesty, dated June 29th, from Yorke; commanding him not to stir out of that County, upon any Warrant or Order from both or either House of Parliament; and likewise commanding all Serjeants, Messengers, and others, not to attach him, or meddle * *.

Ld. Capell's Sequestration.

He reported likewise, That the Lords had taken into Consideration the Readiness of the Lord Capell, to assist the Marquis Herts with his Rents in the West; and do conceive it fitting and necessary, that his Rents, not only in the West, but all England and Wales over, should be sequestered, and employed for the Service of the Commonwealth.

Yorkshire Election.

Resolved, That this House doth approve and allow of the County Election of Yorkshire, concerning the Lord Fairefax.

Peace of Yorkeshire.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Committee for the Safety of the Kingdom, to consider what Encouragement is fit to be sent to those Gentlemen of Yorkeshire, for the Preservation of the Peace of that County: And that they do dispatch a Messenger away this Afternoon.

Hotham's Declaration.

There was a Declaration read of Mr. Jo. Hotham's Reasons, that induced him to draw forth of the Town of Hull Four hundred Foot, and One hundred Horse; and of the Intents and Purposes for which he drew them forth.

"Whereas, according to the Orders of Parliament, I have drawn forth some Companies of Horse and Foot into this Country, I do here declare, That my Intent of coming into these Parts, is only to countenance the Militia, and other Orders, and Commands from Parliament; to give Assistance to the well-affected Party; and to aid and assist them to bring to Justice all such as have been by them declared the Cause of these Disturbances; and that have contemned the Commands of Parliament: And that I will neither plunder nor burn in the Country, nor offer Violence to any, but, according to the Orders and Declarations of the Parliament; which are the Guides I shall follow: And that I shall be glad, that I may in any thing assist to a Pacification betwixt the King and the Parliament. In Witness whereof I have put to my Hand."

"Snath, Septembris 22° "John Hotham." 1642."

Resolved, upon the Question, approve of Mr. Hotham's Declaration, and of his coming into Yorkeshire with these Forces, according to the Intents and Purposes set forth in that Declaration; it being nothing but his Duty, and for the Preservation of the Peace of that County, and the whole Kingdom.

King's Children, &c.

Ordered, That the Business concerning the Relief of the King's Children at St. James, the Queen of Bohemia, and her Son the Prince Elector Palatine, be referred to the Committee for the King's Revenue; to take some speedy Course for their present Relief, or giving them Credit for their Relief.

Mr. Glyn, Mr. Pym, Sir H. Vanes senior and junior, Sir H. Mildmay, Sir Wm. Strickland, Sir Wm. Armyn, shall be added to this Committee.

Impeachment of E. of Bath, &c.

Resolved, That Mr. Reynolds shall, on Thursday next, at the Lords Bar, impeach the Earl of Bath, and the Lord Mohun, for endeavouring to put the Commission .... in Execution; and the Lord Mohun likewise, for a Letter which he wrote, the which casts many Scandals upon the Parliament; and lays an Imputation, as if it were no free Parliament.

Ld. Capell's Sequestration.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth agree with the Lords, That the whole Estate of the Lord Capell be sequestered.

Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Grimston, Mr. Serjeant Wilde, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Glyn, Mr. Eilis, Mr. Marten, Sir Jo. Wray, Mr. Wheeler, Sir Ro. Harley, Mr. Corbett, are appointed to consider of some Way of sequestering the Estate of the Lord Capell.

Impeachment of Marquis of Hertford, &c.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to consider what is fit to be done upon the Impeachment of the Marquis Herts, and the rest in the West Country, do make their Report of Thursday Morning next.

Irish Affairs.

Ordered, That the Business concerning Ireland shall be taken into Consideration the first Business onThursday Morning.

Pass for Skipwith, &c.

Ordered, That Mr. Skipwith and Mr. Walpoole shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant, with One Servent apiece, to transport themselves into France.

Persons sent for.

Ordered, That Sir Thomas Morgan, Sir Nicolas Kemes, Sir Trevor Williams, Sir Wm. Morgan, Philip Jones, and Henry Povert, shall be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents; for executing the Commission of Array, and for disarming the well-affected Party of the County of Monmouth.

* * * *

Account of Subsidies.

THE Parliament began 19° Februarii, Anno 21° Regis Jacobi; in which there were granted Three Subsidies, and Three Fifteens and Tenths, payable to Treasurers appointed by the said Act, viz. Sir Paul Banning (after- wards Viscount); Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir Edward Barkham, Sir Richard Grubham, Knights; James Cambell, George Whitmore, and Ralph Freeman, Aldermen of London, and Martin Bond, Citizen of London, and Haberdasher.

The First Payment of Subsidy, and One Fifteenth, was due 10deg; Julii 1624.

The Second Payment was due 10° Decembris sequen'.

The Third Payment was due 10° Maii 1625.

The Account determines ult' April' 1628.

The Monies granted by this Act were not to be issued by the said Treasurers, but by the Warrant, and under the Hands and Seals, of Five at least, of the Council of War, nominated in the said Act, [a] whereof Two were to be of his Majesty's Privy Council: And they took an Oath, in the Act set down, not to issue any Warrants but to the Purposes in the Act mentioned.

