House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 08 October 1642

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Sabbati, 8 Octobris, 1642.


Prisoners to be delivered to Serjeant.

ORDERED, That Sydney Atkins, a Captain, now a Prisoner in Newgate, and Jo. Thomas, a Printer, now likewise a Prisoner in Newgate, be delivered over into the Custody of the Serjeant at Arms.

Imputations on Parliament.

Ordered, That Mr. Rigby do prepare a Declaration, to take off the Imputation that lies upon the Parliament, as if they had made an Order for laying an Excise upon Pewter and other Goods.

Arms, &c. to Gloucester.

Upon a Letter from Gloucester, of the 4th of October;

It is Ordered, That Mr. Dewxell shall have Mr. Speaker's Warrant, to convey with Freedom, and without any Lett or Interruption, to the City of Gloucester, for the Use of that City, Four or Six small Pieces of Ordnance, Ten Barrels of Powder, Seven Carabines, and Seven Case of Pistols, and Seven Swords, with all possible Speed and Diligence.

Pass for Courthop.

Ordered, That Mr. Speaker shall grant a Post Warrant to George Courthop Esquire, to make his speedy Repair to West Chester.

Arms, &c. going to Wales.

Upon Information given unto this House, That great Quantities of Arms, Ordnance, and Ammunition, are conveyed from Bristoll into Wales, for the Use of Marquis Hertford, impeached of High Treason, and his Adherents; It is this Day Ordered, by the and Commons, That the Mayor of Bristoll, and the Searchers and Officers of the Customs, be streightly charged and required, not to suffer any Ammunition, Arms, or other warlike Provision whatsoever, to be transported from that City and Port to Wales, to be employed against the Parliament.

Yorke Militia.

Ordered, That the High Sheriff of the County of Yorke be required to give unto Sir Edw. Rhodes and Mr. Hotham the best Assistance he can, by the Posse Comitatus, or otherwise, for the Putting the Militia in Execution in that County of Yorke.

Gatehouse Prison.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Mr. Christopher White, of Westminster, Pewterer, shall be appointed and nominated to have the Charge and Custody of the Gatehouse, until the Houses shall take further Order.

Persons sent for.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Fra. Nevile Esquire, Sir Marmaduke Langdale, Mr. Benson, Sir Jo. Goodrick, Sir Edw. Osborne, Sir Fra. Wortley, the Archbishop of Yorke, be forthwith sent for, as Delinquents: And that Mr. Jo. Hotham be required to take the best Course he can, for the Apprehending of these Delinquents, and Sending them up to the Parliament.

Proceedings against Atkins, &c.

Ordered, That Captain Sydney Atkins shall be discharged and cashiered from any Command, Office, or Employment, in the Army raised by the Parliament.

Ordered, That the Information against Alderman Garraway, touching the Commitment and Bailing of Captain Sydney Atkins, be referred to the Committee for Informations.

Mr. Mason, Dixey, Heycock, and other Witnesses against Captain Sydney Atkins, a Papist, as the Witnesses informed, and Commander of a Troop of Horse in the King's Army; proving very dangerous Words by him spoken; and other Misdemeanors, and ill Carriages by him; were called in; and did attest the Words and Carriages aforesaid.

Arms, &c. seized.

Whereas the House of Commons, by an Order dated the Eleventh of August 1642, gave Power unto Captain Jo. Venn, to receive all such Arms, and other warlike Provisions, as are seized in any Place, by virtue of any Warrant from the said House; and to dispose of the same, according as he should, from time to time, receive Directions from the Earl of Essex Lord General: Now, forasmuch as the same Power which was in the Earl of Essex Lord General, in his Absence is invested in the Committee of Lords and Commons for the Safety of the Kingdom of England; It is this Day Ordered, by the and Commons, now assembled in Parliament, That the said Jo. Venn be hereby required, from time to time, and at all times, to issue out and dispose of all or any such Arms, Ammunition, or other warlike Preparations and Provisions, as are or shall come to his Hands, by Warrant from the said Committee, or any Five of them, signified under their Hands: And the said Jo. Venn, as well for what he hath delivered, or hereafter shall deliver, by virtue of Warrant under the Hand of the Earl of Essex Lord General, or under the Hands of the Committee, or any Five of them, shall be sufficiently discharged: And the said Jo. Venn shall be, by the Parliament, also saved harmless, and kept indemnified for his Doings therein, as well for receiving into his Custody any Arms, Ammunition, or warlike Provisions, as for issuing the same out according to Order aforesaid.

