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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, a Committee to peruse Clerks Notes of such as have taken them, 25 Apr.

-, Walter, Collector for Ship-money; Petition concerning his Commitment for not paying more than he had received; Resolution thereupon, 30 Apr.

-, Dr. desired to preach, 23 Apr.

-, of last Parliament to stand, 16 Apr.-Dispensed with, 27.

-, High Sheriff of, Petition against him read, and referred to a Committee; other Petitions read and referred, 24 Apr.

-, 1641, a Committee to Consider the Statute for taking them, 4 Nov. Committees added, 9.-Lords to be moved at a Conference, that the Servants of the Royal Family may take them, 10.-to be moved for a Commission to some Lords to tender them, 13.-Message to be sent to Lords, desiring them to consider of a Commission for that Purpose, 31 Dec.-Sent; their Answer, 3 Jan.
-, 1642, a Committee to consider thereof, and of the Manner of tendering them, 3 Jan.
-, 1641, Bill to render Members, refusing the Oaths, incapable of sitting or voting in Parliament; ordered, 30 July.

-, Martin, 1640. Vide Privileges.
-, Trelagh, 1642, Petition referred to Lord Admiral, 29 Mar.

-, 1640, Bill to prevent Inconveniencies thereby read, 5 Nov.

-, Owen, 1641, Reward voted him for discovering the Irish Rebellion; a Committee of both Houses to take his Examination, 1 Nov. A select Committee to prepare Interrogatories; their Report, 2. His Examination upon Oath, reported, 3. Order for Payment of the Reward, 6.-Member to recommend him to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for the Command of a Troop of Dragoons, 29 Dec.-Report of Message delivered, and no Answer received; other Members to require a speedy Answer; Answer reported, 31.
-, 1642, Arrears of his Annuity to be paid to Assigns; a Committee to value the accruing Annuity, 15 July.-Has Leave to underwrite 1,200 l. as Money adventured for Ireland, 18.-Order for that Purpose, 27 Aug.-His Petition read, and referred to a Committee, 1 Mar.

-, Wm. an Irish Priest, 1640, Motion touching a Complaint against him, 11 Nov. His Tryal to be stayed till further Order; Judges Answer reported, 12.-Business concerning him referred to Secretary Windebank's Committee, 1 Jan. Examinations concerning him to be delivered to the Committee for the Charge against Earl of Strafford; Lords to be desired to proceed to his Tryal, 26.
-, 1641, Judges to be desired to proceed according to their former Intention, 19 May.-To set a Witness against him at Liberty, 17 June.

-, 1642, a Committee to send to them about a Loan, 29 Aug.

-, Sir John, 1641, to pay the Rate of Poll-money double, 23 Dec.-His Petition referred to the Committee for Poll-money, 20 Jan.-To pay 5 l. more than he has paid, and be discharged, 2 Feb.

-, Captain Thomas, 1641. Vide Privileges. Petition read, and referred to a Committee, 26 May.-Information of reviling Words to Mr. Gervase Hollis; to come to Bar as a Delinquent; examined thereupon; a Committee to consider the Information, and upon what Occasion the Words were spoken, 31 Jan.
-, 1642, Letter to him concerning a Petition walking in Northumberland, 29 Mar. Vide Northumberland.-His Letter to Sir Nicolas Crisp read, referred to a Committee, and to be printed; Examination of the Messenger referred, 24 Feb.
-, Sir Wm. 1642, approved of to be Colonel of a Regiment in Ireland, 23 Apr.-Has Leave to repair to his Command without vacating his Seat, 2 May.-Order for Payment of his Arrears, 30 July.-Letter about his being appointed to Negociate the Affairs of Munster, 23 Aug. To be thanked, 24.-Order for coining Plate to be procured by him, 25 Oct.-for Payment of his Arrears, 10 Sept. Agreed to by Lords, 13.
-, Mr. Gerard, 1642. Vide Privileges.
-, Henry, 1642, Lord Chief Justice to grant Habeas Corpus for removing him from Newcastle Gaol, 7 Mar.