Anglia. ss. The Treasurers Account of Three Subsidies, and Three Fifteens, and Tenths, granted in Parliament Anno 21° Regis Jacobi.

£. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.
Receipts; viz. of the - - - First Subsidy - - - 66,115 9 10 1/2 - - 95,468 6 5 1/8
First 15th and 10th, - 29,352 l6 6 5/8
Second Subsidy, Fifteen, and Tenth - - - - 93,600 18 5 3/4
Third Subsidy, Fifteen, and Tenth - - - - 92,079 19 1 1/8
Whereof 218,149 4 -
Payments by virtue of Warrants from the Council of War; viz. For the Colonels, and Six thousand Foot Men, under their Command, sent to assist the States of the United Provinces - - - - - - - - 99,878 - 6
For Count Mansfelt's Arms, and for Press Conduct, Clothing, Transporting, and Two Months Pay of the Forces employed under his Command, to recover the Palatinate - - - - - - - - 61,972 9 6
For Victuals, Wages, and extraordinary Cordage, and sundry Sorts of Munition in Store, to set forth his Majesty's Navy Royal unto the Seas in warlike Manner - 43,530 8 4
For Raising, Arming, Transporting, and Six Months Pay, of Two hundred and Thirty Horse Men, and Two thousand Two hundred and Fifty Foot Men; and for erecting and repairing Forts with Munition provided to secure the Kingdom of Ireland - - - - 33,098 14 8 3/4
For Gunpowder, Iron Shot, and other Munition, and Habiliments of War, delivered into the Subsidy Stores, within the Tower of London, for Defence of this Realm, and other his Majesty's Dominions - - - - 37,827 15 9
For Reparations and Fortifications of Castles and Forts in England - - - - - - - 3,218 8 8
For necessary Charges, Travel and Attendance of several Persons, with Four hundred Pounds allowed unto the Treasurers by Act of Parliament - - 690 - -
For Satisfaction, in Part of a Surplusage, in the Account of Mr. Burlamachi, for Monies by him paid over to the Colonels, and to Count Mansfelt - - - 700 - - 280,915 17 5 3/4
And so there remains in Treasure this last Day of April 1628 - - 233 6 6 1/4
Add thereunto - - - Monies received sithence April 1628, of several Collectors of the Second Subsidy, in the County of Wiltess, 28° Junij 1628; viz.
Of Henry Cusse - - - - - - - - £. 45 4 6
John Meriweather - - - - - - - - - 37 1 -
John Greenhill - - - - - - - - - 35 18 -
Daniel Brown - - - - - - - - - - 38 10 4
And Walter White - - - - - - - - - 52 18 10
In all - - - 219 12 8
Whereof, Total received - - - £. 281,358 10 8
Paid unto the said Collectors, for Press and Conduct of Soldiers to Dover, viz.
To the said Henry Cuss - - - - - - - £. 23 - -
John Meriweather - - - - - - - - - 22 - -
John Greenhill - - - - - - - - - 21 17 -
Daniel Brown - - - - - - - - - 24 1 4
And Walter White - - - - - - - - - 21 12 -
In all - - - 112 10 -
Total paid - - -£. 281,028 7 5 1/4
So remains - - - 330 9 2 1/4
Whereof they desire Allowance upon their Bill of Expences - - - 115 15 4
And so there will remain - - - 214 13 10 1/4
Subsidies not accounted for.
Denbigh, Richardus Dryhurst, Coll. Sol. 15 Martii 1624, pro 2° Subsid. 3° Concess. - 88 18 6
Sed non computavit.
Northumb', Thomas Fenwick, Coll. Sol. pro 1° Subsid' pro dimid. corn. Pred' - - - 78 - 2
Ralph Errington, Coll. pro al. dimid. corn. nil.
Thomas Lewen, Coll. Sol. pro 2° Subsid' - - - - - 76 17 4
Ralph Errington, Coll. Sil. nil.
Pro 3° Subsid' nil.
Herts', Fifteens not accounted for.
Hundred 15° inde. - - - - - - - - - - 207 - 2 1/4.
et al. Unde Sol. per Thoma Wilson, ind' collect' - - - - 190 - -
Pro resid' ss Non Comput' - - - 17 - 2 1/4
Subsidies mispaid.
Hospit. et Cam. Regis. Paulus Pet' and Johannes Williams, Coll. ib. 3 Subsid' sol' in Recept' Scaccar' - - - - - - - - - - - - - 600 - -
Ebor' Johannes Breaks, Coll. 3 Subsid. infra Hundred' de Claro in com. Pred' Sol in Scaccar' 30 2 10
Superius in Comp' prædict 3 Subsid. et 3 15° superius non onerat - - - 80,718 - - -


  • a. In the Margin the following Names are inserted: Geo. Lord Carew, Fulck Lord Brook, Oliver Lord Viscount Grandizon, Arthur Lord Chichester, Sir Edward Cecill. Sir Horace Vere, Sir Edw. Conway, Sir Robert Maunsell, Sir John Ogle, Sir Thomas Button.