Treasurers of Money.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth allow of Alderman Wollaston, Alderman Towes, Alderlan Warner, Alderman Andrewes, to be Treasurers for the Receiving and Issuing out of the Monies that are to be brought in upon the Propositions for Raising of Dragooners.

Army Appointment.

Resolved, upon the Question, That this House doth approve of Captain Struce to be Serjeant Major to the Regiment of Dragooners, to be raised in London, or elsewhere: And that he be dispensed with for his Absence from his Charge at Portesmouth, without Prejudice.

Examining Ships going to Ireland.

Upon the humble Petition of Nicolas Polehill and Peter Reynolds, desiring that they may have a Commission to examine all Ships of what Nation whatsoever they be, as bend their Course for Ireland; and, finding them to carry any Ammunition, or other Provision whatsoever, for the Assistance of the Rebels, that they may seize them, or otherwise despoil;

It is Ordered, That Mr. Glyn, Mr. Waddon, Mr. Mellington, calling to their Assistance the Secretary of the Navy, or whom else they think fit, do prepare an Ordinance to pass both Houses to this Purpose.


Ordered, That the Proposition concerning some or other to have the Command of the Matters of the Admiralty, in as large and ample Manner as other Lord Admirals in former times have had, be considered of on Monday Morning next.

Lord Baltinglasse's Petition.

Upon the humble Petition of Tho. Lord Viscount Baltinglasse, this Day read;

It is Ordered, That Sir Peter Temple, who is concerned in the said Petition, be summoned to attend the Service of the House on Monday next; at which Time the House intends to take into Consideration the said Petition.

Earl of Warwick.

Resolved, That the Earl of Warwick shall be desired to come in with his Ship; and to leave Captain Batten Vice Admiral during this Winter Season, or until farther Order.

The Committee for the Navy is to prepare an Ordinance to this *.

Message to Lords.

Ordered, That Mr. Rigby carry to the Lords, for their Allowance and Confirmation, Two Orders of the Twenty-ninth and Fifth of October, concerning the Enabling of Committees for the Raising of Dragooners; and the Votes of the Eighth of * *

Lister's Petition.

The humble Petition of Tho. Lister * * * *.

Paying for Arms.

Ordered, That the Names of Mr. George Henley and Mr. John Hawkridge shall be inserted in the Order of the Fourth of October, concerning the Paying and Accepting the Bills of Exchange, for paying for the Arms ordered to be sent to the Scotts, &c.

Proceedings against Hieron.

Sir Edw. Hieron, the High Sheriff of the County of Lincolne, was brought in to the Bar, as a Delinquent: And being demanded, Whether he sent not a Petition, with a Letter to Mr. Speaker; confessed that he did: And that there were Two Petitions framing in a Chamber at Lincolne.-

Sir Jervase Scroope began One Petition; and he cannot tell who it was that began the other.-

Sir Jervase Scroope's was not so well liked of.-

Sir Charles Dallison was there; and put in a Word or Two sometimes.

Sir Jo. Mounson was there.-

Confessed he was a Commissioner named in the Commission of Array; and did put it in Execution; and sit upon it at Spalding.

Captain Lunn, who formerly had been a Proctor, and is a Captain in the King's Army; came to him on a Saturday Night; and shewed him a Warrant from his Majesty for the Apprehending of Captain Lister: Two others were nominated in the Warrant; but Captain Lister chiefly aimed at: And that at a certain Place appointed the Prince's Troop should meet him: And that he was present when Captain Lister's Door was broken up, and the Person of the said Lister attached: And that he sent a Warrant, whereby Captain Lister was sent to the King's Council at Nottingham.

Sir Edw. Heron did confess, That there were Sixty Troopers in Company with him, all armed, when he broke open the Doors of Captain Lister.

Sir Edw. Heron did confess, That when he was apprehended in conveying the Magazine that was sent him from the Under Sheriff, he did discharge a Pistol at One of the Company; and would have discharged the other, but that he could not get * *.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Sir Edward Heron, High Sheriff of the County of Lincolne, shall be forthwith committed Prisoner to the Tower of London, for the Crime of High Treason.