-, Captain, 1642, committed close Prisoner to Lord Petre's House, 23 Jan.-To be removed to Plymouth, 13 Mar.

-, Lieutenant Geo. 1641, to be summoned to attend forthwith; Message to be sent to Lords, desiring he may be examined upon Oath concerning Lord Digby, 17 Feb.

-, 1640, Petition of the Mayor and Burgesses, referred to the Committee of Privileges, 12 Dec.

-, Mr. 1642, to be brought in safe Custody, 14 Mar.

-, St. Southwark, 1642, Petition referred to the Two next Justices, 14 Apr.-Another read; Churchwardens to be kept in till Election determined by House; Petition referred to a Committee, 24 May.-Another referred, 30 July.
-, St. Hart-street, 1642, Petition of Parishioners; Lecturer appointed, 18 Jan.

-, Widow, 1642, Order for allowing her 10 l. out of the Contribution-money, 12 Jan.

-, Daniel, 1641, to be sent for as a Delinquent, upon Suspicion of high Treason, 14 June.-Articles against him to be considered, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13. & 18, Aug. Order for respiting his Pay to be sent to the Paymaster, 25.-A Committee to prepare Heads for a Charge against him, 28.- Committed to the Gatehouse; Examination referred to a Committee, 20 Oct.-Order for his answering to Interrogatories notwithstanding the Act of Oblivion, 12 Nov.-His Examination before Lords Committees, and Petition, read; Order for a weekly Maintenance for him, 17.-Report of the Design fixed upon him; Oneale brought to Bar; Resolutions about him; Business re-committed, 4 Dec. Further Report; Resolution for impeaching him of High Treason; a Committee to consider of a fit Manner to proceed against him, 6. Report to be made, 14.-Resolution for proceeding against him by Impeachment; Impeachment read, and re-committed, 17. Reported, read, and to be ingrossed; Impeachment sent to Lords, 18. Ingrossed Articles read; Conference to be desired with Lords concerning them; Manager appointed- Message to Lords, desiring a Committee of the House may have Leave to examine him; assented to, 23.-Messenger appointed to desire Conference with Lords concerning his Impeachment, 31.-Message to Lords, desiring he may be examined by Members of the House, upon Information given to a Committee that he had sent a Letter to Lord Dig by; a Committee to examine him, 24 Jan. Sub-committee made a Committee, 25. Message to be sent to Lords for taking off the close Restraint, 26. Sent; Answer thereto, 27.
-, 1642, Articles to be sent to Lords, 26 Mar.-His Petition read, and referred to the Committee for the Charge against him, 12 Apr.-House informed he is escaped out of the Tower; Persons examined thereupon; a Committee to inquire into the Circumstances of his Escape; Persons to be forthwith summoned to attend, and come with the Messenger; Lords to be moved that the Ports may be stopped, and for Proclamation for apprehending him; their Answer, 6 May.- House informed of a Person apprehended at Ipswich, upon Suspicion; Lieutenant of the Tower to send for him up, 12.-Report concerning the Escape to be made, 12 & 13. Made, 17.-Person stopped upon Suspicion, to be released, 20 June.

-, Sir Phelim, 1641, printing a Pamphlet, intituled, his Declaration, referred to the Committee for Printing, 8 Mar.

-, Prince of, 1642, Letter of Credit to Mr. Strickland, enabling him to communicate a Declaration to him; agreed to by Lords, 14 Dec.

-, 1640, of last Parliament to be viewed by a Committee, 6 Nov.-Against Members going out of the House-relating to the Manner of receiving Messages, 11.-For keeping the outward Room clear, and locking the Outward Door, 11 & 24. -Relating to the Manner of Members going out of the House with a Message to Lords, 25.-Against keeping Places for Members not at Prayers, 26.-Relating to making new Motions-to taking Places, and not removing out of them- to speaking loud, 4 Dec.-Relating to the Second Reading of Bills, 5.-Touching Leave of Absence, 12.-For clearing the Committee Rooms, 8 Jan.-18 Feb.-Relating to the Time of moving for Leave of Absence, 10 Mar.- Against receiving Petitions for a certain Time, 3 & 20 Mar.
-, 1641, Order for locking the Doors, and bringing up the Key, 10 Apr.-2 Mar.- Touching Fines to be paid by Members for late Attendance, 1 May.-Touching the Attendance of Members in or about Town-touching their disturbing the House, 5.-Touching the Time for Motions to renew Committees, 5 June.-For Members to go into the Country soon after Leave, 18.-For keeping the House clean, 24.- -Touching the Time for granting Leave of Absence- Touching going to Conferences in a disorderly Manner, 20 July.-Touching the Time for moving for passing public Bills, 26.-Touching the Time for Meeting and Sitting of House, 25 Oct.-Against stopping the Passage in Prayertime, 17 Nov.-Touching Members gone up to Lords before Speaker, 14 Dec.-For clearing the outward Rooms of all but Members Servants, 5 Jan.-For putting another Lock upon the Door under the Stairs, 12.-Against Members standing in the Passage, 15.-For keeping their Seats, 27.-Against Footmen standing on the Stairs, 28.-Touching the Time for asking Leave of Absence, 18 Feb.-Against Members going out without Leave-about the Time of Meeting of House, and Sitting of Committees, 18 Mar.-About the Time for making Motions, 23.
-, 1642, Order about the Time of Sitting and Rising of the House, 15 Apr.-30 Jan.-For sining Members absent at Eight o'Clock, 19 Apr.-For Speaker to acquaint House every Morning with the Orders of the Day, 9 May.-For Chairmen of public Committees to demand the Attendance of private Committees, 11.-Against Members going out without Leave, 14, 19. & 26.-Touching Members absent without Leave, 1 Sept.-For Attendance of Members, 16.- About the Time of Sitting of Committees, 2 Mar.-A Committee to prepare Order for publishing Orders, 24 May. -Order for that Purpose, 1 Aug.-Conference desired by Lords concerning Persons employed in executing Orders; agreed to; Reporters appointed; Conference held, and reported, 23.
-, 1642, vacated, 18 Apr.-20 Aug.-8 Dec.-To be set up at the Door, 28 May.-Discharged, 1 & 9 July. -Renewed, 8.-Respited, 13 & 14.-Suspended, 30.- Revoked, 31 Aug.-7 Sept.-29 Dec.
-, Standing, 1640, touching Divisions of the House, 10 Dec.
-, 1641, for breaking up Committees sitting, when Notice given of the Sitting of House, 28 June.

-, 1641, Conference desired by Lords concerning the Office of Ordnance; agreed to; Managers appointed; Conference held, 28 Aug. Reported; Report to be considered, 30. -Patent for making Ordnance referred to a Committee, 3 Nov.-several Officers to be summoned to appear; Members to carry the Order, and examine the Stores, 13 Jan.- Message to Lords concerning Ordnance at Foxhall; their Answer, 17.
-, 1642, Ordnance stayed by Order of House, to be discharged, 12 July.-Officers of Ordnance to deliver Keys to Persons appointed by the Committee for Defence of the Kingdom, 20 Aug.-Members to search for a Piece of Ordnance in a private House, 26.-Order for Officers of Ordnance inlarged to Officers of the Armoury, 2 Sept. Order about Ordnance removed to Tower-hill, 29.-Business of transporting and alienating Ordnance, referred to the Commissioners of Admiralty, 18 Oct.-The Committee for Safety of the Kingdom to consider what is due to Labourers and Messenger, 28 Feb.

-, Earl of, 1642, Speaker to write a Letter of Thanks to him for his Service; Members to prepare it, 2 Apr.-Member to prepare another Letter in Acknowledgment of his Service against the Rebels, 2 May. His Letter concerning Misreports he conceives he suffers under; Member to prepare Answer, assuring him to the contrary; Order for laying out 500 l. in a Jewel to be presented to him; Lords to be moved to join in beseeching the King to make him Knight of the Garter, 4. -His Answer to Speaker's Letter read, and to be printed, 13.-The Committee for providing the Jewel to meet, and consider of the Payment, 13 July. Order for sending it, 15 & 19. Letter to be sent with the Jewel, read, and agreed to, 19.-Order for paying 620 l. to the Jeweller, 22 July.- 8 Aug.-Letter to him from Commissioners for Irish Affairs, read, agreed to, and to be sent, 25.