Resolved, That the Charge of Taking, Apprehending, and Bringing up to the Parliament, Sir Edward Heron, shall be defrayed out of the Money, Plate, and Goods seized in his House by Sir Anth. Irby, or his Officers: And that the Arms taken from Sir Edw. Aiscough's House by the Under Sheriff, being the publick Arms of the County, be made good out of the Goods, Money, and Plate, seized in Sir Edw. Heron's House, and restored to the Custody of Sir Edw. Aiscough.

Money, &c. to Munster.

A Message from the Lords, by Sir Ro. Riche and Mr. Page;

The Lords do agree with this House in that Order concerning the Ten thousand Pounds to be sent into Munster; and likewise concerning the Apparel and Cloaths to be sent.

Person committed.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Captain Sydney Atkins be forthwith committed a Prisoner to the King's Bench; there to remain during the Pleasure of the House.

Obnoxious Publication.

A Pamphlet, intituled, "A Letter from the Lord Falkland, to the Earl of Cumberland, concerning the Action at Worcester," was read.

Jo. Thomas who printed the Pamphlet, was called in; and did confess he printed some Thirteen hundred Copies of it; and that Browne, a Bookseller by Christ Church, brought him the Original of this Letter; and that the said Browne *, He had it from the Servant of a Parliament Man, as he informed.

Resolved, upon the Question, That Jo. Thomas shall be forthwith committed a Prisoner to Newgate; there to remain during the Pleasure of the House:

Resolved, That * Browne, a Bookseller by Christ Churche, be sent for in safe Custody.

Resolved, That these Pamphlets, viz. "The Copy of a Letter from the Lord Falkland, to the Earl of Cumberland, concerning the Action at Worcester," now in the Custody of one Mr. Browne in Cheapeside, be burnt, Half in Cheapeside, and Half in the Palace Yard.

Taking of Cawood Castle.

A Letter from Mr. Jo. Hotham, of the Seventh of October, from Cawood Castle, to Mr. Marten, relating the Manner of his taking in Cawood Castle, and the Soldiers Demeanor there, was this Day read; and likewise a Declaration inclosed: The which Declaration was read; and by Vote upon the Question assented unto; and allowed of by this House; and ordered to be printed.

Horses discharged.

Ordered, That the Horses belonging to the Horse Carrier of Exon, now stayed by virtue of an Ordinance of Parliament of both Houses, for the Taking up of the Western Waggons, bound for Bristoll, be forthwith discharged and released.

Plot to blow up Magazine.

Mr. Pym informed the House, from the Committee of the Defence of the Kingdom, the Examinations of David Alexander, a Scottchman, and Sir Balthazar Jerbier; concerning an Enterprize undertaken by the said David Alexander, at the Instance of Colonel Hendersham, to blow up the Magazine in the Earl of Essex his Army: And the better to effect this, he was to apply himself to get some Place and Employment in the Artillery of the Army raised by the Parliament. The Examinations were read by Mr. Pym himself, and not delivered in to the House.

Aspersions on Parliament.

The House receiving Information, That divers publick Rumours and Aspersions are, by malignant Persons, cast upon this House; that they intend to assess every Man's Pewter, and to lay Excises upon That, and all other Commodities: This House for their Vindication therein, do declare, That these Rumours are false and scandalous. And forasmuch as these false Rumours and Scandals are raised by ill-affected Persons, and tend much to the Disservice of the Parliament: It is therefore Ordered, That the Authors of these false and scandalous Rumours be searched and inquired after, and apprehended, and brought to this House, to receive their condign Punishment.

Ordered, That this Declaration be forthwith printed.

Members Subscriptions.

Mr. Corbett reports from the Committee, That Sir Jo. Harrison, instead of the Four Horses he formerly promised to bring in, will pay in Two hundred Pounds within Two Days.

Sir Guy Palmes-

Sir Jo. Evelyn senior, will bring in Two hundred Pounds.

Mr. Fettiplace-

Mr. Bagshawe-

Sir Tho. Soame-

Sir Jo. Hippisley will have always those Horses in Readiness which he promised, for the Safety of the County of Middlesex.