-, Mr. 1642, to be apprehended as a Delinquent; 13 Dec. Message from Lord Mayor touching bailing him; Order for his remaining in Prison, 14.

-, Sir Edw. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 26 Apr.-His Letter to Earl of Cumberland, read, and to be printed, 17 Nov.
-, Tho. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 12 Aug.
-, Edw. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 23 Nov.

-, Fra. 1642, to be sent for as a Delinquent, 6 Aug.
-, Cornet, 1642, committed to London House, 9 Jan.

-, Mr. Cash-keeper to Tin Farmers, 1642, to be summoned in safe Custody, 16 Jan. Order for seizing the Residue of Moneys in his Hands, for retaining Part, not being the Moneys of Tin-farmers, and for his Discharge, 17.

-, Tho. 1641, Petition read, 3 Nov.

-, Mr. 1640. Vide Privileges.

-, 1642, Petition of Inhabitants; Lecturer recommended, 18 Aug.

-, Mr. 1640. Vide Privileges.
-, Captain, 1641, approved to be Captain in the Navy, 10 Mar.
-, Dr. 1642, to be summoned to attend a Committee, 20 June.
-, Mr. 1642, to be summoned to attend, 26 Jan.

-, City, 1640, new Writ, 18 Nov.
-, 1641, Letters concerning the State thereof, read, 6 Sept.-Order prohibiting any Intercourse between that City and London, 21 Dec.-Intercepted Letter from thence read; Part thereof referred to the Scots Commissioners, 11 Jan.-Houses to be searched for Arms, 14.-Lords to be desired to join in prohibiting Persons to go thither without Leave, 16.-Ordinance for staying Waggons, 17.
-, Countess Dowager of, and Daughter, 1642, take Oaths, 20 May.-To have Warrant to go to Holland with Six Servants, 11 Aug.
-, Bishop of, 1641, Resolution for impeaching him of High Treason, 31 Dec.
-, 1642, Order for allowing him 100 l. per Annum, 6 Apr.
-, Castle, 1642, Petition of Prisoners to be printed, 14 Feb.
-, University, 1641, Petition of Masters and Fellows; Order thereupon, 28 June.-Vicechancellor's Oration concerning the Decay of Learning, referred to the Committee for Printing, 23 July.
-, 1642, Letter concerning lending College Plate to the King, read; Order for stopping it, 12 Aug. Agreed to by Lords, 13.-Fellows of Colleges not be damnisied by their Absence, 1 Feb.-Plate from thence to be melted down, 18.
-, County, 1641, Petition of Knights, &c. read; Speaker's Answer to Persons who brought it; another Petition to Lords read, and approved-Lord Viscount Say and Seale appointed Lord Lieutenant, 11 Feb.-House informed he will send the Names of his Deputies, 18 Mar. Deputies approved; another to be recommended, 19.-Letter, with a Copy of a Petition, laying Imputations upon a former Petition; Sir Wm. Waller to be summoned to appear, 8 Mar. Vide Waller Sir Wm.-Commission for bounding the Forests in the county to be sent with a Declaration about adjourning the Execution thereof, 10.
-, 1642, Deputy Lieutenant approved, 26 May.-Lords to be desired that Lord Lieutenant may take care of the Preservation of the Peace of the County-Letter to Committees read, and to be sent-the Committee for Defence of the Kingdom to prepare Declaration to prevent the intended Meeting, 13 Aug.-Order for Indemnity of Sheriffs for not publishing a Proclamation concerning the Earl of Essex, 18.-Sheriff to have Warrant for conveying Arms to his House-Order for preserving the Peace of the County, 1 Sept. Sent to Lords, 3.-Instructions to Committees read, and agreed to; Lords Concurrence to be desired, 13.-Order for adjourning the Execution of the Commission touching the Bounds of the Forests, 19.